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Khloe Kardashian Flaunting Lamar Odom Tattoo ... With Love

4/22/2015 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422-khloe-kardashian-lo-tattoo-instagram-02Another sign Khloe Kardashian isn't over Lamar Odom -- she Instagrammed a photo of her L.O. tattoo ... and punctuated it with a heart emoji in the caption.  

The pic shows Khloe gripping her Bentley shift knob ... and showcasing the tat she got for Odom right after they got married in 2009. 

Despite the fact they separated in 2013, Khloe has dragged her feet with the divorce -- and we're told she's still conflicted on whether she truly wants to end her marriage to the ex-NBA star. 

This picture seems to support the theory that there's still hope for a reconciliation. 

Stay tuned ... 


Michael Jai White Wifey Goes Tat-for-Tat ... Thanks, Black Dynamite!

4/19/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jai White
's wife surprised him with some fresh ink -- getting his initials tatted on her finger ... just to say thank you for an epic love letter he wrote to her.

If you didn't hear about it ... the "Black Dynamite" star pulled off the romantic move of the year -- pouring his heart out to Gillian in a letter which he posted on Facebook ... just to shame every other husband.

We're told Gillian was so moved ... she headed to T-Man Tattoo in Studio City, CA this week to get the sentimental tattoo. It's the same shop where Michael got her initials a few months ago. 

Howard Teman, owner of the shop, says the whole thing only took about 15 minutes and cost $90, plus tip. He says Gillian was so touched by Michael's open letter because he's normally very shy.

Smooth move on both their parts. Guys -- read and learn.  

Michael Jai White Tattoo

Conor McGregor New Tiger Tat ... On Me Belly Button

4/14/2015 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0414-conor-mcgregor-twitterHow do you feel about belly button tattoos on guys? 

UFC star Conor McGregor is clearly a fan ... and inked a giant tiger head around his innie while hanging out in L.A. this week. 

Unclear why Conor chose the tiger ... but he's clearly proud of it. 

In fact, he tweeted, "If you see the Tiger it's too late. You're food."

Hobbes would be proud. 


Tara Reid Let's Get Wasted, Stranger And Ink My Name On Your Body!

3/31/2015 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid accompanied a total stranger to a Hollywood tattoo parlor so he could get her name tattooed on his arm, but luckily for Tara ... she wasn't drunk enough to return the favor.  

Reid and this guy (good luck trying to understand him when he slurs his name) met on a flight back from Ultra in Miami, and clearly they both enjoyed a few cocktails along the way. 

We figured out the guy is DJ Crichy Crich -- and for some reason he and Tara thought it was a good idea to go straight from the airport to the tattoo parlor. 

Unlike hangovers, that tat is pretty permanent.


The Game I Got Fists Like Mike Tyson ... Here's Proof

3/23/2015 6:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0323-the-game-instagramThe Game just got a little more Iron in his diet -- getting Mike Tyson's face tattooed on his fist. 

Besides being a huge Tyson fan, Game also has penchant for punching people ... including another rapper named 40 Glocc ... and mentioned that street fight in a post after getting the new ink. 

"Now when the judge ask me in court if I whooped 40 glock ass I can truthfully say no & blame it on @MikeTyson .... My right hand man lol."

And of course, he added the proper hashtag -- #MikeTysonPunchOut. 

As for 40 Glocc ... that beatdown went down in 2012 ... yet it seems to live on forever. 

Nick Cannon Wild 'N Out with New MASSIVE Back Tattoo

3/15/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon New Tattoo Nick Cannon has figured out a surefire way to make people forget he once had a Mariah Carey back tattoo ... with a shock and awe tattoo for the ages.

Cannon inked over his old Mariah tat but he wasn't satisfied, so he hit up a Covina, CA parlor and invested 30 painful hours in the chair.

Cannon's business partner, Pep Williams, chronicled the process in photographs, which will appear in Urban Ink magazine later this month.

As for the new tat ... it features a cherub on each side of the cross (representing his kids). The text below reads, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

Possibly a reference to his marriage to Mariah?


Katy Perry Super Bowl Tribute Tat ... To Honor Myself

2/2/2015 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0129-katy-perry-tattoo-superbowl-instagramKaty Perry truly suffers for her art ... inking a Super Bowl tattoo on her finger last night following her halftime show.   

Perry had the roman numerals XLIX tatted on her finger ... to remind herself of the night she was upstaged by her special guest performer Missy Elliot

Other tats she shoulda considered ... 

-- Dancing smiling shark
-- Hot Dog on a Stick costume
-- The gold lion from the MGM Grand
-- Katniss Everdeen fire suit
-- NBC's "The More You Know" shooting star


Shanna Moakler I'm Finally Erasing Travis From My Bod

2/2/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Shanna Moakler TattoosShanna Moakler is finally ready to scrub her Travis Barker tattoos off her body ... NINE YEARS after they split up -- and all it took was a few alleged death threats for her to pull the trigger.

Sources close to Moakler tell us she has an appointment next week at a prominent tattoo removal company to start the process. We're told Travis and Shanna's recent arrests for threatening to kill each other ... were the main reason she decided it was time for the change.

We're told she's also moved out of their house ... where they'd been living together on and off since divorcing. 

Shanna has Travis' name inked on her wrist -- and his initials on her neck. 

The challenge for her -- turning a "Travis" tatt into "Hell's Angels."

Michael Jai White Inks Deal with Wife ... She's Wrapped Around My Finger

1/18/2015 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Michael Jai White Wife TattooMichael Jai White surprised his wife with some real estate ... on his body ... getting her name tattooed on his wedding ring finger -- a move that hasn't exactly worked out for him in the past.  

The star of "Spawn" and "Black Dynamite" went to T-Man Tattoo in Studio City, CA Tuesday night to get the sentimental ink for his wife Gillian Waters.

T-Man owner Howard Teman tells TMZ ... Michael wanted a very personal touch for the tatt -- showing up with a copy of Gillian's signature.

Teman says White had another woman's name (presumably wife #1) previously tatted on the finger, but it was severely faded. He says Michael joked about the old ink, saying his body "rejected it" since he got remarried. 

We're told White unveiled the new tatt to Gillian Friday morning for her bday.

Lionel Messi Getting Crushed Over New Tattoo

12/31/2014 8:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Soccer superstar Lionel Messi just revealed the secret he's been keeping underneath his shinguard -- a brand new piece of body art ... and it's not going over very well in Europe. 

It's a pretty simple design ... soccer ball, jersey number, sword, some roses -- but they're killing him for it overseas. 

Some major media outlets are calling "terrible," "awful" and "the worst" ... and the Barcelona star isn't getting treated any better on social media:

-- "F**k your tattoo messi why you destroy your leg with this ugly s**t tattoo why please tell him to remove."
-- "That's an ugly tatoo..."
-- "All that talent can't account for taste"


Kid Ink Allen Iverson Inspired My Tattoo Obsession

12/1/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
112614_kid_ink_launchSuperstar rapper Kid Ink might not remember how many tattoos he has, but he tells TMZ Sports he remembers why he got them ... to be like NBA superstar Allen Iverson.

Ink was out in L.A. recently when we asked the "Main Chick" rapper which athlete has the best body art game of all time.

Watch the video -- Ink not only says A.I. is the best human canvas in the history of sports ... but also credits the guy for inspiring an entire generation of future tat-heads. 


Nicki Minaj Hard Evidence She's Single

10/20/2014 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photo

If Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend are still together, then he's got a weird way of showing the love ... having 2 of his 3 Nicki tats covered up with new ink.

Check out the pics for yourself ... Safaree Samuels had some work done on his chest -- though it's unclear when -- and he clearly covered up Nicki's name/mug.

Not only that, but his forearm ink looks drastically faded as well.

Neither have commented on rumors of their breakup, but Nicki definitely hinted at one back in May when she tweeted "SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE." 

At the time, sources told us it was just a temporary argument and that the 2 were still together.

But healthy couples don't typically deface their better half's face, do they?

Man, love hurts.


Nick Cannon Debuts Confusing Cover-Up Tattoo

10/6/2014 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
1006_nick_cannon_launch_2_akm_gsiNick Cannon showed off his new cover-up tattoo Sunday in Studio City ... and it's perplexing.

Cannon hit up the gym ... and on the way out we finally caught a glimpse of his crucifixion back piece -- but what's above Jesus' head has others scratching theirs.

We got 3 guesses ...

1) An angel

2) Some kind of bird

3) a cherub

Got a better guess?  We'd love to hear it in the comments. So would Mariah Carey.


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