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UFC's Dana White Tom Cruise vs. Bieber Fight It Could Happen!!!

6/19/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Don't rule out a Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise fight in the UFC ... so says Dana White who tells TMZ Sports there's a very REAL chance the two could actually throw down in the Octagon. 

After 25-year-old Bieber tagged the UFC president in a twitter post last week calling out 56-year-old  Tom Cruise, White says he blew it off initially ... until he got some phone calls from "real guys" connected to the superstars. 

Dana wouldn't say who he spoke with but was clear they're legit -- and they told Dana both Tom and Justin "really wanna do this fight and they believe that Tom Cruise would do the fight."

"I told them that if that's true -- and everybody involved really wants to do it -- we can talk."

In fact, White says if there's real interest from both stars "I'd be an IDIOT not to make this fight!"

And, to all the doubters, Dana says he didn't think there was a chance Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor would ever evolve into a real fight ... but that happened, right?! 

Remember, Justin Bieber has trained with Floyd -- who once said the singer has enough fighting talent to be a pro boxer. 

And, Tom Cruise was a star wrestler in high school -- and has a reputation for being one of the toughest actors in Hollywood who's been doing his own stunts for decades. 

So, if they do agree to a  fight ... it could be very interesting.

White adds, "That would be the easiest fight to promote in the history of my career."

After sending the tweet, Bieber said the whole thing was a joke ... but hey, people can change their minds. 

Stay tuned ... 

Bill Cosby Father's Day Tweet Was All Me ... Dictated From Prison Phone

6/17/2019 12:07 PM PDT

Bill Cosby's Father's Day tweet left most thinking it was a PR stunt from his team, but we've learned it came from the Cos himself ... who spoke it into existence from behind bars.

Cosby's rep, Andrew Wyatt, tells TMZ ... Bill called from prison Sunday night, wanting to get a Father's Day message out to the public from his official social media accounts. Wyatt says Bill dictated through the phone exactly what he wished to say.

Wyatt says Bill does this often -- he's on with his team via phone calls or face-to-face about 3 to 4 times a month.

This time, Cosby's message -- which was published to both Twitter and Instagram -- read, "Hey, Hey, Hey...It's America's Dad...I know it's late, but to all the Dads... It's an honor to be called a Father, so let's make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose -- strengthening our families and communities." 

An old video of Cosby during a CBS Black History Month special was attached to the posts. In the clip, he discusses how mass incarceration has affected black men and broken up tons of families in the process. He says, "America invented the cruelest slavery in the history of the world because it broke up black families. After slavery was over, America kept breaking up the black man’s family and that’s some awful history to teach."

As you might imagine, Coby's posts caught some backlash. Apparently, people don't wanna hear from a convicted predator -- that kinda seems to be the consensus all around. Remember, he was found guilty in 2018 of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand.

What also pissed people off was Cosby playing up his old unofficial title as America's TV dad, but Wyatt tells us everyone's got it twisted ... 'cause BC was just going off of what he's hearing from the yard. Wyatt says Cosby has relayed that lots of other inmates refer to him as "their dad" and that he was simply running with that for the tweet/IG.

Wyatt also says he just doesn't understand the criticism over Cosby's words -- as his message was nothing but positive for the holiday. Uhhh, we can take guess. Just sayin' ...

Conor McGregor Threatened By Boxing Champ ... After Mark Wahlberg Challenge

6/14/2019 12:20 AM PDT

A boxing champ wants to beat the hell out of Conor McGregor both in the ring AND the Octagon ... with Regis Prograis saying, "I'ma hurt your ass!"

... and it's all 'cause of Mark Wahlberg.

Here's the deal ... Conor called out Mark on social media Sunday saying he wanted to "slap the ears off" the actor and take his UFC shares.

Well, 30-year-old Prograis -- the 24-0 WBA light-welterweight champ who's currently managed by Wahlberg -- heard the challenge ... and now, he's issuing a threat right back at the UFC superstar.

"Don't call out no actors, dawg," Regis says ... "Call out a real world champion. I'ma hurt your ass!"

Regis says he wants a two-fight deal with Conor -- one in the ring and one in the Octagon -- and he's promising he'll win both.

"I'll fight you in the ring first, and I'm definitely going to whoop your ass. Then, I'm going to fight you in the Octagon, and whoop your ass in there!"

The tale of the tape is interesting ... Regis fights at 5'8" and around 140 pounds, while Conor comes in at 5'9", 150ish pounds.

So, will it go down??? Stay tuned ...

Roseanne I'm Still Trolling On Twitter ... Anonymously

5/21/2019 7:11 AM PDT

Roseanne Barr's plan to stay out of more trouble on Twitter isn't by deactivating her account ... it's by creating secret burner accounts where she can tweet her mind freely.

The former TV star was at LAX Monday night and got to talking about the adjustments she's made to her Twitter game. Mainly, she says instead of posting under her verified account ... she uses anonymous troll accounts she sets up herself.

Roseanne says this gives her the ability to say what she really wants about stuff without having to worry about any backlash ... and she thinks everybody's doing it.

This might be working for her now, but as you know ... she got fired from her show by ABC last year after tweeting a racist insult about Valerie Jarrett, and not anonymously.

She initially blamed Ambien for the tweet, and has since blamed several other factors for her downfall -- anti-Semitism, the fact she's a Trump supporter, Sara Gilbert and even Michelle Obama.

Roseanne clearly thinks she's safeguarding herself from further controversy by utilizing fake troll accounts, but as long as she keeps getting on camera or in front of a microphone as herself ... she's still fully capable of putting her foot in her mouth.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Not Pressing Charges Against Drop-Kick Attacker

5/19/2019 12:41 PM PDT

5/19 -- Arnold just tweeted a major update, saying he isn't planning on pursuing charges against the guy who drop-kicked him in South Africa. He wrote, "Update: A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and he gets his life on the right track."

Arnold continued, "But I’m moving on and I’d rather focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at @ArnoldSports Africa." 

All things considered, this fella's lucky Arnold's a class act. No harm, no foul.

11:33 AM PT -- Event organizers dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger's attacker as a "crazed fan" who can be heard screaming, "Help me, I need a Lamborghini," as he was being detained. Check it out ... he literally yells it out three different times while being dragged away.

As of now, Schwarzenegger has no plans of pressing charges and the organizers say that he views this as an unfortunate incident by a mischievous fan.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger got roped into a real-life action scene down in South Africa, where he was drop-kicked from behind in a truly bizarre attack.

The Hollywood icon was in Sandton Saturday for a sporting event that bares his name -- the Arnold Classic Africa, which hosts kids in a ton of judged sporting events. Arnold himself was minding his business, taking photos and chatting with fans ... when he got blindsided.

An unidentified man ran up to Arnold's back and leaped into a drop-kick maneuver, making contact with the actor and propelling him forward. The dude was immediately swarmed by security and detained. Reports say he was removed from the facility. 

As for Arnold, he says he's doing alright ... telling fans there was "nothing to worry about" and that he didn't even realize he was kicked until he saw the video afterward. He quipped that he was glad the idiot hadn't interrupt his Snapchat video. 

Considering 'The Terminator' ended up staying on his feet, it's clear the drop-kick wasn't successful.

No official word on what's gonna happen to the kicker -- one report says Arnold isn't looking to press charges, but it might very well be out of his hands. Rule of thumb for everyone out there ... DON'T ATTACK ARNOLD!!! A no-brainer, really.

Originally published -- 5/18 @ 10:24 AM PT

'Bachelor' Finalist Hannah G Slams Kelly Ripa for Bach Diss ... But I Still Love Her!!!

5/16/2019 1:58 PM PDT

Kelly Ripa has no idea what the hell she's talking about when it comes to "The Bachelor" and her take on it is downright rude -- at least it was to Hannah Godwin, who was a finalist just last season.

We got Hannah Wednesday night at Craig's in WeHo and got her take on what Kelly said earlier this week -- that the show is creepy and the idea of 25 exceptional women fighting for 1 "ordinary" guy is disgusting.

As one of those exceptional women, Hannah G thinks it sucks that Kelly's dissing all of Bach Nation. Yes, you can tell Hannah's a bit conflicted because she loves her some Ripa ... but ultimately, she wants Kelly to know the show worked out just fine for her.

Of course, 'Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss and 'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison have also gone on the offensive, saying, "Easy, @KellyRipa ... #TheBachelor franchise pays your salary!"

Harrison tweeted, "Look out #BachelorNation @KellyRipa is coming after you and your 'disgusting' Monday night habit." Goes without saying ... it's gotten ugly.

BTW ... current 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown appeared on 'Kelly & Ryan' Thursday and they joked about Kelly's slam. Hannah B added, for her, doing the show is "one of the most empowering things that I ever have done." 

Nipsey Hussle First Look at His Last Music Video ... w/ DJ Khaled, John Legend

5/16/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Nipsey Hussle's final day on a music video set was an uplifting, almost spiritual experience alongside DJ Khaled and John Legend ... as you can see here.

TMZ obtained this behind-the-scenes footage showing Nip, John and Khaled recording the vid ... just a few days before Nipsey would be gunned down outside his Marathon Clothing store in South L.A. The video setting was atop a parking structure the crew rented out in nearby Inglewood.

The song is for the Khaled track, "Higher," which will be on his upcoming album, "Father of Asahd."

John referenced the project in his tribute tweet to Nipsey on the day he died, saying he'd just filmed with him and calling the collab "beautiful."

He was right ... the song sounds like a straight banger, and also looks like it'll have pretty interesting visuals -- John at a grand piano, right next to classic cars with hydraulic suspensions firing. Not to mention Nipsey in a dope head-to-toe blue suit. 

"Higher" drops Friday, and is presumably one of the last collabs Nip recorded before his death.

Khaled says 100% of the proceeds from the song and music vid are going to Nipsey’s children, Emani and Kross Asghedom … and he says Nip’s family gave him their blessing.

Seeing him in action here really reminds you ... gone way too soon.

Andre Reed Remembers Bills Superfan 'Pancho Billa' ... 'We Love You'

5/14/2019 9:40 AM PDT

1:12 PM PT -- TMZ Sports talked to Bills legend Andre Reed -- who spent time with Pancho at the 2018 NFL Draft ... and the HOF'er reflected on his tragic passing.

Beloved Buffalo Bills fan Ezra Castro -- better known as "Pancho Billa" -- has died after a long battle with cancer ... his family announced Tuesday.

"Our hearts broken as we have lost our dear brother ezra "Pancho Billa" this morning," the family said in a statement.

"We are thankful and forever grateful for all the love and support during this journey. Ezra was surrounded by family and loved ones."

If you've ever seen a Bills game since 2008, you've probably noticed Pancho -- whose trademark sombrero and mask costume was a huge hit among Bills Mafia. He was the first fan inducted into the Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame late last year.

When he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after a mass was discovered on his spine in 2017, the team rallied around Pancho and hosted him at games and the team facilities.

The 39-year-old Pancho played a big role in the Bills drafts the past 2 seasons ... personally announcing their 3rd round pick on stage in 2018 ... and gave GM Brandon Beane his stamp of approval before the team picked Ed Oliver with their first round pick last month.

Oliver visited Pancho in the hospital last week ... and even Bills legend Jim Kelly has shown support during his battle. 

A GoFundMe has been set up for Pancho ... with all donations going to his family.


Alyssa Milano Calls for Sex Strike Until Anti-Abortion Law is Repealed

5/11/2019 6:59 AM PDT

Alyssa Milano has declared all-out war on Georgia ... urging women to stop having sex until Georgia repeals its law severely limiting abortion.

In case you haven't heard, Georgia is the latest state -- there are 5 others -- that prohibits abortion after doctors can detect a heartbeat in the fetus. Heartbeats are usually detected after 6 weeks, and many women don't even know they're pregnant until later.

Alyssa says, "Our reproductive rights are being erased.  Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy ... JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back.  I'm calling for a #SexStrike.  Pass it on."

Milano's call to arms is reminiscent of ancient Greece and Spike Lee. In famous Greek literature, a character convinces women to refuse sex with their husbands until they end a war. As for Spike, he suggested the same remedy for gang violence in the film, "Chi-Raq."

There's also been a movie to boycott the film industry in Georgia until the law is repealed, but this clearly affects more people.

The other states that have similar laws are Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa and North Dakota. The Georgia law takes effect in January. 

Richard Sherman On Nick Bosa Tweets Won't Matter If You Can Play

5/7/2019 7:55 AM PDT
Breaking News

"One thing about football is that nobody really cares what you say if you can play."

That's how Richard Sherman views the situation regarding his new 49ers teammate, Nick Bosa -- who's been at the center of controversy over tweets about Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick

Remember, back when he was a college student at Ohio State, Bosa referred to Kap as a "clown" -- which is interesting considering Sherman has been a strong supporter of Colin ever since the QB first began taking a knee during the national anthem. 

The #2 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft also acknowledged scrubbing his social media pages of pro-Trump comments out of fear liberal fans in San Francisco wouldn't embrace him when he was drafted.

Sherman was asked about the situation by the Sacramento Bee -- and essentially said Bosa's views and previous comments won't matter if the guy produces on the field on Sundays. 

“It’s not like something where guys are like, ‘Hey man, what about what you said?’ No. No. If he can play, he can play. If he can’t play, he won’t be here," Sherman said.

"But at the end of the day, that’s all that matters in football. Is he getting sacks on Sunday? Is he helping our team? Is he being a good teammate? Those are things that matter."

"Now, if he’s a bad teammate, that’s something we’ll address."

The star cornerback also weighed in on possible racial issues in the locker room stemming from Bosa's tweets and comments. 

"At the end of the day, I think a guy that has played with African Americans his whole life, not saying he can’t be racist, but they know how to maneuver around African Americans," Sherman said. 

"When you’re at Ohio State, it’s not like Ohio State’s an all-white school. So I don’t think that’s going to ever be an issue. I think, at the end of the day, your beliefs are your beliefs ... but when you’re in the building and you’re a football player and you’re a teammate, you handle yourself accordingly. And I think he understands that."

Donald Trump 2 Years Were 'Stollen' from Me!!! ... Mmmm, Delicious

5/5/2019 3:35 PM PDT

Never has a typo from President Trump sounded so tasty as when he misspelled "stolen" to gripe about his presidency ... reminding everyone of a sweet holiday treat in the process.

DT made the hilarious blunder Sunday while going on a Twitter tirade about two years of his presidency that he feels were "stollen" due to Robert Mueller's investigation into potential Russia collusion -- which his team found no clear evidence of, BTW.

On obstruction of justice though ... well, that's a whole other can of worms. 

Anyway, folks online seemed to overlook the President's complaint and zero in on the spelling error -- which brought forth an entirely different word in an entirely different context ... sweet, sweet Euro bread. 

Stollen is a rich German fruit and nut loaf, usually covered in powdered sugar. You've probably seen it around your relatives' homes during Christmas time ... it's kind of a staple for the holiday. 

Clearly, that's not what Trump meant at all -- but the dude hasn't corrected his tweet yet. So, "stollen" bread it is for the time being. The big question now ... will it get as big as his other "words?"  

Covfefe and stollen ... now there's a delicious pairing. 

Diana Ross I Felt Violated by NOLA TSA!!! ... TSA Responds

5/5/2019 2:37 PM PDT

2:37 PM PT -- TSA has released a statement regarding Diana's uncomfortable pat-down. The agency says, "TSA is committed to ensuring all travelers are treated with respect and courtesy. TSA is aware of concerns presented by Diana Ross about her screening experience at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport this morning.

They continued ... "Initial review of CCTV indicates that the officers involved with Ms. Ross’s screening correctly followed all protocols, however, TSA leadership will continue to investigate the matter further. We encourage Ms. Ross to reach out to TSA so we can work with her directly to address her concerns."

Diana Ross says a TSA agent at a New Orleans airport took a pat-down search too far -- which left her feeling shaken and violated afterward. 

The legendary soul singer described her experience early Sunday morning in a string of tweets, explaining that while she's normally treated like royalty in NOLA ... she got the exact opposite treatment at an airport there -- saying, "I was treated like s**t."

BTW -- Diana was in town this weekend performing at the Jazz and Heritage Festival, but it sounds like getting there was a nightmare. 

Ms. Ross says she's not blaming the airline she flew with -- Delta, apparently -- but instead is pointing the finger at a female TSA agent that conducted an "over the top" pat-down as Diana was going through security. She says it's not what was done ... but how.

Diana says she felt violated by the incident, going on to say she could still feel the woman's hands "between my legs, front and back." She says the agent told her she was just doing her job, but Diana ain't buying that ... presumably feeling the pat-down was too handsy.

She posted a clip of herself performing later in the day and said she was feeling better, but it's clear the TSA moment left its mark. Diana isn't the first celeb to become infuriated with TSA protocol either -- CNN contributor Angela Rye had a testy run-in herself in 2016.

Ben Affleck got a handful as well in 2017 ... and even Kim and Kanye got held up one time, which caused quite a ruckus (and an investigation in the process).

It's unclear if Diana is gonna take her complaint up the chain, but ya gotta imagine if her people come calling to take it any further ... the airport's gonna listen. 

Originally Published -- 10:54 AM PT 

Barack Obama John Singleton Opened Doors ... Told the Stories Hollywood Tried to Ignore

4/30/2019 2:03 PM PDT

Barack Obama is remembering John Singleton as a trailblazing director who opened doors for filmmakers of color, and showed Hollywood there were stories that needed to be told.

The former President tweeted his condolences to the late director's family on Tuesday and took a moment to remember John's work and everything he did for minority filmmakers. 

Obama said, "His seminal work, Boyz n the Hood, remains one of the most searing, loving portrayals of the challenges facing inner-city youth. He opened doors for filmmakers of color to tell powerful stories that have been too often ignored."

As we reported ... John died Monday after being taken off life support following a massive stroke. He was just 51. 

John was the first African American nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director ... for "Boyz n the Hood." John was only 23 when he directed the groundbreaking film.

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