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Derek Carr's Wife Cops to the Rescue ... In Gas Tank Debacle

12/14/2015 9:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1214-derek-carr-wife-car-baby-dog-INSTAGRAM-01Derek Carr didn't run out of gas Sunday during his huge win over the Broncos -- his wife, not so much. 

While the Oakland Raiders QB was leading his team to victory in Denver, Heather Carr (who's pregnant) was driving home with their kid and dog in the car ... when they ran out of gas on a freeway off-ramp. 

The Dublin PD tells TMZ Sports ... an officer in the area noticed Carr's car on the side of the road and stopped to check out the situation -- and ultimately got her enough gas to get her to a gas station. 

We're told the officer tracked down a gas can and had it filled -- then brought it back to Heather ... and by the way, the officer had no idea the woman was the wife of an NFL quarterback. 

"In this day and age, we do a lot more than catch the bad guy," a spokesperson for the PD tells us. 

Heather posted about the situation -- saying, "Nothing like being almost home and running out of gas on the off ramp with your whole crew! Thanks #DublinPolice for saving the day! #thoughtwecouldmakeit #said30milestillempty #LeastWeGotThatWinToday"

Chad Johnson Environmentally Safe Swag ... Drops 25k To Pimp Smart Car

12/12/2015 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1212-chad-johnson-tmz-01Chad Johnson is proving that a small carbon footprint can still leave a huge impression ... 'cause the Ex-NFL baller just made his tiny Smart Car a big eye catcher ... dropping $25k to pimp the mini ride.

We're told that Johnson wanted his ride to pack a little more punch so he took his 2016 Smart Car down to the Auto Firm in Miami where customizing master Alex Vega went to work on it.

How do you make a Smart Car look swag? How about plastering it with custom satin black paint, throwing some Av30 forge rims on it, plus tossing in an Avorza grill and body kit.

Final price tag $25k.

BTW the Smart Car with all the trimmings, retails for a little over $18K brand new ... so Chad's proving there's no price too big for mother earth.


Justin Bieber Here's Why the Cops Stopped Me

12/12/2015 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was super cool Friday night when he breezed into The Nice Guy in WeHo, telling our photog why he REALLY got nailed by cops.

1212-sub-justin-bieber-tmz-01In case you didn't see ... the Biebs was leaving The Grove Friday afternoon when he peeled out, and eyewitnesses said the cops ticketed him for reckless driving.

Not so ... Biebs concedes he broke the law, but for a different driving move.

Corey Gamble is also in the video playing Justin's hype man, as Bieber gives our photog the lowdown on his latest tat.

Justin Bieber Busted for Chirping Out His Ferrari

12/11/2015 6:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211_bieber_pulled_over_wmJustin Bieber put on an awesome show with his Ferrari, but he did it in front of a cop, and ended up getting busted for it.

The Biebs hit up The Grove in L.A. on Friday and when he left in his icy blue whip ... he punched it, peeling out of the parking lot. Seconds later an LAPD cruiser pulled him over, and apparently wrote him up. A source close to Justin tells us the singer made an illegal left turn.

We're sure his THREE top 10 songs will take the sting out of the ticket.

Jamie Foxx Screw Hue!!!

12/12/2015 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1210-jamie-foxx-whip-tmz-01Jamie Foxx's Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is about the same price as a really nice home ... so consider the $20k he just dropped for new paint a renovation. 

Jamie brought his Rolls to RD Whittington's Scottsdale Sports Car Group ... the same place Game went to trick out his jeeps -- just to change the hue.

Jamie's had the whip for around 2 years, so Jamie felt it was time for a satin white finish, which we gotta say looks way better with the tan interior.

Part of the $20k went for 24-inch Giovanna Rims, which retail for around $2.5k ... EACH!

Drive defensive, Jamie!


NBA's Jeff Adrien I'm No Valet Thief ... Let Me Explain

12/11/2015 12:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211-jeff-adrien-getty-01File Under: I'M NO DAMN CAR THIEF ... 'cause NBA player Jeff Adrien says he's not the car stealing MORON cops made him out to be ... telling TMZ Sports his arrest was nothing more than a mix-up. 

We broke the story ... Jeff was arrested for grand theft auto in L.A. this week -- after allegedly stealing a sick Mercedes from valet and taking the whip on a 6-hour joyride.

Now, Jeff is finally breaking his silence -- telling TMZ Sports he has a LEGIT EXPLANATION for the whole thing ... it was a case of mistaken Mercedes identity. 

"I came out of the Hollywood hotel in a rush. My friend gave me his ticket and said use his car ... so when then valet pulled up in the ride I hopped in and left."

Adrien says he had never seen the car beforehand -- so he didn't know if the car belonged to his friend or someone else ... he just assumed he was in the right car. 

"I don't like to point fingers but this is Beverly Hills, there are a ton of Mercedes rolling around."

Adrien says the fact he brought the car back to the hotel proves there was NEVER an intent to steal the car ... it was just an innocent mix-up. 

In fact, Adrien and his lawyer both tell TMZ Sports the charges against him have been dropped -- though we have not been able to independently confirm that yet. 

"I fully cooperated because I know it was just a big misunderstanding. Everything is cool now and cleared up."

Lewis Hamilton I'm NASCAR Curious

12/10/2015 6:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's the best Formula 1 driver on the planet -- but Lewis Hamilton tells TMZ Sports he's intrigued about the idea of getting in a NASCAR ride ... with some help from Jeff Gordon

Hamilton was arriving to 'Jimmy Kimmel' when he told us he's been talking to Jeff about swapping rides and doing a little sock car racing for a change.  

Watch the clip -- Hamilton seems excited about the idea. 

Unfortunately for Hamilton, the only person who we can think of who successfully made the jump from Formula 1 to NASCAR was Jean Girard ... and he wasn't even a real person. 

If you ain't first, you're last.  

NBA Player Arrested Stole Mercedes from Valet ... Went On Ferris Bueller Joyride, Cops Say

12/9/2015 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-jeff-adrien-APThis is crazy ... an NBA player was arrested in L.A. this week -- after allegedly jacking a brand new Mercedes from a valet stand and going on a wild joyride ... TMZ Sports has learned.  

The alleged car thief is Jeff Adrien -- a 29-year-old ex-college stud at UCONN who played 5 seasons in the NBA. In fact, he was a team captain on the UCONN team that made the Final Four in '09. 

Law enforcement tells us Adrien -- who played with the Minnesota Timberwolves last year -- was waiting outside of a popular West Hollywood hotel where he was staying when he saw a guy valet a pretty sick Mercedes. 

1209_jeff-adrien_car_damage_tmzsports_TIRE-WMV-V3We're told Adrien somehow got the keys to the Mercedes (even though he didn't have a claim ticket) -- and peeled off with the car. 

One source tells us Adrien went on a 6 hour joyride before RETURNING IT back at the hotel. 

Someone figured out what happened and informed the owner -- and Adrien was later arrested by LAPD for grand theft auto and taken to jail!  He was later released on $25k bail.

The person who owns the car says Adrien not only damaged the ride  -- but his car REEKED of weed when he got it back and he's pissed!!!

We reached out to Adrien for comment -- so far no word back.

Soccer Dad Mark Wahlberg I Tricked Out My Mini Van!!!

12/6/2015 6:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1206-mark-wahlberg-mini-van-SPLASH-01Mark Wahlberg is hard even as a doting soccer dad.

Mark and his family were in Bev Hills Saturday for his son's soccer match, and check out the rims on the mini!  

He's got it goin' on, with custom wheels, a Boston hat and a hard-ass smile.



Lana Del Rey My Jaguars Got Jacked!!

12/4/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lana Del Rey has some serious home security issues -- the singer had TWO luxury sports cars stolen out from under her nose within a week! 

According to docs obtained by TMZ, a woman named Icess Floyd got into Lana's L.A. home in early November and made herself comfy for a couple days while Lana was out of town. Cops say she eventually bolted in Lana's 2013 Jaguar XK convertible, but ended up getting it impounded.

1203-lana-del-rey-pcn-01Here's the really ballsy part ... Floyd went back to the home and took off with a SECOND Jag, this time a 2015 F-TYPE! But during joyride #2, she got busted on an outstanding traffic warrant. Lana's car got impounded. Again.

Floyd was charged with 2 counts of burglary, and 2 counts of felony joyriding. Both of Lana's cars were returned. As we reported, a guy was busted for breaking into Lana's Malibu home earlier this week when she wasn't home. 

House sitters wanted.


Chad Michael Collins Send Cosmic Love To My Bike Thief

12/3/2015 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1203-chad-michael-collins-twitter-face-01Chad Michael Collins' trip to see "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" cost him over $1,500 when someone snatched his two-wheeler outside the theater!!!

Collins, who's been on shows like "Bones," "Castle," and "Once Upon A Time," posted his own hilarious version of an APB on Facebook after his beloved Cannondale went missing.

It includes a detailed timeline complete with photos of Big Red ... his pet name for the bike, which he thinks someone stole with a hacksaw.

LAPD's on the case, but since they've got bigger fish to fry ... Chad's alerting Craigslist users, in case Big Red comes up for sale. He also thinks sending cosmic love to the thief will help get back the bike.

He could've used some of that after the movie. He had to walk home.


Alexei Ramirez I Spent $25k To Make My Car A Chameleon

11/30/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This.Is.Awesome ...

White Sox star Alexei Ramirez was torn on what color he wanted his 2016 F-TYPE Jaguar to be ... so he dropped $25k so he wouldn't have to decide ... 'cause now the car freakin' CHANGES COLORS.

We spoke to customizing god Alex Vega from The Auto Firm who tells us the whip was painted by graffiti artist Rene Turrek using thermochromic paint ... meaning when the Jaguar is cold ... it's black ... but when it warms up it morphs into a red, white, and blue masterpiece.  

Final price tag for the paint job? $25k!!

Alexei's ride is a work of art ... literally ... it's destined to be part of Miami's Art Basel show this December and is a joint project with Warren Henry Automotive Group. 

Picasso, baby.


Mercedes-Benz The Best (Food) or Nothing

11/27/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Mercedes-Benz is so classy ... even their commercial shoots have 5-star catering for lunch.

Check out the menu on a recent set in Pasadena for the brand new GLE 350 SUV ... it's pretty far from a cold-cut platter.

-- Spicy shrimp over white grits topped with garlic beer creole sauce

-- Organic buttermilk fried chicken & jalapeño waffle topped with country sausage gravy

-- Kobe meatloaf over Yukon gold mashed potatoes topped with a root beer raisin glaze

-- Fresh apple & berry cobbler

We're told the crew for the commercial went nuts ... and everyone cleaned their plates.

Your move, Hyundai.


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