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Ronda Rousey

Fallon Fox Has Unfair Advantage

But I'd Still Beat Her Ass!

9/19/2014 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

091414_ronda_rousey_launchRonda Rousey tells TMZ Sports ... she believes transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox has an "unfair advantage" over naturally born women -- but she'd still kick her ass anyway.

Rousey was at LAX when we asked about Fallon -- a post-op transgender who was born a man and now fights with the women. 

FYI -- Fox has won her last two fights ... and beat her last opponent so badly, she reportedly suffered a concussion, a broken orbital bone and required 7 staples in her head (video below). 

Rousey -- the reigning female UFC champ -- says she's done a lot of research on the situation ... and ultimately feels Fox needs to be fighting with the men -- especially with the damage she's inflicting. 

But when we asked if Ronda would be afraid to get in the Octagon against Fox, Rousey makes it clear ... she fears NO ONE ... Y chromosome or no Y chromosome.

Lyoto Machida

The Secret To The Perfect Brazilian Butt Is ...

9/13/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC badass Lyoto Machida is about to get to the bottom of a mystery -- a bottom mystery -- 'cause the pro face breaker just told TMZ Sports why women in his native Brazil have such nice ... assets.

Machida was out in Beverly Hills with his smokin' hot wife when our camera guy asked the question that women all over the world want to know -- how do Brazilian chicks get their mystical booty powers???

Check the video -- Machida gives our camera guy two reasons Brazilian chicks are so bootylicious.

Somewhere, Jen Selter is nervous ...

UFC Star Nick Diaz

Popped for DUI

Allegedly Tries To Puke Out Evidence

9/12/2014 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


UFC superstar Nick Diaz was arrested for DUI in California last week -- and cops say to make matters worse, he attempted to "destroy evidence" by trying to make himself puke. 

We've learned ... Diaz was pulled over around 2AM on Sept. 6th in Lodi, CA for a routine traffic violation -- and during the stop, cops say they noticed Diaz appeared to be wasted.

Diaz was taken to a nearby jail -- where cops say he went to the bathroom and attempted to make himself vomit in what seems like an effort to get the booze out of his system.

For the record, cops say Diaz was unable to pull his own trigger -- and never actually barfed. 

He was eventually hit with 4 charges -- misdemeanor DUI, driving on a suspended license, obstructing a police investigation and destroying evidence. 

Diaz -- who's supposed to fight Anderson Silva in January -- was eventually released on his own recognizance. 

The UFC issued a statement saying they are aware of the situation and are gathering the facts.


Ex-UFC Star Thiago Silva

Dom Violence Charges Dropped

After Alleged Gun Attack

9/4/2014 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thiago Silva just scored the biggest victory of his life -- prosecutors DROPPED all of the charges against the ex-UFC star stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident earlier this year that ended with a S.W.A.T. team standoff. 

As we previously reported, Silva was arrested in South Florida February 6th after rolling up to an MMA studio and allegedly pointing a gun at his wife. 

He was initially charged with attempted murder -- but that charge was quickly thrown out. Instead, Silva was hit with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. 

But TMZ Sports has learned ... prosecutors decided to nuke those charges as well -- which means Silva is essentially off the hook. 

The Broward County Attorney's Office tells us ..."All charges against Thiago Silva were dropped. The victim was uncooperative, and investigators determined that she has likely moved out of the country."

Silva's attorney, Scott Saul, says the fighter has always proclaimed his innocence and is looking forward to moving on with his life.  

"Thiago was described as some sort of rabid bird, [the allegations] made him look like a crazy person.  But he was not," Saul says. 

After Thiago's arrest, UFC honcho Dana White swore he would NEVER allow Silva to fight in the UFC again. It's unclear if he'll change his position now that Thiago is in the clear. 

'Ultimate Fighter' Women

We Only Date Dudes

Tougher Than Us!!

9/4/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you can't execute a rear naked chokehold, you're looking at a group of chicks you have no chance of scoring  with ... ever. 

TMZ Sports spoke with the cast of UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter 20" (which starts next week on Fox Sports 1) ... bona fide bad ass chicks ... who tell us they only date dudes who are as deadly as they are. 

The lovely (and lethal) ladies were out in NY when we asked them if guys are (rightfully) intimidated by them ... being they could prolly beat up most of the Earth's human population.

Peep the clip -- the ladies make it clear the type of men they date would never be intimidated by ANYONE.

They're pretty hot ... might be worth risking a beating.

UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold

I'm Sorry For Cupping Tiger Testicles

8/27/2014 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-ufc-luke-rockhold-instagramUFC fighter Luke Rockhold worked on his grip Tuesday in Thailand ... and by that, we mean he grabbed a tiger by the balls -- and now the UFC fighter is apologizing.

The 29-year old middleweight posted a pic of the impromptu animal physical online ... only to issue an apology a short time later.

Rockhold tweeted, "For those of u who think it was disrespectful I'm sorry.  Was so minor just joking around.  I was way too scared and would never do anything harmful to any animal."

Believe it or not ... there are several tiger parks all over Thailand ... and taking pics with the giant cats is a super popular thing to do.  

Cupping their balls however, is not.

War Machine


After Alleged Attack at Porn Party

8/25/2014 8:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Ex-MMA star War Machine took a stab at a porn career after he was kicked out of the UFC -- but was quickly blacklisted after beating up several porn people ... so says XXX star Brooke Haven

Haven tells TMZ Sports ... she invited Mr. Machine to her birthday party back in 2009 after they performed a sex scene together. 

But when he got to the party, Haven says someone hit on the fighter's date -- and things got violent ... quick. 

According to Haven, Machine didn't just ruin the party -- he ruined his shot at a porn career ... because after the "massacre," no one wanted to work with the guy again. 

Probably a good move.

Jon 'Bones' Jones

Scratched from UFC 178

8/12/2014 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0812_jon_jones_gettyJon "Bones" Jones will not defend his light heavyweight belt at UFC 178  -- he just had to bow out of the fight with an injury he suffered during training.

Jones was supposed to take on Daniel Cormier as the main event at UFC 178 in Las Vegas on September 27 -- but the bout will now move to UFC 182.

Jones reportedly hurt either his leg or ankle while sparring.

This is the 2nd big change for this fight. Jones was originally supposed to fight Alexander Gustafsson ... but he got injured, and Cormier stepped in to get his shot against Jones.

UFC 182 is set to go down in January.

Of course, Jones and Cormier already scrapped at a media event to promote their fight. Guess, we'll have to be happy with that footage for the next few months.


UFC Fighter Joe Riggs

I'll Fight Again ...

Even With Holes in My Hand & Leg

8/11/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808_joe_riggs_gun_shot_hand_wounds_injury_photos_launchUFC fighter Joe Riggs has a huge hole in his leg, and another in his hand ... but he's still vowing to fight again as early as December -- which is unbelievable when you see how badly his hand was injured in a gun accident.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Riggs was cleaning his Sig Sauer 1911 pistol last month when the weapon discharged, blowing a hole in his left leg. He also severely jacked up his left hand. Fair warning ... these pics of the damage are gruesome.

We're told Riggs' doctors are only willing to say he will "eventually" make a full recovery -- but the fighter is confident he'll be ready to go before year's end.

Good luck to him, but based on the photos ... seems like a long shot.

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

Fighters Brawl

At Promo Event

8/4/2014 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

080414_jon_johns_launchJon Jones and Daniel Cormier couldn't wait until September 27 to fight ... so they brawled Monday in the middle of the MGM in Las Vegas ... and this one didn't look fake at all.

Jones and Cormier got nose-to-nose, which Cormier was not into ... so he shoved Jones away. Clearly Jones was not pleased, so he went after Cormier and the two knocked the backdrop over before tumbling off the stage.

The two went at it on Twitter afterwards, with Cormier writing, "I won't let another man get in my face and put his forehead against mine. I will react every time. @jonnybones next time i will slap you"

For his part, Jones wrote, "yo, DC you suck. you suck. you gonna chop me over the neck and get beat up - And I had you on your back - what - in 6 seconds - you suck. you felt so weak."

UFC 178 is gonna be awesome!


UFC's Arianny Celeste

On Urijah Faber:

'He Pulls Mad Chicks!'

7/4/2014 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC's hottest ring girl Arianny Celeste is no player hater ... she's an appreciator ... and she's giving mad props to one UFC fighter for absolutely SLAYING IT with the ladies.

Celeste was flaunting her killer physique out at the pool at the Mandalay Bay for UFC International Fight Week ... when we asked her who she thought was the best looking fighter around.

It didn't take her long to name Urijah Faber -- and says she's not the only one who feels that way because the dude "pulls mad chicks!"


BONUS: Some of the other ring girls were also out in bikinis and doing their thing yesterday ... so, you might wanna check that out too!



UFC Star Tom Lawlor

I'm a Wrestling Manager Now!

5/18/2014 7:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

UFC star "Filthy" Tom Lawlor can now add wrestling manager to his resume ... and based on the footage of him training with his clients before the match -- the fighter is taking the gig very seriously.

Filthy appeared alongside a tag team called reDRagon at ROH Wrestling's pay per view "War of the Worlds" Saturday in New York ... during their match against The Young Bucks.

The fighter's tag team was victorious -- and we're told Lawlor is open to working with the company again in the future.

Watch your back Jimmy Hart.


Ken Shamrock

Jay Z's Bodyguard Sucks

He Failed In the Elevator

5/13/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0512-ken-shamrock-tmz-01Beyonce's sister should never have ever come CLOSE to attacking Jay Z in that hotel elevator ... because the bodyguard could have prevented the attack ... so says a guy who would know, Ken Shamrock

The former UFC champ now specializes in private security for high-profile people -- and he tells TMZ Sports the guy who was with Jay that night simply FAILED at his job. 

"It's pretty clear that something went off [between Jay Z and Solange] before the fight," Shamrock says.

"The bodyguard should never have put them on the elevator together. You're waiting for a time bomb to go off. And when it does, you're stuck."

Shamrock -- who's been working for Pro-tect Global for more than a year -- says the bodyguard also erred by turning his back on Jay. 

"Rather than getting in between Jay and Solange, he was pressing the elevator buttons. It seemed to me he didn't know what his job was."

Ken says he knows the guy was in a tough situation and says it's easy to judge from afar -- but the bottom line is ... Jay Z got attacked -- and it didn't have to happen that way. 

Jay Z Attacked By Solange Knowles

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