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UFC's Tony Ferguson Kevin Lee’s Staph Infection? 'I Aimed For That S**t'

10/10/2017 4:53 PM PDT

Tony Ferguson wasn't about to let a little infectious disease stop him from getting the W ... telling TMZ Sports he actually TARGETED the nasty staph infection on Kevin Lee's chest at UFC 216.

"I wasn't sure what it was -- something protruding from his chest," Tony said.

So, logically ... "I was like, 'Well sh*t, just aim for that sh*t.'"

Don't get it twisted -- T-Ferg told us he was super sketched out once Lee confirmed it was staph ... and has taken about 50 showers since the fight.

Bottom line -- staph is disgusting ... and Tony's a savage.

UFC's Demetrious Johnson I Tried to Snap Borg's Arm ... He's Lucky He Tapped

10/9/2017 4:04 PM PDT

Demetrious Johnson says Ray Borg's lucky he tapped out when he did at UFC 216 ... 'cause he was SECONDS away from breaking the dude's arm in two!!!

After catching Borg in that EPIC flying armbar, the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show asked DJ if he cut Borg a break by not snapping the limb ... out of professional courtesy. 

But if you thought DJ was being merciful, think again. 

"No, no, no -- I was trying to break it the whole entire time," Johnson said ... "I'm breaking your arm if I get the chance."

DJ says Borg tapped right before he could get the arm in perfect fracture position. 

The good news -- "I didn't hear any popping, so he should be fine."

Gotta watch the entire interview tonight on FS1 -- we also talked to DJ's wife about why she was "nervous as hell" going into the fight. It's great stuff. 

DJ Clue Jason Aldean Shoulda Gone to UFC 216 ... 'F**k That SNL Money'

10/9/2017 8:51 AM PDT

Jason Aldean turning down UFC 216 to do "Saturday Night Live" was a bad move -- so says DJ Clue, who tells TMZ Sports the country music star shoulda come through for the Vegas shooting survivors and first responders in Vegas.

"He should have represented ... and said 'f**k that money,'" Clue told us outside STORY in South Beach.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Dana White was PISSED when he saw Aldean perform on SNL -- after Jason turned down Dana's offer to sing the national anthem in front of hundreds of people connected to the tragedy.

Dana says Jason's reps told him he was too shaken up to play live -- and the fact that he did SNL on the same night makes him a "coward" that cares about his image more than the shooting victims.

Clue isn't coming at Jason that hard ... stressing that everyone's gotta stay together in times like this. 

But would the hip-hop legend have made it out to Vegas? "ABSOLUTELY."

Dana White Jason Aldean Scorned Shooting Survivors at UFC 216 ... For 'SNL'

10/7/2017 11:07 PM PDT

Dana White is FURIOUS with Jason Aldean -- telling TMZ Sports the country singer's team lied to him about why he couldn't perform in front of Vegas shooting survivors and 1st responders at UFC 216.

White says he had reached out to Aldean's camp to sing the national anthem at UFC 216 in Vegas on Saturday night ... an event in which 15 survivors and hundreds of 1st responders were in the crowd.

White says Aldean's people turned down the offer -- saying he was shaken up from the shooting and might never perform live again.

White says he stressed that the survivors who would be attending UFC 216 were shot while watching Aldean perform and it would mean a lot to them ... and the city of Las Vegas. Still, he declined.

Instead, Aldean flew to NYC and performed on "Saturday Night Live" at the same time as UFC 216. Needless to say, White is pissed.

"His image was more important than coming back to Vegas and playing for the people who are his fans and who got shot watching him play," White says.

"F*ck you, Jason Aldean. Stay out of Vegas."

White says he also reached out to several country music stars -- telling us, "Country music was attacked. Those were country music fans."

White says every single country act turned him down.

"Those are people who buy your albums and none of you country music people could sing the anthem in front of survivors and 1st responders?"

White offered a ton of praise to Everlast -- who stepped in and performed instead.

"This isn't about money. This is about the badass people who fought through this sh*t that this coward (shooter) did."

MMA Star Gabi Garcia I'm Down for WWE ... Hit Me Up, Vince!

10/7/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Hey, WWE -- want a bigger, scarier version of Ronda Rousey?

Look no further ... 'cause women's MMA giant Gabi Garcia says she's down to step inside the squared circle!

"I love the show, I love watching WWE, so why not?" Gabi told us at LAX.

Don't get it twisted -- the Brazilian says she's not even close to being done fighting ... but tells TMZ Sports pro wrestling is a definite possibility if Vince McMahon's interested.

He should be. Garcia's got the skill -- she's a 10-time jiu-jitsu world champ -- and she's FOR SURE got the size at 6' 2'', 200-plus pounds.

But for now, she's focused on finding her next opponent. 

Girl, guy ... doesn't matter to Gabi.

UFC Star Tony Ferguson Woulda Fought Overweight Kevin Lee ... Manager Says

10/6/2017 3:02 PM PDT

If Kevin Lee wouldn't have been able to make weight, Tony Ferguson woulda fought him at UFC 216 anyway ... so says Tony's manager. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Audie Attar after the dramatic weigh-in Friday morning when Lee initially weighed in 1 pound over the 155 lb limit ... putting the fight in jeopardy. 

Officials gave Lee an hour to lose the extra pound -- and if he didn't, Tony could have opted out of the fight. 

But Attar says Ferg wasn't about to let Lee off the hook that easy -- "If Kevin wanted (to) move forward, Tony definitely did."

Ultimately, Lee made weight ... and the fight is on. 

Of course, this ain’t the first time Tony’s had an opponent with weight issues -- his UFC 209 fight was scrapped after Khabib Nurmagomedov had medical complications during his weight cut.

FYI, the winner of Ferguson vs. Lee could be the next in line to face undisputed lightweight champ Conor McGregor ... especially with Nate Diaz demanding BIG money for a trilogy fight.

UFC's Cody Garbrandt Gender Reveal Prank: It's a ... White Kid?

10/6/2017 12:11 PM PDT
Breaking News

Baby boy? Baby girl? Nah ... UFC superstar Cody Garbrandt is having A WHITE KID!

Cody and his model wife, Danny Pimsanguan, were pretty confused at their gender reveal party ... when they cut open a cake expecting to see blue or pink.

But they didn't. It was plain white.

"We’re having a white kid! It’s WHITE!!" Danny joked.

Garbrandt literally dug through the cake with his bare hands ... but still nothing.

Their friends eventually let 'em in on the prank ... and hooked Mr. and Mrs. Garbrandt up with a confetti-filled balloon instead.

Hilarious. Congrats!

Boxer Danny Garcia Hey, Conor ... I'll Beat You Worse Than Floyd

10/6/2017 8:16 AM PDT

If Conor McGregor really wants to continue his boxing career he might've found his huckleberry ... former welterweight champ Danny Garcia, who says he'd beat Conor's ass ... worse than Floyd did.

McGregor has publicly stated he thinks he'd win a rematch with Floyd, and hasn't ruled out a return to the boxing ring in the future (why not? He reportedly made more than $100 million last time).

We got Danny at Team Watson Boxing in L.A. (where huge fighters train), and he said he's more than willing to kick the damn hell out of Conor, and thinks he'd finish him way faster than Floyd did.

"He ain't going 10 rounds with me, I'm a seek and destroy type fighter, I'm one of the type of fighters you want to run from when you fight, it ain't going past 4."

That's an old-fashioned call out from a legit star ... your move, Conor.

Freddie Roach Teases Conor vs. GSP Super Fight ... UFC Says 'No'

10/5/2017 3:16 PM PDT

Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach is currently working with Georges St-Pierre -- and he may have just dropped a huge bombshell about GSP's future fighting plans.


Roach was leaving Craig's in L.A. when we asked what he thought of Conor McGregor's boxing skills. Spoiler -- he thinks Conor sucks. 

But that's when he dropped this gem -- "GSP's gonna kick his ass anyway."

Here's the thing ... GSP is currently training for his UFC 217 fight against Michael Bisping. If he wins, could a Conor fight be next? That's what Freddy seems to be getting at. 

FYI, GSP is fighting Bisping at 185 pounds -- but he's previously said he can cut to 155. 

Conor is the champ at 155 -- but he fought (and beat) Nate Diaz at 170. 

Let's face it -- this would be a HUGE fight for Conor and the UFC. Maybe even bigger than Conor vs. Nate III. 

So, does Roach know something we don't? Or is it just wishful thinking?

We reached out to the UFC and were told, "GSP is coming back after 4 years off. Conor is looking to defend his title. There is zero talk about GSP vs. Conor."

UFC Star Kevin Lee I Love the F-Word

10/4/2017 4:30 PM PDT

UFC stud Kevin Lee loves the F-word so much, he's wearing it on a bandana -- even during TV interviews. 

We would know. 

Lee joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show when we brought up some of the viral moments he's created over the past year ... starting with punching Michael Chiesa in the face at a UFC media event. Good times. 

That's when Lee (who's fighting at UFC 216 this weekend) decided to push the envelope again ... dropping a few unexpected F-bombs on the guys. 

Lee is hilarious -- and goes off about everything from Chiesa to Tony Ferguson during the full interview, which you gotta watch on FS1. 

UFC's Matt Hughes Emotional Return to Hospital ... Nurses Honored for Work

10/4/2017 12:22 PM PDT
Breaking News

Matt Hughes was on the verge of tears returning to the hospital where he battled for his life ... as 2 ICU nurses were honored for their care of the UFC legend.

On Tuesday, Ashley Hull and Megan Simpson of HSHS St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Illinois received the DAISY Award -- which recognizes extraordinary efforts in their field.

Hughes faced long odds of recovering from a deadly car wreck in June ... but Ashley and Megan worked tirelessly to bring him back to health after he sustained serious head trauma.

"They are masters of their craft and the most caring nurses I have ever encountered," Hughes' best friend Tony Zucca said at the ceremony.

The nurses spoke about how proud they were of Hughes ... which was incredibly moving for the longtime UFC champ and his family. 

"We believed wholeheartedly that Matt would wake up," Ashley said. "He beat the odds and won the biggest fight of his life."

Hughes still has a ways to go, but he's already able to walk ... and even practice jiu-jitsu!

A post shared by Tony Zucca (@tonyzucca) on

UFC's Demetrious Johnson 1st Time I Got Punched? All Over WWE Wrestling

10/3/2017 4:48 PM PDT

Every UFC fighter has an origin story ... and for Demetrious Johnson, his fight career started by the elementary school flagpole -- in a throwdown over WWE wrestling. 

Mighty Mouse joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs tonight on FS1) -- and was asked if he remembers the first time he was punched in the face. 

DJ recalled it like it was yesterday -- and says he was forced to defend The Rock's honor when another kid said pro wrestling was fake. 

What started ... was the beginning of a beautiful (and violent) career -- a 26-2 record, a 12-fight win streak and a huge match at UFC 216 in Vegas this weekend. 

Check out the entire interview tonight on FS1. 

WWE's Stephanie McMahon Ronda Rousey Offer 'Absolutely Stands' ... WrestleMania Revenge??

10/3/2017 7:05 AM PDT

Ronda Rousey hasn't officially signed with WWE, but the offer to come into the ring “absolutely still stands” -- so says Stephanie McMahon.

“We'd love to have you in WWE,” Steph added on her way outta LAX.

Vince’s daughter is super high up in the family biz ... so she would know.

Fans thought it was a gimme that Rousey was coming over after she cut a promo with Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte ... but that was almost a month ago, and still nothing.

But Steph says not to lose hope ... even teasing a WrestleMania rematch! Remember -- Ronda woman-handled her and hubby Triple H at The Showcase of the Immortals a couple years back. 

McMahon didn't wanna call out Rousey, though ... so our money's on Charlotte.

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