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George H.W. Bush Service Dog Sully Won't Leave His Side

12/4/2018 9:11 AM PST

Prepare to have your heart melted ... yes, that's Sully, the still loyal companion to President George H.W. Bush, remaining by the late President's side after a last-minute change of plans kept the pup in D.C. 

Sully showed up Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol, sitting in front of Bush's casket at the Capitol Rotunda, along with people who benefited from the ADA passage under our 41st President. 

Seems Sully couldn't bear to leave Bush just yet ... as we reported, the service dog was supposed to be returned to America's VetDogs and head up to New York to prepare for his next assignment after flying with Bush's casket from Houston to D.C.

But, Sully shocked everyone -- in a good way -- when he pawed his way into the Capitol, where Bush is lying in state.  

Just look at that super cute tail wag. Yes, Sully is still a very good boy. 

George H.W. Bush Service Dog Loyal to the End ... Prepping for New Gig Helping Wounded Soldiers

12/3/2018 9:58 AM PST
Exclusive Details

9:58 AM PT -- We've learned Sully is still by the President's side, flying with the casket from Houston to D.C. 

A Bush spokesperson tells TMZ ... when Air Force One lands in Washington, Sully will be returned to America's VetDogs and he will miss all of the memorial services to prepare for his next assignment.

We're told Sully will spend the holiday season in New York with America's VetDogs before moving to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's Facility Dog Program. Sully will work alongside fellow service dogs SGT Dillon and SGT Truman, "To assist with physical and occupational therapy to wounded soldiers and active duty personnel during their journey to recovery."

A rep for Walter Reed tells us ... Sully won't be assigned to an individual veteran on site, and he will be a "roving" dog in the program, providing support, comfort and helping to reduce stress for wounded soldiers and their visitors. Sully will have a handler who will take him home each night. 

We're told the Bush family is welcome to visit Sully whenever they want, and the facility would be "honored" if the President's family came to visit.

President George H.W. Bush's loyal companion remained by his side Sunday night -- his service dog, Sully, keeping watch until the very end ... and beyond.

In one of the more moving images since the 41st President's passing Friday night ... Sully was pictured laying in front of Bush's casket in Houston, ahead of its Monday flight to Washington, D.C. The former Prez will lie in state at the Capitol until Wednesday, and Sully will be heading back east as well.

The service dog was assigned to former Prez Bush back in June, and Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath says Sully -- trained by the nonprofit group America's VetDogs -- will be reassigned now.

43rd Prez George W. Bush said, "As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we're comforted to know he'll bring the same joy to his new home, [military hospital] Walter Reed," 

Jeb Bush also saluted Sully ...

Good boy, Sully. Good boy. 

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Ariana Grande New Ink Erases Pete, Dials Up Mac

12/2/2018 6:00 PM PST

Ariana Grande is slowly but surely erasing Pete Davidson from her life AND body ... updating a tattoo with a tribute to Mac Miller.

Ariana's hawk-eyed fans noticed in her behind-the-scenes footage for the "Thank U, Next" music video the tattoo "Myron" on her foot. The name belongs to Mac Miller's dog. The tattoo used to have the numbers "8414" ... a badge number that belonged to Pete's late father and firefighter who died in the September 11 attacks.

It's hard to tell, but you can definitely see the numbers are gone. In the video, you can see Ariana bending over and pointing to her foot to show off her new tat. She says, "Look at my Myron. Guys, look. How cool, right?"

This tattoo cover-up game is just the latest since Ariana broke off her engagement with Pete back in October. As you know ... she covered up a "Pete" tattoo on her finger ... first with a band-aid and later converting it into a heart.

Pete hasn't been taking this lying down either ... the Ariana-inspired bunny tattoo behind his ear was also 86'd. But, Ariana's latest ink upgrade no doubt shows Mac's still heavy on her mind. 

Not long after Mac died from an accidental overdose ... Ariana posted a video on her Instagram with Myron. It's crystal clear Ariana's got tons of love for this pup ... and she found a way to pay homage to Mac and his pooch while also erasing Pete from her life.

Two birds ... one stone.

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all the kisses. happy fall.

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Kaley Cuoco Baby Sea Lion Found and Saved!!!

11/23/2018 9:22 AM PST
Exclusive Details

7:33 PM -- GOOD NEWS!!! The Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute has rescued the baby sea lion and it's being dubbed #99 because it's the 99th seal the org has saved this year. We're told volunteers found the pup had turned up at Mussel Shoals, which is about 7 miles south from where it had originally been spotted by Kaley & Co. on Thanksgiving Day.

We're told the male pup is very underweight ... at just 26 pounds. The good folks at CIMWI will provide medical care for the pup and rehab will last for a few months before the pup can fend for itself. Awesome!!!

1:33 PM PT -- Kaley just took to Instagram and said her husband, Karl, went looking for the pup up and down the beach and they did not see it. She added that she assumes the pup is OK and might have gone back into the ocean since the tide was close to the rocks where the pup was stranded. 

10:14 AM PT -- The Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute, whose volunteers showed up to the beach to offer help, tells TMZ ... "unfortunately, we were not able to attempt a rescue effort [Thursday night] because it would not have been safe due to the animal's location on the rocks and the sun setting." A rep for the org also tells us people at the beach last night said they would check on the animal Friday morning and call the hotline if a rescue attempt was needed but it has not received any phone calls. The org added that volunteers are at the ready to respond if the pup shows up again.Kaley Cuoco did a good deed on Thanksgiving ... an unexpected one as she strolled the beach and spotted a baby sea lion in a desperate state.

Kaley was spending the first Thanksgiving with her in-laws in the Santa Barbara area when she saw the animal on a rock, clearly in distress.  

Kaley and hubby, Karl Cook, called a 24-hour marine and wildlife hotline and asked for help in rescuing the sea lion.  

While they waited, a bunch of volunteers came to lend assistance. Everyone stayed, trying to help.

The sea lion's condition is unknown. We'll update when we find out.

Well done, Kaley and Karl. 

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Angelina Jolie Custody's a Dog Walk in the Park ... When I'm With My Kiddos

11/18/2018 11:27 AM PST

Angelina Jolie doesn't seem to be sweating her looming custody trial with Brad Pitt, at least not when she's with her kids ... or some of them, anyway.

Angie was hanging out with three of her children Sunday in Los Feliz -- where she, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox took their pup for a stroll around the block ... with Shiloh leading the way.

No sign of Maddox, Zahara or Pax here -- the older 3 of the bunch -- but there were certainly no faces of distress on display within the dog-walking group ... in fact, it was nothing but smiles as far as we can see. Even the pooch seemed to be in good spirits.

The happy family outing comes amid a much darker backdrop -- Angelina and Brad are heading to court to decide whether Angie gets sole physical custody of the 6 kids, or if it'll be a 50/50 split ... like Brad wants. Their custody trial is set to begin on Dec. 4, which we're told could take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. The judge will sort it all out after that.

There's more to be decided in their bitter divorce -- like property settlement -- which could get ugly considering Brangelina didn't have a prenup when they got hitched.

NYC's Mandarin Duck Fans Flocking To See Me In The Snow Park Rangers Have My Back

11/18/2018 12:40 AM PST

New York City authorities are stepping in to make sure Central Park's famous Mandarin duck survives the winter ... TMZ has learned. 

Meghan Lalor, Chief of Staff for NYC Parks, tells TMZ… the Urban Park Rangers are monitoring the colorful bird after the Big Apple was hit with its first snowstorm. 

People were worried the non-native species would hate the freezing temps, but Park Rangers assure us they're doing everything they can to keep tabs on his health ... and he actually seemed pretty delighted by snowfall. 

It's funny ... the duck sometimes leads Rangers on a wild goose chase, because it's difficult to track his every move and he often disappears for days at a time ... but the Rangers eventually find him. 

We're told the duck is likely a pet that was let loose in Central Park, and Rangers are prepared to make a rescue attempt if the bird ever appears injured, in need of care, or demonstrates a change in behavior. 

It's good to have friends in high places, even if you're a duck. 

Lisa Vanderpump Special Place at Gala for Dogs Affected by Woolsey Wildfire

11/16/2018 2:09 PM PST

Lisa Vanderpump's opened her heart and wallet for dogs all over the world ... but those affected by the California wildfire are a plight that hits close to home, and she's doing her best to help.

The 'RHOBH' star tells TMZ ... her annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Fundraising Gala was once again an incredible success thanks to several familiar faces who, as she puts it, know how to walk the walk. As we reported ... a portion of the proceeds will go to animals affected by the California wildfires.  

It's truly incredible the work Lisa's done to help man's best friend ... from her gala to opening a sanctuary in China that's already adopted nearly 800 dogs. 

We also talked to Lisa about how a very tough 2018 for her personally has meant less time with her 'Housewives' castmates -- on camera and off.

However, LV made it clear ... you're getting the wrong idea if you think her reduced time on 'RHOBH' means she's leaving the show. She told us exactly where her loyalties lie and why.  

Ex-NHL Star Sheldon Souray Hit w/ Lawsuit ... Your Bad Dog Bit Me!!

11/13/2018 11:36 AM PST

Former NHL star Sheldon Souray's dog allegedly bit a young girl -- injuring her -- and now the stud defenseman is facing a lawsuit.

Souray played 13 seasons in the NHL -- for the Devils, Canadiens, Oilers, Stars and Ducks -- and was known for his ridiculously hard slap shot.

In the civil suit -- filed last week in L.A. County Court -- Souray is accused of failing to control his dog ... and as a result, the animal allegedly bit the kid in the hallway of her Beverly Hills apartment building in October 2017.

According to the lawsuit, Souray should've known about his dog's "unpredictable and violent/dangerous propensities."

Interesting to note ... 2 months after the alleged incident, Souray posted a picture of his dog on Instagram, with the caption ... "Dougie’s been in bad boy school for 6 weeks. Comes home next week. Gonna be a party."

It's unclear if Dougie is the dog involved in the alleged incident ... or if the alleged incident had anything to do with him being sent to "bad boy school."

The alleged victim is asking for over $25k from Souray ... but the exact amount is unclear.

We reached out to Souray ... so far, no word back.

California Wildfires Hundreds of Animals Saved ... In Massive Rescue Effort

11/12/2018 1:32 PM PST

Hundreds of scared animals were helplessly fending for themselves in the midst of the raging California wildfires, that is until an army of humans descended on the ravaged areas to save them.

Check out the video ... tortoises, sheep, a llama, a rabbit, a mini-horse, chickens and an alpaca are all beneficiaries of the rescue effort.

There were scores of horses that had to be abandoned because their owners almost had to immediately evacuate. Many of the horses were tagged and let free, with the hope they would find their way to safety and then reunite with their owners.

It was treacherous work trying to save the animals ... many of which were scared and skittish.

A number of groups, including the Animal Hope and Wellness foundation had volunteers out and about trying to save the helpless creatures.

Former Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole was among the cadre of volunteers, and she describes the difficulties of the rescue effort. 

Justin Turner's Wife My Dog Was Murdered

11/12/2018 12:50 AM PST

The wife of L.A. Dodgers star Justin Turner claims her beloved miniature pinscher was savagely murdered by a neighbor's German shepherd ... and now she's suing the guy for letting it happen. 

Kourtney Turner -- aka Kourtney Pogue -- claims her pet, Dior, was chillin' at her L.A. home on Nov. 7, 2016, when a "vicious and aggressive" dog named Sonny got onto the property and attacked. 

Kourtney claims the dog's owner knew Sonny got violent with other dogs -- and when he went after Dior, the man did nothing to stop it. 

In the lawsuit, Kourtney claims she was too paralyzed by fear to jump in and save her 11-year-old pet ... and by the time the mauling was over, Dior had suffered fatal injuries. 

Kourtney is not only suing for vet bills and other costs associated with Dior's death -- she also wants damages for pain and suffering, claiming she "relied upon the emotional support of Dior for her well-being."

After Dior passed away, Kourtney posted an emotional tribute to her friend ... saying, "Eleven years wasn't long enough, and to be honest, forever wouldn't have been either."

She added, "You taught me unconditional love & we will never ever forget you."

Kourtney now has a new dog, Moonshine -- who was born 1 month after Dior's passing. 


Swan Song Vet Saves Wayward Bird from Traffic ... Or Did He???

11/7/2018 7:12 AM PST

Here's a little ditty about a swan that got saved by a vet with a big heart -- or, at least, that's one version of what you're about to see.

The swan was crossing a rainy street in the English town of Guildford -- IN the crosswalk, mind you -- when Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick, a local veterinary surgeon, sprung into action.

Fitzpatrick was afraid the swan was seconds from getting run over, so he followed the wandering bird ... gathered it up in his tweed (naturally) jacket and returned it to a nearby waterway. Yay!!! What a hero, right?

Alternate theory: The poor bird was walking crosstown to meet up with his wife -- swans mate for life, remember -- when the Professor intercepted him. Probably set the poor guy back at least 30 minutes, his wife got pissed and left him. Reverse 'Notebook.' Just sayin'.

The end.

'Flipping Vegas' Stars Cops Shut Down Horseback H'ween

10/31/2018 4:17 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The stars of "Flipping Vegas" got someone flippin' pissed at their Halloween stunt -- riding horses on the beach -- and they ended having a run-in with Johnny Law. 

Scott and Amie Yancey hit Malibu Tuesday evening on horseback while in costume -- Scott was the Headless Horseman, and Amie looked like Daenerys from "Game of Thrones." As you can see in the video ... onlookers at the Sunset Restaurant were in awe, but eventually ... the party on hooves was stopped in its tracks.

Scott's rep tells us cops arrived shortly after the couple trotted their steads down Westward Beach Road and told them they couldn't ride on the street. 

Their costumes must have impressed the officers, because they were merely escorted to the trailers where the horses were stowed. Their show's been off the air since 2014, but seems like they still have fans in law enforcement -- Amie and Scott were allowed to go on their way ... on foot.

Nice Halloween treat for 'em.

Pete Davidson Halloween Makes Me Happy!!! Cute Puppies Too

10/30/2018 1:11 PM PDT

Pete Davidson finally looks like he's feeling better after his split with Ariana Grande ... 'cause the comedian was grinning like a jack-o-lantern at a Halloween event with his buddy. 

Pete walked through a holiday event for kids Sunday on his home turf of Staten Island, and judging by these pics ... the 'SNL' star was happier than a trick-or-treater with a pillowcase full of candy. 

Pete was passing through the neighborhood shindig when he stopped to pet a furry pooch and snap a selfie with his fans. We're told he was super friendly to everyone and seemed to be in a very good mood.

It took a few weeks, but Pete is looking way happier than he was the last time we saw him. He really looked like a man down on his luck a few days after we broke the story he and Ariana called off their engagement.

Hey, there's nothing like a pumpkin patch and a cute pup to lift your spirits.  

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