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Vanessa Bryant

Taps 'Project Runway' Designer

... For Xmas Card Dress

12/22/2014 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
1222-bryant-family-instagram-01Vanessa Bryant takes her Christmas card photo VERY SERIOUSLY -- so seriously in fact that Mrs. Mamba tapped one of the top designers from "Project Runway" to make her dress. 

Kobe Bryant's wife called upon MTCostello -- who has designed clothes for huge stars like Beyonce and Ariana Grande

They got together and picked out MTCostello's signature "Black Widow" gown -- which comes with a $6,500 price tag!!

Vanessa had flirted with a bronze version of the dress during an earlier fitting ... but ultimately, decided to go with black. 

Sources close to the situation tell us ... Vanessa has always been passionate about Xmas cards. As one person put it, "She takes great pride and puts great thought into celebrating because she's very religious."


Master P

Kobe, Hit Me Up!

I Can Save Your Season

12/20/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Master P has a sure fire plan to turnaround this painful Lakers season -- just give him a little run, and he'll do what Kobe Bryant hasn't been able to do ... not yet, anyway.

Mr. "Make Em' Say Uhh" told us he can provide something for the Lake show no one else can. Master P even called out the Mamba, saying ... "I played against Kobe. He knows what's up!"

It's true ... P did play in a couple of NBA preseasons with the Hornets and Raptors in the late '90s. We're guessing Kobe doesn't remember much about their match ups.

Still ... the Lakers season couldn't get worse, right? Check out P's plan -- and also his take on athletes repping the "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts. Solid perspective.

Charmin Toilet Paper


For T.P. Rant At Lakers Practice

12/12/2014 6:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The people at Charmin toilet paper are SOAKING UP all the publicity from the Kobe Bryant meltdown yesterday --THANKING the Lakers star for saying the Lakers are "as soft as Charmin." 

As we previously reported, Bryant blasted his teammates during practice Thursday -- calling them out for sucking it up this season ... saying, "Now I see why we've lost so many games. We're soft like Charmin!" 

Well, Charmin heard the comments loud and clear -- and responded on Twitter ... saying, "You know, in terms of toilet paper, saying you're as soft as Charmin is a good thing. In basketball? Not so much."

The T.P. titans went on to thank Kobe for the publicity and explained why yesterday was a great day for the brand. 

Charmin -- they're on a roll.

Lakers Player


'He's Just Trying to Motivate Us'

12/11/2014 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1211-kobe-bryant-getty-01There will be no Kobe Bryant mutiny on the L.A. Lakers -- so says a Lakers player who tells TMZ Sports the squad is NOT MAD at The Mamba for tearing 'em a new butthole at practice today. 

In case you haven't heard, Bryant went NUCLEAR -- cussing out several players and even talking trash to G.M. Mitch Kupchak

At one point, Bryant said, "Now I see why we've lost so many games. We're soft like Charmin!"

But one of the players on the team -- who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity -- said, "It's all in love. Kobe is trying to motivate us to become more hungry."

The player adds, "We are all good ... just gotta get better."

As for Kobe and Nick Young, who went at it on the court today as well, we're told ... "Swaggy and Kobe are good. Just two competitors competing. They always talk mess ... it's a part of the game."  

Jeremy Lin

I Ease The Pain Of Losing

... With a McFlurry

11/26/2014 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
112614_jeremy_lin_launchJeremy Lin thinks the cure to frustration is 930 calories of frozen confectionery goodness ...  telling TMZ Sports he turns to a McDonald's McFlurry to deal with the pain of a crushing Lakers loss.

Lin was at the annual Lakers Thanksgiving celebration this week to hand out turkeys to the less fortunate when we asked him if he had any guilty food pleasures ... given he's a world class athlete.

The Lakers star admitted that he recently indulged after a particularly tough loss ... and it seems the McFlurry did the trick. 

Ba da ba ba ba.

L.A. Lakers

Huge Celeb Fan Losing Interest

'I'm Going Less and Less'

11/24/2014 7:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
112414_lou_adler_launchBad news for the Lakers ... one of the team's BIGGEST celebrity fans is getting real bored with the Purple and Gold -- telling TMZ Sports he's going to games "less and less" these days.

We spoke to music legend Lou Adler -- who's been a staple at Lakers games over the past decades sitting courtside next to his good friend Jack Nicholson.

But when we asked if he was still supporting the squad even though it's been rough this season ... Adler seemed less than jazzed about the Lake Show.

In fact, Adler seemed so down on the team he told us he's not even sure a winning record could get him back -- telling us it's not about IF the team wins or loses ... it's HOW the team wins or loses.

One more thing ... we asked Lou to name the biggest celebrity Lakers fan -- and it WASN'T Mr. Nicholson. Check out the clip.

Aries Spears

I Hate Kobe Bryant

... He's No Michael Jordan

11/20/2014 8:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
112014_aries_spears_launchSo, probably safe to assume Aries Spears won't be getting a Christmas card from Kobe Bryant this year ... because the former "MadTV" star says he HATES the Mamba (and all things Lakers) with a passion.

"I'm the biggest Laker hater in the world," Spears told us at LAX yesterday. "I don't like Kobe."

There's more ... Spears says Bryant doesn't have a shot to win another championship during his career ... which is why Michael Jordan will always be considered the greatest of all time.

"As long as Michael Jordan is breathing, he's got that spot locked ... SIX, BABY!"

BTW, this isn't the first time Spears has taken a shot at Kobe -- check out what he did on "MadTV" back in the day ...

Phil Jackson

Throws Jab at Lakers Players ...

From Knicks Glass House

11/20/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
111914_phil_jackson_launchPhil Jackson dissed the Lakers ... saying his ex-team doesn't need him to coach, they just need better players -- which is funny, considering his new team in NYC is just as crappy.

The Knicks President was grocery shopping in L.A. when our photog asked him if the Lakers could pull out of the basement if he was running the show.

Phil refused to blast the Lake Show's new coaches, but instead dropped some Zen master wisdom about coaches -- even himself -- only being as good as the talent they have on the court.

100% true for the Lakers -- and also the Knicks. Isn't that right, starting center Samuel Dalembert?

Just sayin' ... cool of Phil to answer our question about the 3-9 Lakers -- but he could just as easily have been talking about his 3-10 Knicks.

Doc Rivers

Don't Slam Kobe For Missed Shots

'Can't Make 'Em If Ya Don't Take Em'

11/13/2014 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
111314_doc_rivers_launchDoc Rivers says he has NO PROBLEM with Kobe Bryant breaking the record for most missed shots in NBA history ... telling TMZ Sports, "The only way you can make 'em, you gotta take 'em."

FYI -- Kobe broke the record earlier this week ... passing Celtics legend John Havlicek, who missed 13,147 shots during his career.

But the L.A. Clippers honcho says it's not necessarily a bad record to have -- in fact, Rivers says he WISHES he had a title like that under his belt.

One more thing ... we also asked Rivers about golf -- and if he thought he could beat President Obama if they ever went head-to-head. Check out his answer ... might be time to settle this on the links.

Jack Black

Lakers Stock Is Way Down

... But They're Still My Team!

11/12/2014 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They might suck at the moment, but Jack Black refuses to turn his back on the L.A. Lakers. 

Black was out in L.A. last night when he was asked if he would ever consider buying a sports team -- or at least part of one ... a la Usher (Cleveland Cavs) or Justin Timberlake (Memphis Grizzlies). 

Jack, being the huge Purple and Gold fan that he is, picked the Lakers ... but noted he could "probably get it for a steal right now."

But, as Black points out ... if the Clippers sold for $2 BILLION -- how much would the Lakers sell for if the Buss family was looking to unload????

There are some experts who believe the Lake Show could be worth close to $5 BILLION!!! 

Is that still a steal??? 

Lakers Guard Wayne Ellington

Father Shot and Killed in Philly

11/11/2014 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
1111-wayne-ellington-getty-01The Lakers are rallying around their new teammate Wayne Ellington ... after getting the news that the guard's father was murdered in Philadelphia.

Ellington's father was killed Sunday night. The Lakers say they've given Wayne an indefinite leave of absence while he copes with the tragedy. 

Ellington's 57-year-old father was shot while sitting in his car Sunday night. Police say an unknown gunman shot him in the head, and he died later at the hospital. So far they have no leads on a suspect.

This is Ellington's first year with the Lakers. He released a statement thanking the team and its fans for their support.

Snoop Dogg

Barkley Should Eat Alligator Souffle

To Celebrate Lakers 1st Win!

11/10/2014 6:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
The Lakers GOT IT MADE ... so says Snoop Dogg, who had a strong opinion about what Charles Barkley should eat to celebrate the team's 1st win of the season -- ALLIGATOR SOUFFLE!

FYI -- last week, Barkley had said he was going to stop eating until the 0-5 Lakers finally won a game.

Well, the Lakers beat the Hornets on Sunday ... so on his way out of Supperclub in Hollywood, Snoop had a dinner recommendation for Sir Chuck.

So, what the hell is alligator souffle?

According to Urban Dictionary, it's more of a metaphor than a dish ... meaning, "A real pimp way of saying everything is lovely."

The phrase was popularized by rapper Special Ed in the 1989 track, "I Got It Made."

... and now you know.

Kobe Bryant

Will Ferrell Should Play Me

... In Movie About My Life

11/6/2014 6:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
110614_kobe_bryant_launchHe was Frank the Tank ... Ron Burgundy ... and Jackie Moon ... but now Will Ferrell could have his next role lined up -- Kobe Bryant.

The NBA legend hit up the Hublot shop in Beverly Hills Wednesday night to debut the new King Power Los Angeles Lakers watch ... when we asked him if he's ever thought about Hollywood making a movie based on his life.

Ya gotta watch the clip ... Kobe suggests the perfect title for his biopic ... then suggests that Will play the lead. He's even got a backup plan in case Will can't do it.

Clearly, there could be an issue with Kobe's choice -- but if Robert Downey Jr. could go black in "Tropic Thunder" ... Will could pull it off too, right?

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