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Academy of Motion Pictures Sued Oscars So Cruel! They Fired Me, Gave Me a Heart Attack

1/30/2017 4:29 PM PST

0130-oscars-heart-attack-fa-getty-tmz-01The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave a man who beat cancer a heart attack when they fired him ... according to the ex-employee.

The man claims his cancer treatment forced him to go on disability from July 2015 to March 2016, but he returned to work when his cancer went into remission. He says the HR supervisor was cool with him working from home if he needed to for pain management.

He says a new supervisor took over in April 2016 and turned his work life upside down. In a lawsuit, he says the new HR honcho gave him a hard time when he tried to work from home, and ignored his doctor's notes requesting flexibility.

Eventually, he says he was fired by email and was so upset ... he had a heart attack on the spot. He's now suing for disability discrimination and wrongful termination.

We reached out to the Academy ... so far, no word back.

The Oscars New Members Are Mostly Minorities ... But #OscarsStillSoWhite

6/29/2016 1:43 PM PDT

062916-academy-awards-logoThe Oscars added 683 new members to its voting body Wednesday ... in the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite bruhaha, and while nearly half of the new class are minorities, it barely put a dent in the overall white and male demo.

According to the Academy ... 46 percent of the new class are female and 41 percent ... people of color. Sounds like a lot, but when you factor in the pre-existing members it's only a 2-3%.


Notable names on the list include Idris Elba, Vivica A. Fox, Morris ChestnutMichael B. Jordan, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, and Marlon and Damon Wayans. 'Star Wars' newcomer John Boyega is the youngest at 24 added to the list. O'Shea Jackson also made the cut ... interesting since the "Straight Outta Compton" snub ignited the controversy.

The Academy says the new class reps "the best in our global film community." It also added this: "We encourage the larger creative community to open its doors wider, and create opportunities for anyone interested in working in this incredible and storied industry."

Baby steps.

Oscars Girl Scouts Troop The $65,000 Lie ... We Barely Got Crumbs

3/11/2016 1:00 AM PST


The Oscars or the Girl Scouts -- or some mystery benefactor ... is hanging 28 little girls out to dry -- after swearing Chris Rock's bit earned $65k ... we've learned the money is nowhere to be found. 

You'll recall Rock and the Oscars got Inglewood, CA's Girl Scouts Troop 5215 to work the crowd of celebs, hawking Thin Mints, Tagalongs and more. Near the end of the show, Chris said they raised $65k.

But Latoya Edwards, whose daughter is in Troop 5215 tells TMZ someone's screwing them over. She claims the National Girl Scout Council informed them the Academy would be donating the $65k to the Greater L.A. Council ... but that hasn't happened, and the Academy isn't returning calls.

Mind you, Troop 5215 isn't getting rich quick. Edwards says due to nonprofit rules her local chapter would only get $1,000 of that money, but her bigger concern is her scouts are getting used in a public relations lie.

Previously Girls Scouts of America and the Academy both bragged about the $65k they'd raised -- but now GSA seems to be wiping its hands clean. A rep would only tell us, "The donation process is determined by local councils."

Translation: We have no idea where the $65k is. Edwards claims the Greater L.A. leaders are also in the dark and as for the Academy? We contacted reps, but no word back yet.

Edwards says her Girl Scouts were honored to participate -- and is happy they were able to unload 400 boxes -- but she wants the world to know, as of now, there is NO fat check pouring into the Inglewood chapter. 

And yes ... that's how it crumbles.

Lady Gaga Tattoo Pact With Sexual Assault Survivors

3/4/2016 6:40 AM PST

0304-main-lady-gaga-instagram-01Lady Gaga didn't leave Oscars with a statue, but instead left with something more powerful -- a permanent bond with the sexual assault survivors with whom she shared the stage.

Gaga and the 50 men and women who courageously stood next to her during her performance of "Til It Happens to You" ... all got matching tattoos after making a pact during rehearsals.

According to tattoo artist David Allen, who posted the pic of Gaga's new ink, the symbol stands for "solidarity for survivors of sexual assault." 



Celebrity Priest Slams Oscars Over 'Spotlight' They're Hypocrites!

3/2/2016 10:40 AM PST

Father Robert Sirico -- a celebrity in his own right for his political and cultural commentary -- eviscerated the Academy for embracing "Spotlight" while it celebrated a child molester in its own ranks.

We got the Catholic Priest -- who writes for the NY Times -- and asked about the church scandal that became the centerpiece of the movie.  

You gotta hear his answer ... and he's right. Roman Polanski won Best Director in 2003 for "The Pianist," the same time The Boston Globe was breaking the molestation stories.

Polanski pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl and then fled the country ... he's never returned.

Check out the video from 2003, below. The applause for Polanski was thunderous and the standing ovation remarkable. 

Will Smith Between a Rock and a Hard Place

3/2/2016 5:32 AM PST

Will Smith's in a tough position ... does he attack Chris Rock for throwing shade on Jada at the Oscars, or does he say, all's fair in love and war?

Will chose neither option Tuesday night as he left Nobu restaurant in NYC.

Rob Gronkowski My Super Hot Oscars Date ... 'We're Just Friends'

3/2/2016 6:17 AM PST

Rob Gronkowski is a SINGLE MAN -- telling TMZ Sports his super hot date to the Oscars parties is just his friend ... meaning he's still free to bang whoever the hell he wants. 

The woman who was on his arm Sunday night was Jordan Duffy -- a TV reporter/extremely hot lady. 

But alas ... no relationship with Gronk, just friends. Sad. 

0302-gronk-duffy-getty-01Meanwhile, Gronk hit up a MOVIE PREMIERE Tuesday night -- rolling with his bros and his dad to the Westwood premiere of his brand new flick "You Can't Have It" ... in which Gronk cameos as a cop. 

The whole Gronk squad was pumped for the movie -- with Rob joking about winning awards for the role ... and praising Joanna Krupa as a pretty awesome co-star. 

Back at the Oscars as a nominee next year?

Frank Stallone When Sly Lost ... I Was Just an Italian Emotional Brother

3/2/2016 6:31 AM PST

Frank Stallone walked it back a mile Tuesday, when he explained his Twitter rant about brother Sly losing the Oscar was based on famiglia. 

Frank was in Bev Hills when we asked about his tweets on the heels of Sly losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar to Mark Rylance.  

Come to think of it ... Frank does apologize, but just as quickly he throws shade at the Academy voters.  


Sam Smith Bottoms Up With Drag Queen At Post-Oscars Party

3/1/2016 12:09 PM PST

Sam Smith got a fitting thank you for his Oscars LGBT shout-out -- getting serenaded by a famous drag queen at legendary gay bar, The Abbey.

We're told Sam and his crew rolled into the club around 11 PM for their Monday night Lip Service drag show and stayed till about 1:30 AM fueled on vodka.

It’s quickly becoming Sam’s tradition … he hit the same spot after his Golden Globes win, but this time he was singled out by Vicki Vox ... who's a legend in the drag world for her parody hit, "This Boy Is A Bottom."

Vox had some sweet words for Sam during the show ... for a drag queen at least.

Public Enemy Outraged Oscars Used 'Fight the Power'

3/1/2016 12:40 AM PST

The Oscars made a statement by playing Public Enemy's "Fight the Power," and now the group has a statement to the Oscars ... they're pissed off.

Group member Professor Griff tells us he thinks the Academy was just paying lip service to black protesters and will go right back to business as usual. 

Griff says Public Enemy is all about change -- radical change -- and the Academy's efforts fly in the face of that. He adds, "The show can't claim the blackness of Public Enemy's message."

That said, Public Enemy does not have rights to license the song ... Universal Music does.

So the man wins again.

Jamie Foxx on Oscars Black People DID Win ... Leo DiCaprio's One of Us!

2/29/2016 3:42 PM PST

Leo DiCaprio is the next best thing to a black person winning an Oscar ... according to his now fellow Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx.

Jamie was flying out of LAX when he gave Chris Rock props on hosting -- but more importantly ... he officially declared Best Actor winner Leonardo an "honorary" brother! What exactly makes him black? You've gotta see Jamie's explanation.

It's high, and hysterical, praise from Leo's pal and former co-star. They've come a long way since "Django Unchained." 

Oscars Girl Scout Skit $65k Not Raised ... Scouts Honor

2/29/2016 2:48 PM PST

0229-chris-rock-girlscout-cookies-oscars-ABC-01Chris Rock made it look like his battle cry raised a fortune for the Girl Scouts ... sadly, it did not.

A Girl Scout rep tells us they sold around 500 boxes of cookies at $5 a pop. That comes to $2,500 ... far short of the Oscar tote board revealing a grand total of $65,243. 

A rep for the Scouts tells us the $65k number was just a joke ... for the skit.

It's possible some of the audience members ordered boxes that would be delivered at a future date.

And it looked like the beneficiaries of the loot were the troop in which his daughters -- Lola and Zahra -- are members. Turns out the money is going to a different troop ... the one based in Inglewood, CA. His daughters are members of a New York-based Girl Scouts troop.

Nonetheless ... still a good night's work for the Girl Scouts.

Aaron Rodgers I Don't Actually Like Savannah Smiles ... Tagalongs Are My Jam

2/29/2016 2:15 PM PST

0229-olivia-munn-girlscout-cookies-instagram-7Aaron Rodgers is taking a strong stand against the crappy yellow Girl Scout cookies he got at the Oscars -- insisting he did not seek them out ... it's what he was stuck with. 

As we previously reported, Rodgers and his GF Olivia Munn sprung for the cookies at the Oscars last night ... and for some reason, Aaron got a box of Savannah Smiles ... the lowest cookie on the Girl Scout totem pole. 

We asked why the hell anyone would actively spring for a box of the Smiles ... and questioned Aaron's taste in cookies. Now, he's finally breaking his silence.   

"That was the box that was given to me. I like red, green, purple in that order. #GirlScoutCookies #Oscars."

We checked ... Aaron's ranking is in fact the correct one. 

Sorry we questioned you. 

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