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Kobe Bryant Has 'The Right Moves' For Politics Says U.S. Congressman

12/20/2017 12:40 AM PST

Kobe Bryant just got the first endorsement for the political career we're not sure he even wants yet ... U.S. Congressman Peter King says Kobe's got everything it takes to be an all-star politician.

Magic Johnson seemed to hint that Kobe's post-NBA calling was politics during a speech at the Mamba's jersey retirement ceremony, when he said Bryant had the ability to bring all people together.

We saw King -- who represents New York's 2nd district -- in D.C. and asked for an expert's opinion on the honorable Kobe Bryant from California, and here's the thing ... King seemed down with it.

BTW -- King uses all kinds of weird hoops analogies to give Kobe props, but the main takeaway is, he's on board.

Kobe Jersey Retirement WTF Fashion?! (Looking at You, Floyd)

12/19/2017 6:33 AM PST

Tons of huge stars flocked to Staples Center to watch the Lakers retire Kobe Bryant's #24 and #8 jerseys ... but Floyd Mayweather's terrible outfit almost stole the show. 

Take a look ... it's like if a couch pattern was an NBA uniform. 

There was more crazy fashion ... LaVar Ball was covered head-to-toe in BBB gear. Allen Iverson paid tribute to Kobe with his G.O.A.T. shirt. Adam Levine rolled out the sweatpants and Gucci boots. 

Shaq, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Caron Butler ... just some of the huge names paying tribute to the Mamba on Monday.  


Magic Johnson Hints Kobe Should Be in Politics

12/19/2017 7:17 AM PST

Kobe Bryant's next move should be running for political office ... at least that's what Magic Johnson intimated Monday night at Staples Center.

Magic gave a rousing speech to honor his fellow Lakers great during Kobe's jersey retirement ceremony. Besides giving props to the Mamba's basketballs skills, he seemed to tap him for public office.

Magic said, "We need you right now. When I look into this audience there's all race of people come together. This country needs to come together, and you were able to bring us all together as a city for 20 years."

No doubt, Magic was taking a light jab at President Trump -- but suggesting Kobe parlay his sports popularity into politics would be a first.

Haters will say it's impossible -- but on the other hand, doesn't Trump's rise mean anything can happen?

Kyle Kuzma's Boy Murders Big Baller Brand

12/18/2017 3:58 PM PST

This is a pretty hilarious clip ...

We saw Kyle Kuzma out in L.A. over the weekend with one of his pals and asked the Lakers rookie if he's supporting Lonzo Ball's Big Baller Brand.

Remember, Kuzma clowned on his teammate on social media last week -- saying, "Y'all really spending 600 dollars for this hat?" ... followed by some trash emojis. 

So, we followed up with Kyle -- and while Kuzma didn't speak, his friend sure did ... "F*ck no he wouldn't buy one!!!"

That's when Kyle tried to do some damage control ... but it was too late. 

We know ... it's all in good fun -- but still pretty hilarious.  

LiAngelo & LaMelo Ball Get Offer From Globetrotters ... 'Forget Lithuania!'

12/18/2017 12:40 AM PST

Listen up, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball -- in case you're having any second thoughts about Lithuania ... we found a team for y'all that tours the whole damn globe!

That's right -- we got Cheese and Jet of the Harlem Globetrotters out in NYC ... and they told TMZ Sports they'd be totally down to bring in the Ball bros.

"If it doesn't work out, come to the Globetrotters! Or come here first -- forget Lithuania!" Cheese said.

Dope offer for BBB ... but also kinda funny considering their teammate, Hoops, told us big bro Lonzo ain't exactly Globetrotter material.

LeBron James Lonzo Dunk Prediction Comes True

12/15/2017 8:50 AM PST

LeBron James might just be Nostradamus ... because he predicted Lonzo Ball would run from the wrath of a royal thunder dunk ... and in Thursday night's game, Ball did just that.

LBJ made the prognostication while visiting kids at the Cleveland Clinic (awesome guy) earlier this week when a brave young man named Andrew asked him to dunk on Lonzo.

"He might not be in my way! Once he sees I'm about to take off, he might move out the way."

Fast forward to the 2nd quarter of the Lakers vs. Cavs game on Thursday night -- 'Bron gets a pass from J.R. Smith and barrels towards the basket ... and this happens.

To be fair to Lonzo -- lets be real, he made a smart decision.

Robert Horry LeBron's L.A. Cribs Don't Make Him a Laker

12/9/2017 12:03 AM PST

Sorry, Laker Nation -- Robert Horry says LeBron swoopin' up another castle in L.A. does NOT mean King James is joining Lonzo and friends next year.

We got the Lakers playoffs legend leaving Blake Griffin's comedy show in Hollywood ... and Horry broke it down for us, plain and simple.

"You got money like that, you can have two big cribs anywhere you wanna have 'em!!" Big Shot Bob told TMZ Sports.

Horry says it's clear that Bron loves L.A. livin' ... after droppin' a combined $44 MIL on his mansions in Tinsel Town.

Just don't roll out the welcome mat for him. Yet.

Roy Hibbert Calls BS On LaVar, Trump Feud 'I Bet They're Best Friends'

12/8/2017 7:01 AM PST

You're a fool if you think LaVar Ball and Donald Trump actually hate each other ... 'cause they're just trolling the world for fun -- so says NBA big man Roy Hibbert.

We got Roy at LAX ... and showed him LaVar's new GIF animation of him POSTERIZING the POTUS.

The ex-Laker thought it was pretty cool ... but wasn't about to pretend like there was anything to it. 

"I bet they’re best friends," Hibbert told TMZ Sports. "It's playful banter ... they’re probably friends on the low."

Roy might be onto something -- check out how LaVar greeted frenemy Joel Embiid at yesterday's Lakers-76ers game ...

LiAngelo & LaMelo Ball LaVar's Right, Both Will Be Lakers ... Says Ex-UCLA Star

12/7/2017 2:16 PM PST

LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are destined to be Lakers -- so says former UCLA star Shabazz Muhammad, who's got no doubt LaVar's master plan is gonna work to perfection.

We got Bazz out on Rodeo Drive before his T-Wolves crushed the Clippers on Wednesday ... and he told us he's known the Ball boys for years -- and thinks both Gelo and Melo have what it takes to team with Lonzo in L.A.  

"Think so, man" Muhammad told TMZ Sports, when we asked if LiAngelo could cut it in the NBA. "I think they gonna play all on the same team, too."

Bazz says he's a believer that LaVar "speaks everything into existence," so it'd be foolish to question any of his moves -- whether that's getting his boys in purple and gold or pulling them outta college.

Kobe Bryant Disneyland B-Day for Baby Mamba ... Kobe-est Place on Earth!!

12/6/2017 10:55 AM PST

Kobe Bryant's youngest daughter, Bianka, just turned 1 -- so naturally, he took the whole fam out to his absolute favorite place to celebrate.

Nope, not the basketball court ... the Magic Kingdom -- so Baby Mamba could get the full Disneyland experience on her big day. (Props to Mrs. Bryant for going all-in with the Minnie Mouse ears).

Kobe was on daddy duty ... but #MambaMentality also locked onto the concessions so he could cop a Shaq-sized Churro.

If this feels familiar ... it's probably 'cause Bryant has hit up Mickey and pals a TON throughout the years -- including a trip in the spring where he turned up with Bianka.

LaVar Ball Didn't Give LiAngelo a Voice ... Says Rockets Player

12/5/2017 12:24 PM PST

No matter how you feel about LiAngelo Ball ditching UCLA, leave 'Gelo out of it ... 'cause LaVar Ball didn't let his son call his own shot -- so says Rockets PG Briante Weber.

"Daddy rules, so he probably had no say-so," Briante told TMZ Sports outside Poppy in L.A. "He's really just following what his pops said."

Maybe, maybe not. In an interview on Tuesday, LaVar essentially said he made the decision for LiAngelo ... but added that they were "on the same page."

Briante obviously thinks LaVar's pulling all the strings ... just like he's been doing with Lonzo Ball -- which Weber says has doomed 'Zo to a career of NBA beatdowns.  

LaVar Ball Claps Back At Byron Scott You're a Bum, Stop Leeching Off Me!!

12/2/2017 12:55 AM PST

Wanna know how LaVar Ball feels about Byron Scott telling him to stay in his lane??

Well you're in luck ... 'cause TMZ Sports got the BBB boss out around Chino Hills earlier this week, and he went SCORCHED EARTH on the ex-Lakers coach. 

It was so good, we're giving you the full play-by-play:

"Yeah I got words for Byron Scott: Shut the hell up and do what you do! Leave me alone."

"He ain't doin' nothing else. Tell him if he want his name in the news, tell him go do something! You ain't gotta talk about Ball to get your name in the news."

"But then again, yes you do. Cause ain't nobody talk about Byron Scott doin' nothing."

Dang ... looks like Donald Trump's actually been getting off easy.

LaVar Ball Should Not Shut His Mouth ... Says Ex-Laker A.C. Green

12/1/2017 6:50 AM PST

Donald Trump. Steph Curry. Luke Walton. Julius Randle.

LaVar Ball won't stop trashing these guys, and he shouldn't have to -- so says ex-Laker A.C. Green

We got A.C. chillin' at The Grove in L.A. ... and the 3-time NBA champ told us he's got ZERO problems with how LaVar's going about his business. 

"There's no issue," Green told TMZ Sports. "LaVar's gonna do what he does ... people see and recognize that."

The Iron Man says LaVar's just exercising his 1st amendment right ... and it doesn't matter who he goes off on -- even if it's Lonzo Ball's coaches and teammates.

"He has an opinion, and you guys keep giving him the opportunity to share his opinion, and you should."

Basically, back off the Big Baller.

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