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The Oscars Plan to Rip Trump Over Stormy

3/4/2018 9:45 AM PST

3:42 PM PT -- Looks like the Trump/Stormy Oscars gag is a go ... sources close to Stormy tell us she's approved of the award show using the old photo of her and Trump.And this year's Oscar for Best Performance by a Future President and a Porn Star, allegedly, goes to ...

We doubt that's how it will come up, but TMZ has learned Oscars producers want to make Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels' alleged affair part of Sunday night's ceremony.

Sources connected to Stormy tell us someone from the Academy of Motion Pictures production team reached out to her late last week. We're told the person wanted permission to use the now infamous 2006 pic of Trump and Stormy partying in a golf clubhouse.

It's unclear if the image would be part of Jimmy Kimmel's monologue, or part of a Trump attack later in the show. Remember, the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements will get a moment to shine during the ceremony ... so, there's a good chance the Prez could be mentioned then, too.

We're told Stormy's camp had questions about how the photo would be used -- like whether it would be a direct shot at her -- but up until Sunday morning, the Academy had not responded.

So, Stormy has not approved. Yet.

Margot Robbie Partying With Celeb Friends At Pre-Oscar Party

3/4/2018 9:27 AM PST

A slew of celebs descended on Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills Saturday night for a pre-Oscar party.

Among the celebs attending ... Margot Robbie, Leslie Mann, Kristen Stewart, Jamie Dornan, Matthew Modine, Daniel Kaluuya, Edgar Ramirez, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Adrien Brody

The dinner party was thrown by author Charles Finch ... he writes lots of mystery novels.  It was also hosted by Chanel.

Margot has a serious chance to win Best Actress tonight for "I, Tonya."  

It rained like crazy during the day in L.A. but cleared up for the soiree. 

2018 Oscars #NeverAgain Student Leaders Won't Be Attending

3/4/2018 1:10 AM PST

The faces of the #NeverAgain movement won't appear at the Oscars Sunday, a decision that will surely keep their strong, pure message far far away from "Hollywood."

Oscar production sources tell us familiar faces like Emma Gonzalez, Jaclyn Corin, Alex Wing, Cameron Kasky and David & Lauren Hogg didn't get an invite to Sunday's big event ... for good reason.

People organizing the student marches tell us the kids would likely have turned down invitations to the Academy Awards ... it's just not the time or place given the importance of the movement. 

TMZ broke the story ... George Clooney and Scooter Braun have been working behind the scenes organizing the March For Our Lives later this month in D.C. Our sources say the two Hollywood heavyweights have chosen to remain in the shadows to keep the focus on the kids. 

Our sources say at this time it's unclear if Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel will make any mention of gun control or the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Academy Awards Best, Worst, Most Shocking Moments In Oscars History!!!

3/4/2018 12:20 AM PST

From jam-packed celeb selfies and emotional speeches, to Best Picture announcement screw-ups -- Oscar's had some entertaining moments ... especially when they're not scripted.

We've gathered the Academy's most talked about moments over the past 90 years -- like that time Marlon Brando refused his Oscar, and when Jennifer Lawrence fell walking up the stairs to accept hers.

And, of course, we couldn't leave out Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway's infamous flub -- 'cause ya gotta relive that one before Sunday night. Did you hear they're getting a second chance to nail it? 

Should be fun!

Armie Hammer Wife Sues Impersonator She's Trying to Score Oscar Party Invite!!!

3/2/2018 10:59 AM PST

Armie Hammer's wife is enraged that someone is using her name to get invites to the best party of the weekend -- the Vanity Fair shindig.

Elizabeth Chambers claims in a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Diana Roque Ellis used an email address making it appear she was Elizabeth in an attempt to gain access to the party.

Chambers claims the emails fraudulently stated the sender was Elizabeth and asked if she and Armie could bring an extra guest. The Vanity Fair party planners wanted to know the name of the plus 1 ... and she emailed back Diana Ellis.

Elizabeth claims Diana got hold of her home address to make it look more authentic.

According to the suit, Vanity Fair smelled a rat because the emails said Diana would be arriving separately and asked that the invite be sent directly to Diana.

Elizabeth wants damages for "misappropriation of name." She also wants an injunction against Diana prohibiting her from using her name.

Cadillac's Pre-Oscars Party McHale, Silverman, Haddish Bring LOL Material!!!

3/2/2018 9:26 AM PST

Joel McHale and Sarah Silverman are proof hilarious minds also think alike.

Joel and Sarah were part of the huge wave of celebs at Cadillac's Pre-Oscars bash Thursday night at the famed Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip. They both stopped to hang with fans, sign some autographs and dropped some self-deprecating humor.

Tiffany Haddish had some fashion tips for Oscar weekend, but honestly, as soon as we hear her voice ... we wanna crack up. Margot Robbie, Christa B. Allen, Will Arnett, Marisa TomeiAllison Janney and many more get some face time in this video.

Bonus: Sam Rockwell's dog dropping a deuce. It doesn't appear Sam or his pup were attending the party.

Brad Pitt I'm Here for Oscar

3/2/2018 7:26 AM PST

Brad Pitt's back in the Hollywood scene ... anything for Oscar.

Brad made a rare appearance at the Gersh Oscar Party at the famed Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip. He was flanked by his manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante, and was all smiles. Brad's kept a pretty low profile since splitting from Angelina Jolie.

The appearance comes on the heels of Brad signing on for Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" ... a film about a struggling actor who lives next door to Sharon Tate at the time of the 1969 murders.

As we reported ... Sharon's sister's not happy about it.

Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway We're Back Presenting Best Picture We Won't Screw Up Twice!!!

3/1/2018 6:21 PM PST

After the real-life disaster at last year's Oscars, the Academy feels the best way to make sure the proper people accept the award for Best Picture -- bring back the ones who screwed it up ... because TMZ has learned Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will do the honors again!!!

Our Oscar sources tell us Warren and Faye both just showed up at the Dolby Theatre and rehearsed the big moment. We're told they were shuffled onstage together very quickly to run through their bit.  They went through their lines twice. She began by saying, "Presenting is better the second time around,"  Beatty followed up with, "The winner is 'Gone with the Wind.'"

We're told the writers are still putting finishing touches on their lines.

You'll recall last year, we reported Warren and Faye had so much animosity toward each other they refused to rehearse onstage together. That set up the debacle when Faye opened the envelope and announced "La La Land" as the winner. Once on stage, they were sent packing when the producer of the movie announced the screw up -- that "Moonlight" actually was the winner.

Director Alejandro Inarritu Allow Passage for the 'Aleppo' Crew ... It's the Oscars, Man!

2/22/2018 7:08 AM PST

Alejandro Inarritu is going to bat for the creative team behind the Oscar nominated documentary about Syria ... posing one simple question for the feds.

We got the Academy Award-winning director Wednesday at LAX and asked if he'd heard about a hiccup the filmmakers of "Last Men in Aleppo" are having under Trump's travel ban.

We broke the story ... the directors and cinematographers of the film are trying to attend the Oscars after being nominated this year, but can't come because their country is on Trump's banned list. They're currently attempting to use party invites to gain passage.

Alejandro thinks it's absurd they're not being allowed in the country, especially since their reasons are more than legit. His point ... a ban is only warranted for criminals. 

'Last Men in Aleppo' Filmmakers Toss Hail Mary for Travel Visas

2/20/2018 12:50 AM PST

Desperate times call for desperate measures -- creators of the Oscar-nominated film, "Last Men in Aleppo," are hoping party invitations will convince feds to approve their travel from Syria to the United States. 

If you haven't heard ... producer Kareem Abeed, co-director Hassan Kattan and cinematographers Fadi Al Halabi and Thaer Mohamad are from Syria, and they're barred from coming to the U.S. for the Academy Awards due to President Trump's travel ban.

The filmmakers know exceptions can be made for unusual circumstances, and we're told their Hail Mary consists of securing as many Oscar party invitations as possible. They want to present the documents to local consulates Tuesday in Europe.

Their argument, we're told, will be that they have legitimate business reasons to be in L.A. before, during and after the Oscars.

Two of the guys, Hassan and Fadi, went through this last year when their documentary short, "The White Helmets" won an Oscar. They were not present to accept due to the travel ban. 

James Franco Attention Oscar Voters ... Catch Me Ridin' Dirty

2/6/2018 11:18 AM PST

James Franco's dealing with a friendlier wave in Hollywood these days -- not a backlash from Oscar voters ... just the kind under his surfboard.

The 'Disaster Artist' star caught some waves Monday with his girlfriend, Isabel Pakzad, in Venice. James was hanging ten on the same day this year's Oscar nominees posed for their group photo.

James showed zero signs of FOMO. 

James, of course, won a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Award for Best Actor, but got the cold shoulder from the Motion Picture Academy amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

Cool waves, hot girlfriend -- Franco's attitude seems to be ... Oscar who?

Kobe Bryant Sits Front & Center at Oscars Lunch ... In Front of Meryl Streep!

2/5/2018 4:22 PM PST
Breaking News

Kobe Bryant got the All-Star treatment at the Oscars lunch on Monday -- getting the prime front row seat for the official group photo ... despite the fact he towers over EVERYONE there! 

He's in front of huge stars like Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan, Mary J. Blige, Kumail NanjianiGuillermo del Toro, Laura Dern ... EVEN MERYL FRICKIN' STREEP!

Then again, she's been in like 50 Oscars lunch photos ... so, maybe they wanted to switch it up. 

The Mamba's been nominated for Best Animated Short for "Dear Basketball" -- and he's clearly enjoying everything that goes along with being a nominee ... including free lunch! 

Casey Affleck Bails on The Oscars Won't Present Best Actress Award

1/25/2018 12:31 PM PST
Breaking News

Casey Affleck is backing out of presenting at the upcoming Academy Awards ... TMZ has learned.

The Academy tells us ... Affleck notified them he won't be presenting the Best Actress award at the Oscars on March 4, which is traditionally always presented by the Best Actor winner from the previous year.

According to our sources ... Casey has a lot of respect for the Oscars, and doesn't want the Best Actress category to be about him presenting. We're told he wants the attention to be focused on the nominees ... and doesn't want his presence to impact the winner's special moment.

As you'll recall ... Casey won at the 2017 Oscars for his role in "Manchester by the Sea," despite controversy surrounding past allegations of sexual harassment against him.

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