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Donald Trump Topless Protesters Say 'Grab Your Balls'

11/8/2016 8:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Trump missed out on a fine display of the First Amendment when 2 topless women burst into his polling place with a juicy message scrawled on their bods.

The women barged into the midtown Manhattan polling station -- where Trump later voted -- chanting, "Out of our polls, Trump. Out of our polls, Trump." They'd also written "Trump" and "Grab your balls" on their bare torsos.

They were almost immediately arrested and reportedly booked for electioneering -- a misdemeanor prohibiting the display of badges and signs supporting a candidate at a polling place.

Btw, the toplessness -- totally legal in NY state. 


Cubs KO Victim Arrest Record for Assault, Harassment

11/3/2016 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Chicago Cubs fan who was knocked out cold after Game 7 of the World Series was enough of a hothead recently to get arrested twice ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Alan Anderson was busted by Chicago cops Sept. 10th for the crimes of phone harassment and assault. Law enforcement sources say the alleged victim is Anderson's ex-girlfriend. According to docs, he allegedly called her 160 times and left a voicemail saying, "I am coming for you, I'm bringing brass knuckles for you."

He was arrested at a bar in Chicago. The case is being handled by the domestic violence unit in the prosecutor's office.

He was also busted in March for another misdemeanor case of harassing someone by phone. 


Anderson did not want to discuss his arrests -- he has an upcoming court date -- but he did strongly deny he was talking smack with the Indians fan who knocked him out Wednesday night.

He admits he was celebrating loudly, but not in anyone's face, when the Indians fan approached and told him to shut up. He says they argued for a bit, and then the guy punched him out of nowhere. Anderson says he was calmly pleading his case when he got hit, and did not dare him to swing ... as witnesses have claimed.

As we told you, Cleveland PD is investigating.


Ex-Miss USA Busted for 5 Finger Discount at LAX

11/2/2016 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1102-lu-parker-tmz-03update_graphic_red_bar12:25 PM PT -- A spokesperson for Lu's station, KTLA, tells us the arrest is a misunderstanding -- she noticed the earbuds were left behind, and picked them up, "intending to return them to the owner whom she had been speaking with while in line to clear TSA."

The spokesperson says when Lu was unable to locate the owner, she boarded her flight -- but she is fully cooperating with authorities.update_grey_gray_barFormer Miss USA Lu Parker is under arrest for pilfering a pair of high-end headphones at LAX ... TMZ has learned.

The 1994 pageant winner, and current news anchor in L.A., allegedly lifted the headphones Wednesday morning at the TSA screening area in Terminal 6. Law enforcement sources tell us she walked to her gate and boarded her flight.

We're told cops saw Lu take the audio gear on CCTV cams, and tracked her down on the plane before it left. Officers hauled her off the jet and took her into custody. The headphones are worth $200, so she's looking at a misdemeanor theft.

1102-lu-parker-leaving-station-tmzReally bad luck for Parker -- we're told the owner of the headphones is an LAPD Robbery Homicide detective.

Parker famously dated former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa several years ago, but they've broken up.



NFL's Josh Huff Arrested for Gun And Weed

11/1/2016 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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1101-josh-huff-GETTY-01Philadelphia Eagles' Josh Huff was arrested for gun and weed possession after he was pulled over for speeding ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to the Delaware River Port Authority criminal complaint, the 25-year-old wide receiver was stopped on the Walt Whitman Bridge in Jersey around 11 AM after cops saw him going 25 mph over the speed limit. 

Police say his car reeked of weed -- and when a cop asked him about the smell, Huff handed him a "tight vac" container of "suspected marijuana." 

Cops say Huff also told them he had a handgun in the car -- which was found in the driver's side door, next to a magazine that contained "six hollow point bullets."

Huff was booked for gun possession without a permit and marijuana possession (less than 50 grams). His bail was set at $25k.

He was also charged with DUI and illegal window tinting. 

He's due in court in a couple weeks.

NY Mets Star Jeurys Familia Arrested For Domestic Violence

11/1/2016 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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1101-jeurys-familia-TMZ-01N.Y. Mets star pitcher Jeurys Familia was arrested for domestic violence early Monday morning in New Jersey ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Familia -- an All-Star pitcher -- was arrested by the Fort Lee police department ... after they responded Monday morning at 2:22 AM to a call for "a dispute."

According to the complaint ... cops observed visible injuries to the alleged victim, including "a scratch to the chest and bruise to the right cheek." 

Familia was arrested and charged with simple assault. His bail was set at $1,500.

The Mets released the following statement, saying, "The matter was brought to our attention and we are monitoring the situation."

We reached out to Familia's rep ... but so far, no word back.

FYI -- Familia appeared in an anti-domestic violence PSA earlier this month.

Story developing ...

Donald Trump's Star Vandal Arrested

10/27/2016 7:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1027-james-otis-Facebook-trump-star-01The guy who destroyed Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star got busted by cops Thursday morning.

LAPD tracked down James Otis in West Hollywood as he was leaving a home, and took him into custody. We're told he was cooperative as officers arrested him for felony vandalism.

Otis was planning to hold a news conference in a few hours ... then turn himself in to cops, but LAPD clearly wasn't down for his dog and pony show.

As we reported ... Otis took a pickax to Trump's star early Wednesday. He came on "TMZ Live" a few hours later to confess and explain why he had it out for the GOP candidate. 

Tyson Gay's Daughter 4th Man Arrested In Murder Case

10/20/2016 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1020-lamonte-williams-mug-01A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Tyson Gay's 15-year-old daughter ... the 4th suspect arrested so far ... cops have confirmed. 

The Lexington P.D. says they believe Lamonte A. Williams was involved in the gunfight near the Cook Out restaurant on October 16th ... in which a stray bullet struck and killed Trinity Gay, daughter of the U.S. Olympic track star. 

Cops say Williams and at least 3 other men opened fire on each other that night and fired multiple gunshots. 

The other 3 suspects have already been arrested. 

Williams has been charged with wanton endangerment. 

The investigation is still active -- cops are still trying to determine the exact sequence of events that led up to Gay's death.

Dream Hotel Founder Arrested for Dog Burning

10/18/2016 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1018-vikram-chatwal-INSTAGRAM-02Lindsay Lohan's friend and Dream Hotel founder Vikram Chatwal was arrested by NYPD Tuesday morning for burning 2 dogs with an aerosol can and lighter.

As we reported ... Chatwal allegedly walked up to the dogs on a NYC street outside his apartment last week and opened fire as they were being walked. We got some bizarre video of him right after the incident.

Chatwal was booked on one felony count of criminal mischief -- and 3 misdemeanors ... torturing an animal, reckless endangerment and arson. 

Rappin' 4-Tay Busted for Burglary

10/12/2016 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_rappin_4-tay_facebookRappin' 4-Tay -- best known for his '94 hit "Playaz Club" -- was arrested for first degree residential burglary ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the case tell us the rapper is sitting in a San Francisco jail, with his bail set at $112,000. Here's the thing -- his arrest went down Sept. 24th. He's been rotting behind bars since then. Details on the alleged burglary are still unclear, but we're told it's just the latest incident in a string of legal trouble.

He also allegedly took stuff out of a commercial building recently ... and we're told cops discovered 2 outstanding warrants when 4-Tay was taken into custody.

Story developing ...

Shailene Woodley Arrested for Trespassing

10/10/2016 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Shailene Woodley was arrested for criminal trespass while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline ... law enforcement tells TMZ.

The 'Divergent' star was busted Monday morning for trespassing during what she called a "peaceful protest" in Sioux County, North Dakota. About 100 protesters were on a construction site for the controversial pipeline project before cops moved in and put handcuffs on Shailene.


Shailene was arrested for 2 misdemeanors ... including engaging in a riot. Cops tell us they issued multiple warnings for the protesters to leave. 27 protesters were ultimately arrested.

The planned pipeline affects sacred Standing Rock Sioux land and burial grounds. On Sunday, a Federal appeals court rejected their request to stop the construction ... which sparked the protest. 


Ron White Alleged Tour Bus Vandal No Match For My Golf Club and Undies

10/8/2016 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1007-ron-white-TMZ-01Ron White got a rude awakening after a man allegedly kicked the crap out of his tour bus in the wee hours of the morning ... prompting the comedian to rush out in his long johns wielding a golf club.

Cops in Greenville, SC tell TMZ ... it all went down around 2:30 AM Friday when a driver sideswiped White's parked tour bus with his truck. Cops came and determined Bradley Palmer was at fault ... which really pissed him off.

We're told cops knocked on White's bus to hand him the collision report ... but he was asleep and no one answered. That shoulda been the end of it ... but get this -- shortly after, cops say they got a second call ... about Ron chasing Palmer with a golf club.

Ron says he woke up to someone loudly kicking his bus. He dashed out of the bus without putting clothes on ... and gave chase with the iron.

Cops checked for damage and found shoe prints that corroborated Ron's story. They arrested Palmer and charged him with malicious damage to property.

'American Idol' Finalist Busted In Undercover Drug Sting

10/7/2016 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1007-harris-mug-01"American Idol" finalist Curtis "C.J." Harris was arrested in an undercover drug bust for allegedly selling oxycodone and marijuana. 

Law enforcement officials in Alabama tell us Harris was arrested Thursday after allegedly selling drugs to a confidential informant. 

Harris was hit with 3 counts of felony distribution of a controlled substance. We're told he's still in custody and is being held on a $90k bond.

Harris finished 6th during season 13 of the show ... Caleb Johnson took home the crown that year. 

Chris Brown Of Course the Gun Case is BS

10/6/2016 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown was a man of few words Wednesday night, but it didn't take many to show his disdain for authorities who arrested him in a gun case that has fallen apart.

Chris was on his way into Catch when he made it clear ... he's confident the gun arrest will not stick. As we reported, the case is going nowhere ... cops got a second extension to complete an investigation that really begins and ends with a very shaky alleged victim.

1006-catch-restaraunt-website-03By the way, speaking of Catch ... it's the new Craig's -- everyone's going there. Hollywood's nothing if not predictable ... a few celebs eat somewhere and it takes a minute for the rest to follow.

It's also really good. 

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