Meghan Markle This Belly Can't Slow Me Down!!!

Two things really seem to make Meghan Markle crack a huge smile ... holding her ever-growing baby bump and helping others.

The Duchess of Sussex was all smiles Thursday as she hit up St. Charles Hospital in west London, where she became a royal patron at Smart Works. It's an awesome charity ... they help unemployed and vulnerable women get back into the workplace.

Meghan -- who is about 6 months pregnant -- looked stunning in a black dress from the maternity brand, Hatch. She also sported a long, brown Oscar de la Renta coat.

Kensington Palace revealed Smart Works as just one of Meghan's several volunteering gigs. She's also taking over 2 of Queen Elizabeth's patronages -- at the National Theatre and the Association of Commonwealth Universities -- and working with an animal welfare group.

Meghan Markle I'm 'Very Good,' 'Very Pregnant' You're Telling Us, Girl

Meghan Markle says she's doing well, but also notes that she's "very pregnant" -- and she couldn't be more on the nose ... as her baby bump grows larger by the day.

The Duchess of Sussex was visiting the Brinsworth House Tuesday in London -- a nursing home that houses British entertainers -- and she was speaking with former theatre actress Josephine Gordon who asked Meg how she was holding up heading into her 3rd trimester.

Meghan replies honestly ... telling Ms. Gordon she's feeling very much like a mom-to-be who's about to pop. Meg asks Josephine if she had any children of her own, and you gotta see their exchange here ... it's pretty priceless.

Speaking of due dates, Kensington Palace announced Meghan's as spring 2019 ... but didn't get more specific. Based on how big she looks here ... a lot of folks are speculating she's way further along. Meanwhile, others suggest she might be carrying twins.

Spring starts on March 20 ... so time will tell.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry 'Tis the Season For Hauntingly Bad Wax Masks!!!

Imitation is NOT a form of flattery when it comes to these wax creations, allegedly depicting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The fake Duke and Duchess of Sussex were unveiled Tuesday at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. You're not looking at wax statues -- those are real people wearing wax masks. Kinda like they do in 'Mission Impossible' ... except these are deeply disturbing and inaccurate.

The couple's been roaming the streets of an outdoor Christmas market -- 'cause nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like the sight of creepy, unblinking royals. As you know, Harry and Meghan are actually very attractive people ... so, we can't figure out how the masks got so screwed up.

Maybe Madame Tussauds hired Cristiano Ronaldo's infamous sculptor?

Anyway, check out the video of Meghan and Harry waxing 'round town ... and good luck getting 'em out of your nightmares.

Madame Tussauds Berlin

Meghan Markle Baby Bump is ... Moonlighting on Date Night

Meghan Markle and that baby bump are coming along -- it's noticeably bigger since the last time we saw her out and about.

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex hit up a Christmas carol service Tuesday night at St. Luke's Church in London. Harry, ever the gentleman, led the way for his bride as they slipped out after the service and, BOOM ... there it was!

Her baby bump -- more of a belly now -- was perfectly lit under the moon's spotlight. She's reportedly around 5 months pregnant.

Last time we saw Meghan, she had on an apron and her baby bump barely showed. She's due sometime next spring ... but with the colder weather coming soon, she might want to start thinking about bundling up.

Tick, tock.

Meghan Markle Before Harry, There Was Cory ... Who Sure Looked in Love


We already knew Meghan Markle had prior relationships before meeting Prince Harry -- but we didn't know just how lovey-dovey she was with her old boyfriends ... until now.

Here's a photo of Meghan cozying up with her old celeb chef flame, Cory Vitiello, while they dined in Toronto. In the pic, obtained by TMZ, you see Meg sitting on Cory's lap with his arms wrapped around her waist ... and him laying a big smooch on her cheek.

We're told this pic was taken at Atlas Restaurant in May 2016 -- which wasn't too long before she started seeing Harry across the pond. Remember ... Meghan and Harry reportedly began dating in the summer of '16, so something must've happened between this picturesque moment and whatever summer month Meghan got fixed up with Harry.

Even more interesting ... both Meghan and Cory went on to get hitched. Oh, and Cory's got a kid now too ... Meghan, of course, is expecting her first child with Harry.

Sounds like a great case of "Good Luck Chuck" that goes both ways.

Meghan Markle Smiling & Holding On to Her Bump ... Checking in on Fire Victims

Meghan Markle is back at a community kitchen and throwing royal protocol out the window.

The Duchess of Sussex visited the Hubb Community Kitchen at the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in West London ... not far from where the Grenfell Tower fire killed 72 people.

Meghan's been making secret trips there since January ... and last September she was there cooking and helping the women release a charity cookbook with their recipes. This time around she abandoned all formality ... kissing and hugging just about everyone while seeing how funds raised from the cookbook have made a difference.

Makes sense she's treating the women there like family ... her involvement was Meghan's first solo project as a member of the Royal Family. Look at her close interactions ... and the baby bump!!

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Let's Walk Through the (Red)Woods

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry passed on costumes for Halloween while down in New Zealand, but their choice of scenery screams that they were still in the spirit.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continued their international tour Wednesday with a visit to Rotorua, New Zealand ... where they checked out the famous Redwoods Treewalk with lots of suspended bridges and towering timber around them.

Considering Meghan's preggo with their first Royal baby ... this is the most strenuous activity we've seen her undertake in weeks.

As for the stroll itself, it actually looks super peaceful and gorgeous. Pretty romantic, too -- MM and PH were hand-in-hand much of the day.

Meghan Markle Tag, You're It!!!

Meghan Markle's just like the rest of us -- aside from her crown, her title and her Prince -- sometimes she just forgets to remove the tag from her clothes. Royal oops?!!

Meghan and Prince Harry had the red carpet rolled out for them Thursday after landing on the main island of Tongatapu in Tonga. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were flanked by Tonga's princess Angelika Latufuipeka ... but no doubt everyone's eyes darted to the bottom of Meghan's dress.

The obvious conspiracy theory is ... Meg, or her wardrobe team, is planning to return the dress. The less conspiratorial take? Someone's ass is getting fired!

We're guessing it's door #2, and giving Meghan a pass for the wardrobe malfunction. For starters, she's about 4 months pregnant, reportedly, so she's got more important things in mind. Second of all, she's built up more than enough points by looking nearly flawless every OTHER time.

BTW ... the royal couple was later whisked away to a reception dinner ... where one of the guests included the "Shirtless Tongan" guy from the Winter Olympics! 'Memba him?!!

Meghan Markle Whisked Away in Fiji ... Over Security Concerns

Meghan Markle's popularity is becoming a problem, because she had to hightail it out of a community market in Fiji after the crowd swelled to a potentially dangerous level.

The Duchess of Sussex was jawboning it with vendors at Suva Market to meet female vendors who have worked on the U.N. Women's project "Markets for Change."

The crowd was so large it spilled into the street and Meghan's security felt so many folks wanted to get close to her security might lose control. The visit was planned for 15 minutes, but halfway through ... she beat a hasty retreat.

Meghan's reportedly 4 months pregnant. BTW ... Prince Harry wasn't there.

The couple is on the 9th day of a 16-day tour of the South Pacific.

Meghan Markle I'm Blue Out!!! No Hiding Baby Bump Now

The jig is up for Meghan Markle ... even loose-fitting outfits like this blue gown can't hide what she's got growing in her belly.

Meghan and Prince Harry are now in Fiji -- the second country in their 16-day autumn tour -- and they kicked off the visit with an official welcoming ceremony ... then headed off to a state dinner hosted by Fiji's Prez, Jioji Konrote.

Harry opted for the classic tux while Meghan slipped into a blue cape dress ... fashion tribute to Fiji. If it wasn't obvious before, it sure is now ... Meghan's really showing. We don't know exactly how far along she is ... the Palace has only said she's due sometime in the Spring.

Pregnancy looks great on Megs, no doubt. Ditto for those gigantic diamond earrings she was rocking ... which were reportedly borrowed from Queen Elizabeth.

In-laws ... they ARE good for something.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Delay U.S. Tour ... Thanks a Lot, Royal Baby!


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry won't set foot on U.S. soil anytime soon, as previously scheduled, and it's all because of the royal bun in the oven ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pushing back their U.S. tour from Spring 2019 until Fall 2019, in light of Meg's pregnancy. We're told she's due sometime in the Spring, and they want to give her time to adjust to motherhood before hitting the road again.

Makes sense ... Meghan's already had to pump the brakes on some appearances this month, amid their 16-day tour through Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji.


There's a silver lining here for those dying to see the American princess. We're told when they do arrive stateside ... Meghan and Harry plan to bring their baby with them. He or she would be roughly 6 months old by then.

One more fun fact ... Meghan will still be an American citizen when she does visit -- she's still going through the process of becoming a British citizen. So, she'll be a true American princess in her homeland.

As for their baby? We broke the story ... there's a way the kid, a potential British monarch, could also become U.S. Prez. Think that'll draw a crowd?

Meghan Markle Back to Royal Duty

Meghan Markle is torn ... between resting for her pregnancy, and fulfilling her royal duties with Prince Harry on this massive 16-day tour.

As of Monday, the Duchess of Sussex was back on her J-O-B ... visiting Fraser Island in Australia with Harry. She had been noticeably absent at the Invictus Games' cycling and sailing competitions Sunday.

The palace said Harry and Meghan "decided to cut back her schedule slightly for the next couple of days, ahead of the final week-and-a-half of the tour." It's a long 16-day tour ... they're also scheduled to visit Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

Mama-to-be's gonna need to pace herself, for obvious reasons.

Prince Harry & Meghan Our Kid Could Be President ... But There's a Catch


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have an interesting decision to make -- it has nothing to do with baby names, but it will decide whether their firstborn can be President ... of the good ole U.S. of A.

We did some digging and discovered Harry and Meghan will need to fill out special paperwork to make their royal baby a naturalized U.S. citizen. They have to sign it, not the kid -- meaning, he or she will have no choice in whether they can be an American.

The baby doesn't get an automatic U.S. citizenship because Meghan -- who will still be an American citizen when she gives birth -- and her child won't be living in the States. Hence, the special form is a must.

Our palace sources confirm Meghan intends to become a British citizen, but it's unclear if she will renounce her U.S. citizenship ... which makes the decision over her kid's citizenship so fascinating.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have until the child's 18th birthday to fill out the paperwork. If they get through the red tape -- and let's face it, the Royals can handle red tape -- the kid will be eligible to run for U.S. Prez.

Remember, Harry and Meghan's first child -- Victoria, Albert or whoever -- will be 7th in line for the British throne, while still satisfying the requirements to become POTUS. Kinda cool.

Meghan Markle Baby Bump Debuts Down Under, Mate!!

Meghan Markle's finally giving up the first visible signs of the baby she and Prince Harry are expecting, and their royal subjects in Australia got the first look ... in public.

Harry and the Duchess of Sussex were in Melbourne Thursday for a reception hosted by the Governor of Victoria. Megs isn't just pressing the flesh and royal waving either ... she got some hands-on experience with Australian rules football!

The sport tends to be way more brutal than American football -- no pads -- so, luckily she stuck to a ball handling lesson and passed on full contact.

Megan handled the pigskin like a pro though, eventually tossing it around with other guests at the shindig -- but we suspect her blue heels are NOT regulation.

Based on Mom and Dad's sporty genes, that kid she's carrying has a better shot at being a pro athlete than becoming king.


Jack Osbourne Meghan & Harry's Baby Might Be the Real-Life Jon Snow


Jack Osbourne says a real-life "Game of Thrones" scenario might be what we need to get more excited about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal baby -- and guess who their kid would be?

We got the famous father of 3 and British royal subject Monday in Studio City on the heels of Meghan and Harry's pregnancy announcement. He seemed a little underwhelmed by the news -- even with CGI predictions on the kid's looks -- but when our photog suggested a potential 'GoT' situation, Jack ran with it.

Truth is, Jack and our guy totally geeked out over the royal cousins all plotting against each other to take the throne -- and suggested Harry and Meg's baby could be the Jon Snow!! They've got a whole explanation for the comparison ... although Jack pointed out one MAJOR flaw in their theory.

If you love 'GoT' AND the royals ... you'll LOVE this clip. If ya only like one of 'em, you're still gonna love it.

Meghan Markle No Baby Bump Yet During Aussie Tour

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are all smiles Down Under on the heels of their pregnancy announcement ... but royal watchers might say something's missing.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hit up Australia Monday on the first day of their royal tour there ... no doubt still sporting wide grins after Kensington Palace announced earlier in the day they're expecting baby no. 1.

The former "Suits" star is due sometime next spring ... around their one-year anniversary. We know what everyone wants to see, but it just ain't there yet -- the royal baby bump.

Harry and Meghan -- who will be Down Under for the next 16 days -- started their tour at Admiralty House and a meeting with Governor-General Peter Cosgrove. He's no fool, Cosgrove had some Aussie themed baby gifts ... a pair of baby Ugg boots and a stuffed kangaroo.

As we reported ... Victoria is the odds-on favorite name, at 8/1, if it's a girl. Leading boy names are Albert/Arthur/Philip ... all at 10/1. Remember to bet responsibly.

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