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Larry David I Kicked My House to the Curb

3/9/2014 2:07 PM PDT
Larry David has sold the home he shared with his now-divorced wife ... and he pocketed a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty penny off of it.

Larry and Laurie David lived in the 11,000-square ft. Pacific Palisades home -- with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms -- in one of the most exclusive areas of L.A.

Real estate sources tell TMZ the house closed Friday for $12 million ... Larry was asking $12.995.

No one has been living in the house for a while ... Larry moved to the uber ritzy Riviera -- also in the Palisades -- and Laurie built her dream home.

The realtors certainly had to curb their enthusiasm ... they ended up on both ends of the deal.

Santiago Arana repped Larry and Mauricio Umansky (Kyle Richards' hubby) represented the business man/buyer. Both guys work at the Agency in Bev. Hills.

Do you think Larry gave the buyer a tour of the place? We're guessing not.

'Seinfeld' Actor Checks Into Rehab for Pill Addiction

8/27/2013 3:00 PM PDT
Breaking News

John Pinette -- best known for his role as the fat guy who got mugged in the "Seinfeld" finale -- has checked himself into rehab after becoming addicted to prescription medication ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the venue in Canada where John was set to perform in next month says Pinette had to postpone the gig because he was checking into a rehab facility for his addiction.

The rep says John -- who also had his own Comedy Central special in 2011 -- underwent surgery earlier this year and got hooked to the prescription medication he was taking.

John has since tweeted to his fans about the situation -- saying, "Thanks to everyone for your concern and well wishes.. Want to apologize for having missed shows last weekend, but I hope you understand!"

In case you're not a "Seinfeld" fan (WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!?) ... Here's his famous scene from the super disappointing finale.

At least the reunion on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" kinda-sorta-not-really made up for it.

Jeff Garlin Sued Over Window Rage He Was Acting INSANE

7/23/2013 5:52 PM PDT
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin went ballistic on a tiny helpless woman inside her car, screaming, giving her the finger, and smashing her window with his bare hands ... all over a parking space ... this according to the alleged victim, and now she's suing his pants off.

A woman named Rachel Depaz filed the lawsuit against the actor for assault and destruction of personal property ... stemming from his arrest last month in Studio City.

In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Depaz says it all started when Garlin blocked her in a CVS parking lot and refused to move out of the way. The two exchanged (possibly rude) gestures and eventually Garlin snapped, getting out of his car.

Depaz says Garlin then "slammed his fist against the driver's side window so hard that it broke the glass."

In the docs, Depaz describes herself as 5'2" and says she was in fear for her life, calling Garlin a "very large, powerful and threatening man." FYI -- Garlin's about 6'1" and pretty heavy.

Depaz is suing for unspecified damages.

Garlin was arrested following the incident -- but as TMZ previously reported, the L.A. city attorney has already declined to file criminal charges against him.

'Curb' Star Jeff Garlin Arrested For Alleged Window Rage

6/16/2013 12:56 AM PDT

8:00 AM PST -- As of Sunday morning, Jeff has been released from jail.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin apparently had some issues curbing his anger Saturday ... the actor was arrested for allegedly smashing a couple car windows following a heated argument.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ...  the 51-year-old actor was arrested for felony vandalism in Studio City around 3 pm. We're told Garlin got into a verbal fight with another person over a parking space (hey it's LA) ... which escalated quickly ... and resulted in Garlin allegedly smashing the windows of the other person's Mercedes.

Cops were called and the actor was arrested. We're told he's still in jail.

Story developing ...

Larry David The Birthday STREET RAP

7/3/2012 6:55 AM PDT

Everybody knows Larry David has a penchant for hip hop ... (see Krazee EyeZ Killa) ... which is probably why our photog decided to break out a personalized birthday rap for the "Curb" genius yesterday ... right in the middle of the street.

David -- who turned 65 years old yesterday -- was leaving a birthday dinner at Gjelina restaurant in Venice ... when our guy "treated" the TV icon to a couple of rhymes.

Sample: "Larry David, he's the best ... Happy Birthday ... from the heart inside my chest."

Foulmouthed Wife on "Curb" My Fans Have a Cursing Fetish

9/16/2011 7:48 AM PDT
Susie Essman -- who plays Jeff's wife on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- tells TMZ, her expletive-riddled tirades on the show have consumed her life ... because now, she can't go anywhere without some crazy fan begging her to curse at them!!

Essman -- who is GREAT on the show -- was at Caroline's in NYC last night ... when we couldn't stop gushing about the most recent season of "Curb."

In fact, a lot of people are saying "Curb" has become a BETTER show than "Seinfeld" -- thoughts???

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