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Nick Young Splits from Paloma Ford ... No Bad Blood

1/17/2017 8:30 AM PST

0117_nick_young_paloma-ford_tmz-2Nick Young's a single man again ... 'cause the Lakers star and his pop singer girlfriend, Paloma Ford, have officially broken up ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Sources close to the two tell us there was no cheating or secret baby mamas (like the Iggy Azalea situation) ... this time, the two just grew apart.

The two started dating back in September and things heated up quick. But after a few months, both sides agreed that Nick's family should take priority ... especially with his new kid.

We're told Nick and Paloma are still cool and are gonna do the whole "friends" thing. He even has a cameo in her upcoming music video ... and we're told she plans on keeping him in it.


Boosie Badazz Meets Metta World Peace 'I Was In Lockdown When You Hit That 3!'

1/10/2017 4:06 PM PST

Cool moment in the TMZ offices when Boosie Badazz met Metta World Peace -- and bro'd out right on the "TMZ Sports" TV show

Turns out, the Louisiana rap legend is a HUGE Lakers fan -- and told Metta he remembers watching him hit that famous 3 pointer in Game 7 of the '10 NBA Finals while he was locked up in prison.

At the time, Boosie was locked up in the Louisiana State Penitentiary on drug charges ... and says Metta's shot was a bright spot during his incarceration.

Metta was equally stoked to meet Boosie ... saying the Lakers are always bumping his music in the locker room. Metta also told Boosie he was a "champion" for turning his life around after prison. 

There's A LOT more on the "TMZ Sports" show Tuesday night on FS1 -- including Metta's take on the new George Karl video, Lamar Odom's possible coaching move and Mike Tyson's diss track.

Check out "TMZ Sports" weeknights on FS1.

Lamar Odom I Wanna Coach With The Lakers ... I've Talked with Luke

1/10/2017 12:45 AM PST

Lamar Odom says he's still intent on returning to the NBA ... but on the sidelines ... telling TMZ Sports he's reached out to Lakers coach Luke Walton about a spot on the staff.

Odom's been intent on getting back in the league, saying at Kobe's farewell game that he fully expected to one day be back on an NBA roster.

It's seems he's changed his focus ... because when we got him out in L.A. on Monday he told our camera guy his return will still happen ... but as a coach.

Odom says he's serious and has already spoken with Luke about his future with the franchise.

If you think it's impossible, you're dead wrong ... Odom's still one of the most well-liked players in Lakers history ... and was lauded for his IQ on the court during his playing days.

Only left to be seen if he can stay on the straight and narrow ... which everyone is hoping he can.

John Travolta 'I'M PROUD' To Inspire Swaggy P's 3-Point Dance

1/5/2017 6:30 AM PST

John Travolta says he's PUMPED to be the inspiration for Nick Young's 3-point shot celebratory hip-thrusting dance ... telling TMZ Sports, "I love it!"

Nick's dance went viral after he hit a long-range bomb against the Grizzlies on Tuesday. The Lakers star later said God came to him in a dream the night before and told him to dance like John Travolta. 

When we told Travolta about the situation at Barney's in Bev Hills Wednesday night ... he made it clear Nick has his blessing. 

L.A. Lakers Dumping Trump Hotel ... Amid 'Security Concerns'

12/13/2016 4:00 PM PST
Exclusive Details

1213-lakers-trump-soho-getty-01The L.A. Lakers have reportedly 86'd plans to stay at the Trump SoHo hotel on road trips to NYC ... citing "security concerns" as the reason they can't lay their heads on Trump's pillows.

According to a report by the L.A. Times, the Lakers were concerned about protests happening outside the hotel ... so they opted to take their business elsewhere.

TMZ Sports spoke to the NYPD ... who told us they have no "knowledge of security threats to that location" ... adding it's "all clear down there."

FYI -- 3 NBA teams have publicly ceased business relationships with Trump hotels due to politics ... however, an unnamed source told the Times the Lakers' decision is NOT "politically motivated."

This announcement comes on what was a good day for Trump in the sports world ... having hosted football gods Ray Lewis and Jim Brown at Trump Tower to talk about social issues.

Chris Paul to Kobe: Congrats on the Kid, But 'Keep Going Til You Have a Boy!'

12/9/2016 12:30 AM PST

Chris Paul is super happy that his friend, Kobe Bryant, just had his 3rd baby girl -- but he has a message for the NBA legend ... "Keep going 'til you get a boy!"

"Kobe deserves to have a little boy, man" ... the Clippers superstar added. 

We're guessing CP3 wants Kobe to experience the same father/son basketball bond he shares with his kid (it's adorable) ... and let's be honest, everyone would LOVE to see another Bryant in the NBA one day!

For the record, Kobe already has a kid with the family hoops skills -- his 10-year-old daughter, Gianna, is rumored to have a LIGHTS OUT jumper.

Plus, boys are messy anyway.

Nick Young Sued Allegedly Attacks Basketball Player ... During Church League Game

11/28/2016 4:12 PM PST

1128-nick-young-tmzNick Young threw a violent temper tantrum after not getting a foul call in a church league basketball game back in August ... and allegedly beat the crap out of an opposing player ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Young is being sued by Luis Solis -- who claims he was playing against the Lakers star in a game on the court at the Shepherd of the Hills church in Porter Ranch, CA on August 18th. 

In the court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Solis claims Young became "enraged" after he thought Solis fouled him ... and the ref missed the call. 

Solis says Young flipped out -- and beat him down to the ground. At that point, a bunch of Nick's teammates jumped in and began to kick him while he was down. 

Solis says he suffered serious injuries including a concussion -- and claims it's not the first time Young has gotten violent during pick-up games. We're told Solis has not filed a police report but is contemplating doing so. 

He's suing for unspecified damages. We've reached out to Young for comment. So far, no word back. 

NBA's Julius Randle Here's Why Lakers Are Winning ... LUKE WALTON

11/22/2016 10:01 AM PST

Byron Scott gon' cry in the car ... 'cause Julius Randle is giving 100% credit to new coach Luke Walton for the team's surprising start ... saying the young coach is pressing all the right buttons.

The Lakers are 7-7 this year -- not exactly World beaters -- but when you consider they only won 21 games ALL OF LAST SEASON ... the start is pretty impressive.

So when we got Randle out in L.A. and asked him what was making the Lake show great again ... he gave props to the new sheriff in town.

Somewhere Kobe is breathing a sigh of relief his name wasn't brought into this.

Metta World Peace Woman Admits Throwing Brick Through NBA Star's Window

11/21/2016 11:06 AM PST

1121-metta-world-peace-TMZ-02It's not just NBA stars who can brick a shot ... because a woman just admitted to firing one through a window at Metta World Peace's home!!

The Lakers star appeared in an L.A. courtroom on Monday to get a permanent restraining order against Miesha Shakes -- who Metta claims has been harassing him and his family since 2015. 

In a heated courtroom exchange, Miesha admitted to throwing the brick though Metta's window and bothering his family ... and claims it's all over a dispute with her baby daddy. We'll explain ...

Miesha says she has a kid with Metta's nephew -- and Metta sometimes watches the kid. Miesha's upset with her baby daddy so she decided to take out her anger on Metta.

The judge, as you can imagine, was not happy with Miesha's explanation -- and hit her with a restraining order to stay 100 yards from Metta and his family for the next 3 years. 

No emailing, texts or phone calls either (and also no brick throwing).

NBA's Jordan Clarkson Fiscally Responsible Stuntin' ... 'My Lambo Is Rented'

11/15/2016 8:00 AM PST

Lakers sharpshooter Jordan Clarkson is about to teach you how to stunt ... the non-MC Hammer Antoine Walker way ... tearing up the streets of L.A. in a ridiculous Lambo ... someone rented for him.

We got Jordan out in L.A. getting into an incredible Lamborghini ... and right off the bat we wanted to know when he copped the new ride.

Makes sense he'd be riding fly ... the kid signed a 5 year $50 million deal with the Purple & Gold earlier this year.

Jordan makes it clear to us ... the whip ain't his ... telling our camera guy someone rented it FOR HIM.

C'mon JC ... live a little man!! When has buying a quarter of a million dollar car ever hurt an athlete?!!

Metta World Peace 'I Wanna Be An NBA Head Coach'

11/2/2016 6:10 AM PDT

Coach World Peace?? That's right ... the Lakers star says he's eyeing a gig as an NBA head coach when he retires.

TMZ Sports spoke with Metta World Peace earlier this week about the praise he's been gettin' from the Lakers coaching staff ... who have said his knowledge and experience are valuable to the team even when he isn't on the floor.

MWP agrees ... and goes on to say he'd like to join young successful NBA coaches like Billy Donovan and Brad Stevens.

"It's fun. I think these coaches are having a great time, doing something they love to do, and I want to be in that same position someday."

Nick Young CALL ME DADDY P ... Baby Mama Gives Birth!

10/27/2016 10:53 AM PDT

1027-nick-young-tmzIt's been a good 24 hours for Nick Young ... because he just became a father AGAIN ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We've confirmed Nick's ex-girlfriend, Keonna Green, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl moments ago! 

Green and Young aren't in a relationship anymore but they're on good terms. They already have a 4-year-old son together

Nick rushed to the hospital late Wednesday night after the Lakers game (they won!) and wanted to be there when his daughter was born! Success!!!


L.A. Lakers No Kobe? No Problem ... We Still Draw Huge Stars!!

10/27/2016 7:48 AM PDT

1027_lakers_celebrities_launchLife without Kobe Bryant began for the Lakers Wednesday night -- but the stars still showed up in force to support the Purple and Gold.

Kendall Jenner sat courtside -- probably to support her rumored Lakers boyfriend Jordan Clarkson

Denzel Washington kicked it with James Harden before tip off.

There were rockstars, rappers, models and more ... and the good news -- the Lakers actually won!

First time they've had a winning record in a WHILE!!!


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