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Kesha Shouts Out the Veep and Gaga

2/29/2016 8:05 AM PST

0229-kesha-joe-biden-lady-gaga-TMZ-GETTY-01Kesha's not fully unplugged during her Caribbean vacay -- she tuned in for the Oscars and used the buzz around Lady Gaga to put a spotlight on her sexual assault allegations against Dr. Luke.

Last night she thanked Gaga and Vice Prez Joe Biden for "bringing attention to sexual assault at the Oscars." 

As we've reported, Kesha jetted to Turks & Caicos over the weekend to escape her legal problems, but she was obviously watching when Biden intro'd Gaga's performance of "Til It Happens to You."

Kesha's review -- "It hit very close to my heart for obvious reasons."

Tracy Morgan Oscar Winner for Best Danish Girl

2/28/2016 6:30 PM PST

Eddie Redmayne could learn a thing from Tracy Morgan about how to werk it in heels ... and eat a danish.

The Oscars put together a brilliant skit about how this year's nominated films would look if black actors landed roles in them. Tracy deserves a trophy -- or at least a pastry.

The runner-up is definitely SNL's Leslie Jones in "The Revenant."

Chris Rock Jada's Boycotting Oscars? She Wasn't Invited!

2/28/2016 6:03 PM PST

Chris Rock went all in on the #Oscarssowhite controversy during his Oscars monologue, but perhaps no one got it worse than Jada Pinkett Smith.

Rock was responding to Smith's video last month in which she stated she was boycotting this year's Oscars, but Rock was quick to point out ... she wasn't close to getting nominated anyway.


Anne Hathaway I May Be Pregnant But I Can Swank It Out for Oscar Party!

2/28/2016 7:36 AM PST


Anne Hathaway is super pregnant, but lookin' great Saturday night as she left Leo DiCaprio's pre-Oscar party.

Leo threw his bash at Emporio Armani in Bev Hills and it was well-attended.

Jamie Foxx Lighten Up on the Whole Black Oscar Thing

2/26/2016 6:21 AM PST

Jamie Foxx thinks people have gotten way too serious about the Oscar protests ... and thinks everyone's just got to laugh more. 

Jamie took some heat for joking about #WhatsTheBigDeal and #ActBetter recently at the American black film festival awards. The Oscar winner is firing up his new comedy act, and thinks people have got to start exercising their funny bones more. 

In other words, #ItsJustTheOscarsDude

Oscars Swag Suite $20k Worth of Vacays, Fat Burning ... And Schmancy Gum

2/26/2016 12:30 AM PST


The Academy Awards are luring celebrities to their lavish gifting suites by showering them in things like beauty treatments, lavish vacations and even a simple pack of gum. 

GBK, the fancy event planning firm that gives away high-priced Oscars swag every year, is posting up at the London Hotel. This year they're providing $20,000 worth of freebies which includes some low key items -- a $130 3D printing pen, and $15 vegan gum. 

The big ticket swag though is the $8,000 trip for 2 to St. Martin, and a $1,500 laser treatment ... to burn fat around your abs. Seriously. There's also an $8,000 coupon to a Beverly Hills vision center.

That's a crap ton of sunglasses.

'Straight Outta Compton', Ice Cube Big Winners at 'Black Oscars'

2/25/2016 6:21 AM PST

"Straight Outta Compton" got big props on Wednesday night, winning big at the All Def Movie Awards, but the biggest winner was Ice Cube.

The ceremony was held in Hollywood, clearly a response to the lily white, upcoming Oscars. 'Compton' won Best Picture. Most Quoted Movie went to "Friday" (Ice Cube got the award), and Best Black Survivor in a Movie went to Ice Cube for "Anaconda."  

Michael B. Jordan won best actor for "Creed," Will Smith got the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Norman Lear snagged the Vanguard Award.  

Our favorite ... the "Most Likely to Steal Your Girl Award' went to Amber Rose.

Tyrese told our photog it's not really the "black" Oscars ... it's for everyone.

Mike Tyson Leo Deserves An Oscar 'The Revenant' Was Amazing

2/21/2016 12:30 AM PST

Mike Tyson thinks Leonardo DiCaprio's famed Oscar drought should come to an end this year ... saying that Leo's killed it in "The Revenant" and deserves to take home a gold trophy.

Mike was freezing his tookus off in NYC when we decided to ask his cinematic opinion about this year's Oscar nominated films.

Here's the thing ... he ain't exactly Leonard Maltin but does say he caught Leo's bear battling performance in 'Revenant' and thinks it might be time for DiCaprio to be king of the world.

Take heed, Academy voters ... you better get it white next week ... whoops, we meant right.

Josh Brolin Throws Up Black Power Fist ... Idris Got Stiffed & So Did I

2/10/2016 8:10 AM PST

Josh Brolin's got issues with the Academy Awards -- not only because they dissed some worthy black actors, but they also gave him the cold shoulder.

Josh and his fiancee Kathryn Boyd were at LAX when one of the paps brought up the lack of diversity in Oscar nominees this year, and he quickly pointed out he wasn't invited either.

BTW, Josh was awesome in "Sicario" ... and probably shoulda been nominated.

Anyway, JB says he's happy Idris Elba at least won a SAG Award, but his reaction when someone wished him luck in getting a future nomination was, umm ... unexpected.

Josh is down. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Hey Academy ... Black People Don't Automatically Vote Black

2/10/2016 12:50 AM PST

Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't think loading the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with black people is a solution to the obvious problem.

We got Jada Tuesday in Flint, Michigan, where she met with the Mayor over the water crisis. Jada doesn't like the notion that black people will automatically vote black.

She has a fascinating point to make about "Beasts of No Nation" and Idris Elba, and why they got overlooked.

As for whether she's softened her position on attending the Oscars ... take a guess and watch the video.

The Oscars #SoWhite Class Pic ... Where's The Weeknd?

2/9/2016 9:38 AM PST

0209-academy-award-nominees-luncheon-getty-01Here are all the 2016 Oscar nominees at the Academy's annual luncheon.

Now let's play a game -- it's like "Where's Waldo?" If Waldo were black.

Go ahead and try to find The Weeknd among the 155 nominees. Looking ... looking ... looking ... looking ...

Before you go blind -- here's the answer key.


Oscars Gift Bag $200k Worth of Vacays, Sex Toys & Toilet Paper!

2/5/2016 1:41 PM PST
Breaking News

0205-oscars-gift-box-fun-art-TMZ_GETTY-03The Academy Awards will be filled with some seriously pampered asses this year -- celebs are getting the most balling toilet paper ... EVER!

Each year all the Oscar nominees get a stupid amount of swag in the official gift bag and this year's includes $200,000 worth of gear like $6,000 worth of pet food, $1,900 Vampire breast lift (no surgery, it's a blood thing), and a $275 luxury toilet paper and moisturizing set. Can you imagine how soft that paper is??

It's also got some traditional crap -- $55k Israel trip, $54k Japan trip, and some grossly overpriced skincare items. On the cooler side, for female nominees like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet ... there's something called a $250 female "arouser" which offers "gentle suction and stimulation."

That oughta get the room buzzing. 

'Academy Awards' Theatre No Vaping at Oscars Not Even for Leo!

2/3/2016 12:40 AM PST

0202-no-vaping-dolby-theater-fun-art-GETTY-01Leonardo DiCaprio better load up on nicotine gum before the 88th Academy Awards, because it's a strict no-smoking zone inside ... and that includes vaping. 

Hollywood's famed Dolby Theatre says it makes no exceptions with its smoking policy ... even during the Oscars ceremony. One of the biggest dramas that night is whether Leo will win his first Oscar, and y'know ... light up in celebration.

As we previously reported, the American Lung Association ripped Leo for vaping inside the SAG Awards last week.

If he does the same on Oscar night -- we're told it WILL be a problem. However, Leo's more than welcome to light up in one of the smoking sections set up adjacent to the theater.

So the winner won't get all the spoils, but of course ... Leo's gotta win first.



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