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1-Handed MMA Star Times Have Changed ... I Want My UFC Shot!

3/9/2018 1:16 PM PST

MMA's 1-handed killer is BACK -- and this time, he says he ain't stopping til he gets to the UFC.

We spoke with former XFC lightweight champ Nick Newell -- who retired back in 2015 -- before he returns to the cage Friday night at LFA 35 ... and when we asked if UFC was still the goal, he didn't mince words.

Specifically, Nick fired back at Dana White -- who previously said it was "craziness" to fight with 1 fist.

"I am crazy ... and I'll wipe out that (UFC lightweight) division," Newell told TMZ Sports.

"Gimme the opportunity, send me over the papers, and it's gonna happen."

Nick's always been gunnin' for the big show ... and with other 1-handed athletes like NFL prospect Shaquem Griffin showing out right now, he says there's never been a better time for him to make his case.

FYI, his ONLY loss was to top UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje -- so we wouldn't doubt him. 

UFC Champ Tyron Woodley I'm Training Mayweather ... For MMA Fight!

3/9/2018 8:00 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather will start his MMA training with a bona fide UFC champ -- with Tyron Woodley saying he's spoken with TBE and has agreed to get him ready for his debut in the ocatgon. 

"Floyd Mayweather is interested in taking an MMA bout, maybe a few of 'em," Woodley said on "The Hollywood Beatdown."

"So, who better than The Chosen One to teach him the ropes on how we get off the ropes and get in the cage!" 

Tyron and Floyd have been friendly for a while -- and when the two connected in L.A. during NBA All-Star weekend, Tyron says they decided to work together to get Floyd MMA-ready. 

By the way, Tyron says Floyd can ABSOLUTELY WIN -- even if his opponent is Conor McGregor -- and he's got a real game plan to help Mayweather get that W. 

There's more ... Tyron also weighs in on Canelo Alvarez's PED excuse (Mexican cow meat) and claps back at rapper Tekashi69

Make sure to check out "The Hollywood Beatdown" every week when it drops on the TMZ Sports YouTube page.

Conor McGregor Claps Back at 50 Cent You're Old & Have Man Boobs!

3/8/2018 3:32 PM PST
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Welp, that didn't take long -- Conor McGregor just fired back at 50 Cent for claiming black people have "superior genes" ... saying the rap star should pull out his old-man boobs to celebrate women's day.

"Get your tits out for the lads, ladies," McGregor said in a social media rant ... which he attached to a picture of a shirtless 50. 

"I am made of granite. You need a bra."

Conor also told 50 to "f**k off" ... 'cause he's a 50-year-old fool (he's actually 42) who needs to stay in his lane.

Surprisingly, Conor also worked in a semi-compliment with his shots -- saying they still bump his old hits in Ireland ... and claiming he rocked out to one before UFC 205. 

Doubt they'll break bread anytime soon ... but it's a start?

Jon Jones Rages w/ Steve Aoki ... After Steroid Punishment

3/8/2018 7:57 AM PST
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Jon Jones isn't gonna let the whole potential loss of his UFC career thing get him down ... and he's proving it -- raging onstage with Steve Aoki in New Mexico!!

It was just last week that Jones got his fighting license revoked by the California Athletic Commission, and the speculation is USADA could hit him with a multi-year ban.

Jon put his blues aside on Monday night, hitting up Aoki's Kolony Tour when it came through Albuquerque ... going shirtless and hopping onstage with Steve (who's kinda shredded).

Not sure what it means that Jon's partying -- his USADA hearing's upcoming -- but before you drill him for being out, check out what he did for a kid in the audience!

Savvy, Jon.

Arianny Celeste Floyd Could Take Conor ... He's Hotter, Too!

3/8/2018 7:17 AM PST

Arianny Celeste LOVES Floyd Mayweather -- and not just for his ass-kickin' abilities!

We got the UFC's baddest Octagon girl up in the Bev Hills, and hit her with some questions on the UFC rematch that's got everyone talking -- Floyd vs. Conor 2.

Going off her answers ... it's safe to say Arianny's on The Money Team!!

-- Would you wanna see Floyd in the UFC? "I'd love to see that happen."

-- Could Floyd beat Conor? "I'd give him a chance, yeah." 

-- And the big one ... Who's hotter? "I'd have to go with Floyd ... Floyd's swag is on another level."

Celeste even let it slip that she'd be rooting for TBE -- even though he's the outsider.

If this won't motivate Floyd to step inside the Octagon ... we don't know what will. 

Rampage Jackson to Manager: Here's Your New $100k Car! Manager: 'Shut the Eff Up!'

3/7/2018 4:15 PM PST
Breaking News

It PAYS to work for MMA star Rampage Jackson -- just ask his manager, Tiki Ghosn, who just got a $100k Range Rover on the house!!

Rampage filmed the late bday surprise earlier today ... when Tiki pulled up on Rampage's fleet of whips -- including the Range Rover Sport Autobiography Dynamic, which retails for over 6 figures after taxes and fees.

Tiki was already shocked to see more new cars in Rampage's collection ... but once he realized the Range was his, dude lost his mind.

"It's what? Shut the f**k up. Are you f**king serious? This is my car. Oh, f**k, are you kidding me?!"

Rampage said it was a gift for negotiating "the best fight contract I ever had" -- a deal he inked with Bellator back in November.

Congrats, Tiki! Ya lucky SOB ...

Paige VanZant Guarantees UFC Return In 6 Months ... I'm Still a Contender!

3/7/2018 3:45 PM PST

She's still nursing a broken arm -- but Paige VanZant says she'll be healed up and ready to knock people out again in 6 MONTHS. 

"I know I'll have a fight in 6 months and that's guaranteed," Paige told us on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1). 

Paige even showed off her scars from the surgery -- where she got a titanium plate and 7 screws -- to repair the broken arm she suffered in her UFC Fight Night 124 loss to Jessica-Rose Clark

Paige says she doesn't have an opponent in mind for her comeback -- but feels she's still in a title contention spot in the 125-pound division. 

"So, we'll just pick somebody from the list and take 'em out!" 

Paige was joined on the show by her fiance, Austin Vanderford -- who's also a pro MMA fighter -- and the two explained what it's like to train (and trade punches) with your significant other! 

Make sure to catch the whole thing tonight on FS1! 

Paige VanZant & Fiance Trading Punches The Couple That Spars Together ...

3/7/2018 8:29 AM PST
Breaking News

UFC star Paige VanZant and her fiance spent their Tuesday punching each other in the face -- but don't worry, it was consensual.

Paige is engaged to undefeated welterweight MMA fighter Austin Vanderford -- and the two train together at a gym in Portland. 

Tuesday was boxing day -- so they paired up, strapped on the gloves and let each other have it! 

Paige was able to land a few shots -- so was Austin -- but when it was all said and done, there was no bad blood. In fact, PVZ suggests the workout helps them bond. 

"Find someone who shares your passion and grow together ❤️ (we both signed waivers, were allowed to do this 😝)."

Still, don't try this at home ... 

Cyborg to Amanda Nunes Death Wish, Granted ... I'll Kick Your Ass Now!

3/6/2018 10:30 AM PST

Cris Cyborg says she's changed her tune on rearranging Amanda Nunes' face ... and is now willing to rumble with the UFC's other Brazilian women's champ!

"If she's calling me out she has to prepare herself," Cyborg said. "[Nunes] should defend her (135-pound) belt, but if not, OK, we'll fight in July."

Remember, Cyborg was NOT about that life just a couple months ago ... telling us she needed to focus on the 145-pound division and give deserving contenders their shot.

But after wrecking Yana Kunitskaya at UFC 222, she's game for a greater challenge -- beating the chick who KO'd Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate into retirement!!

Cris told us Nunes ain't ready for someone her size ... and after watching Cyborg DISMANTLE natural 135'ers like Yana and Holly Holm, ya gotta wonder if Amanda's having second thoughts.

50 Cent Rips Conor McGregor You Screwed Over Your Girlfriend!

3/6/2018 6:33 AM PST
Breaking News

The beef between Conor McGregor and 50 Cent is heating up again -- with the rapper once again blasting the UFC star ... and this time, it's personal. 

Remember, these two have been trading shots since last year -- when Conor declared, "50 Cent's a bitch!" because he sided with Mayweather before their boxing match. 

50 responded saying he could take Conor in a street fight ... and mocked him for getting choked out by Nate Diaz. 

Fast forward to Monday when Conor went after 50 on social media ... saying, "[50 Cent] blocked me on [Instagram]. The mad 50 year old instagram blocker. Ahh don't block me 50 kid, I still like some of your songs. The older ones hahah."

Of course, 50 responded ... posting a video Tuesday morning mocking Conor's relationship with Rita Ora and suggesting Conor cheated with her behind his girlfriend Dee Devlin's back. 

50 eventually deleted the video.

Too far?

UFC's Brian Ortega I'm Fighting Max Holloway ... Dana White Confirmed

3/5/2018 2:16 PM PST

UFC 222's breakout star didn't have to wait long to get his next fight ... Brian Ortega just announced he'll be facing Max Holloway for the featherweight belt!

Ortega -- who viciously KO'd Frankie Edgar on Saturday -- broke the news on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs Monday night on FS1) ... telling the guys Dana White confirmed he's next in line for Max. 

No word on when or where it's going down -- but you can bet it'll be a scrap. Brian's undefeated in his MMA career ... and Holloway hasn't lost in over 4 YEARS. 

Dana alluded to making the matchup after 222, saying he'd "make that fight immediately" as soon as Holloway's injured leg got cleared by a doctor. 

Looks like the UFC honcho didn't wanna wait ... and can you blame him after seeing Brian's uppercut from hell?!

Catch the whole interview with "T-City" tonight on FS1.

UFC's 'Sugar' Sean O'Malley Lights Up Golden Super-Blunt ... at UFC 222 After-Party

3/5/2018 7:45 AM PST
Breaking News

"Sugar" Sean O'Malley put on a weed-smoking CLINIC at his UFC 222 after-party -- taking down blunt after blunt, including a UFC-themed super-blunt ... and it's all on video. 

After piecing up Andre Soukhamthath to go to 10-0, the UFC's newest star broke out his signature "Sugar Show OG" strain ... and got down to business with some bros in Vegas.

The reefer madness wasn't just for fun, either -- O'Malley legit needed the herbal meds after wrecking his foot during the fight. 

But, Sean wasn't satisfied with puffin' on some regular ass blunts ... so he busts out a golden blunt the size of a UFC glove!!!  

O'Malley claims there were 90 grams in the thing -- and we're not about to second-guess him.

No sign of Sugar's boy, Snoop ... guessing he'd be proud.

Oscar De La Hoya I Changed My Mind ... Floyd Wouldn't Get Wrecked in UFC

3/5/2018 12:45 AM PST

Just a month ago, Oscar De La Hoya told us Floyd Mayweather would get strangled unconscious in 10 SECONDS in a UFC fight.

But now, Oscar's pullin' a 180 -- telling us he truly believes Floyd "can do well" if he steps inside the Octagon.

Don't get it twisted -- Oscar hasn't forgotten about the Floyd-Conor McGregor "circus" pulling attention off the first Canelo vs. GGG fight ... but it seems like he's turned a new leaf with Canelo-GGG 2 taking center stage on May 5.

"I wish him all the best," De La Hoya told TMZ Sports. "If a boxer, and one of my colleagues, is gonna go inside the cage, I obviously have to go and support Floyd." 

Just as long as it's after May -- right, Oscar? 

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