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Ray Rice's Teammate

He Deserves 2nd Chance

'He'll Do the Right Thing'

5 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

Two of Ray Rice's former teammate are voicing their support of the ruling -- saying they're happy Ray will get a second chance in the NFL.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith tweeted ... "Second chances are only as good as you make them....my boy will do the right things."

And Bryant McKinnnie -- who also played with Ray on the Ravens -- wrote, "The Power of Prayer! I'm glad my Friend Ray Rice was given a 2nd chance & him his wife can move on, they have learned so much from this situation."

Ray Rice

Wins Appeal

Indefinite Suspension Overturned

49 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

Ray Rice just won a HUGE victory ... his indefinite suspension has been overturned.

Short story ... a just ruled NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell abused his authority when he changed Rice's discipline from a 2-game suspension to an indefinite one.  

The judge ruled Rice had told the truth when he was initially interviewed by Goodell and company and the Commish had no right to alter the punishment after TMZ posted the elevator video.

It could be something of a hollow victory ... Rice is now a man without a team, and his prospects of new NFL employment is iffy at best.

In decision, U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones explained ... "Rice did not mislead the Commissioner at the June 16th meeting, and therefore, that the imposition of a second suspension based on the same incident and the same known facts about the incident, was arbitrary."

"The Commissioner needed to be fair and consistent in his imposition of discipline. Moreover, any failure on the part of the League to understand the level of violence was not due to Rice's description of the event but to the inadequacy of words to convey the seriousness of domestic violence. That the League did not realize the severity of the conduct without a visual record also speaks to their admitted failure in the past to sanction this type of conduct more severely."


Mickey Rourke

Wins Obviously Fixed Boxing Match

8 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

69 year-old Mickey Rourke won his big boxing match in Russia ... when he sorta kinda tapped a guy with a body shot ... and the guy went crumbling to the ground.

The fight was against Elliot Seymour -- a 29 year-old fighting well above his weight with a 1-9 record -- and during the second round he appeared to take a dive after getting hit in the side.

Rourke celebrated by putting some dude on his shoulders and parading around the ring.

Still looked more realistic than his facial features.

Super Bowl Champ

I'm Trying Out For

Australian Rules Football

11/28/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ramses Barden won a Super Bowl in 2012 with the New York Giants -- but now the former wide receiver is looking to win whatever you get for winning in Australian rules football (we're guessing a koala or something.)

Barden has signed up for a new docuseries called "American Footy Star" ... which features several ex-NFL and ex-NCAA players who are attempting to make it in the Australian Football League.

Ramses -- a 3rd round pick in the 2009 draft -- was a physical specimen at 6'7" and 224lbs ... but injuries prevented him from ever becoming an NFL superstar. 

He was on the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad earlier this year ... but was cut before the season began. 

But Ramses is confident there's a future for him Down Under -- saying, "I definitely believe there is a place for me in Australian Footy based on my athleticism, wide receiver skill sets, and my NFL experience."

Good luck ... mate. 


Bernard Hopkins

I'm Proud of Mickey Rourke

'Fighting Ain't About Age'

11/28/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Mickey Rourke is getting major support from boxing legend Bernard Hopkins -- who tells TMZ Sports he's PROUD of the 62-year-old for getting back in the ring ... and thinks he has a real shot to win!

49-year-old Hopkins -- who says he's still open to fighting into his 50s -- says he commends Rourke for taking a fight with a 29-year-old fighter in Russia on November 28th.

"The only way you're gonna know what you're capable of is by challenging yourself," Hopkins says.

"Most people can't see themselves doing what I or Mickey have done. So they talk down to it. That's a motivation for me. And I'm sure it is for him."

So the question ... can Rourke actually win the fight? 

"I'm gonna go with the experienced guy [Rourke] who knows how to take care of himself," Hopkins says ... "It's not a slam dunk that he'll win, but at the least I think it's going to be a competitive fight."

As for Bernard's future in the ring -- he tells us, "I'm going to make a decision if I'll fight again after the holidays. But I do have an option with HBO."

He adds, "If I fight, it's not going to be a fight just to fight, it's going to be a fight that I could just as well lose if I'm not on my game. I want to push the envelope like I always have."

Kevin Hart

I'd Crush Bieber

... On the Basketball Court

11/27/2014 9:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing like a little celebrity trash talk on Thanksgiving ... so, here's Kevin Hart explaining why he'd dominate Justin Bieber in a little 1-on-1.

Here's the thing ... Hart says he's bigger and stronger than JB -- but according to our research (some intense google searches) Bieber's 5'9" and Hart's 5'4".

In fact, we've also found some shots of them together -- and it's clear Justin has the edge when it comes to height.

Still, Hart's no joke on the court ... he's been the MVP of the NBA Celebrity All-Star game 3 years in a row. 

These guys both play in a bunch of celeb charity games -- so it's only a matter of time 'til they face off. Can't wait.

CM Punk

I Got Fired From WWE ...

On My Wedding Day!

11/27/2014 9:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Former WWE Champ CM Punk claims he never quit the famous wrestling company ... he was FIRED -- and it all went down on his wedding day.
Punk spoke out on the Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana for the first time since walking out on the company in January ... and went into extreme detail about why he left.

The wrestling star says he never technically quit ... he got the 'ole heave ho -- delivered in the mail on his wedding day to WWE Diva AJ Lee.

The whole interview is almost 2 hours long -- Punk talks about wrestling with a staph infection for months ... and how he threatened to sue the company over royalty payments.

He also says he'll never work for WWE again.

Devon Still's Baby Mama

I'm Not Trying to Ruin His Life

But I Need More Money

11/27/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1126-devon-still-and-family-FACEBOOK-01Devon Still's baby mama says there's NO court order requiring the Cincinnati Bengals player to pay child support for their cancer-stricken daughter Leah ... but says the two had a "voluntary agreement" which Devon stopped paying in July. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Channing Smythe who says the two had worked out an unofficial financial arrangement ... but it fell apart over the summer when Devon wanted Channing and Leah to move to Cincinnati to be near him. 

"I don’t feel that it was right for me to move her," Channing says ... "[Delaware] is where all her friends and family are and this is where we have been building our life. He was very upset about that and that’s when he stopped giving me money."

Channing says Devon has been paying for some of Leah's clothes, medical bills and other things -- and she's "grateful" for all of the help -- but says she needs more money from Devon due to Leah's medical condition which prevents her from working. 

Channing says she has started the paperwork to get court ordered child support in Delaware -- but so far, they have not reached an agreement. 

Channing tells us Devon is a "wonderful father" to Leah and visits her almost weekly -- and takes her to doctor's appointments whenever he can. 

As for Still, he issued a statement saying, "I am not going to retaliate against the mother of my daughter ... I am going to continue to allow the court system to handle this matter, as it has been doing these past couple of months."

Leon Spinks

I'm Off My Liquid Diet

Just In Time for Thanksgiving!

11/27/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Leon Spinks' recovery from a nasty intestinal issue has taken a turn for the better ... and the timing couldn't be more perfect!!

As we previously reported, the boxing legend was hospitalized after a chicken bone got caught in his intestine ... causing a whole lotta serious medical problems that required multiple surgeries. 

But now, Leon's wife Brenda tells us Leon is making huge improvements and the doctors are finally allowing him to eat solid food again!! 

He's still in the hospital -- but Brenda says friends and family will bring the feast to Leon this year ... for a kickass bedside Turkey Day. 

So when will Leon go home? Brenda says they're gunning to get Spinks back in his own bed by Christmas -- "it'd be a great present."

Rick Ross

Jalen Rose's $100k Bet Was a Joke

11/26/2014 3:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112614_rick_ross_sports_launchRick Ross says ex-NBA star Jalen Rose was full of crap when he said he'd take the rapper up on a $100,000 basketball bet -- claiming Jalen was "just bluffing." 

Ross put up the money up back in October ... saying he was willing to bet ANYONE $100k that the Miami Heat would finish the season with a better record than the Cleveland Cavs. 

Well, Jalen went on ESPN earlier this month and called out Ricky Rozay ... saying, "You know I'm good for the money homie. So just reach out to me and let's make this bet right now."

But even though it sounded legit, Ross went on "TMZ Hollywood Sports" on Reelz earlier today and insisted that J.R. was merely KIDDING ... saying no bet has actually been made. 

Probably a good thing for Rose ... the Cavs are struggling this year. 


Jeremy Lin

I Ease The Pain Of Losing

... With a McFlurry

11/26/2014 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

112614_jeremy_lin_launchJeremy Lin thinks the cure to frustration is 930 calories of frozen confectionery goodness ...  telling TMZ Sports he turns to a McDonald's McFlurry to deal with the pain of a crushing Lakers loss.

Lin was at the annual Lakers Thanksgiving celebration this week to hand out turkeys to the less fortunate when we asked him if he had any guilty food pleasures ... given he's a world class athlete.

The Lakers star admitted that he recently indulged after a particularly tough loss ... and it seems the McFlurry did the trick. 

Ba da ba ba ba.

Floyd Mayweather

My Ex's Abortion Is Fair Game

We're Too Famous for Privacy

11/26/2014 10:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1126_floyd_mayweather_Shantel-Jackson_tmzFloyd Mayweather is firing back at his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson -- claiming he did NOT violate her right to privacy by discussing her abortion in detail on social media ... because their relationship was for public consumption anyway. 

As we previously reported, Jackson sued Mayweather earlier this year for a bunch of different reasons -- including assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy and more. 

Now, Floyd is trying to get the several claims dismissed -- and in new legal docs, he focused on her claim that he violated her right to privacy. He starts off his argument in the most Mayweather way possible:

"At age 37 I am an undefeated boxer. I have been the world champion in five different weight divisions."

He goes on to explain that when he met Jackson, "she asked me to help her become famous" ... and stated that her only semblance of fame was appearing in 7 music videos.

Floyd says he used his celebrity to help build her up -- and says they became so famous, people were interested in every aspect of their relationship ... including the breakup.  

Which is why Floyd says he went to social media earlier this year and told the world he ended things with Shantel because she had an abortion behind his back.

"Both parties are public figures. Abortion is a public issue," Mayweather states in the docs. 

He adds, "A public figure involved with another public figure in a public relationship can expect publicity, not privacy, about why it ends."

Mayweather wants the suit thrown out asap. A judge has yet to rule. 


Richard Sherman


NFL Star Drops iPhone App

11/26/2014 9:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


NFL star Richard Sherman is officially in the app business -- dropping a brand new word game called "Letters of Boom."

Sherman describes the app as an "action-oriented word game" ... where players try to rearrange letters and spell words as fast as they can. Also, stuff blows up. 

"I've always loved word games, but there has never been anything out there that felt hard-hitting or extreme for me," Sherman said. 

Sherman -- who provided voice-work on the game -- says the app also comes with an updated dictionary that includes "slang" and "swagger" words like "picksix." 

He's not the 1st NFL star to get involved with apps ... former Indianapolis Colts defensive back Brandon King developed a game called "Smashman" earlier this year where a QB runs for his life from a defense.

FYI -- King's game had 2,000 downloads in its first week.  

Game on.

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