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Odell Beckham's Dad Had Loaded Gun, Weed & Scale ... During Arrest

10/27/2017 1:44 PM PDT

Bizarre twist in the Odell Beckham Sr. arrest -- cops say the NFL star's father was packin' heat and had weed and a scale in his truck when he was arrested.

The makings of a drug deal? Not exactly. He was NOT charged with intent to distribute ... but it doesn't look good.

According to the arrest report obtained by TMZ Sports ... cops pulled Odell's father over after smelling a cloud of marijuana when his truck drove past an officer at a stop sign.

When the officer approached, Odell had a burned out joint in the car and weed in a jar. Cops say they also found a loaded Ruger 9mm pistol with 16 bullets in the clip and 1 in the chamber.

Odell insisted the weed (1.524 ounces) was only for personal use -- he told the cops he thought it was legal to have it in his possession. No explanation for the gun.

He was eventually charged with possession of less than 2 ounces of weed and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Odell Beckham's Dad Arrested On Gun and Weed Charges

10/26/2017 12:34 PM PDT

Odell Beckham's biological father -- Odell Beckham Sr. -- was arrested in Texas on Wednesday after officials in Texas say he was carrying weed and a gun ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Details surrounding the arrest are unclear -- but Odell was booked on 2 charges ... "unlawful carrying weapon" and "possession of marijuana under 2 ounces."

Beckham was taken to a nearby station where he was booked and posed for a mug shot. He has since been released on $5,000 bail.

Like his son, Odell Sr. played football at LSU -- and was the starting running back for the Tigers when Odell was born in 1992.

Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Brother Arrested for Child Porn

10/25/2017 7:59 AM PDT

11:10 AM PT -- We just obtained the complaint, which lists 20 criminal counts, including one for possession of more than 600 images of children in porn, which includes 10 or more of a prepubescent minor. Most of the counts involve sexual exploitation of a child.

10:56 AM PT -- We've obtained Paddock's booking photo.

The brother of Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock has been arrested for child porn ... TMZ has learned.

Bruce Paddock was taken into custody moments ago in North Hollywood, CA at an assisted living home.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops were tipped that there was child porn on his computer and they got a search warrant. Our sources say the investigation began before his brother, Stephen, shot up the Vegas music festival earlier this month.

Our sources say before the shooting cops were trying to locate Bruce without success, but after his brother committed his heinous act a tip came in Bruce was living at an assisted living facility.

Cops say they found child porn images on his computer.

The arrest was made by a joint task force that included the FBI and LAPD.

Robert Mathis Admitted Booze and Sleeping Pill ... Cops Say

10/24/2017 11:25 AM PDT

Ex-NFL star Robert Mathis told police he drank alcohol and took a sleeping pill before getting behind the wheel of a pickup truck ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Mathis was pulled over after cops noticed him driving the wrong way down a 1-way street early Tuesday morning -- and when officers approached the vehicle, Mathis was a mess.

The officer says, "As I asked Robert Mathis for his driver's license and vehicle registration, I noticed that his speech was slow and thick and he appeared lost and confused."

When asked for vehicle registration, Mathis handed the officer a large vehicle placard (a placard that comes with brand new vehicles).

According to the report, officers asked Mathis if he had anything to drink -- "He stated that he had one shot of cognac, but had also taken a sleeping aid around 10 PM."

Mathis told another officer he had two shots of Crown Royal along with the sleeping aid. He was given a field sobriety test and bombed it.

As we previously reported, Mathis' blood alcohol level was below the legal limit -- but officers felt he was under the influence and in no condition to drive so he was arrested for OWI.

During the process, cops noticed he had 2 dogs in his truck so his wife was called to pick up the animals.

Mathis has since been released from custody.

Justin Bieber Bev Hills Bachelor Pad Runs $55k/Mo

10/24/2017 10:46 AM PDT

Justin Bieber can't be thrilled about an alleged trespasser on his property -- but he's gotta be stoked about the crib itself, 'cause it's a bachelor's paradise.

TMZ has learned Justin's renting the Bev Hills house where an unwelcome intruder has shown up over the past week. He's spending a whopping $55k/month, and one look around the place explains why he'd fork out that kinda dough.

It's got 6 beds, 5.5 baths and over 8,600 sq. ft. -- way more house than a single guy like Bieber needs. Not to mention it also has a movie theater, gym, home office, pool and spa, and a fire pit. We're told the pad was rented through You Me Him and Her Rental Properties and CIRG Brokerage Inc & LA Estate Rentals. 

Oh, and the bathrooms come with their own TVs, or at least the one where JB took this pic does.

We broke the story ... a woman was arrested Monday after cops say she was trespassing on Bieber's property, for the third time this week. 

Our suggestion ... up the security, and park it. This house is too good to leave.

Boosie Bro Off the Hook For Alleged Bank Siphoning

10/16/2017 9:49 AM PDT

Boosie's brother is dodging serious potential jail time for allegedly stealing more than $300k from his famous sibling, but the big question ... WHY??

The D.A. in charge of Taquari Hatch's case has refused to file charges against him -- despite cops busting him for allegedly siphoning $361,000 from Boosie's account.

We broke the story ... Taquari was booked for identity theft and fraud charges after cops claimed he posed as Boosie to authorize multiple wire transfers. Taquari had always maintained he was innocent ... and it now seems the D.A. agrees -- or at least feels the evidence wasn't strong enough.

We've reached out to the D.A.'s office for clarification on why Taquari is walking away scot-free ... so far, no word back.

Kodak Black Indicted on Sexual Conduct Charges

10/9/2017 1:45 PM PDT
Breaking News

Kodak Black is facing new criminal charges for sexual misconduct with a teenager.

Kodak's accused of sexually assaulting the girl in February 2016 at a hotel in South Carolina. He allegedly pushed her into a wall, onto a bed and proceeded to assault her -- biting her neck and breast before forcibly having sex with her.

He was actually indicted in April, but news of the charges just broke Monday. As we reported, the Florida rapper was arrested last year, and got out of a South Carolina jail on a $100k bond.

Kodak's facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Nelly Accuser Claims Rape without Condom His Lawyer Says He Has Proof She's a Liar

10/8/2017 11:33 AM PDT

The woman who claims Nelly raped her says she had been partying with him before he forced her to have sex without a condom, but Nelly's lawyer says he will expose her for what she is ... a liar.

We've learned the 21-year-old Seattle resident claims she met Nelly at a club in Washington, where she and her friends drank at his table and got "tipsy."

She says she was invited to an after-party and drove off with Nelly's people. The woman says she was taken to Nelly's tour bus.  

She says she was in Nelly's room with him when he tried to have sex with her and she said no. She claims Nelly told her to "shut up" and said he wanted to have sex with her without protection, which she says he did over her objections.  

The woman says, afterward, Nelly offered her money, but she declined, and then a woman came up and said, "You gotta go." She kicked her off the bus and threw $100 at her.

Nelly's lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, tells TMZ, "It does not surprise me that she wanted to have her story publicized. That is playbook 101 of a person with an agenda and clearly she has one. The agenda is money, fame and notoriety."

Rosenblum says he has an investigator on the case and "we will be able to show by objective evidence and unbiased witnesses that she has zero credibility."

The lawyer adds, "She's a person who is making a dangerous, fraudulent allegation to accomplish her own goals."

TMZ broke the story ... Nelly was arrested early Saturday for second degree rape and released a short time later.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Contestant Defies DUI Judge ... I'm Filming in L.A., Baby!!!

10/6/2017 12:40 AM PDT

An upcoming "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestant is thumbing his nose at the judge in his DUI case by going to werrrrk in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Andrew Bryson -- whose drag name is Blair St. Clair -- is currently taping in L.A. as a contestant for season 10 of 'Drag Race.' That's in clear violation of a court order stating he must stay in Indiana following a DUI bust this year.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, St. Clair was pulled over in March in Fort Wayne, IN and blew a .195 -- more than twice the legal limit! We checked and the judge's order banning his out-of-state travel is still in place.

It's a catch 22 for "Blair" -- winning the show could unlock a showbiz career, but doing the show at all could land his ass in a jail cell. We made a call to VH1, but no word back yet.

Las Vegas Shooter His Brother Is Wanted by Cops

10/5/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock has a younger brother who has a warrant out for his arrest, albeit for something far less menacing ... TMZ has learned.

57-year-old Bruce Paddock is wanted in L.A. County, according to docs, and it stems from one of his laundry list of violations. Paddock was busted for vandalism in 2014 -- he jacked up a moving company's property.

Paddock pled no contest and got 150 hours of community service, but kept trying to get it reduced. When he no-show'd for a 2016 court date, the judge issued the bench warrant.

We broke the story ... Bruce has a long rap sheet, including arrests for arson, burglary and criminal threats. The vandalism is a misdemeanor, so it's unlikely cops are actively seeking him.

Still, a routine traffic stop could land his ass in jail.

Dennis Schroder Mug Shot After Hookah Bar Fight

9/29/2017 1:52 PM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained Dennis Schroder's mug shot -- taken after he was arrested for fighting outside of an Atlanta area hookah bar early Friday morning.

As we previously reported, the Atlanta Hawks star was arrested -- along with 3 friends -- for allegedly jumping a dude following a heated verbal altercation around 2 AM.

Cops say they have surveillance video showing the 24-year-old shoving the victim -- before DS's friends began unloading punches and kicks.

The victim was hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries.

So far, no statement from Schroder.

Kardashian's Store Armed Suspect 911 Call ... She Held Up the Gun to Me!!!

9/28/2017 3:02 PM PDT

The Kardashians' DASH store employees were forced to hide in a back room while a gun-wielding woman terrorized them ... according to the frantic 911 call.

TMZ obtained the gripping call one worker made to cops, moments after the suspect, Maricia Medrano, held her at gunpoint and trashed the store. You can hear the fear in the female employee's voice as she tries to describe the suspect for cops. She was especially panicked because Medrano was still there.

The employee told cops Medrano was ranting about killing the Kardashians if they didn't stay out of Cuba. As we reported, Medrano fled the store, but returned later with a machete.

Cops eventually arrested Medrano for assault and criminal threats. She's being held on $50,000 bail.

Taylor Swift Obsessed Fan Found Unfit for Stalking Trial

9/26/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Taylor Swift's latest obsessed fan won't be facing a jury of his peers anytime soon -- the judge says he's mentally unfit to stand trial.

Mohammed Jaffar had a court hearing Monday in New York, where a judge declared he couldn't be tried on the stalking charge against him in his current state, and would remain in custody -- at a mental health facility -- until he is fit for trial.

We broke the story ... Jaffar showed warning signs of his obsession with Taylor as early as 2014 through tweets that became more brazen and troubling over time.

He was busted earlier this year when cops discovered he'd been camping out on the roof of Taylor's building, and buzzed her doorbell for an hour straight.

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