Selena Gomez & Miranda Kerr When (Alleged) Eskimo Sisters Meet ...

Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr came face-to-face and cheek-to-cheek ... and given their history, it could have been a tad AWWK-WARD.

Quick check of the scorecard -- Gomez and Kerr allegedly hooked up with each other's exes ... Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom ... which allegedly led to Orlando taking a swing at Justin in Ibiza last summer. They all deny the allegations.

Now cut to Wednesday in Palm Springs where Miranda and Selena seemed totally cool with each other at a Louis Vuitton event. Sure, they could be faking it ... but we've seen them hang before -- at another LV gathering.

Overpriced leather -- bringing chicks together since 1854.

Orlando and Miranda Together Again ... But Not Really

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr reunited in Malibu Saturday ... but it appears it's all about their kid.

The former hubby and wife were with 4-year-old Flynn. They were visiting a friend in Malibu.

You'll recall there was bad blood during their divorce, especially after rumors that she got real chummy with Justin Bieber.

And who can forget Orlando taking a failed swing at the Biebs Ibiza.

But it seems it now all about the kid, which joins them at the hip for life.

Selena Gomez Takes Kris Jenner For a Ride! Feud Squashed?

Selena Gomez takes one trip to Paris and suddenly she's a changed woman ... who's apparently settled her blood feud with the Kardashians -- and proved it by giving Kris Jenner a ride home.

Selena was swarmed by photogs late Wednesday afternoon as she came home from Paris Fashion Week -- and just as her SUV was pulling away the big shocker happened ... Mama Kardashian jumped in the backseat with her.

As we told you ... Selena had a major falling out with the Ks after Coachella ... blaming them for her out-of-control partying.

Remember, while she was in Paris she also posed for pics with Miranda Kerr -- who allegedly hooked up with Justin a few years back.

French champagne does wonders.

Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez Well, This Is Awkward

The Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber/Miranda Kerr/Selena Gomez love square united in significant fashion during Paris Fashion Week and it was nothing but uncomfortable.

Miranda and Selena posed for this pic at the Louis Vuitton show and looked like they'd both rather be in a dentist's chair.

Their common bond is of course Justin Bieber, who is currently banging Selena and was famously and allegedly banging Miranda after a NY fashion show.

As TMZ reported ... earlier in the day Justin was at another show when Miranda suddenly appeared and Justin literally hid behind Kim Kardashian's butt.

Meanwhile ... back at the ranch in L.A. -- our photog got Orlando Bloom out, who famously took a swing at the Biebs in Ibiza, and asked about Justin possibly stepping out on Selena for Kendall Jenner.

So complicated.

Justin Bieber Dodging Miranda Kerr in Paris!

Justin Bieber just left a big fashion party in Paris that was filled with celebs ... and we're told the Biebs made sure he didn't cross paths with the modern version of Helen of Troy -- Miranda Kerr!

Justin hit up the CR Fashion Book Party and mingled with Kim Kardashian, Kendall, Kris, Paris Hilton and Selena Gomez. Our spies say Justin was gushing about Selena, telling people how beautiful she is and how they're really tight now. So the whole champagne dinner with Kendall was innocent.

But our spies say Justin very consciously stayed clear of Miranda Kerr, who triggered the war between Justin and ex-hubby Orlando Bloom.

Justin Bieber Styling and Profiling With Kim and Kanye Orlando Bloom Denied!

Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian partied their faces off Friday night in Ibiza ... while Orlando Bloom reportedly was shut out on all the fun.

It was bash for Givenchy fashion designer Riccardo Tisci ... also attended by Diddy, Jared Leto and Kate Moss.

Kanye even performed some of his songs -- including "Black Skinhead"

Bloom arrived once Bieber was already inside -- and according to Page Six J.B.'s people put the screws on organizers to keep Orlando out. The actor never got inside.

So sad.

Leo or His Decoy Arrives at LAX

Leonardo DiCaprio seems like the kind of guy who would know a lot about the Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber/Miranda Kerr/Selena Gomez feud ... so a golden opportunity presented itself at LAX Friday night when Leo showed up ... well, there's evidence it was him.


All the photogs knew he was coming and in characteristic style he was quiet and undercover. Here's the problem ... Leo probably knew the photogs knew he was coming, so it's possible the guy is a decoy.

Help us out. Watch the video.

Orlando Bloom Parties Like a Wild Man I'm Happy!!!!

Orlando Bloom is not acting like the loser of the Justin Bieber scuffle ... he looks like he's having the best time of his life at a restaurant near Ibiza.

Orlando looks a little -- well, buzzed -- as he dances furiously to "Happy" ... flailing his arms in the air.

At one point he pulls what appears to be his GF -- Erica Packer -- up on the bench he's dancing on and kisses her hand.

But Erica does not have a monopoly on Orlando. A bunch of chicks swarm him as he dances uncontrollably.

This is the funnest feud ever.

Selena Gomez Justin & Orlando Can Kiss My ...

While her ex and her alleged fling duke it out in Ibiza, Selena Gomez rocked the shortest of shorts Thursday while heading to a meeting in L.A.

As TMZ first reported, while Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom fought over Miranda Kerr ... there is some tangential Selena involvement.

Our sources say Gomez -- who was once famously photographed with Bloom -- claims she never hooked up with the "Lord of the Rings" star.

Selena Gomez ... hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

Orlando Bloom & Erica Packer Anything Our Exes Can Do ...

The tangled and convoluted apparent romance between Orlando Bloom and Erica Packer continued Thursday as the pair hung out at a restaurant in Formentera, Spain.

As TMZ previously reported, Bloom and Packer have been spending lots of time together this week, which wouldn't be weird ... except for the fact that late last year their exes, Miranda Kerr and James Packer, were reportedly romantically linked.

And all 4 of them were friends when the marriages were in tact.

Got to hand it to Orlando ... it takes a special kind of guy to get involved in a love triangle and a love square in the same week.

Orlando and Miranda Bizarre, Billionaire Love Square

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are still tied together ... by the people they appear to have dated. It's a bizarre love square. Let us connect the dots.

-- Orlando has been getting cozy in the last few days on a boat in Ibiza with a woman named Erica Packer
-- Erica was married to media mogul/billionaire James Packer
-- James and Erica separated in September 2013
-- Orlando and Miranda separated in October 2013
-- Overseas media reported in December ... James was romantically linked to Miranda. It's interesting, because all 4 of them were friends while the marriages were in tact.
-- James and his best friend, David Gyngell, got in a fistfight in May ... during which David confronted James about his treatment of Erica ... and Miranda was mentioned

And get this ... both James and David were fined $500 each for bad behavior.

Orlando should be fined $1000 for throwing a wimpy punch.

Selena Gomez I Did NOT Bang Orlando Bloom... It Was Just A Cigarette Break

Selena Gomez says she's never done the nasty with Orlando Bloom ... and she has absolutely zero to do with his raging battle against her ex-BF Justin Bieber.

Sources directly connected to Selena tell us ... the reason she was with Orlando back in March is because their manager organized an event for his clients at We Day in Oakland.

As for the widely-circulated photo of Orlando and Selena at a Chelsea Handler show in L.A. a few weeks later ... it was nothing more than a smoke break. They were actually with their respective groups of friends and happened to be next to each other when the pic was snapped.

And here's Orlando's speech at the same event.

Miranda Kerr How's This for a Release

Miranda Kerr's body isn't the only thing that's flawless ... so's her timing, because she was officially made the new face of 7 For All Mankind jeans ... hours after she triggered a celeb scuffle.

The newly released 30-second spot is smokin' -- Miranda not only looks amazing ... she sounds SO hot.

The 7 Jeans campaign slogan is diabolically perfect: "He loves her. She loves him, but he can’t have her. She has the power. She is in control."

Helen of Troy ... so 1190 BC.

Justin to Orlando I Balled Now You Bawl

Justin Bieber has declared Instagram war on Orlando Bloom ... with a pic of the Brit dissolving into tears.

It's Bieber's second Instagram salvo ... hours after Orlando took a swing at him at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza he posted a sexy pic of Miranda Kerr and then quickly took it down.

Miranda -- the Helen of Troy in this war -- was the trigger for the bar scuffle. It's clear Orlando felt Justin was banging her while they were still man and wife.

We'd say there's no use crying over Miranda, but then again ...

Justin Bieber Now He's Hanging Out With ... Michelle Rodriguez?

In search of someone who could help protect him should Orlando Bloom strike again, Justin Bieber hung out Wednesday on a yacht in Ibiza with none other than Michelle Rodriguez.

There's nothing romantic going on here -- at least not in these photos -- and besides ... MRod's been hanging with a completely different skinny and often shirtless guy in Zac Efron.

If it came down to it, we feel pretty confident Rodriguez could take Bloom ... and Bieber ... and even Efron in a fight.

Orlando Bloom UFC Legend Offers to Train Actor ... We Can Take Bieber!!

Orlando Bloom has some serious muscle on his side -- UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin who tells TMZ Sports he wants to TRAIN the actor how to fight so he can take Bieber the next time they face off.

The 35-year-old former Light Heavyweight champ says he watched the footage of Bloom and Bieber going at it in a fancy Ibiza restaurant and says he was unimpressed with Bloom's attack.

"He threw a weak-ass punch!"

But Griffin says he's a fan of Orlando's movies and wants to help ... saying, "He can come to Vegas anytime to train with me. If they ever fight again, I can show him some moves so he can win."

"But I gotta warn Orlando ... I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. is gonna train Bieber -- and that guy's a monster."

Still, Griffin says if the two stars do ever square up, Orlando would have the advantage -- "He's not big, but it looks like he has the reach. Then again, everyone looks big next to Justin Bieber."

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