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Lou Diamond Phillips Busted for DWI After Asking Cop for Directions

11/3/2017 6:26 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Lou Diamond Phillips asked the wrong guy for directions early Friday morning ... because the guy he asked arrested him for DWI.

Phillips was driving in Portland, pulled up to a police officer and asked how to get to where he wanted to go. The cop immediately concluded Phillips was hammered and had him take a field sobriety test, which he flunked.

The actor was cuffed and taken to the station, where he blew a .20 ... 2 1/2 times the legal limit.

 He's currently being held in jail.

Prince Jackson Rushed to Hospital After Motorcycle Crash

11/2/2017 9:31 AM PDT

2:58 PM PT -- Prince's rep has now confirmed to TMZ that Prince was involved in a traffic accident and was struck by another vehicle while driving to his college campus. His rep adds, "he is now resting at home and thanks everyone for their well wishes."

Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, was taken to the hospital by ambulance Thursday morning after laying his chopper down on a slick Los Angeles street ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the 20-year-old tell us, Prince was riding in light rain when he lost control of his bike. He was banged up enough that an ambulance was called and he was taken to a nearby ER.

MJ's son was lucky ... no broken bones, so after doctors checked him out he was released.

Prince was good to go and actually went right to Loyola Marymount University and made it in time for class.

Susan Sarandon Convertible from Justice's Music Vid Is For Sale

10/28/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Susan Sarandon's got a thing for drop tops -- see "Thelma & Louise" -- and the one she recently drove like a maniac in Justice's "Fire" music video is for sale for one helluva price.

It's a 1985 Toyota Celica ... not only cool because Toyota discontinued making Celicas in 2006, but also because this one's got a shiny, disco ball-like body.

Also great ... the $5k price tag, especially since the band put about $10k worth of renovations into the car for the video shoot.

Sure, it ain't the '66 Thunderbird from "Thelma & Louise" but it's still a cool whip ... and price ... and still in one piece.


Steelers' JuJu Smith-Schuster I'm Gettin' My Wheels Back!! ... Stolen Bike Returned

10/25/2017 8:35 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's some great news to brighten your Wednesday morning ... Pittsburgh Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is going to be reunited with his missing bicycle!!

The rookie -- who doesn't have a driver's license -- delivered the heartbreaking news Tuesday that his wheels had been jacked overnight ... forcing him to walk to practice.

With the help of teammate Antonio Brown, word spread fast on social media ... kick-starting a campaign to find his bike.

Turns out it was a great idea ... 'cause someone noticed they bought the exact same bike off the street for $200 on Tuesday and turned it in to cops, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

JuJu is set to reunite with his beloved bike later today.

Lady Gaga Made Crazy Lamborghini Entrance ... at World Series

10/25/2017 6:09 AM PDT

Traffic at Dodger Stadium was terrible last night -- unless you were Lady Gaga, who battled the crowd in her $200k Lamborghini Huracan

The singer showed up to Game 1 of the World Series in the same whip she took to the Super Bowl in Houston ... a whip that goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Not bad.

Gaga didn't talk much -- but she was cool with fans, posing for pics on the way in.

After the game, Gaga wasn't in the mood to fight the even crazier traffic out of the stadium -- and got in the back of a waiting SUV. Can't blame her.

21 Savage Come Fly with Me Amber ... On My First Solo Flight!!!

10/24/2017 2:30 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Most rappers dream of flying in a private plane, 21 Savage is one step closer to flying his own someday after completing his first-ever solo flight with the goal of getting his pilot's license.

We're told the ATL rapper has been taking flying lessons for 5 months and Tuesday he grabbed the controls for an hour-long flight between Miami and the Florida Keys in a one-prop Cirrus SR20.

Amber Rose was on board and documented the whole thing, while his BFF Shy D sat in the back and an instructor sat shotgun. 

Fun Fact: 21 Savage has always dreamed of being a pilot, but getting a license ain't cheap ... it usually costs about $10k. We're told the rapper decided to put some of his hard-earned guap towards finally making his dream come true this year, but he's still got a ways to go before he's flying cross-country by himself.

Robert Mathis Admitted Booze and Sleeping Pill ... Cops Say

10/24/2017 11:25 AM PDT

Ex-NFL star Robert Mathis told police he drank alcohol and took a sleeping pill before getting behind the wheel of a pickup truck ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Mathis was pulled over after cops noticed him driving the wrong way down a 1-way street early Tuesday morning -- and when officers approached the vehicle, Mathis was a mess.

The officer says, "As I asked Robert Mathis for his driver's license and vehicle registration, I noticed that his speech was slow and thick and he appeared lost and confused."

When asked for vehicle registration, Mathis handed the officer a large vehicle placard (a placard that comes with brand new vehicles).

According to the report, officers asked Mathis if he had anything to drink -- "He stated that he had one shot of cognac, but had also taken a sleeping aid around 10 PM."

Mathis told another officer he had two shots of Crown Royal along with the sleeping aid. He was given a field sobriety test and bombed it.

As we previously reported, Mathis' blood alcohol level was below the legal limit -- but officers felt he was under the influence and in no condition to drive so he was arrested for OWI.

During the process, cops noticed he had 2 dogs in his truck so his wife was called to pick up the animals.

Mathis has since been released from custody.

Keyshia Cole Chewed Out By Cop ... Claims She Talked S*** on Him

10/11/2017 7:01 AM PDT

Keyshia Cole got an earful from a cop who claimed she was making disparaging comments about him while he was just doing his job.

The singer was leaving TAO in WeHo Tuesday night and all seemed fine and dandy because she had already hopped in her Rolls-Royce ... ready to bounce.

Her whip was blocking traffic and the motorcycle cop laid on his horn to get Keyshia's driver to get to steppin'. Then, another problem -- someone in the car called him a name.

Check it out ... the cop confronts Keyshia, who denies she said anything, but doesn't deny something was said.

2 Chainz Sued Here's How We Rolls ... Pay for That Whip!!!

10/10/2017 12:40 AM PDT

2 Chainz has a lotta nerve skipping out on his Rolls-Royce tab ... according to a high-end auto broker who's suing to get the dough.

Highline Holdings Group says 2 Chainz hired them to lock down a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, but when it came time to pay, the rapper was a little absent-minded. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Highline negotiated a $262,212 price, to which Chainz agreed and paid most of that sum.

He had an outstanding balance of $18,317, and when Highline contacted him he refused to fork over one more penny ... according to the suit. Even though the exotic ride was delivered to his home in Georgia, the broker insists 2 Chainz won't pay.

Highline's suing to get the balance plus interest. So far, no word from 2 Chainz.

Jada Pinkett Smith My 'Lil Beast' Can Be Yours for $5k

10/2/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Jada Pinkett Smith's need for speed requires at least 3 wheels these days, which is great news for anyone who wants her old 2-wheel hog she nicknamed "Lil Beast."

Jada's 2011 Yamaha Vstar 650 is for sale. Will bought it for Jada in 2011, and she put fewer than 100 miles on the black and red hog before she sold it 2 years later.

She even posted a send-off on Facebook saying she was a 3-wheeler girl now and forever.

As for the old bike, it's being sold by Yamaha of Cucamonga for $5k ... $1k over market value based on its previous famous owner and low mileage.

The bike now has 3,000 miles.

David Spade My Badass Buick's Gotta Go ... Up for Sale for $33k

9/30/2017 11:49 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

David Spade's parting ways with one of his tricked out rides ... and it can be yours for a pretty reasonable price.

Spade's selling his recently revamped 1987 Buick Grand National -- aka his "troublemaker car" -- which was once featured on "Jay Leno's Garage." We're told he's unloading the car, which he's had for 12 years, because he doesn't have room for it anymore.

The 'Joe Dirt' star's dropped nearly $9k on the vehicle the past year to get it in tip-top shape ... and has it listed for $33,000.

And speaking of Joe Dirt ... we're told Spade might be selling the classic movie car he paid almost a million for next.


Cristiano Ronaldo Call Me Chiron-Aldo!! ... Buys $2.9 Mil. Bugatti

9/28/2017 12:10 PM PDT
Breaking News

Cristiano Ronaldo's got a shiny, new $2.9 MILLION toy ... and he's already takin' it out for a victory lap. 

The international soccer superstar posted a vid showing off the brand new 2017 Bugatti Chiron on Thursday ... with his ever-so-lucky son, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr., ridin' shotgun.

CR7 pauses to say something to the camera -- we're not sure what -- but it's probably something like, "I'm rich, beeeyotch!!"

And, since we knew you were wondering ... the car goes from 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds.

Your move, Floyd.

Larry King Smashup in Bev Hills Whodunnit?

9/26/2017 3:05 PM PDT

Larry King was able to walk away, but his Mercedes-Benz didn't fare so well after he got into a wreck right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Larry and his suspenders were seen surveying the damage to his Lincoln MK as well as the other vehicle -- a Mercedes-Benz -- involved in the accident. The other driver was on the sidewalk getting looked at by paramedics ... but we're told neither driver was injured.

Although a witness seems to think Larry hit the other driver ... police tell us it's unclear who was at fault. You can bet the insurance companies will sort that out.

We're told both cars were towed, and neither driver cited. 

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