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Tyron Woodley Giving UFC Belt To Woman Who Inspired Me Before Fight

3/7/2017 2:42 PM PST

Tyron Woodley said an emotional pre-fight encounter with a woman whose daughter recently died inspired him in the 5th round at UFC 209 ... and he's shipping her his championship belt. 

It's a pretty incredible story ... Woodley says the woman (who works at T-Mobile Arena where the fight was being held) approached him before UFC 209 and told him that she had lost her daughter recently and watching his fights had helped her get through the tough times. 

Woodley says he thought about the woman and her family during the fight and it motivated him in the championship rounds. 

After defeating Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, Woodley says his team tracked down the woman -- and he plans to send her his belt because he knows how much it means to her. 

Pretty dope. 

Nick Diaz Bisping's a Chicken ... He's Duckin' Me

3/7/2017 6:47 AM PST

Nick Diaz says Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre are STUPID for not fighting him -- telling TMZ Sports he'd make them both a lot of money ... but they're too chicken to take the match. 

We got Diaz leaving the UFC 209 in Vegas ... and after he was done insulting UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley ... we asked him his thoughts on Bisping & St-Pierre locking horns in the future.

That's when Nick went in ... pulling our camera guy to the side and giving a step-by-step on how he tried to get a fight with Bisping but The Count wasn't down -- despite some serious cash incentives. 

Tyron Woodley Blasts Dana White ... Dana Fires Back

3/6/2017 3:49 PM PST

UFC champ Tyron Woodley is going after his boss in a big way -- blasting Dana White for publicly saying he didn't think Tyron should have won this weekend ... but Dana says Tyron needs to shut up and let his fists do the talking.

Woodley tells TMZ Sports he found it "distasteful" for White to say the judges scored the fight incorrectly by awarding Tyron the majority decision over "Wonderboy" Thompson at UFC 209. 

"That's like me coming out as a fighter and saying, 'I don't think you did a good job promoting the fight' ... which I don't. I don't think they did a good job promoting me as champion."

Woodley says he vows to be a "tough guy to deal with" moving forward. 

We spoke to White who essentially said if Woodley would have beat Wonderboy's ass like he promised, there wouldn't be an issue.

"Tyron Woodley came out and said he was going to destroy Thompson and there would be no question he was the champ. Well guess what? There's questions again."

"Let me tell you what ... when you have a performance like you did at 209 and you get booed for 5 straight rounds and then people are booing so loud you can't even do your interview, you should probably just take your lumps and move on. Get your next fight as fast as you can and try to put that performance behind you."

White added one last thing ... "There's one guy around here who calls the shots and as soon as you learn that, the better off you'll be."

Khabib's Manager 'He Lost So Much Money ... He Wanted to Fight'

3/6/2017 3:30 PM PST

Khabib Nurmagomedov's manager says the UFC fighter's medical scratch this weekend was a VERY costly decision ... but the team ultimately decided his health was more important than money.

We spoke with Ali Abdelaziz who says Khabib was in more pain during his weight cut before UFC 209 than he's ever seen -- despite keeping the same weight cutting routine he uses for every fight. 

Ali says Khabib initially refused IV fluids when he was taken to the hospital Thursday evening -- but ultimately caved because the pain became unbearable.

Khabib is doing better now -- he's back in Russia -- but Ali says he's determined to fight again soon ... especially after missing out on a huge UFC 209 paycheck.

UFC's Jorge Masvidal On Demian Maia: 'Imma F**k Him Up'

3/6/2017 11:06 AM PST

Jorge Masvidal has a pretty violent prediction for his UFC 211 clash with Demian Maia -- "Imma f**k him up, man."

Masvidal is coming off a pretty dominant victory over Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone -- and says he's "betting the house" on ANOTHER big victory when he fights in May. 

Jorge tells our guy the fight will NOT be the classic "striker vs. grappler" matchup because he's a beast on the mat ... "I can wrestle my ass off."

FYI, Masvidal was a backyard brawler before the UFC and even appeared in some videos with Kimbo Slice ... but Jorge says he's a MUCH different fighter now. 

Nate Diaz Jokingly Cusses Out Khabib Hecklers ... Who Wants Some?!

3/6/2017 7:12 AM PST

Question: How does Nate Diaz deal with hecklers? 

Answer: He cusses 'em all out -- and then takes selfies with 'em. 

That's exactly how it went down in Vegas this weekend when a bunch of Khabib Nurmagomedov supporters began chanting at Nate ... and it was hilarious.

By the way, we also asked Nate who he's gonna fight next and he said there's one HUGE problem -- no one wants a piece!!

Tyron Woodley Pumped at After-party After Victory Against Thompson

3/5/2017 7:17 AM PST

Tyron Woodley was feeling the moment at his victory party Saturday night, after retaining his UFC welterweight title.

Woodley partied hard at LAX nightclub in Vegas, after winning a majority decision in his fight against Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson

The belt was never far from the champ.

Michael Bisping Tyron's Win Wasn't Really a Win ... Which Means GSP is Dead!

3/5/2017 7:51 AM PST

Michael Bisping thinks Tyron Woodley's win over Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson was pretty pathetic ... which bodes well for his own fight against Georges St-Pierre.

We got the middleweight champ at T-Mobile Arena after UFC 209, where he starts his diss against Tyron with ... "Let's be honest" and ends with "If they're the best welterweights in the world, then I should f*** up GSP!" 

He does say he's got love for Tyron, but makes a point to describe the bout as everyone else saw it. He's also got some choice words for his upcoming rival ... loosen the hell up. 

Michael Bisping Another 'XXX' Movie In the Works ... I'm Gonna Be In It

3/5/2017 12:45 AM PST

UFC star Michael Bisping's breaking major movie news ... telling TMZ Sports there's ANOTHER 'xXx' movie in the works ... and he's been tapped to appear in it!

Bisping already had a role in the most recent installment of Vin Diesel's action franchise, "xXx: Return of Xander Cage" ... a movie that made more than $300 MILLION at the box office.

The Count says things went so well he's already been contacted for the next flick and will start filming over the summer.

He's also got another movie in the works with Gerard Butler.

Plus, that superfight with George St-Pierre.

Busy year.

Cody Garbrandt: I'll Release T.J. Dillashaw KO Video, Unless ...

3/4/2017 12:15 AM PST

Cody Garbrandt says he's ready to release video footage showing him knocking out T.J. Dillashaw during a training session ... unless his UFC rival does one very humiliating thing.

Cody is out in Vegas for UFC 209 where he confirmed the video is very real -- claiming it was shot sometime around 2012.

The reigning bantamweight champ says he's sick and tired of T.J. claiming the KO never happened and he's wants to release the footage to protect his credibility.

Stay tuned ...

UFC's Michael Johnson Tony Ferguson Is Scared ... 'Stop Dodging Me!'

3/3/2017 3:55 PM PST

The real reason Tony Ferguson won't fight Michael Johnson -- "He remembers the last time I whooped his ass!"

That's what the UFC fighter told us in Vegas moments ago when asked why he thought Ferguson wouldn't agree to let him replace Khabib Nurmagomedov this weekend at UFC 209. 

As we previously reported, Dana White was down to let Johnson step in at the last minute -- but Ferguson said no.

Johnson admits he understands why Ferguson wouldn't want the bout -- "It's a risky fight for him" -- but says the dude needs to STOP DODGING HIM! 

FYI, Johnson is the only UFC fighter to beat Ferguson ... woulda been a good fight. 

Michael Bisping I'd Beat GSP Hungover GSP: 'Are You Drunk Right Now?!'

3/3/2017 3:39 PM PST
Breaking News

Could a hammered drunk Michael Bisping BEAT UP a sober Georges St-Pierre???

We almost found out live in Vegas moments ago when the two started trashing each other to their faces ... and it was awesome!

It all went down at the media event for their big fight later this year -- and after Bisping showed up super late and raspy-voiced, GSP accused him of going way too hard in Vegas last night.

Bisping's response: "I'll go out on an all night f**king bender and still beat you, pal!"

They went back and forth ... some names were called ... many expletives were used.


Dana White Tony Ferguson Will NOT Fight at UFC 209 ... Period.

3/3/2017 2:03 PM PST

Dana White tells TMZ Sports there will be NO replacement fighter for Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 209 ... despite offers from several fighters ... which means Tony Ferguson is off the card, period.

White says he did speak with Michael Johnson -- the last guy to beat Ferguson -- and praises him for offering to step up and take the fight on short notice.

But ultimately, White says the decision was made to scrap Tony from the card completely and book him for another fight at a later date.

Dana joked he was on "suicide watch" over the fight being canceled -- but says it will still be a great show, headlined by Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

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