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Charles Barkley LeBron Can't Save Lakers Alone ... 'Won't Win Next Year'

7/11/2018 6:20 AM PDT

Dear Lakers fans, 

Don't plan the victory parade just yet. 


Charles Barkley 

The NBA legend was leaving Madeo in Beverly Hills on Tuesday when he hit Lakers nation with a cold, hard dose of reality -- LeBron James can't single-handedly save the Lake Show. 

"He not gonna win next year," Barkley told our guy ... "Stop it, dude."

Barkley says Lebron's a great player, but they need to get better -- and tells TMZ Sports Magic Johnson needs to continue building out the roster and bringing in top talent before they can contend with the Warriors.

And, here's more Lakers dream-crushing -- Barkley says there's NO WAY IN HELL Kobe Bryant's coming out of retirement to play in the NBA. 

But, he isn't ruling out a return to professional basketball ... 

LeBron James Double Dating In Malibu ... With Khloe & Tristan!

7/10/2018 6:06 AM PDT
Breaking News

Hours after officially signing his L.A. Lakers contract, LeBron James and his wife celebrated in Malibu ... with his OLD Cleveland Cavs teammate Tristan Thompson (and Khloe Kardashian!). 

The foursome -- along with a ton of security and others -- hit up Nobu in Malibu ... one of the most expensive sushi joints in town. 

Not like price matters (LeBron just signed a $154 million contract, Tristan is in an $82 mil contract and Khloe is rich as hell too). 

So, why is Bron out with the old teammate instead of bonding with his new Lakers squad? Could be because the Lake Show is in Vegas at the moment competing in the NBA Summer League.

Then again ... it's not like LeBron couldn't have flown out (or flown them in) for a first official dinner together. 

... Or maybe he just really likes Tristan and Khloe?!

On that note, TT and KK were ALL OVER each other in the car -- kissing and hugging up ... and posting it on social media for everyone to see.

LeBron James Officially a Laker Signs $154M Contract

7/9/2018 5:31 PM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James isn't going anywhere but L.A. now -- the King has officially signed his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Klutch Sports -- which reps LeBron -- tweeted a photo of the NBA superstar grinning widely alongside Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, and a stack of papers in front of them.

The sports agency added a caption, which read ... "Officially signed with the @Lakers @KingJames." In a press release, Lakers President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson is quoted as saying, "LeBron is special. He is the best player in the world ... The Lakers players are excited to have a teammate who has been to nine NBA Finals. It’s a huge step closer to returning the Lakers to the playoffs and to the NBA Finals."

As we reported ... LeBron's new deal is worth $154 mil over 4 years. Magic is said to have engaged in immediate talks with LeBron the moment he landed in L.A. last Saturday, and was integral in landing the big fish for the Lakers organization.

As for Bron ... he's clearly excited to be in La La Land. And why shouldn't he be? There are rings to be had ... and (Blaze) pizza to be eaten. 

Matt Barnes I'd Love to See Kobe Unretire ... To Play with LeBron!

7/9/2018 2:15 PM PDT

Could Kobe Bryant come back from retirement at 39 years old to play one final season with LeBron James?

Matt Barnes says that would be dope as hell ... but highly unlikely. 

There have been rumors (mostly wishful thinking) that Mamba would lace 'em up for one last ride in the Purple & Gold to take a run at the Golden State Warriors alongside King James. 

We know Matt and Kobe are friends -- so, we asked ... is it a real possibility?

Long story short ... Barnes says don't bet on seeing #8 or #24 back on the court -- but, "that would be dope though."

We also asked Barnes what he thought about Patrick Beverley telling TMZ Sports his Clippers are BETTER than the Warriors ... and Matt hits the NBA with a dose of cold hard reality. 

LeBron Mural Artist Not Mad At Vandal 'Every Story Needs a Villain'

7/9/2018 11:49 AM PDT

Jonas Never -- the guy who painted the new dope LeBron mural in L.A. -- says he ain't pissed his piece got tagged only hours after its completion ... telling TMZ Sports it took just 20 minutes to fix!!

The kick-ass artist spent 12 painstaking hours putting his "King of L.A." LeBron mural on Baby Blues BBQ in Venice ... and just moments after it was finished -- somebody drew all over it.

Jonas tells us it's all good -- it was an easy fix ... but he does have a question for the dude who tagged it.

"I'd ask him, seriously, if they were a Laker fan, I don't get how a Laker fan could be mad about getting the best player in the game right now."

Jonas says they've added some new lighting and security cams to make sure he doesn't have to retouch it again ... but if it comes down to it -- he ain't sweatin' it.

"It's like getting a Mercedes and worrying about someone dinging it in a parking lot. It happens."

Lakers Stars Bro Out at Summer League Game ... Minus LeBron

7/9/2018 7:06 AM PDT
Breaking News

The core of the Los Angeles Lakers -- including Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma -- were courtside at the Lakers Summer League game this weekend supporting the squad. 

Even JaVale McGee and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope were there sitting next to Luke Walton and Rob Pelinka

The one guy missing? LeBron James

The four players were having a great time together as the Lakers Summer League squad took on the Philadelphia 76ers.

So, is it a big deal that Bron's not there bonding with the guys? Hell no. 

Making sure LeBron is relaxing and getting his mind and body right is WAY more important for the Lakers than attending the Summer League. 

Still ... hoping he sent a few texts from his yacht in Italy

LiAngelo Ball I'm Going To Be A Laker!

7/8/2018 12:30 AM PDT

LiAngelo Ball says he's going to be a Los Angeles Laker!

... Eventually.

We got Lonzo's little bro at LAX on Wednesday ... and we just had to ask about his dad's prediction that Gelo will join up with Zo in the purple and gold.

"Yeah, I will," Gelo says. "Probably later. I think I will."

Just one problem ... Gelo says nobody from the NBA has called about putting him on their roster -- so sounds like it'll DEFINITELY be later rather than sooner.

LaVar is still confident he'll get to the pros -- and guaranteed at least TWO titles once the Lakers sign Gelo. 

As for Lonzo ... we spoke to him about LeBron joining the Lake Show -- and let's just say LaVar currently seems more thrilled about the move.

LaVar Ball Lonzo's Injury News Didn't Come From Me ... 'I Don't Leak Nothing!!!'

7/6/2018 6:17 PM PDT

LaVar Ball says he had absolutely nothing to do with word of Lonzo's knee injury getting out, and neither did anyone in his camp family ... because the Balls don't roll like that.

We got LaVar at LAX Friday and asked about the recent report that the Lakers think someone on Zo's side leaked news of his torn meniscus and potential surgery to keep him from getting traded ... he calls BS.

"I don't leak nothing. I always say what's on my mind, so you don't never see me saying, 'I think I should say this now and let it leak.' I don't do that."

LaVar says he's never babied his son or even talked about him being hurt ... so the media should look for leakers elsewhere.

He also touches on Lonzo's relationship with his new teammates -- LeBron and Rondo -- but tells us he's been busy with his own business this summer ... so he doesn't have all the answers.

Of course, we already know how he feels about LeBron in L.A.

LeBron James 'King of L.A.' ... Insane Lifelike Mural

7/6/2018 4:30 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Well, THAT didn't take long ...

LeBron James hasn't played a minute for the Purple & Gold yet ... but that hasn't kept him from getting the Kobe Bryant treatment ... getting a MASSIVE mural in the streets of L.A.!!

Just days after announcing his decision to bail on Cleveland again, King James has been painted on Baby Blues BBQ in Venice ... donning his new threads and trademark stare.

We're told the artist behind the mural is Jonas Never -- who just completed a piece for the late Anthony Bourdain -- with the help of fellow artist Menso ... and it took about 12 hours to complete.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland ... 

LeBron James Rocks Out to 'I Will Survive' ... Smokes Victory Stogie!

7/6/2018 7:04 AM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James was FEELIN' HIMSELF in Italy on Friday -- busting out some dance moves while a local band played "I Will Survive" ... and the video is solid! 

The Lakers' new $154-million man was relaxing with his wife, Savannah, at a night spot in Capri -- where the house band played the Gloria Gaynor classic. 

LeBron fired up a cigar and did a little dancing -- while the other bar patrons pulled out their phones and shot videos and pictures of the King. 

James and his wife didn't seem to mind -- by now, they're used to it. 

It's funny that everyone else in the club is dressed up in button-up shirts and fancy clothes ... LeBron is wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. 

Dress codes mean nothing when you're worth nearly $1 BILLION!!!

Paul George Didn't Want to Play In Kobe's Shadow ... Says YG

7/5/2018 11:43 AM PDT

They've partied together ... they're fans of each other ... and now rapper YG says he knows why Paul George ultimately decided NOT to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers -- Kobe Bryant

It's not a personal thing ... YG says PG knows the Lakers are (and always will be) Kobe's team and Paul would rather create his own legacy in Oklahoma City, which is why he re-signed with the Thunder. 

"Make your own legacy, my n****," YG said.

"That's Kobe Bryant's team right there. The Lakers are Kobe's team. [Russell Westbrook] and Paul George got a chance to make the f*cking Thunder their team."

There's more ... YG added, "Paul George ain't trying to be up under the curse of the Lakers."

As for if Russ and Paul are enough to take down the Warriors' super team -- YG told us it all comes down to a lyric from an Ice Cube song. 

LeBron James Yachtin' with Jimmy Iovine ... Billionaire Boat Club!

7/5/2018 8:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

LeBron James may not be the richest guy floating off the Amalfi Coast right now ... because Jimmy Iovine just showed up! 

The music mogul was spotted on a yacht with LeBron on the 4th of July -- as the NBA star continues to celebrate his new $154 million Lakers contract

Unclear if LeBron is on Jimmy's yacht ... or if Jimmy is on LeBron's yacht -- but one thing is for sure ... they can both afford some sick boats! 

By the way, they have a Beats By Dre connection -- Jimmy (who co-founded the company with Dr. Dre) made a fortune when Apple purchased it for $3.2 billion. 

Did you also know ... LeBron ALSO made a ton of cash from the sale? He reportedly got a small stake in the company in exchange for promoting the brand back in 2008 and, when it sold to Apple, he made a cool $30 mil!

So, who buys drinks on the yacht ... Jimmy or LeBron?

LaVar Ball Stoked About LeBron James Lakers Will Destroy Warriors!

7/3/2018 1:29 PM PDT

LaVar Ball is already clearing off space on Lonzo's trophy case -- telling TMZ Sports he expects FOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS now that LeBron James is on the Lakers! 

"I called LeBron to L.A.," LaVar told us at a BBB pop-up shop at Sole Play in Atlanta ... "I knew he was coming to L.A., man! Everything lined up for me!"

But, what about the Golden State Warriors signing DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins -- is LaVar concerned about the reigning NBA champs??

Hell no. 

"The Warriors can sign Boogie, Prince, Michael Jordan ... anybody they want! They still ain't gonna win with this team right here -- the Lakers with LeBron!"

"You don't give my son the best player in the game and don't think he gonna win no championships!"

LaVar -- who's getting ready for his JBA basketball games Tuesday night -- says he's still confident the Lakers will eventually sign his other 2 sons to the team and guarantees championships when they get there!

"I'm trying to let y'all know!"

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