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Paris -- Burglars PAWNED My EXPENSIVE Jewelry

4/11/2011 11:45 AM PDT
If you're in the market for some authentic USED Paris Hilton jewelry -- check your local pawn shop ... because the Burglar Bunch HOCKED all of the super-expensive stuff they stole from her house ... so says the heiress.

Paris and her BF Cy Waits were on their way in to Boa last night ... when PH told us, "[The Burglar Bunch] pawned everything that was real ... they only gave me back the costume stuff."

It's a BIG STATEMENT -- because just last week, Hilton was sued by an insurance company for not returning $60,000 in jewelry she borrowed from Damiani Jewellers back in 2007 ... jewelry that was jacked from Hilton's home by the Burglar Bunch. 

The company thinks Hilton is LYING about not being in possession of the bling -- because they believe cops recovered the Damiani pieces and gave it back to Paris ... who then FAILED to give it back to Damiani.

The company also alleges Hilton agreed to keep the jewelry in a safe when she wasn't wearing it ... but instead of locking it up, Paris simply tucked it away in her closet.

The company is seeking $60,000 in damages.

Alexis Neiers Pleads Not Guilty after Heroin Arrest

1/21/2011 6:00 AM PST
Former "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers just pled not guilty to two charges stemming from her arrest last December -- when cops searched her house and discovered black tar heroin.

We're told Alexis was arraigned yesterday -- pleading not guilty to felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a smoking device.

The ex-Burglar Buncher took a break from rehab to appear in court ... where she's due back in March.

Burglar Bunch's Nick Prugo -- I'm Going to Rehab

1/14/2011 7:30 AM PST
Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo has finally agreed to check into a rehab center ... after the 20-year-old acknowledged that his issues with drugs and alcohol may have fueled his celebrity crime spree.

Sources close to Prugo tell us ... the BB member will check into a live-in facility in Glendale, CA on Tuesday to seek treatment for, among other things, alcohol, cocaine and marijuana.

One person close to Nick tells us, "He wanted to take care of long existing problems that made him make a lot of bad decisions."

As TMZ first reported, Prugo is accused of participating in a string of celebrity burglaries between 2008 and 2009 ... taking expensive items from stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

Alexis Neiers Probation Revoked

12/3/2010 4:13 PM PST
"Pretty Wild" star/Burglar Bunch member Alexis Neiers had her probation revoked by a judge this morning and was ordered to be held without bail pending a hearing on Thursday.

As we first reported, Neiers was arrested earlier this week when cops came to her home in response to a probation violation ... and allegedly found her to be in possession of black tar heroin and a fake ID. 

UPDATE: Neiers' lawyer Michael Nasatir tells TMZ, “[Alexis] is a young woman with a drug problem and she needs treatment. This is her first offense. Let’s get her some recovery rather than incarceration."

Burglar Buncher in the Clear on Lindsay

11/19/2010 3:40 PM PST
Rachel Lee -- the alleged ring leader of the Burglar Bunch -- got one of the Lindsay Lohan-related charges against her dropped, but she's far from out of the woods.

A judge today dismissed a burglary charge against Lee related to breaking into LiLo's home -- but kept a charge that Lee may have received a coat stolen from it.

Lee still faces charges stemming from a break-in at the home of Audrina Patridge.

Alleged Burglar Bunch Mastermind -- Busted Again

9/9/2010 4:00 AM PDT
Rachel Lee -- the suspected queen of the Burglar Bunch -- was arrested yet again on Tuesday for a crime she allegedly committed with another member of the bling ring ... three years ago.  

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lee was arrested by the LAPD and booked on a burglary charge stemming from an incident back in 2007 ... the same incident Nick Prugo was arrested for last week.

Lee's plate is already pretty full -- as we previously reported, girl pled not guilty to five charges a few months ago stemming from the more recent string of celebrity burglaries between 2008-2009 ... involving the likes of Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan.

Rachel was released Tuesday afternoon.

Nick Prugo Arrested on Old Charge

9/2/2010 6:35 PM PDT
TMZ has learned Nick Prugo -- the alleged ringleader of the Burglar Bunch -- has been arrested again ... but this time for something that happened when he was just 16.

Prugo was arrested today and booked as a juvenile and later released to his parents. Sources tell us he was picked up at his house by four officers and brought in to the police station.

We're told the case has something to do with an incident that went down three years ago -- but it's unclear exactly what it is. Prugo's attorney tells TMZ he believes it has to do with a burglary. Shocker. 

As we previously reported, Nick was recently indicted on seven counts of first-degree residential burglary and one count of conspiracy for allegedly burglarizing the houses of a number of celebs ... including Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Orlando Bloom.

'Pretty Wild' Chick -- Refuses to Speak with Co-Stars

8/1/2010 4:20 AM PDT
There's some serious drama behind the scenes on the reality show "Pretty Wild" -- TMZ has learned one of the stars is refusing to speak to certain members of the cast ... including her adoptive mother.

Sources close to the production tell us Playboy model Tess Taylor has cut herself off from the family that once took her in ... which is a problem because the show is based around the family.

We're told Taylor got into a "big blow up" with her sister -- Burglar Bunch member Alexis Neiers -- right before Alexis went to jail ... and now Taylor still refuses to make peace.

Sources close to Taylor tell us the 20-year-old feels excluded from the family -- which adopted her at a young age -- telling close friends, "No matter how many times people can tell you that you are a part of 'their' family ... there is still something that is just different."

'Pretty Wild' Star -- Adios, Lindsay Lohan!

7/24/2010 12:25 AM PDT
Lindsay Lohan's chances of starting an incarcerated starlet gang just went up in smoke ... because  LiLo's fellow famous inmate -- "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers -- just walked out of the Lynwood jail a free woman.

According to jail officials, Neiers -- who was serving a six-month sentence for her part in the Burglar Bunch's heist at Orlando Bloom's house -- was just released after spending less than one month behind bars.

If only Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Michelle Rodriquez were still there ...

UPDATE: Alexis tells TMZ she is very "humbled," "blessed," and "very grateful for my family right now." She says her plans are "to shower get in my bed and relax with my family. I'm very excited for a good meal."

Burglar Bunch Reunites ... for Indictment

7/2/2010 3:45 PM PDT
Nearly all the alleged members of the Burglar Bunch were back in court today -- after getting indicted by the L.A. County Grand Jury for a string of celebrity burglaries.

Nick Prugo, Rachel Lee, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Leigh Ames and Roy Lopez Jr. were all indicted on the following charges:

Prugo -- Seven counts of first-degree residential burglary, one count conspiracy
Lee -- Two counts of first-degree residential burglary, two counts receiving stolen property, one count conspiracy
Tamayo -- One count first-degree residential burglary, one count receiving stolen property, one count conspiracy
Ames -- One count first-degree residential burglary, two counts receiving stolen property, one count conspiracy
Lopez Jr. -- One count first-degree residential burglary, one count receiving stolen property, one count conspiracy

The group has already been charged by the D.A. with the various crimes against Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, Audrina Patridge, and Rachel Bilson.

Sources say prosecutors were fed up with the objections by defense lawyers over the preliminary hearing, so the D.A. took the case to the Grand Jury.  Now the case will go straight to trial, without a preliminary hearing.

They're all due back in court on August 12.

Meanwhile ... in a jail nearby ... Burglar Bunch member Alexis Neiers is currently serving her six-month sentence.

Celeb Witnesses Went Unnoticed Before Grand Jury

7/2/2010 2:09 PM PDT
We're usually better than this, but TMZ has learned some of the alleged celebrity victims in the Burglar Bunch case walked right through the front door of the criminal courthouse in downtown L.A. to testify before the Grand Jury, and no one noticed.

TMZ just broke the story ... defendant Nick Prugo has been indicted by the Grand Jury.  We've now learned other defendants in the case have also been indicted and the judge will receive the indictments later this AM.  Sources say Courtney Ames and Roy Lopez Jr. are among those indicted.

We don't know specifically which celebs testified, but the roster is impressive -- Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, Audrina Patridge and Ashley Tisdale.

As for why the D.A. chose the Grand Jury route, multiple sources tell TMZ prosecutors got sick and tired of the objections from defense lawyers for the upcoming preliminary hearing.  The prelim is bypassed when the Grand jury indicts.

Grand Jury Indicts Nick Prugo

7/2/2010 1:15 PM PDT
TMZ has learned Nick Prugo has been indicted by the L.A. County Grand Jury -- in connection with his alleged role in the Burglar Bunch crime spree.

It's unclear why the D.A. took the case to the Grand Jury, since prosecutors have already charged Prugo with numerous felonies, in connection with the burglaries of Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Brian Austin Green, and Megan Fox.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge will formally receive the Grand Jury indictment this morning.  The judge will then set bail.

As for why the D.A. went to the Grand Jury, there are a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that there will be no preliminary hearing.  At a prelim, the celeb victims might be forced to testify, and this is a way to avoid that spectacle.

We're also told the D.A. goes to the Grand Jury when the scope of the case and the charges expand.

UPDATE:  Another Burglar Bunch Defendant, Courtney Ames, just showed up in court.  We do not know if the Grand Jury also indicted her.

UPDATE 12:15 PM PT: The whole BB crew -- Nick Prugo, Rachel Lee,  Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames, and Roy Lopez Jr. -- all pled not guilty today.

Alexis Neiers 'Pretty Wild' Mug Shot

6/25/2010 9:05 AM PDT
This is the last glamour photo we'll be seeing of "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers for a while ... her mug shot. 

Neiers turned herself in to authorities in Los Angeles yesterday and will serve 180 days behind bars for her role in the Orlando Bloom burglary.  

Here's her booking photo, taken yesterday, before she went to the pokey.

Alexis is serving her time at the women's jail in Lynwood, CA -- the same place Paris Hilton spent time behind bars in 2007.

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