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Danielle Bregoli Hey Anderson and Andy You're Old Farts, So Your Opinion Doesn't Count!!!

1/3/2018 11:00 AM PST

Danielle Bregoli is unimpressed at Anderson Cooper, thinks Andy Cohen looks like a human Q-tip and doesn't care these "60-to-70-year-old men" trashed her during their CNN New Year's Eve show.

We got the 14-year-old rapper at LAX, and she made it crystal clear ... Anderson and Andy are waaaay outside her demo. Her point was that ancient Anderson had no reason to know who she was or what she's done given his position in life -- aka old.

As for Andy ... she had no idea who he was either, until our photog mentioned 'Housewives.' 

Anderson Cooper Blame My Assistant ... For Anti-Trump Tweet

12/13/2017 1:43 PM PST

CNN says it's gotten to the bottom of Anderson Cooper's Trump-bashing tweet ... and all signs point to a forgetful assistant.

The mystery was cleared up Wednesday when the network said the message was sent from Cooper's assistant in NYC, while Anderson was in D.C.

CNN says the assistant, who's been on the job for 10 years, left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym, and someone grabbed it and fired off the tweet. He's apparently the only other person besides Anderson with access to the account.

As we reported ... Anderson's verified Twitter account replied to Trump early Wednesday morning -- calling 45 a "tool!" and a "Pathetic loser."

Ted Cruz can relate ... those damn staffers do screw up sometimes

Roy Moore Spokesman Left Silent on Live TV By Bible, Law Lesson

12/12/2017 3:22 PM PST

Roy Moore's spokesman was a deer in the headlights when he got into a brief, but epic, debate with CNN's Jake Tapper about Muslims swearing on Bibles.

Ted Crockett was a guest on Tapper's show Tuesday when Tapper asked him why Moore doesn't believe Muslims can serve in Congress. Crockett fired off a shaky explanation related to Muslims and the Bible -- but, when Jake dropped some legal knowledge on him ... there was super awkward silence. Like, biblical.

Things got even more uncomfy when it came to the topic of homosexuality.

Less than 2 hours to cast your vote, Alabama!

The Game LaVar Ball Has Best Interest For Sons No Matter What You Think

12/5/2017 8:20 AM PST

The Game has some strong advice for all those judging LaVar Ball's parenting tactics -- DON'T -- 'cause he says whatever the Ball family leader decides to do, it's in the best interest of his kids.

TMZ Sports spoke with the Compton rapper at Ace of Diamonds in West Hollywood about LaVar pulling LiAngelo outta UCLA ... and Game says no matter how he personally feels about the move, LaVar's doing what he thinks is best for his sons.

As for LaVar ... he told CNN this morning he's got no regrets over the move and says it was all part of the plan.

LaVar Ball Speaks About LiAngelo 'UCLA Isn't Going To Pull My Son Down'

12/5/2017 6:43 AM PST
Breaking News

LaVar Ball says the punishment UCLA dropped on his son, LiAngelo, is worse than him going to jail ... saying the school shouldn't "hang him on a cross" over one mistake.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... LaVar is pulling LiAngelo from UCLA due to the school's decision to indefinitely suspend his son. The Ball family patriarch now tells CNN's Chris Cuomo the decision wasn't just his and, in fact, Gelo agreed with the call.

LaVar says Gelo trusted him to make the decision because ... he was gonna be 1 and done -- leaving UCLA after one season, and then heading to the NBA or Europe.

LaVar says there's no reconsidering -- the decision's done.

LiAngelo -- along with LaVar -- also appeared on the Today show ... and talked about shoplifting in China, getting caught by the cops, and spending time in Chinese jail. 

Common's GF Angela Rye Wave of Death Threats ... They're Gonna Find You 'Dead In a River'

11/21/2017 12:20 AM PST

CNN political analyst Angela Rye is getting flooded with menacing threats, and she says it began after she started dating Common ... TMZ has learned.

According to court docs, Rye said she's received annoying, harassing and threatening messages on her phone, social media and email. She says they were just annoying and derogatory at first, but got scary when the sender got specific.

Angela and Common reportedly became a thing over the summer -- and cops say some of the messages referenced locations they visited that were not publicized. Then on August 5, Rye got an email that included the following: "Yr dumb dead ass gonna be found in a river" and "Let me catch ya ass I'm put the paws on ya."

LAPD obtained search warrants to dig through the sender's social media. They have his or her screen name, and we're told the Threat Management division is on the case. 

Andy Cohen Goes Full Mariah ... I Don't Know Kathy Griffin!!!

10/27/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Andy Cohen's stoked about co-hosting CNN's New Year's Eve show with his pal, Anderson Cooper, this year, but has severe amnesia about the comedian who had the gig before him.

The 'Watch What Happens Live' host was at LAX when he told us he and Anderson are already prepping for their 4-hour spectacular. He got really quiet though when we asked if he'd talked to Kathy Griffin -- who CNN fired from the NYE show after the Trump beheading photo debacle.

Andy's response was hilarious -- unless you're Kathy. Remember, she called Anderson "spineless" when he publicly called her out over the Trump thing. It seems Andy's holding a grudge.

If you never saw that classic Mariah response to someone asking her about J Lo, just watch ... Andy does a dead-on impression.

Don Lemon Here's Who'll Be Left When the World Ends

8/10/2017 3:29 PM PDT

Don Lemon's as ready as he can be for nuclear war, but it seems sort of pointless ... because he's not even on his own list of who'll make it out alive.

Our photog got the "CNN Tonight" host at LAX Thursday and asked if his network prepares them for the world going nuclear -- who knew? It does ... sort of.

Don says CNN holds training classes every couple of years and the office is stocked with survival packs.

But the good part's when Lemon predicts who'll survive.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Clashes with Reporter Over 'Fake News'

6/27/2017 1:41 PM PDT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on the attack over "fake news" -- citing the CNN debacle -- then got raked over the coals by a White House reporter.

The Deputy White House Press Secretary chastised CNN over its retracted story ... which connected a Trump aide to a Russian investment fund. She started attacking the media in general too, and that's when The Sentinel reporter Brian Karem went off.

Tensions are clearly running high after 3 CNN staffers resigned  -- and one of its producers was caught on hidden camera saying their Russia coverage is just for ratings.

Piers Morgan CNN Cut Corners to Bash Trump ... It Came Back to Bite Them

6/27/2017 11:30 AM PDT

Piers Morgan's not bashing CNN for going after huge ratings with stories about President Trump and Russia, but thinks their Prez-bashing is dangerous journalism ... and led to embarrassment.

Piers, Editor-at-Large of, tells TMZ he's not surprised CNN is now in trouble over an undercover vid coming out suggesting its Trump/Russia coverage is BS ... because they've been pushing the narrative too hard for too long.

The TV personality says CNN's obsessed with the story because it's been their moneymaker -- and they want it to be true -- but now they're paying the price for recklessness.

CNN Producer Calls its Trump/Russia Coverage 'Mostly Bulls***'

6/27/2017 7:52 AM PDT

This video clip is swirling around ... showing a CNN supervising producer saying the network's coverage of the Russia/Trump investigation is "mostly bulls***" but it's being covered to death for ratings.

John Bonifield, CNN's supervising producer of the network's health unit, is caught on undercover video saying the network is getting great ratings from trying to tie the Trump Administration to the Russian interference in the election.

Bonifield says CNN doesn't have the goods, but it's nonstop coverage is all about attracting viewers.

The video was produced by James O'Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, a super conservative blog.

Trump has jumped on Monday's story about 3 CNN employees resigning after an unsubstantiated story connecting Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund was retracted. Trump tweeted, "Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories."

Don Lemon to Megyn Kelly Why Put Alex Jones On the Air? His Whole Act Is Phony

6/13/2017 1:30 PM PDT

Don Lemon is torn over Megyn Kelly's controversial interview with radio host Alex Jones -- but ultimately seems to think he's not worth the airtime.

We got the CNN anchor at LAX and asked what he thought about the backlash against Megyn for interviewing the Infowars host ... who's theorized the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax.

Some parents of victims are blasting Megyn, and lobbying NBC to yank the interview. Don, at first, had Megyn's back ... saying sometimes journalists have to go to "dark places."

On a personal level though ... Don dismisses Jones as a total phony who doesn't deserve a platform.

Larry King Ted Turner Wouldn't Have Fired Kathy ... Let It Go, CNN!!

6/1/2017 11:17 AM PDT

Larry King's not down with everyone piling on Kathy Griffin for her Trump beheading photo fiasco ... especially his old bosses at CNN.

Larry, formerly Mr. CNN, took the network to task Thursday at LAX. He admits his friend Kathy's photo was in "terrible taste" ... but believes it didn't rise to the level of a fireable offense.

He believes her apology should've been enough for CNN to let it go. It's also very clear Larry's pining for the old days at CNN when someone else had the reins.

Sorry, Jeff Zucker.

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