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Illinois Football Players Arrested for Armed Robbery (Update)

5/10/2017 11:19 AM PDT
Breaking News

Three University of Illinois football players have been arrested for armed robbery and home invasion for an alleged incident at a campus dorm ... and it sounds like one of the most PATHETIC crimes ever committed. 

Darta Lee -- an 18-year-old offensive lineman who played 6 games as a true freshman was arrested ... as well as fellow offensive lineman Howard Watkins.

19-year-old Zarrian Holcombe was also popped -- he's a TE/WR who also played as a true freshman.

Cops say the 3 men were wearing masks and entered an apartment in an effort to rob the person inside. At least one of the men was brandishing what appeared to be a gun.

The problem, cops say the alleged victim recognized the voice of one of the masked men -- blowing their cover.

At that point, cops say one of the alleged robbers removed his mask and tried to play the whole thing off as a joke.

Oh, and cops say they now believe the gun used in the incident was a fake firearm. 

Despite the comedy of errors, the three men allegedly got money from the victim and booked it. 

The victim went to cops and the suspects were easily tracked down and arrested.

Here's the thing ... home invasion is a very serious charge. If convicted, each man faces 6 to 30 years in prison. 

Conrad Hilton Refuses Jail Bus Ride No-Show at Arraignment

5/9/2017 2:37 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

3:45 PM PT -- Despite his no-show, Conrad's been officially charged with a felony count of driving or taking a vehicle without consent.  He was also charged with 2 misdemeanors for violating the restraining order Hunter Daily has against him, and contempt of court ... also a misdemeanor.Conrad Hilton -- who went off the rails Saturday morning with racial and homophobic insults directed at cops -- will stay in jail another night because he decided court was not for him.

Hilton was supposed to be arraigned Tuesday but we're told he simply refused to come out of his jail cell, so he never made it on the bus from County Jail to court.

Turns out ... if he refuses to come out there's nothing Sheriff's deputies -- who control the jail -- can do short of getting a court order allowing them to physically remove him from his cell and take him to the courtroom.

Hilton was arrested after allegedly stealing a Bentley from Rick Salomon's home, driving it to his ex-girlfriend's house and trying to break in. The ex-GF has a restraining order ... Hilton was arrested for violating that order.

TMZ broke the story, Conrad's attorney and family are trying to get him hospitalized as a condition of bail.

The arraignment was rescheduled for Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

'Love & Hip Hop: New York' Star Busted on Her Own BDay for Beatdown

5/9/2017 9:57 AM PDT

"Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Tahiry Jose got an awful birthday present  -- handcuffs and a trip to jail after an alleged beatdown.

The incident went down on Cinco de Mayo, Tahiry's 38th birthday, after she got into a physical altercation with a woman who was staying in her New Jersey home.

According to arrest docs, Tahiry punched and scratched the woman in her face ... and yanked her hair, leaving "reddish bruises" on the right side of her face.

Tahiry tells TMZ ... SHE was the victim, and was merely defending herself. She claims she got home and the woman -- whom she'd just recently allowed to stay with her -- jumped her and started breaking stuff.

Tahiry was booked for assault and released the next day, but says she plans to press charges too.

We'll say this, the ex-roomie probably stepped to the wrong chick. As 'LHHNY' fans know, Tahiry's always down to throw down.

Conrad Hilton Unloads Racist, Homophobic Rant During Arrest at Ex's Home

5/8/2017 1:04 PM PDT

Conrad Hilton raged at police during his arrest at E.G. Daily's house -- unleashing homophobic and racist slurs on police.

TMZ obtained video of Conrad's arrest early Saturday morning outside E.G.'s home, and he accused one of the officers of touching his penis, then screams a homophobic epithet. He also screamed rape. 

Law enforcement sources say he also used the n-word. The person who shot the video bleeped that word.

We broke the story ... Conrad was arrested for grand theft auto after allegedly stealing Rick Salomon's Bentley and driving it to E.G.'s house, where his ex-gf, Hunter Daily Salomon, lives. You can see the car in the video.

He also screamed "I'm Conrad motherf***ing Hilton, don't you forget it."

As we've reported ... E.G. believes Conrad has mental health issues and desperately needs to get treatment.

Adele Phony Manager Busted For Trying to Scam Kendrick

5/8/2017 12:49 PM PDT
Breaking News

A scam artist tried to score comped $250 concert tickets by pretending to be Adele's manager ... according to cops who busted the impostor.

According to the police report, a man by the name Justin Jackson sent an email to a rep at Interscope Records, Kendrick Lamar's label ... and claimed he was Adele's manager. He was trying to score 3 tickets to the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, where Kendrick was headlining. 

According to docs, Kendrick's rep thought it was shady and hit up Jonathan Dickens, Adele's real rep, and discovered it was a hoax. Dickens' lawyers notified police who arrested Jackson and his wife ... when they showed up at the venue to collect the passes.

Adele's attorney, Brian Bieber (no relation), tells us the suspect also pulled similar moves attempting to get tickets from Chris Brown, Kate Perry and Rihanna -- and even sneakers from NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

The Miami Herald, which broke the story, says Justin's got a rap sheet for this sort of thing. He was once convicted of posing as Madonna’s manager to steal $2.4 million in jewelry.

Estella Warren Arrested ... That's Not How to 'Clean' Up BF's Act

5/8/2017 8:59 AM PDT

Estella Warren was arrested for dousing her boyfriend in cleaning fluid ... TMZ has learned.

The model/actress was busted early Sunday morning after an argument at her Marina del Rey apartment. Law enforcement sources tell us ... during the dispute, Estella grabbed a container of some kind of cleaning solution, and threw it at the guy. 

L.A. County Sheriff's deputies booked Warren for misdemeanor domestic violence. Her bf, btw, is probably going to be okay ... we're told he declined medical treatment on the scene.

Warren got out of jail Sunday afternoon after posting $20k bail ... which is a better way to get out of custody than her last arrest.

We've reached out to her reps, but no word back.

Street Ball Legend Fly Williams Alleged 'Kingpin' In $20 Mil Brooklyn Heroin Ring

5/4/2017 8:27 AM PDT
Breaking News

Street ball legend Fly Williams -- considered one of the greatest street ballers of all time -- was arrested in NY after cops say he was running a multi-million dollar heroin empire.

The 64-year-old -- who was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in the 1st round of the '74 ABA Draft -- has named the "kingpin" of the operation by the Brooklyn District Attorney.

He's facing 10 felony charges related to the alleged ring.

Law enforcement sources tell us prosecutors believe Fly was running a team of street dealers who were moving 2 million glassines of heroin at $10 a pop.

Cops have recovered $180,000 in cash and 2 KILOS of heroin.

18 arrests have been made in connection with the ring and face charges of conspiracy, operating a drug ring, drug possession and more.

WWE Legend X-Pac Arrested for Meth and Weed

5/2/2017 6:45 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

WWE legend X-Pac was arrested at LAX over the weekend after cops say he tried to carry meth and marijuana through customs ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... 44-year-old Sean Waltman was flying out to a wrestling event in the United Kingdom when he was stopped at Customs and officials discovered the drugs.

We're told airport police were called to the scene and Waltman was arrested on the spot. He was transported to a nearby jail where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance. 

To make things worse ... during the process, officials noticed an outstanding warrant for Waltman stemming from a prior DUI arrest.

Bail was set at $35k. He's since been released.

Waltman has struggled with substance abuse in the past -- he's been arrested for drug possession on multiple occasions. He also told Steve Austin he "got real bad" on crystal meth when he first moved out to L.A.

Waltman was also in a prior relationship with Chyna -- who died from drugs and alcohol after a battle with substance abuse.

We reached out to X-Pac's rep who told us the wrestling superstar is "fine" -- but didn't have any other details.

Evander Holyfield's Son Football Star Arrested On Drug Charges

5/1/2017 6:48 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:10 AM PT -- According to a police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, cops were called to Holyfield's dorm after an RA smelled weed coming from his room.

Cops say Holyfield answered the door and had bloodshot eyes. He said he hadn't been smoking and didn't know what they were talking about, despite a strong smell of marijuana.

According to the report, police had to get a search warrant because Holyfield wouldn't let them into his room. Once they got in, they saw a window had been opened. An officer checked the ground outside the window and found "seven buds of suspected unburned marijuana."

Cops say they also found a glass pipe inside an iPhone case covered in marijuana residue.University of Georgia football player Elijah Holyfield -- son of boxing legend Evander Holyfield -- was arrested Monday morning on drug charges.

According to jail records, the 18-year-old running back was booked into a jail near the Georgia campus around 3 AM.

Records show he was arrested on two misdemeanor charges -- possession of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects. He was released around 4 AM on $4,050 bail. 

Holyfield played in 5 games last season for the Bulldogs and was a top high school recruit. 

A rep for the UGA football team tells us head coach Kirby Smart is aware of the incident.

Kris Jenner Alleged Stalker Arrested at Her Home

5/1/2017 9:25 AM PDT

A fired security guard at Kris Jenner's home has been arrested for felony stalking, and we're told it's the 3rd time he's broken into the gated community to get at Kris.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Joshua Jacobs broke the arm at the security gate in the Hidden Hills gated community where Kris lives. He made it to the front of her house when Kris' private security detail pounced on the guy and held him until cops arrived.

We're told Jacobs has repeatedly busted into the development to get at Kris since he was fired from his security job with the gated community.

And our sources say when Jacobs was apprehended cops say he had a sign-in sheet that security uses. They believe he stole it and we're told it's likely he'll also be charged with theft.

As for why Jacobs is so determined to get to Kris ... it's unclear, but clearly scary.

NFL Lineman Pleads Guilty In Violent, Homophobic, Cop-Threatening Arrest

4/27/2017 9:33 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Indianapolis Colts lineman who threatened police and spewed homophobic insults after allegedly stealing a golf cart has pled guilty in the case ... and now faces 3 years behind bars.

As we previously reported, 25-year-old David Parry went on a crazy drunken bender in Scottsdale, AZ on Feb. 25 -- that culminated with the 300-pounder puking his guts out in a jail trash can.

During the incident, Parry called police "f**king f**gots," "fat f**ks" and "p**syboy."

Now, we've learned he's pled guilty to 1 count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and 1 count of felony attempt to commit unlawful means of transportation.

He'll be sentenced next month -- and faces up to 3 years behind bars.

We've also learned he's been charged with two counts of extreme DUI -- including having a BAC of over .20 -- stemming from the same incident. We're told that case is being handled in another court.

Louisiana Lafayette Football 13 Players Arrested In Alleged Dorm Room Theft

4/26/2017 7:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

The University of Louisiana Lafayette football program is in full meltdown mode right now after THIRTEEN PLAYERS were arrested Tuesday night in an alleged dorm room theft.

Among the 13 arrested are 8 guys who were projected to be STARTERS this season -- including linebacker Joe Dillon -- who was a freshman All-American last year.

The two guys expected to battle it out for the starting RB job -- Jordan Wright and Trey Ragas --  were also included in the bust.

So, what happened?

Officials say the 13 Ragin' Cajuns players went to a dorm room on April 5 and jacked $2,400 worth of stuff belonging to a student. There's apparently VIDEO of the incident.

All 13 players have been charged with criminal conspiracy to commit felony theft. They've been released from custody.

The school issued a statement saying all of the players have been suspended for a violation of team rules.

ULL opens their season against Southeastern Louisiana on Sept. 2. Wanna bet the line's about to change? 

Chris Soules 911 Dispatch 'Bachelor' Fled Tractor Driver Unconscious in Ditch

4/26/2017 6:56 AM PDT

Iowa cops went on a hot pursuit looking for Chris Soules after the 'Bachelor' star fled the scene ... this is how it plays out on the 911 tape.

The dispatcher immediately knew the gravity of the situation after Soules slammed into the back of the John Deere tractor Monday night. You hear the dispatcher say the tractor driver is lying in a ditch unconscious and CPR was already being performed.

It's apparent from the 911 audio ... cops immediately knew the person who fled the scene in someone's red pickup was Soules, and they went on a chase.

As we reported, police did not make contact with Soules until a few hours later, when they found him at his house. It appears they found a container of alcohol in the pickup.

Soules has been charged with the felony of leaving the scene of an accident causing death.

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