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Ex-UFC Fighter Diego Brandao Yes, I Pulled a Gun at Strip Club

5/12/2016 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-UFC fighter Diego Brandao has admitted to pulling a gun during an altercation with bouncers at an Albuquerque strip club ... but the former "Ultimate Fighter" champ insists it was only in self-defense. 

TMZ Sports obtained video of Brandao being grilled by cops following his arrest on April 15th -- during an incident in which cops say the fighter pistol-whipped a bouncer at Knockouts bar after he was denied entry. The bouncers told cops Brandao was too drunk to get in. 

During the interrogation, the 28-year-old Brazilian fighter begins by adamantly denying he ever had a weapon -- but the cops pressed him hard and warned there would be consequences if he was lying. 

"Listen, you just said you don't wanna f*** your life," one of the cops told Brandao ... "If anybody comes up with video showing that you had a gun, you're life is gonna be f***ed."

Brandao immediately changed his story and admitted to having the gun -- but says he only pulled it out because one the bouncers had a gun. Plus, Brandao says he was being choked out and wanted to put a stop to it. 

When cops asked Brandao what happened to his gun, the UFC fighter said he broke it into several pieces and scattered them away from the bar. 

During the interrogation, cops suggest there may be video of the entire incident -- and it could hold the key to Brandao's case. 

We spoke with a rep for the Bernalillo County District Attorney's office ... who tells us prosecutors are still considering whether or not to file formal charges. 

Gabriel Iglesias Nate Diaz Is Crazy Ghetto ... And I Love It

5/10/2016 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Iglesias says he predicted Nate Diaz's upset over Conor McGregor -- saying he's got the one quality Conor just couldn't prepare for ... SUPER HOODNESS!

His Fluffiness was at The Comedy Store in L.A. when he told us the kid from Stockton, CA keeps it realer than anyone else in the UFC ... maybe a little too real. 

Steve-O I'm Down To Take On ISIS ... With My UFC Pal

5/7/2016 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're about to reach a whole new level of Steve-O craziness ... 'cause he's freakin' calling out ISIS ... and he's doing it in the name of UFC fighter Tim Kennedy.

Kennedy's situation is no laughing matter ... the FBI was investigating "credible threats" against the fighter -- an uber Patriot -- earlier this year ... believing those threats were possibly coming from ISIS operatives.

Steve-O and Kennedy are buds ... so much so that Steve-O let Tim CHOKE HIM OUT at a recent comedy show ... and when we ran into the "Jackass" star at LAX he let it be known ... he's got Tim's back.

For the record ... Tim Kennedy is an ex-Green Beret ... Steve-O is not.

Check out the clip.

Conor McGregor Hits Irish Award Show ... Smiling & Happy

5/6/2016 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Conor McGregor just hit the red carpet at the VIP Style Awards in Ireland -- the first event he's been at since Dana White yanked him out of UFC 200. 

But Conor and his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, didn't look angry or upset -- it was the exact opposite ... smiling, happy and taking selfies and signing autographs for anyone lucky enough to get close. 

McGregor didn't talk about his fighting future during the red carpet portion of the event -- but it's a long night ... someone's bound to bring it up. 

Paige VanZant 'Rousey Incident Was Shocking, Unnecessary'

5/5/2016 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0505_paige-vanzant_ronda_rousey_tmzPaige VanZant has confirmed Miesha Tate's story -- that she WAS cussed out by Ronda Rousey last month ... and says the whole thing was "shocking and totally unnecessary."

In a statement to TMZ Sports, VanZant says, "It appears that I offended Ronda by congratulating Holly after her victory. The incident was very shocking and totally unnecessary."

Tate described the incident in great detail on Joe Rogan's podcast ... saying Rousey tracked Paige down and unleashed the fury all over her during the April 27 incident ... claiming Paige has "crossed her" by giving props to Holm

We reached out to Ronda for her side -- but she ain't talkin. 

Ronda Rousey Cussed Out Paige VanZant ... Says Miesha Tate

5/5/2016 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Ronda Rousey went ballistic on fellow UFC superstar Paige VanZant at a VIP party -- dropping all sorts of F-bombs -- all because Paige congratulated Holly Holm ... this according to Miesha Tate

Tate appeared on "The Joe Rogan Experience" Thursday and told the story ... saying VanZant came up to her and told her the entire shocking encounter. 

According to Tate, Ronda was seeking her out at the party -- furious that Paige would "cross her" by congratulating Holm after she beat up Ronda back in November. 

Miesha says Paige was shocked -- because she hadn't ever seen that side of Rousey before. Tate says she's never been a Rousey fan ... and wasn't surprised by her behavior. 

TMZ Sports has spoken multiple sources who confirm Tate's account of the events. 

We reached out to Ronda's camp -- but they declined to comment. 

[h/t Zombie Prophet]

Miesha Tate Best Thing About Trump ... We Both Hate Ronda!

5/5/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When it comes to policy, Miesha Tate says Donald Trump has one thing 100% right ... his blinding hatred for Ronda Rousey!

Tate says she's not ready to give her official endorsement to Trump -- but it's clear The Donald scored some serious points with Miesha when he blasted Ronda on Twitter last year. 

In case you forgot, Trump was all about rubbing salt in Ronda's wound after her loss to Holly Holm -- tweeting, "Glad to see that @RondaRousey lost her championship fight last night. Was soundly beaten - not a nice person!"

Miesha loved it. 

There's more ... we asked Tate if it'll be tough to concentrate on her UFC 200 opponent Amanda Nunes -- knowing that Dana White recently said Ronda has dibs on the winner. 

Miesha insists she's locked in and laser-focused on Nunes -- and says in her mind, Rousey is currently "irrelevant."

Despite the hostility, Tate says she is happy for Ronda's progress and wants her to continue to get better ... because the rematch "needs to happen."

Translation -- get well soon so I can beat your ass. 

UFC's Nick Diaz Training with Van Damme 'Dream Come True'

5/2/2016 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC star Nick Diaz says training with Jean-Claude Van Damme this weekend was a dream come true -- especially since JCVD helped grow his love for fighting back when he was a kid. 

Both Nick and his bro Nate Diaz hooked up with the action legend for a clinic in leg strikes -- so, we hit up Nick to find out what exactly went down when the 3 got into the gym. 

Check out the clip ... Nick was clearly stoked to train with the guy and says things went so well, he plans to do it again soon. 

But the funniest part ... watch how quickly Nick shut down the question when we tried to ask about his brother and Conor McGregor. Dude wasn't havin' it. 



Dana White The Hatred Is Real Jones, Cormier Beef Is No P.R. Stunt

4/27/2016 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's nothing fake about the hostility between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier -- so says UFC honcho Dana White ... who says the hatred these guys have for each other was definitely NOT concocted for publicity. 

Dana -- skyping in from his PRIVATE JET -- joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show on FS1 ... and was asked straight up if the feud between the fighters was cooked up by the UFC to help sell tickets. 

But Dana shut that down fast -- explaining, "They obviously respect each other as fighters but as human beings they completely dislike each other."

You gotta watch the entire interview Wednesday on FS1 -- we also asked if he felt Cormier crossed the line when he called Jones a "drug addict."

Oh, and he also told us about the sick in-flight meal on his private jet.


Daniel Cormier Jon Jones Is a Drug Addict

4/27/2016 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Daniel Cormier took things personal with Jon Jones Wednesday morning -- calling him a drug addict to his face ... and threatening to "beat that ass" at UFC 200. 

Cormier was responding to Jones -- who had asked Daniel what he'll say to his kids if they ever ask, "Daddy, did you ever beat Jon 'Bones' Jones?"

Cormier essentially said he didn't HAVE to beat Jones to get his championship belt because Jones eliminated himself by testing positive for cocaine. 

FYI -- Jones has said he's NOT an addict ... but admits he made a "really dumb decision" before the drug test for UFC 182 last year.  

The back-and-forth between these guys is nasty ... and multiple people in the UFC tell us the hatred is 100% legit.

So, how did Jones feel about the whole thing? He asked the crowd ... "You guys ready to see D.C. get his ass whooped again?"

Daniel Cormier I'll Crush Jon Jones ... 'Easy Work'

4/27/2016 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The smack talk continues ... 

UFC superstar Daniel Cormier is already predicting victory over Jon Jones -- telling TMZ Sports the fight will be "easy work" after what he saw over the weekend. 

Cormier was leaving 'GMA' in NYC -- where Dana White had just announced Jones vs. Cormier will be the main event at UFC 200 ... and told us he was PUMPED to get another shot at JJ. 

As for the "easy work" comment -- Cormier is referring to Jones' victory over Ovince St. Preux over the weekend. Jon looked pretty rusty ... which was to be expected for a guy who hadn't fought in 15 months. 

These guys HATE each other's guts -- and with more than 2 months until the fight ... the smack talk is only gonna get worse. 

By the way, we recently spoke with UFC star Dominic Cruz on the "TMZ Sports" TV show on FS1 -- and asked if the beef is real ... or just an act to drum up publicity. Check out what he said ... 

UFC 200 New Main Event Revealed ... Jones vs. Cormier

4/27/2016 6:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Conor McGregor is out ... Jon Jones is in!

UFC honcho Dana White just appeared on "Good Morning America" to announce the new main event for UFC 200 in July -- Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier!!

We kinda saw it coming ... so, it's not really a shocker -- but people are fired up about it. 

These two guys HATE each other -- and cussed each other out the last time they were face-to-face. 

This should be fun!! 

Kevin Costner Bring MMA to Olympics 'Where the Real Tough Guys Exist'

4/26/2016 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did you know ... table tennis is an Olympic sport -- and MMA is not? 

Well, Kevin Costner ain't happy about it -- telling TMZ Sports he thinks the powers that be should bring the fighting sport to the Olympic games, ASAP!!!!

Costner says MMA has already "established itself as one of the greatest sports out there" ... adding, "I think it's where the real tough guys exist."

BTW, Costner's not the first high-profile dude to call for MMA in the games ... Randy Couture's been banging this drum for years


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