Keyshawn Johnson I Went All HULK On Bieber He's A WEASEL!!!

Keyshawn Johnson says Justin Bieber acted like a weasel after allegedly roaring through his Calabasas neighborhood and then scampering into the house ... but Keyshawn took matters into his own hands ... prying Justin's garage door open and then slamming a bodyguard against a wall.

Keyshawn recounted the story recently to a packed classroom at USC -- Keyshawn's alma mater.

TMZ broke the story ... Keyshawn chased Bieber's Ferrari down last May ... IN HIS PRIUS ... to lecture him about the dangers of speeding in a residential area.

But Keyshawn's version of the story is WAY more insane -- you have to hear it for yourself.

The Hulk isn't always green.

Justin Bieber Moving OUT Of Calabasas

Justin Bieber has had enough of suburban life and has decided to move out of Calabasas ... sources connected with the singer tell TMZ.

We're told the egging incident and the Sheriff's raid on Bieber's home were the final straw. He's now openly talking about listing the house and getting out of the neighborhood.

The timing is interesting ... Keyshawn Johnson just sold his nearby estate to Kourtney Kardashian ... although we're told he says it has nothing to do with Bieber. As you know ... Keyshawn has had multiple run-ins with Bieber and his bodyguards at The Oaks.

Also interesting ... Justin is in a bitter feud with his neighbor whose home got egged. It's the same neighbor Justin allegedly spit on and threatened to kill.

We don't know where Justin is thinking of moving, but it seems pretty clear ... no more suburban living.

Eric Dickerson Calabasas is Finally Safe From Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is done driving like an a-hole inside his Calabasas community ... so says neighbor and NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson -- but Biebs 'aint off just yet.

Dickerson was cruising the 'Bas with his family ... and seemed relatively happy with Justin for making a change.

As you may recall, Bieber's fast driving earlier this year pissed off a ton of neighbors -- including Keyshawn Johnson who famously confronted him about it ... and Dickerson told us afterward he understood why.

The football legend doesn't give Justin a full pass though ... check out the video, you'll understand.

Now if only Justin would fix that shirt problem.

Justin Bieber D.A. REJECTS Speeding, Spitting Cases Calls Him 'IMMATURE'

11:45 AM PT: The D.A.'s Office says the man never saved the loogie claiming it was a clerical error.

Justin Bieber is in the clear ... the L.A. County District Attorney just REJECTED 2 cases targeting the singer -- the case in which he allegedly SPIT on his neighbor, and the case in which he allegedly was speeding recklessly in his Calabasas neighborhood.

As for the spitting case -- get this. The alleged victim actually SAVED THE LOOGIE. But that wasn't enough for a prosecution. The D.A. says it was one guy's word against another, and Justin denied hawking a big one.

The D.A. says during the altercation, the neighbor told cops Bieber said, "I will beat the s**t out of you and I will f**king kill you." D.A. investigators decided Bieber's actions were "disproportionate and immature, but since the neighbor had entered the property without invitation Bieber's actions did not rise to the level of a criminal threat."

As for the speeding case, it all came down to the video tape ... which shows Justin was not even in the Ferrari in question at the time of the incident. He was riding behind the car on a motorcycle.

The D.A. also notes Tyler, the Creator actually took responsibility on TMZ for driving the car. So case closed.

Keyshawn Johnson I'm NOT Moving Because of Bieber

Keyshawn Johnson is saying sayonara to his Calabasas mansion -- but the ex-NFL star is adamant the move has NOTHING to do with his beef with his pain in the ass neighbor Justin Bieber.

TMZ spoke with a rep for the ESPN star who tells us, "Keyshawn is not moving to get away from Bieber. He's moving to be closer to the high school where he'll be coaching and where his son will be playing football."

Keyshawn recently took a job as a wide receivers coach at Mission Viejo High School in Orange County, CA ... where his son will go to school in the fall.

FYI -- MSVH is a high school football powerhouse and Key's rep tells us Johnson took the job with the varsity team to "have fun" while his kid pays his dues on the JV squad.

Of course, Key probably won't miss Bieber when he parts ways with his Calabasas palace -- 'cause as everyone knows, Justin has been the neighbor from hell ... partying on the time and speeding up and down the quiet streets in their private gated community.

Key's 11,746 square foot home is currently on the market for $8.5 mil. We're told Johnson plans to move to another mansion near the high school ... but he's very interested in coming back to the Calabasas area in a few years ... 'cause he likes it out there.

Hopefully, Justin will have moved by then.

NFL Legend Defends Justin Bieber He's a Great Neighbor!!!

Justin Bieber is finally getting some support from the NFL world -- 3-time Super Bowl champ Willie McGinest tells TMZ, Bieber is a GREAT neighbor ... despite claims by other NFL legends that the singer has a serious speeding problem.

The former Patriots linebacker -- who lives across the street from Bieber in their gated Calabasas community -- was out and about Monday when we asked about the Biebs' notorious alleged acts of neighborhood terrorism ... including allegations by ex-NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson that Bieber's Ferrari is a dangerous menace.

But McGinest -- who left USC in 1993 just one year before Keyshawn joined the team -- says the rumors are all hype, telling us, "[Bieber's] a good neighbor. My daughters love him."

What's more ... McGinest says Bieber even goes above and beyond for the little kids in the neighborhood.

It all sounds nice -- but the fact still remains ... McGinest is pretty much the ONLY person who says Bieber's even remotely tolerable to live next to. And numbers don't lie.

Justin Bieber Neighbors Told ... CALL THE COPS!

Justin Bieber's neighbors are being urged to call the cops on the singer and his lil buddies ... TMZ has learned.

The Home Owner's Association in Bieber's Calabasas hood fired off a letter to its residents ... addressing a certain unnamed "celebrity" neighbor who has been wreaking havoc on their streets.

It's clear the HOA is targeting the Biebs ... "The storyline concerns one of our celebrity residents confronting another celebrity resident over alleged dangerous driving."

Translation: Bieber was a douchebag to Keyshawn Johnson, who confronted JB after his Ferrari roared through the neighborhood.

The letter does not specifically mention the escapades of Lil Twist and Lil Za, who zoomed through the gated community Thursday and went off on a resident.

The letter urges residents to call a Sheriff's Dept hotline if they spot the Biebs or his lil posse driving recklessly.

The letter also makes it clear ... residents who violate HOA rules are subject to disciplinary action from the HOA board in the form of fines and other penalties.

Don't mess with the burbs.


Score one for Justin Bieber ... he was NOT driving his Ferrari the day Keyshawn Johnson confronted him for reckless driving -- and there's video that proves it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies went to Justin's Calabasas home to check out security video from Memorial Day -- that's when Keyshawn and other neighbors claimed Justin was driving at breakneck speeds through their neighborhood, endangering adults, children and pets.

Tyler, the Creator told TMZ last night ... HE was driving the Ferrari ... not Justin. We've learned the video shows just that.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 5-minute video shows the Ferrari pulling into Justin's driveway with Tyler behind the wheel. Justin follows closely behind on his motorcycle.

Keyshawn shows up 30 seconds later, as Tyler gets out of the car and Justin gets in so he can make the tight maneuver into the garage.

Here's the conundrum ... at least one witness insists Justin was driving the car, but the video doesn't show it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Sheriff's Dept. will send the case over to the L.A. County D.A. for review, but one source says it's "highly unlikely" the D.A. will file criminal charges against anyone.

Tyler, the Creator I Didn't TERRORIZE Calabasas in Bieber's Ferrari

Tyler, the Creator tells TMZ ... he was definitely driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari on the day of the confrontation with Keyshawn Johnson ... but insists he never burned rubber or endangered kids.

Tyler was at a MySpace party at the El Rey Theater in L.A. last night when at first he joked that he was "whipping" JB's ride through the streets of Calabasas on the day of the Memorial Day weekend encounter.

But Tyler quickly clicked into serious mode ... telling TMZ, "Nah, I wasn't whipping ... I was driving nicely."

He also insisted he has concern for pedestrians when he's behind the wheel.

Of course, Keyshawn is convinced Tyler's a liar -- because the ex-NFL star is adamant JUSTIN was the one driving like a maniac at breakneck speed that day.

Either way, one thing's for sure ... the way Tyler furiously peeled out leaving the party in his BMW M3 ... he's lucky Keyshawn wasn't in chasing distance.

Justin Bieber A Leopard (Audi) Can't Change Its Spots

Seems Justin Bieber's giving his Ferrari a break ... 'cause the singer's leopard-spotted Audi R8 was spotted at various spots in L.A. this weekend -- including Miley Cyrus' home.

Cameras rolled as Bieber's ride left Miley's home in Toluca Lake, CA on Saturday ... and while it's unclear if JB was in the driver's seat, it sure looks like it could be him ('cause the driver's white).

According to reports, Bieber's R8 could be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $150k.

FYI -- it doesn't appear Justin switched from the Ferrari to the Audi to curb his alleged speeding problem -- 'cause the R8 goes from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and tops out at 186 mph.

Keyshawn ... you've been warned.

Tyler, the Creator I Was Driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Tyler, the Creator says Keyshawn Johnson is DEAD WRONG -- claiming HE was driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari during the infamous chase through Calabasas.

Tyler tweeted the admission this weekend ... writing, "That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle."

He added, "Don't Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That It Was Who It Wasnt."

Bieber tweeted a response -- "All good buddy. i deal with this everyday. thanks though. the baby aint mine either."

Tyler's message was clearly intended for Johnson -- who told TMZ he personally witnessed Justin in the driver's seat after the car dangerously sped through their gated community. We're told at least 3 other people also saw Justin behind the wheel.

Either way, the residents of Justin's neighborhood are PISSED -- and are threatening to withhold their HOA dues until the community takes action against Bieber.

Justin Bieber's Neighbors Planning Revolt Over Singer's Antics

Justin Bieber's neighbors are fed up with him and are banding together to force the homeowners association in their gated community to do something about the singer's reckless behavior ... by hitting them in the wallet ... TMZ has learned.

Neighborhood sources tell TMZ ... several of the residents of Bieber's Calabasas neighborhood are tired of waiting for their HOA to take action against Bieber ... so they are planning to withhold their monthly dues until something is done.

We're told about 500 residents pay $1,000/month, so it's a huge chunk o' change that could be withheld.

The goal, according to our sources, is to force the HOA to give Justin a stern reminder about the neighborhood rules he's allegedly broken repeatedly -- such as noise during parties (some while Justin was out of town), Justin's friends parking on the street overnight ... and, of course, the speeding.

Any HOA action would be a far cry from Bieber getting arrested or charged by the D.A. -- but we're told the protesting residents will take what they can get at this point.

We called ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson to see if he's joined the cause -- since he actually confronted Bieber last week about the speeding -- but haven't heard back yet.

Justin Bieber Reckless Driving Case The Plot Thickens

Justin Bieber's security people have told cops ... they have video showing that Tyler, the Creator -- NOT JUSTIN -- was behind the wheel at the time the car was being recklessly driven on Memorial Day ... this according to law enforcement sources.

Here's the problem -- if Justin really was the one who was recklessly driving, the security people could be part of a conspiracy to hang Tyler out to dry.

TMZ posted video of Keyshawn Johnson Friday ... in which Keyshawn says he saw Justin behind the wheel of his Ferrari in the driveway of his gated community. We're told 3 other witnesses also saw Justin behind the wheel.

Keyshawn tells TMZ ... when he confronted Justin in his garage ... Justin said he wasn't driving during the wild ride and got into the driver's seat in the driveway to park the car into the garage -- which is a tricky maneuver in a low-riding vehicle.

As for the video ... law enforcement sources say it has not been turned over to cops -- at least not yet.

Keyshawn Johnson UNLOADS Bieber Is a Trickster Coward

Keyshawn Johnson tells TMZ ... Justin Bieber isn't just a coward -- he's a TRICKSTER ... who switched seats with his Ferrari passenger at the end of his wild ride through Calabasas so he could beat the rap for his reckless driving.

Keyshawn has finally broken his silence about the incident -- and it's clear ... the former NFL star is still extremely PISSED at Bieber.

"You got a 19-year-old kid ... feeling entitled ... speeding up and down the highway ... that's why all the neighbors is mad," Key says ... "You can't do that."

Johnson says he personally witnessed Bieber behind the wheel as he blazed through their private, gated Calabasas community earlier his week ... but says when he confronted the Ferrari at Bieber's home, Justin SWITCHED SEATS with his African-American passenger -- who he says was Lil Twist -- as they pulled into the garage.

"Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car ... I got biracial kids."

Keyshawn says Bieber's people are goons who are defending the indefensible -- watch the video ... it's intense.

Keyshawn Johnson Takes Sick Prius To Calabasas Starbucks!!!

The community mall in Calabasas was teeming with action this morning ... as Keyshawn Johnson arrived in the Prius that cornered Justin Bieber and his Ferrari ... and angry residents unloaded on the Biebs.

Keyshawn was mum about the showdown ... but it was cool to see how the former NFL star rolls (hybrid style).

In the meantime ... an older crew from the 'hood made it clear ... they think Bieber is a rich, entitled, spoiled brat who just wasn't brought up right.

L.A. Kings Announcer Hey Keyshawn ... BIEBER'S RIGHT HERE!!!

Everyone watches hockey for the fights ... and last night, the L.A. Kings announcer did his part to set up Keyshawn vs. Bieber by calling out JB during the live broadcast.

Right before the 3rd period, the camera found Bieber and some pals sitting rinkside at last night's Game 7 between the Kings and the Sharks (Go Kings Go!).

The announcer -- clearly abreast of the whole "Keyshawn Johnson vs. Justin Bieber Showdown in Calabasas" -- had a personal message for Key ... come and get him, HE'S RIGHT HERE!!!!

Unfortunately, Keyshawn didn't show up ... we're guessing he's not a big hockey fan.

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