NBA's Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Freaks the Hell Out On CN Tower's Glass Floor!!!


Wanna see a grown-ass man freak out on video?! Great!

Here's Toronto Raptors star Rondae Hollis-Jefferson TRYING to prove his toughness by walking on the famous glass floor at CN Towers in Toronto ... and IT DOES NOT GO WELL!

FYI, the glass floor at CN Tower (one of the tallest buildings in the world) is a major tourist attraction -- 1,112 feet above ground and people come from all over to stand on the glass and stare down! It's wild!

Rondae gave it a shot ... but when it came time to step on the glass, his fear of heights kicked in and the 25-year-old FREAKED OUT!!

The 6'6" star refused to walk on the glass -- instead he tried to crawl and scoot across ... and it's funny as hell!

For the record, ZERO people have died on the glass floors -- and building officials claim it's so strong, it could hold the weight of 35 MOOSE!!! So, chill Rondae.

RHJ survived ... and now the only thing he has to worry about it beating up on the Trail Blazers on Tuesday.

Slapping Bodybuilder HIT WITH LIFE BAN After Judge Beatdown In Greece

The bodybuilder who slapped the hell out of a judge during a competition in Greece has been BANNED FOR LIFE ... by the biggest bodybuilding organization in the world ... TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported, Giannis Magos -- aka Ioannis Magkos -- attacked one of the judges after losing the Diamond Cup during a competition in Athens on Nov. 27.

Now, the IFBB is slapping back -- delivering a "life expulsion" to Magos ... which is a big deal, considering the organization is connected to the biggest events in the sport ... including Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

A rep for the IFBB tells us, "The IFBB takes this occasion to express its strong commitment for respect, fairness and good will in our sport, and its firm rejection of violence, mistreatment and/or an aggressive approach in any way, may it be verbal, gestural or physical."

Tyga Happy Birthday Kylie ... Hope You Like the SUV as Much as Blac Chyna!

5:55 P.M. PST -- A source close to the Kardashians tells TMZ, Kylie just happened to be driving the G-Wagon to her birthday dinner Friday night, but it's Tyga's SUV and not a birthday present. The source acknowledges it's the same G-Wagon Blac Chyna was driving.

Kylie Jenner got a spiffy red Mercedes G-Wagon from Tyga Friday, presumably for her 18th birthday. It's a used Mercedes, which is not a problem. The problem is who used it before her -- Blac Chyna!

Turns out Tyga bought the 2013 SUV new and gave it to baby mama and then-GF Blac Chyna. We're told Tyga was the registered owner of the whip, which was black. Blac Chyna had it re-painted white and then re-re painted pink.

Our sources say recently Tyga told Blac Chyna she had to get a new car and return the G-Wagon, which she did. We're told Tyga had it painted red, picked it up Friday and Friday night Kylie was behind the wheel.

The telltale sign ... the license number Blac Chyna had is the same as Kylie's.

Can't blame a guy for tryin' ... well ... maybe.

Judge Mathis 50 Cent Might Be Doin' The Bankruptcy Shuffle


Judge Greg Mathis had a knowing smile on his face when told our photog 50 Cent might be in more hot water than he thinks.

We got the TV judge outside the taping of the Comedy Underground Series 3& 4 in Glendale Friday night when asked the question that has perplexed many ... how can someone declare bankruptcy when they also say they're rich as f**k?

Hizzoner tell us with a wink ... there might be a little shufflin' goin on.


Liam Hemsworth Check it Out I Have Sole!!!

Liam Hemsworth was chillin' a little too much Saturday ... cruisin' barefoot in a Malibu supermarket.

Miley Cyrus' ex hit up Ralphs on a hot, sunny day, but still ...

Check out the ball of his foot ... not the kind of thing you want to see in the produce department.

Liam showed up with a solemate ... some Shoeless Joe.

Rev. Al Sharpton Shame on Rachel Dolezal's Parents


Reverend Al Sharpton made it clear .... the parents of the white woman who claimed she was black while running the NAACP in Spokane betrayed their daughter by kicking her while she was down.

As you know, Rachel Dolezal and her parents have been estranged for years, and the good Reverend finds it highly suspicious they didn't speak up earlier about their daughter if they were so offended. He says they had to know about her affiliation with the NAACP, so why the silence until now?

That said, Sharpton makes it clear ... African Americans don't have a lock on helping their fellow African Americans.

Byron Allen President Obama 'White President in Black Face'


TV mega-mogul Byron Allen trashed President Obama Saturday night, essentially calling him an Uncle Tom, accusing him of not acting "like a black man."

Allen, a major TV producer who often programs for minority audiences, said he was outraged Obama referred to the Baltimore rioters as "thugs."

Allen warned Obama, "remember who you are," telling him, "It's OK to be President and a black man."

And then Allen goes for the jugular, saying Obama is a "white President in black face."

So we gotta ask ...

Allen's Comments

Kris Jenner Hammered for NOT Using N-Word

Kris Jenner is actually being criticized for NOT using the n-word.

Kris congratulated Kim and Kanye on their 1-year anniversary Saturday, reminiscing about the uber-fancy wedding in Florence following a blow-out party in Versailles.

Kris posted, "Kanye treated us to fireworks ... And if you listen closely ... his huge hit song "Great People in Paris ..." She didn't want to use the real title, "(N-word) in Paris."

Some people are railing on Kris, grousing, "Things white people say," and others calling her "ignorant."

You can't win for losing.


Who Wore it Better? Jaden Smith vs. Paris

Jaden Smith and Paris Hilton got all gussied up Friday at Coachella.

Jaden's choice seems ... a little on the frumpy side, while Paris is going for the swank.

So we gotta ask ...

Better Look?

Kylie Jenner Does A Black About Face

Kylie Jenner pulled a Julianne Hough by posting pics of herself which appear to show her in black face ... and people are pissed.

Kylie originally posted the pics Saturday night, saying, "What I wish I looked like all the time."

She got backlash from folks who felt she crossed the line with black face, so Kylie deleted the pics, re-uploaded them and wrote, "This is a black light and neon lights. People lets all calm down."

Her response is not particularly responsive, so we gotta ask ...

Kylie's pics ...

Aubrey O'Day Would You?

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day showed off all her luscious orange lady goodies in a very interesting black bathing suit thing in Vegas this weekend.

Question is ...

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