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Shanna Moakler I'm Finally Erasing Travis From My Bod

2/2/2015 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Shanna Moakler TattoosShanna Moakler is finally ready to scrub her Travis Barker tattoos off her body ... NINE YEARS after they split up -- and all it took was a few alleged death threats for her to pull the trigger.

Sources close to Moakler tell us she has an appointment next week at a prominent tattoo removal company to start the process. We're told Travis and Shanna's recent arrests for threatening to kill each other ... were the main reason she decided it was time for the change.

We're told she's also moved out of their house ... where they'd been living together on and off since divorcing. 

Shanna has Travis' name inked on her wrist -- and his initials on her neck. 

The challenge for her -- turning a "Travis" tatt into "Hell's Angels."

Michael Jai White Inks Deal with Wife ... She's Wrapped Around My Finger

1/18/2015 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Michael Jai White Wife TattooMichael Jai White surprised his wife with some real estate ... on his body ... getting her name tattooed on his wedding ring finger -- a move that hasn't exactly worked out for him in the past.  

The star of "Spawn" and "Black Dynamite" went to T-Man Tattoo in Studio City, CA Tuesday night to get the sentimental ink for his wife Gillian Waters.

T-Man owner Howard Teman tells TMZ ... Michael wanted a very personal touch for the tatt -- showing up with a copy of Gillian's signature.

Teman says White had another woman's name (presumably wife #1) previously tatted on the finger, but it was severely faded. He says Michael joked about the old ink, saying his body "rejected it" since he got remarried. 

We're told White unveiled the new tatt to Gillian Friday morning for her bday.

Lionel Messi Getting Crushed Over New Tattoo

12/31/2014 8:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Soccer superstar Lionel Messi just revealed the secret he's been keeping underneath his shinguard -- a brand new piece of body art ... and it's not going over very well in Europe. 

It's a pretty simple design ... soccer ball, jersey number, sword, some roses -- but they're killing him for it overseas. 

Some major media outlets are calling "terrible," "awful" and "the worst" ... and the Barcelona star isn't getting treated any better on social media:

-- "F**k your tattoo messi why you destroy your leg with this ugly s**t tattoo why please tell him to remove."
-- "That's an ugly tatoo..."
-- "All that talent can't account for taste"


Kid Ink Allen Iverson Inspired My Tattoo Obsession

12/1/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
112614_kid_ink_launchSuperstar rapper Kid Ink might not remember how many tattoos he has, but he tells TMZ Sports he remembers why he got them ... to be like NBA superstar Allen Iverson.

Ink was out in L.A. recently when we asked the "Main Chick" rapper which athlete has the best body art game of all time.

Watch the video -- Ink not only says A.I. is the best human canvas in the history of sports ... but also credits the guy for inspiring an entire generation of future tat-heads. 


Nicki Minaj Hard Evidence She's Single

10/20/2014 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photo

If Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend are still together, then he's got a weird way of showing the love ... having 2 of his 3 Nicki tats covered up with new ink.

Check out the pics for yourself ... Safaree Samuels had some work done on his chest -- though it's unclear when -- and he clearly covered up Nicki's name/mug.

Not only that, but his forearm ink looks drastically faded as well.

Neither have commented on rumors of their breakup, but Nicki definitely hinted at one back in May when she tweeted "SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE." 

At the time, sources told us it was just a temporary argument and that the 2 were still together.

But healthy couples don't typically deface their better half's face, do they?

Man, love hurts.


Nick Cannon Debuts Confusing Cover-Up Tattoo

10/6/2014 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
1006_nick_cannon_launch_2_akm_gsiNick Cannon showed off his new cover-up tattoo Sunday in Studio City ... and it's perplexing.

Cannon hit up the gym ... and on the way out we finally caught a glimpse of his crucifixion back piece -- but what's above Jesus' head has others scratching theirs.

We got 3 guesses ...

1) An angel

2) Some kind of bird

3) a cherub

Got a better guess?  We'd love to hear it in the comments. So would Mariah Carey.


Nick Cannon I Finally Got Mariah Off My Back!

10/3/2014 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0313-FIX-nick-cannon-back-tattoo-2009-SPLASH-02Nick Cannon will be divorcing Mariah Carey ... yet he's turned her into Jesus Christ.

Cannon was at Playhouse in Hollywood Thursday night to celebrate his birthday. As celebs are known to do, Nick took off his shirt at one point and revealed the massive new ink. 

It's hard to make out the details from the photo, but our Nick sources say the tattoo shows Jesus on the cross with angel wings coming off the end the cross. 

And in the smoke department ... Amber Rose was there.



9/20/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0919_guess_whos_head_tattoo_launch2Forget tramp stamps and tribal bands… These stars weren't afraid to take their love of tattoos to a whole new level -- Can you guess which celebs tackled their obsession for ink head on?

'Tattoos After Dark' Star Artist Sued For Molly Wopping Good Samaritan

8/14/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Tattoos After Dark" star Asaru Mushavu put his mark on a woman's face -- in the form of a nasty bruise -- after he cold-cocked her for no reason outside of his tattoo parlor ... according to a new lawsuit.

Corey Fortenberry claims Mushavu attacked her last year while she was helping a drunk friend who was puking in front of "House of Ink" -- the Venice tattoo shop featured on the TV show.

According to the police report, Mushavu saw the woman throwing up, came out of the shop and yelled, "What the f*** are you doing? Who the f*** is going to clean that up?" ... and then pushed Fortenberry and punched her in the face.

Fortenberry claims Mushavu left a bruise that's still visible a year later. 

A rep for Mushavu tells TMZ ... it's a frivolous lawsuit and he expects it to be dismissed.


Sydney Leathers Gets Inked for Weinergate Anniversary

7/23/2014 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The Anthony Weiner scandal just climaxed in the most ridiculous of ways ... Sydney Leathers got a tattoo celebrating the 1st anniversary of her outing the former NY Congressman.

It's the number 23, which ... Sydney tells TMZ ... has a special meaning. It was the 23rd of July when she leaked the Weiner photos to the media ... changing her life and his forever.

Of course, that new life has been dedicated to porn. And now, as all porn stars eventually do, she's going back to college!

A degree in broadcasting you say, Syd? ... Genius.

Naturally, to pay for school she's signed a new 3 skin flick deal. 

So it seems the more things change, the more things stay the same.

I believe we can now officially close the book on "As the Leather Turns" for good.

You're welcome America.


Travis Barker My First Tat Burned Off in Plane Crash ... But I'm Gonna Fix It

7/13/2014 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
071314_travis_barker_launchTravis Barker says he's finally gonna fix the tattoo on his leg that burned off in the 2008 plane crash that left 4 dead and Travis badly burned.

The Blink-182 drummer was talking tattoos on his way out of Brooklyn Projects in Los Angeles (confusing name, we know) ... and told us his plan for the area of burned off ink.

Travis has said in the past it was extremely painful to re-tattoo that part of his leg.

For those who don't remember ... Barker and DJ AM were the only two survivors when a private jet blew a tire while taking off and crashed into an embankment. The plane burst into flames.


Colin Kaepernick's Tattoo 27 Painful Hours ... With Celeb Ink Artist

7/9/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Colin Kaepernick's giant new tattoo took 27 long painful hours to complete -- over 3 days -- with one of the top celebrity tattoo artists in L.A. wielding the needle ... TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported, Colin recently had biblical imagery symbolizing "money is the root of all evil" tatted on his left torso.  Now, we've learned the guy who applied the tat is Carlos Torres of Timeline Gallery tattoo shop in L.A. ... an artist who's worked on huge stars like 50 Cent and Nas.

Torres tells TMZ Sports ... Colin initially reached out on Instagram to inquire about a session, after being referred through a friend.

"He sent me a drawing of his idea ... There was a lot going on so I simplified it.  Not every piece of art makes a great tattoo, so I refined it so it'd be a great tattoo. But Colin came up with the concept."

Torres explains ... "We did three sittings.  They were each eight, nine hours long.  The side of the ribs are a painful area, but Colin laid there like a rock."

Torres wouldn't tell us how much Colin paid for the art work, but says he usually runs around $250 per hour ... and he still has a few hours of work left before Colin's tat is complete.  So, figure CK's total bill will run upwards of $7,500.

Worth it ... especially when you just signed a $126 million contract.

Miley Cyrus I Got a House Party Tattoo ... For My Dead Dog

7/6/2014 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Miley Cyrus Dog TattooMiley Cyrus will never forget her deceased dog ... because it's now emblazoned on her rib cage.

Miley inked the memoriam Saturday at a house party in Los Angeles. For some reason ... her good buddy Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips and another friend tatted the same design in honor of Floyd -- an Alaskan Klee Kai that died when he was only 2.

Floyd's death ... along with a bad reaction to antibiotics and hard partying ... led to Miley's meltdown earlier this year.

It looks like Floyd's mug is the centerpiece of the tat with the words, "with a little help from my fwends."

We'll always remember Floyd ... because we have to now.



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