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'Brother Nature' Old Tweets Resurface Rampant Racism & More Revealed

10/21/2018 12:41 PM PDT

Viral sensation and self-proclaimed deer whisperer, "Brother Nature," started trending this weekend for all the wrong reasons -- old and incredibly vile tweets ... which invoked names like Jay-Z and Chris Brown

20-year-old Kelvin Peña quickly turned his Twitter account to private Sunday, after people started re-posting screenshots of his old tweets from 2011 and 2012 ... many of which were racist, sexist and anti-Semitic. It's unclear what might've sparked the deep Twitter dive.

Nonetheless, what was revealed was quite disturbing. One such tweet said "Jay Z look like a monkey." Another one said ... "when I grow up I wanna be like Chris Brown. So if my girlfriend tried to look through my phone while driving I can choke and punch her :D".

There's a lot more that are even more disgusting -- tweets that say things like ... "HEIL HITLER" ... "Wanna hear a joke? Women's rights" and "TL stopped loading .. too many coons on my TL that's why f***." FWIW ... dude claims to be Dominican and Puerto Rican.

Peña first garnered attention (and views) back in 2016 with a viral video called "Money and the deer squad" which featured a deer he named Canela. He went on to put out more videos of himself interacting with Canela and other animals he encountered in "the wild" ... and eventually dubbed himself Brother Nature. 

As we've seen lately with these viral types ... nothing stays buried for long. We reached out to Brother Nature's camp for comment ... so far, no word back. 

'Free Willy' Star Arrested and Charged With Domestic Violence

10/19/2018 1:00 AM PDT

The actor who played a troubled kid in "Free Willy" has found himself in real trouble as an adult ... we've learned he was arrested for domestic violence.

Law enforcement sources tell us former child actor Jason James Richter was arrested Monday night in the San Fernando Valley for misdemeanor domestic violence. He spent two nights in jail before being released Wednesday.

Richter's people tell us he had an argument with his girlfriend at around 7 PM at their home. Law enforcement sources say he asked her about a coworker and whether they were having an affair. Things escalated and Richter left, but returned a short time later.

The girlfriend told police she retreated to the bedroom and locked the door. We're told Richter broke the door down to get in. She told cops he pulled her into the living room. 

Four hours later the girlfriend showed up at the police station and filed a report, claiming domestic violence.  

Richter's people tell us the girlfriend told cops he grabbed her wrists, but we're told cops did not see any visible marks. Authorities tell TMZ the GF claimed he "grabbed her." Richter's people tell us he denies the argument ever became physical. 

Richter starred as Jesse in 1993's "Free Willy" and its sequel "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" -- in which he played an orphan who befriends an orca at a water park, and eventually sets him free into the wild. The first flick also became attached to one of Michael Jackson's hit songs from the '90s, "Will You Be There."

Richter has been charged with one count of vandalism for breaking the door and another count of battery on a significant other with no physical injury.

If convicted, he faces up to a year behind bars.

Tara Reid Delta Wanted My Dog in Overhead ... Airline Says She's Full of It

10/17/2018 10:14 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

10:05 AM PT -- Delta says Tara's got it all wrong. A spokesperson tells TMZ ... first class seats do not allow bags at your feet -- and, as a result, a flight attendant DID suggest Tara put her dog's carrier in overhead ... NEVER the dog itself.

The rep says Tara was told plainly she could keep her dog in her lap or by her feet.

Additionally, Delta says she didn't go quietly and was "very unruly and disruptive" ... according to flight attendants and other passengers.

Tara Reid is drastically changing her story on why she was escorted off a Delta flight -- now saying she was told to stow her dog in an overhead bin, and simply refused.

The actress posted a statement Wednesday clarifying what she says went down Monday when she deplaned a Delta flight from LAX to NYC with her pup. She says the dog is an emotional support animal -- for which she has paperwork -- but Delta's staff still wouldn't let her dog ride on her lap ... only offering overhead or cargo hold storage options. 

She says she had pre-arranged to bring the 3-month-old dog on board, but after flight attendants made it clear they were not on board with the plan ... she says she calmly boarded another flight.

You can see and clearly hear from the video ... Tara didn't have a choice -- she was escorted off the plane

Tara now says we got our reporting wrong, but the fact is ... we spoke directly to her Monday and she told us she was upset about not getting a window seat and feeling cramped in her seat because the person in front of her reclined theirs.

We reached out to Delta to comment on Tara's latest version ... so far, no word back. 

Originally Published -- 7:19 AM PDT

Famous Giant Gator Returns to Florida Golf Course ... 'Hey, Chubbs!'

10/16/2018 11:52 AM PDT
Breaking News


Yeah, that massive 15-foot alligator sauntering through a Florida golf course has a name -- because he's become a "regular" ... and miraculously, no one's been eaten yet! 

Chubbs was first spotted at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, FL back in 2016 -- and has become a social media sensation ever since ... mostly because he's a giant, green monster. 

But, the gator returned on Saturday -- with stunned golfers crapping their pants as the carnivore strolled through his home course. 

Course officials have said Chubbs is almost like a pet -- he does his own thing and doesn't bother anyone. 

Just as long as you keep your distance. 

As for his name, guessing it's inspired by "Happy Gilmore" -- you remember the guy who lost his hand to a DAMN ALLIGATOR!!! 

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson You Get the Ring ... I Get the Pig

10/16/2018 7:46 AM PDT

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have called it quits, and that usually means dividing up the pots and pans, or in their case a super expensive engagement ring and a pet pig.

Sources close to Ariana tell us she's already returned the nearly $100k engagement ring Davidson gave her back in June. The ring -- a 3.03 carat diamond set in platinum -- was a one of a kind, made specifically for Grande, and took weeks to complete. We're told there was no struggle over who'd keep the ring. He bought it in contemplation of marriage, and she was quick to fork it over.

Piggy Smallz -- the couple's teacup pig they adopted last month -- became a signature of their relationship ... in fact, Davidson got a tattoo of Smallz on his torso shortly after she became part of their family.

Here's the thing. Ariana bought the pig and it was really hers from the get-go, so she's keeping it ... again, no fight over the porker. 

TMZ broke the story ... Ariana and Pete ended their engagement over the weekend. We're told the death of Ariana's former boyfriend, Mac Miller, was a breaking point for the couple's relationship ... and the split was a long time coming. 

Tara Reid Removed from Flight ... Bitched About Wrong Seat, Pillow

10/15/2018 4:21 PM PDT

Tara Reid flew into a rage on a flight, shortly before takeoff ... prompting the captain to toss her, and her little dog, off the plane.

The incident went down Monday afternoon on Delta Flight 613 from LAX to NYC. Witnesses tell us Tara was pissed and loudly complained about being given the wrong seat. She later bitched about not getting a pillow. Flight attendants tried diffusing the situation ... but it was too little, too late.

We're told the pilot -- after pushing back from the gate -- announced he was turning around because of a customer service issue. In the video, you can see Tara being told she had to go. Cops were not called and Tara complied ... deplaning with her dog.

Tara's side of the story is she thought she had a window seat and was upset that wasn't the case. Further, she says she was cramped in her seat because the woman in front of her had reclined.

A Delta spokesperson tells us the flight eventually took off for NYC after a short delay. Tara boarded an alternate flight. 

Trevor Donovan Saves Puppy from Drowning!!!

10/15/2018 8:17 AM PDT

Former "90210" star Trevor Donovan is saving lives in a much hotter zip code now -- he rescued an exhausted puppy in Lake Havasu ... TMZ has learned.

We got this video, shot Thursday on the lake bordering Cali and Arizona ... and you can see Trevor dive into action. We're told the dog -- a 4-month-old golden retriever named Shadow -- belonged to one of the crew members on the movie Trevor's shooting out there.

The pup had apparently swam out too far, and was tiring as it tried to get back. Trevor busted out his best butterfly stroke and helped the dog back to shore.

Trevor's shooting a jetskiing movie called "Hot Water" ... which he's described as an homage to '80s and '90s comedies like "Caddyshack" and "Ski School."

Talk about perfect timing -- for him and the dog -- Thursday happened to be Trevor's birthday. He can't say it wasn't a happy one.

Only downside for Trev? It's not often his shirtless bod gets upstaged, but Shadow is REALLY cute!

Kanye West Snakes in the Grass ... At Music Video Shoot

10/5/2018 3:15 PM PDT

Kanye West rattled some cages here at TMZ when he showed up to appear on "TMZ Live" and shoot a music video ... because the folks here just found rattlesnakes in the very spot the video was filmed.

Fact is ... we've been in this building for 5 years and, as far as we know, not a single rattler was ever found ... until today.

Animal Control is on its way ... it's gonna take an hour, but it's scary.

Remember, Kanye had 100 dancers in the grass ... where the snakes were located.

No one's been bit.

Brian Ortega If Conor Or Khabib Can't Fight ... I'm Down To Step In!!

9/30/2018 12:15 AM PDT

If Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov throw a steel dolly, miss weight or get hurt before UFC 229 ... Brian Ortega says he's 100% down to step in and kick some ass.

With only a week left until the biggest fight of the year, TMZ Sports asked Ortega -- should disaster strike and Conor or Khabib be unable to fight -- would he be game to scrap and save the card.

"I always stay ready ... These are the kinda fights that I'll step in on last minute to save the card," Ortega told us ... "Not no other fights like the last situation we had, where they wanted me to fight that clown."

"These are the fights that are worth saving."

The "clown" (Brian's words, not ours) is Jeremy Stephens ... who wanted to step in and fight Ortega after Max Holloway was forced out of UFC 226 in July.

Assuming UFC 229 goes off as planned ... T-City updated us on the status of his championship fight with Holloway ... and yes, he also explained why he's chillin' with freakin' farm animals.

Erin Andrews on Cesar Millan His Doggy Style's Working Wonders!!

9/13/2018 6:52 AM PDT

That Erin Andrews can let the dogs out is a mini-miracle ... and the wizard behind that magic is Cesar Millan.

We got the "NFL on FOX" star reporter Wednesday at LAX and had to ask about calling in the Dog Whisperer of all Dog Whisperers. Seems her pooch, Howard the Golden Retriever, had some issues with leash aggression.

Cesar's been working with Howard for a few weeks now and as Erin tells it ... the good boy's not the only one in need of some dog training.

School's also in session for beloved dog owners ... like her and hubby Jarret Stoll. Check it out ... Erin can't get enough of Cesar ... praising the hell outta the guy.

... nothing but the dog in him.

Lisa Vanderpump Barking Up the Wrong Tree ... Dorit Did Nothing Wrong!!!

9/12/2018 3:36 PM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump says Dorit Kemsley is not in the doghouse with her ... 'cause rumors about their puppy problems are totally false.

We got Lisa Wednesday outside Vanderpump Dogs ... and she tells us Dorit didn't dump her adopted pooch off at a shelter, and the 'RHOBH' stars remain friends. 

Quick recap of the rumored feud ... Dorit adopted a pup from Lisa's rescue biz, and reportedly ended up dropping it at a shelter later. Lisa says the rumor is dog crap and reveals what REALLY happened to the pooch.

LV's also focused on the Congressional vote to ban people from slaughtering dogs and cats for food -- a bill sponsored by Lisa's foundation.

Meghan Markle Dog S*** Happens Even on Palace Grounds???

9/12/2018 12:23 PM PDT

12:50 PM PT -- A source at the Palace tells us the photo posted by the reporter is not Meghan and it's not her dog either. The mess is someone else's s**t.

Meghan Markle might be a royal now, but her pup ain't nothin' but a hound dog who's still gotta handle his business ... even if it's on Kensington Palace grounds.

Entertainment reporter Lisa Petrillo tweeted a photo of Meghan Wednesday in what she describes as "outside the entrance to (her and Harry's) private residence" within Kensington Palace. You can see Meghan letting her dog poop right there out in the open.

It sounds like Petrillo approached Meghan and engaged her, 'cause she notes in her tweet that she "couldn't have been sweeter." Meghan also apparently picked up her dog's mess, with Petrillo using the hashtag #princessespickuppooptoo.

As funny as the pic is, there are two questions at play -- first, was Meghan's dog actually s****ing on the Palace grounds? The short answer is yes. We know there are public and private parts of Kensington Palace, and if Meghan was just outside her private entrance, it would appear she was on the public end of it. Still counts as royal territory.

Perhaps more importantly, whose dog is this exactly?

We know she's already got a beagle named Guy, but he looks vastly different than this pooch. There are also reports that Meghan and Harry recently got a new dog together, but it's apparently a Labrador Retriever. That breed ain't what we're seeing here. Hmmm ...

Swaggy Wolfdog Humans F***ed Up My Rolls!!!

9/10/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Swaggy Wolfdog blessed his owner with a brand new Rolls-Royce … but the pup should’ve been behind the wheel, ‘cause boneheaded humans already messed up his rims!!!

We got the husky and his owner, Swagr Man, showing off the $400,000 ride … and it’s all fun and games until the crew tries to drive off … that’s when the luxury car hits a parking space divider and dings the chromed out rims.

Lucky for Swaggy, he was in the back seat unharmed.

But, after watching his 2-legged friends struggle to leave an empty lot, we can’t help but wonder if they’re better off with Swaggy in the driver’s seat.

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