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Kanye West Audio Reveals 'SNL' Freak Out ... But Lorne Was Spared

2/17/2016 3:14 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Kanye West had a Yeezus-like moment at 'SNL' over a last minute change to his stage, but in a very un-Yeezus move ... he didn't rage out at producers. 

According to multiple reports, the rapper went ballistic on show execs before 'SNL' started, but our Kanye sources say that's not exactly what happened. We're told 30 minutes before going live, producers removed almost half of Kanye's set for aesthetics. 

Kanye'd been rehearsing on the larger set all day, so he was definitely pissed. We're told he threatened to walk and angrily vented, but only to HIS team ... never to 'SNL' honchos. 

He did eventually speak calmly with Lorne Michaels, who decided to put the set back together. 

Still, the backstage rant was epic -- the NY Post got this audio of Kanye comparing himself to Stanley Kubrick, the apostle Paul and Picasso. Vintage 'Ye.

Ronda Rousey Good Sport on SNL

1/24/2016 6:56 AM PST

Ronda Rousey graciously if not belatedly accepted defeat on "Saturday Night Live," bowing to Holly Holm, and then playing a thirsty bachelorette and a bullied student who kicks ass.

Gotta say ... very funny.

Donald Trump Called Racist for Fun and Profit on SNL

11/8/2015 6:46 AM PST

Donald Trump certainly had his moments on "Saturday Night Live," and maybe the best was when a famous dude called him a racist.

During the opening monologue, as Trump was delivering shtick, Larry David screamed from the audience, "Trump's a racist!"   You gotta see this.  It's hilarious.  FYI, an immigration group offered the bounty for anyone who would scream those words at Trump.

And of course, Donald did the obligatory "Hotline Bling."

Bernie Sanders That Larry David Guy Just Might ... Make It in Comedy

10/20/2015 7:50 AM PDT

Bernie Sanders can give it as good as he gets, as our camera guy found out when he asked the Senator about Larry David's 'SNL' impression.

If you missed it ... Larry killed it as his fellow Brooklyn native, and it's sparked an interesting theory: That the 74-year-old senator gave 68-year-old Larry a way to connect with younger people, who are voting next year -- but, sadly, might not know LD from "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

So, the question -- is the presidential candidate a Hollywood star maker?

Watch. Bernie gets the joke.

Donald Trump Hispanic Groups Demand NBC Pull Plug on 'SNL' Gig

10/19/2015 6:40 AM PDT

Several Hispanic advocacy groups are about to learn a hard lesson in advocacy ... don't waste your time during sweeps. 

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda is pissed at NBC for allowing Donald Trump to host "Saturday Night Live."  They're going after NBC, saying, "We are appalled that you would enable Trump's hateful speech for nothing [more] than a ratings ploy and ask that you rescind the SNL invitation." 

They got the ratings thing right. Trump is set to host November 7, smack in the middle of sweeps. NBC will almost surely get record-breaking ratings, which is a hard thing to give up.

On top of that, Trump and the network have settled their beef, and NBC is not going to resurrect the feud.

Pick your battles wisely ...

Eddie Murphy Comedy Stage, Here I Come!!!

10/18/2015 12:19 PM PDT

Eddie Murphy has opened the door to a return to the comedy stage.

Eddie was arriving at the Four Seasons in Georgetown ... he's in D.C. to pick up the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center.

Prez Obama's sure to be there, and Eddie returned the flattery in advance.

But down to business ... our photog asked Eddie if he'd break the 28-year dry spell by returning to the comedy stage, and his time frame seems promising.

Tracy Morgan Return to SNL Mixed with Humor, Emotion

10/18/2015 6:47 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan made people laugh and cry Saturday night during and after his triumphant return to "Saturday Night Live."

Tracy and wife Megan Wollover were leaving the afterparty when a friend hugged the comedian and broke down in tears.  Tracy ended up comforting him.

As for the show ... Tracy's near fatal accident provided him with material to make the night a success.

Tracy Morgan NO FEAR ... Of Stand-up Comeback

10/14/2015 10:32 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan catching a case of nerves about getting back onstage after a 16 month layoff? THAT'S CRAZY!

We got Tracy as he was leaving 'SNL' rehearsals Tuesday night, and asked if he had any concerns about shaking off the rust for his 2 stand-up gigs in NYC the other night.

Tracy's confidence is definitely not shaken ... check out his response.

Also cool to see him interact with some of the other cast members and fans outside 30 Rock.


Donald Trump I'm Hosting SNL!!!

10/13/2015 10:14 AM PDT

Donald Trump will host "Saturday Night Live" ... and the big winner is NBC.

Trump will front SNL on November 7th ... which NOT coincidentally is smack in the middle of sweeps.

Trump has been a ratings magnet ... CNN got its best rating in history during the second Republican Presidential Debate ... thanks to D.T. And even the struggling "Meet the Press" attracted 3.6 million viewers in August thanks to The Donald.

Trump is not a novice on the 'SNL' front. He hosted in 2004.

Hillary Clinton on SNL I Do a Mean, Mean Trump Impression

10/4/2015 6:37 AM PDT

Hillary Clinton did what all modern-day presidential candidates do to stand out ... appear on "Saturday Night Live" ... but we gotta say, this one really is a stand out.

Hillary was playing a bartender named Val, who serves up booze to Kate McKinnon, who's playing Hillary.

It's hilarious ... Hillary nailed it.

Miley Cyrus It Is What Zit Is

9/28/2015 7:53 AM PDT

Miley Cyrus was spotted. That's it. Just spotted ... as she arrived in NYC.

Maybe the stars on her face were supposed to distract everyone from the blotches of what looks like zit cream. It didn't work, but we're absolutely positive of one thing -- Miley don't care.

Her complexion should be spectacular on 'SNL' next weekend.

Tracy Morgan Hosting SNL Rebound Complete!!!

8/17/2015 10:40 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan is back!!!!! He'll be hosting one of the first shows next season on "Saturday Night Live."

NBC announced the first three guest hosts are Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, and Tracy.

Tracy responded on Twitter, "Stoked to be going home ... #SNL."

He's made an amazing recovery from the car crash a year ago. We got him out earlier this month driving and clowning with his old English teacher. 

Original 'SNL' Cast Member George Coe Dies

7/20/2015 3:46 PM PDT
Breaking News

George Coe, one of the O.G. "Saturday Night Live" stars, died in Santa Monica over the weekend.

Coe was part of the "Not Ready for Prime Time Players" comedy troupe that launched 'SNL' in 1975 -- and went on to have a very successful career in movies and TV. He had roles in "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The West Wing," and "L.A. Law."

Most recently, Coe voiced a main character on "Archer." He played Woodhouse, Archer's butler.

His big movie roles included ... "Kramer vs. Kramer" and "Blind Date."

Variety first reported his death.

Fun fact: Coe held the record for oldest person to join 'SNL.' He was 46 when the show started. Leslie Jones just took that title ... she was 47 when she joined in 2014.

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