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Doc McStuffins Actress Pro National Anthem I Want to Sing it For the Lakers

9/8/2016 7:21 AM PDT

Laya DeLeon Hayes -- the little girl who plays Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior -- could put Colin Kaepernick in an awkward spot.

Our photog got the 12-year-old at the Grove Wednesday, and she told us her dream is to sing the National Anthem at a Lakers game.

She sang part of it for us, and gotta say ... nailed it. 

D'Angelo Russell Reconciles with GF Put Each Other Back On Instagram

7/30/2016 12:45 AM PDT

0729-dangelo-russell-niki-withers-instagramD'Angelo Russell is BACK ON with his college athlete girlfriend ... the two have reconciled after breaking up earlier this month, TMZ Sports has learned. 

The Lakers star had been dating USC volleyball star Niki Withers -- but sources close to the couple tell us they broke things off after a recent trip to Asia because they felt they were growing apart. 

But after nearly two weeks ... the two decided to go out for dinner to talk things out and agreed to give it another shot. 

And perhaps the most meaningful sign ... they both reposted pictures of each other back to Instagram after scrubbing all traces right after the breakup.

0729-niki-withers-instagram-01At the end of the day, both Russell and Withers are 20-years-old -- and we're told they want to take things slow and see where things go. 



Kobe Bryant Retired Life In The Fast Lane ... Shreds The Track In Sick Ferrari

7/27/2016 8:02 AM PDT

Retired life is going by fast for Kobe Bryant ... really fast ... like almost at a breakneck speed ... check out the Mamba TEARING IT UP whipping a sick Ferrari on a closed course.

Kobe was in Maranello, Italy for his Mamba Mentality European Tour when he took a little time to cherish one of the country's most prized exports ... the Ferrari.

Check out the video ... that yellow (close enough to gold right?) blur is Kobe SMASHING OUT in a Ferrari ... driving like a guy who isn't concerned with breaking anything for the first time in a while.

Still though, be careful, bro.

D'Angelo Russell Something In Common With Swaggy P ... I'm Single Now Too!!

7/15/2016 12:45 AM PDT

0714-dangelo-russell-niki-withers-tmz-instagram-01Lakers guards are turning over women like they do basketballs ... first Nick and Iggy, now D'Angelo Russell is on the market ... after a breakup with his superstar college athlete GF Niki Withers.

The couple scrubbed each other off all social media -- a telltale sign of trouble in paradise -- and sources close to the situation confirmed the two are, in fact, dunzo.

"D'Angelo and Niki talked about where the relationship was going and decided mutually to break up," one source tells us. 

Unlike Nick & Iggy there's no bad blood between the two ... we're told the breakup was simply a case of two youngsters growing apart. 

The relationship endured some tough times ... with Niki standing by DR when his infamous video of Swaggy made him the number one bro code violator in the history of sports.

Question is, now that both men are single ... might it be time to reignite the friendship over a few thots?


Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram Open To Acting But Basketball Comes First

7/7/2016 11:02 AM PDT

0707_Brandon-Ingram_gettyLakers rookie Brandon Ingram ain't ruling out the entertainment industry ... so says his dad, who tells TMZ Sports his son is open to listening to pitches, as long as it doesn't affect his basketball career.

We talked to Donald Ingram -- father of the #2 overall pick -- about the different opportunities available to a young star athlete in Tinseltown.

His response ... they're not ruling anything out. But breathe easy, Lakers fans ... Ingram made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that his 18-year-old son's main focus is his NBA career.

“Playing in a market like this, he will have the opportunities to have outside work in entertainment," Ingram told us, "If Brandon has downtime and it doesn’t affect his game, he will take those opportunities into consideration."

Donald says Brandon is more likely to start off small ... possibly doing, "a couple commercials here and there."

"The fame and everything else will come with time. Right now, it’s all about putting in work."


Luol Deng Here For The Deng Party Celebrates Lakerness At Hollywood Night Spot

7/6/2016 3:43 PM PDT

Luol Deng celebrated his arrival in Tinseltown the way any new Laker should ... thots, bottles and models ... hitting a Hollywood night spot and turning up Tuesday night.

We got Deng leaving 1 OAK in West Hollywood -- a spot regularly frequented by the Kardashians, Beibers and Rihannas of the world -- around 2:30 AM, telling us he definitely had a great time.

Deng wasn't the only freakishly tall guy turning up ... Andre Drummond and Jimmy Butler were also there ... and with the money the NBA's giving out these days, we're guessing a lot of people drank free.

Now go out there and bring the Lakers a championship, Luol (insert laughing emoji here)!

NBA's Julius Randle I'M ENGAGED!!! Check Out The HUGE Rock

6/21/2016 4:16 PM PDT
Breaking News

0621-julius-randle-engaged-INSTAGRAM-01Big offseason for L.A. Lakers forward Julius Randle ... who just proposed to his smokin' hot model girlfriend with a diamond that's bigger than her knuckle!! 

The 21-year-old NBA player popped the question to Kendra Shaw during a romantic getaway to Greece ... and clearly, she said "Yes."

0621-julius-randle-engagement-ring-huge-TWITTER-01Randle started dating Shaw during his 1st season at the University of Kentucky -- and decided it was time to lock it up for good! 

We're working on the ring details -- but DAMN ... we're guessin' it wasn't cheap.


Rick Fox Kobe Mentoring Shaq's Son ... 'It Warms My Heart'

5/29/2016 12:25 AM PDT

There might be one person more excited about Kobe training Shaq's kid than Shaq's kid ... Rick Fox ... who says the Mamba Obi-Wanning Diesel's offspring truly "warms his heart."

We broke the story ... Kobe has offered to personally mentor Shareef O'Neal -- a high school superstar who's already received scholarship offers from some pretty huge schools. Shareef told us he's pumped about it. 

And so is Rick ... who was a part of those legendary Lakers teams with Shaq and Kobe, and knows firsthand how bad things got between the two of them. 

But that's why Rick says it's so special to see Kobe reaching out -- saying Mamba's gesture shows how much respect the two really have for each other. 

"It warmed my heart to see that."

DeMar DeRozan Laker Bound? BFF Suggests Move to L.A.

5/25/2016 12:18 PM PDT

DeMar DeRozan's days in the six might be numbered ... that's according to his best friend and former teammate, Romeo Miller, who says he knows where DeRozan is headed ... and he strongly suggests it's L.A.

We got Romeo out at The Grove and asked him about DeMar ... who will be one of the most coveted free agents of the NBA off-season. 

Romeo would be the guy to ask ... he and DeRozan have been best friends for years, growing up together and playing college ball at USC.

Check out the clip ... it's been reported DeMar wants to bolt the north for L.A. and Romeo adds to that fire ... hinting STRONGLY that he knows the Lakers are the right spot for his best pal.

BTW ... DeMar & the Raptors have a HUGE playoff game in Cleveland Wednesday night ... enjoy it while you can, Toronto.

D'Angelo Russell Talks Nick Young 'Don't Know If We'll Be Friends Again'

5/10/2016 12:45 AM PDT

D'Angelo Russell says he's ready to move on from the infamous crime against bromanity back in March -- but tells TMZ Sports the ball is ultimately in Nick Young's court. 

We got the Lakers #2 pick out in Kentucky this weekend -- and asked him straight up if he and Swaggy P will be cool next season ... after shooting that video that nearly cost Nick his fiancee

"I don't know," Russell admitted ... "Only time will tell, right?" 

There's more in the clip -- but it seems D'Angelo feels he's done all he can do to repair the friendship. 

Wonder if Nick feels the same way? 

Metta World Peace I'm Not Retiring Yet Wanna Come Back to Lakers

5/6/2016 6:30 AM PDT

He's 36 years old ... but Metta World Peace says he ain't ready to ride off into the sunset just yet -- telling TMZ Sports he hopes to return to the Lakers for his 17th season! 

Metta was out at a charity event at Bootsy Bellows nightclub -- when we asked if we should look for him back in purple and gold next season. 

"We'll see ... hopefully," Metta told us. 

He also dropped this Metta-ism ...

"Golden State, they're the best team ever ... but the Lakers are the best team in the world."

Makes sense. 

Magic Johnson Lakers Should Go After LeBron

5/2/2016 7:44 AM PDT
Breaking News

0502-magic-johnson-lebron-james-TMZ-01Can you picture LeBron James in L.A.? 

Magic Johnson says he can ... and has now called for the Lakers to start pursuing LeBron in case he decides to bolt from Cleveland. 

Johnson went to Twitter and said, "The Lakers should call LeBron James agent. We know he's going stay in CLE but they should go after him just in case he leaves."

There's been all sorts of speculation about Bron's future -- especially after he unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter earlier in the season. Johnson sees it as a major opportunity. 

But James isn't the only huge star MJ wants to recruit -- "The first free agent the Lakers should go after is Kevin Durant."

"I would love to see Kevin Durant in the Purple & Gold!"

Adam Sandler & David Spade Roast D'Angelo Russell ... With Hilarious Spoof

4/28/2016 4:54 PM PDT


This is hysterical ...

Adam Sandler and David Spade just totally nailed the whole D'Angelo Russell/Nick Young video situation ... in a hilarious send-up spoof video.

The clip has Adam playing the part of poor D'Angelo with Spade as the unsuspecting Nick Young getting all his personal business pried out of him.

The title of the video -- "BroCode?"

Check out the clip ... except you D'Angelo -- you stay away from all electronic devices.

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