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Nick Carter You Haven't Heard ... The Truth About My Arrest

1/14/2016 1:36 PM PST
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Nick Carter swears there's much more to his arrest than meets the eye -- even though he's already been recorded describing the bar fight, in his own words, to cops.

The Backstreet Boys singer had a few words for reporters after he was arraigned in Key West. When he was released Thursday afternoon he said, "The truth will come out."

Nick and his pal, Michael Papayans, bailed out of jail after getting busted for misdemeanor battery.

You've gotta see this video of Nick right before the arrest -- it's that magic moment when cops arrive, your buzz starts to wear off and you tell your friend, "I'm so sorry, man!!" 

Nick Carter Arrest Bodycam Video ... Bouncers Attacked 'Like Navy SEALS!'

1/14/2016 9:41 AM PST

Nick Carter and his buddy claim they were repeatedly beat down by staffers at a Key West bar -- something they drunkenly tried to tell cops right before they got arrested.  

We got the bodycam video shot by a Key West officer outside Hog's Breath Saloon Wednesday night, where Nick and Michael Papayans blurted out their version of the fight.

Papayans admits they were relatively drunk (whatever that means), and that Nick popping off to a bouncer started the fight. Actually, it wasn't much of a fight the way he described it -- "They tackled me like they were f**king Navy SEALS or something."

Cops checked surveillance cams, and as we first reported ... busted both guys for misdemeanor battery.

The vid's kinda dark, but the audio is crystal clear ... especially when Papayans tries to drop Nick's name to the cop, and gets no reaction.  

Backstreet Boys' A.J. McLean Jammin' Out to BSB

10/24/2015 12:10 AM PDT

A.J. McLean got to relive his Backstreet Boys glory days in front of a hard-partying crowd ... all thanks to a '90s cover band.

McLean hit up a '90s Throwback Party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood Thursday night and when a '90s cover band started playing the BSB hit "Everybody," McLean went nuts.

Check out the video ... A.J. kills it on air guitar.

Backstreet's back ... sorta. 

A.J. McLean I Can't Wait to Golf With Caitlyn Jenner!

6/4/2015 4:38 PM PDT

He's already golfed with Bruce Jenner ... but now, Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean says he wants to get Caitlyn on the links too ... and hopefully emerge victorious this time! 

A.J. has been golfing for years -- and actually played a round with Bruce (back when she was Bruce) at Jenner's home course at Sherwood Country Club a while back. 

McLean says Bruce kicked his ass back in the day ... and now he's looking for some long-awaited revenge -- which he'll be HAPPY to take out on Caitlyn. 

Check out the clip ... McLean is super supportive of his old friend ... but keep your eyes peeled for ANOTHER celebrity cameo. 

Backstreet Boys Baptized and Muddy in Israel

6/1/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Two Backstreet Boys had an emotionally charged experience in the Holy Land of Israel by taking a plunge into a river made famous by Jesus himself.

Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell, along with his wife Leighanne Littrell, all took a blessed bath in the Jordan River as part of a baptism ceremony.

You see Brian in the video break down during the ritual.

The band is on tour in Israel where they took a break for a mud bath in the Dead Sea with wine in hand.

Check out the gallery for all the holy happenings in underground Christian corridors and King Herod’s royal thrones … but not the type of throne you think.

Backstreet Boys We Got Our Music Back!

10/24/2014 11:15 AM PDT
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Backstreet Boys have finally scored legal victory ... snagging the rights to the master recording of one of their biggest songs in a battle that raged on for years.

The "Boys" have been battling ex-manager Lou Pearlman's bankruptcy estate ... and it was agreed this week they'd get the masters to some of their songs -- including "I'll Never Break Your Heart."

The Boys claimed they were owed nearly $3.5 mil ... but the bankruptcy trustee for Lou's case said they lacked the proof to back up that claim.  A judge ordered both sides to work it out earlier this year ... and according to court docs, they did just that.

So the boy band will receive $99K ... as well as possession of some master recordings -- including a few lesser known songs and live recordings.

They also received a VHS copy of "Star Trek Adventure" ... whatever that is.

Good luck finding a VHS player.

Backstreet Boys Praying For Both Sides and Vowing To Return to Middle East

7/30/2014 12:30 AM PDT

The Backstreet Boys love their fans in Israel, but they love their families more -- which is why they regretfully cancelled a bunch of concerts there, according to A.J. McLean ... who's standing firm on NOT choosing a side in the conflict.

We saw McLean in Malibu Tuesday and he explained that if the cease fires had held, BSB might have gone through with what would've been their first shows ever in Israel this week. 

A.J. reveals when they're planning to reschedule, and adds he's praying for both sides, because ... "You can't pick a side." 

Not all boy banders agree with A.J. on that.

Backstreet Boys Israeli Concerts Cancelled

7/20/2014 10:17 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Backstreet Boys have cancelled concerts in Tel Aviv ... for obvious reasons.

The band says the July 29-31 shows have been cut from their schedule -- but they're optimistically trying to re-book for next year.

The band follows in the footsteps of Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Paul Anka ... who also cancelled their concerts in the wake of the escalating Middle-East conflict.

Backstreet says, "This is a major disappointment for the band and fans as this was to be our first visit to Israel and we looked forward to meeting our fans."

Backstreet Boys Sweden Pays Us Like Rock Stars

5/23/2014 12:40 AM PDT

The Backstreet Boys haven't had a huge hit in years ... but they're still earning 1990s-sized paychecks.

Sources close to BSB say they just collected close to $750K to star in a Swedish commercial ... singing a version of "Larger Than Life" ... for a Swedish warehouse store.

Brian Littrell tells us the guys divided the spoils evenly -- so, if you do the math, that's $150K a piece.  Brian pocketed extra cash.. because he was the co-writer of the tune.

The commercial shows them slaving away in a warehouse when they suddenly break into song.

Now here's the hook ... they changed the lyrics from "larger than life" to "lager than life."  Lager means warehouse in Swedish.

Swedish humor ... it's not that funny.

Backstreet Boys Knee Deep in ... Wives and Children

3/28/2014 7:05 AM PDT
Screaming girls were replaced with screaming babies yesterday when the Backstreet Boys arrived in Germany for the latest stop on their tour.

Trading groupies for families ... they want it that way.

Brian Littrell's House More Baller Than You Think

9/23/2013 12:30 PM PDT

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is sticking it to everyone hating on the tiny West Hollywood home he just sold -- cause it was only a back-up ... to his PHAT MANSION!!

Turns out Brian and his wife are also sitting on a 15,000 square foot palace in Georgia that's straight outta "Gone with the Wind" -- but better, 'cause this place has a lake, a recording studio AND tennis court.

Still don't hate your life? It also has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms ... on 39 FREAKIN' ACRES!!

Brian's wife Leighanne says they only sold the WeHo spot because they weren't going to be there for months at a time.

Why would they be?

Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell Sells NOT Larger-Than-Life House

9/20/2013 12:15 AM PDT
Celebrity Homes

Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell -- a devout Christian  -- could be putting a little something extra in the collection basket this Sunday ... because he sold his West Hollywood bungalow.

Yeah, we were thinking the same thing.  It's .... nice.

Brian snagged $1.14 mil for the cute little palace. He paid $725,000 in 2002 ... so he did ... ok.

What to say?  Well, the kitchen's nice. 

Backstreet Boys Fans Still Lining Up AROUND THE BLOCK

4/22/2013 12:40 PM PDT

Everybody, Backstreet's back ... like it's the year 2000 ... because this weekend, hordes of fans lined up around the block outside an L.A. theater just to catch a glimpse of the iconic boy band.

Sure, they were probably mostly women aged 30-40 ... but it still counts.

FYI, the Backstreet Boys were celebrating their 20th anniversary (yes, you're old) at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood Saturday ... and fans were invited to attend for free ... which explains the shockingly huge line.

Fans were also invited to take photos with the band, but that privilege cost $150.

Impressive, but it's still nothing like the old days ...

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