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Killer Mike on 'Big Brother' Star Let Stupid People do Stupid Things But Expect Consequences

7/19/2017 6:46 AM PDT

Killer Mike's take on freedom of speech is simple -- even stupid people have the right to do stupid crap.

We got Mike at LAX Tuesday night and asked him for his take on the "Big Brother" controversy. You'll recall, 'BB' star Paul Abrahamian planned to wear blackface for a stunt to mock a fellow houseguest ... who is black.

Mike's adamant -- people have the right to be stupid but not without consequence.

In Paul's case, the firestorm's already impacted his family's life ... his mom says she's received death threats but she insists her son's not a racist.

'Big Brother' Star's Mom My Son's No Racist! He's Been the Victim of It

7/19/2017 12:20 AM PDT

"Big Brother" fans got the wrong idea about Paul Abrahamian's "blackface" or "black mask" stunt ... at least according to his mom.

Paul's ma tells us the point of her son's plot -- which he hasn't actually pulled off yet -- is to poke fun at, and own up to the "snake" accusations his nemesis, Dominique, keeps hurling at him ... by dressing up as one.

Of course, she can't talk to Paul while he's in the house but insists he'd never race bait another 'BB' houseguest because he's Lebanese-Armenian, and has been called a terrorist and accused of being in the Taliban. So, she knows he wouldn't stoop to using racist tactics.

Mom wanted to speak up only because she's received death threats on social media like ... "Your house should burn down and everyone in it."

She says Paul's just putting together a funny, makeshift snake costume. Nothing more than that. Mom's honor. 

'Big Brother' Paul Plans 'Blackface' Stunt!! (Yes, Fans are Pissed)

7/17/2017 11:06 AM PDT

"Big Brother" is about to explode with a racist controversy ... if houseguest Paul Abrahamian follows through with plans to dress in black face to mock a fellow houseguest ... who is black.

Paul hatched his plot over the weekend -- fans watching the live feed watched him whisper to other houseguests, who are white, about dressing in dark leggings and "blackface." Later, he instead used the term "black mask."

Paul's had beef with Dominique on the show because they've accused each other of pulling double-crosses. While discussing his plan for revenge, Paul said he was trying to look like a snake ... because that's what he's called her, and vice versa.

Whether it's blackface or black mask ... many fans are pissed for the obvious reasons: going after a black houseguest is racially insensitive at best -- or intentionally racist, at worst.

Unclear if Paul will go through with his plan or if producers will step in, and tell him to 86 the whole idea. We've reached out to CBS ... no word back yet.

Ray J 'Celebrity Big Brother' 86'd Me for Bad Teeth!!!

1/12/2017 12:30 AM PST

Ray J has been fired from "Celebrity Big Brother" because the show was super concerned over his dental problems, sources connected with Ray tell TMZ ... but it just doesn't add up.

Our sources say producers contacted Ray's manager, David Weintraub, Wednesday and told him Ray couldn't continue because they felt he needed extensive dental work and significant recovery time.

That's the line they gave, we're told, but that makes no sense because the decision to give him the axe was made BEFORE he even saw a dentist.

We're told the show will pay Ray the balance due ... in the high 6 figures. But Ray was cruising in a very sweet ride Wednesday night and said he's still itching to get back in the house.

Ray J I'll Sue 'Celebrity Big Brother' If They Don't Let Me Back

1/10/2017 2:14 PM PST

Ray J is on his way to the dentist after blacking out from dental pain, being rushed to the hospital and then booted from the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, and a lawsuit is clearly brewing.

Ray just FaceTimed us and walked us through what he claims is a case of shocking neglect on the part of producers.

What shocked us ... what Ray ate in the hospital ... tooth pain and all.

He's going to the dentist and then back to the house, where he'll pound on the door. If they don't let him back in, a lawsuit is almost certain.

Ray J Booted from 'Celebrity Big Brother' After Blacking Out and Claiming Neglect

1/10/2017 1:29 PM PST

Ray J is in the hospital and enraged at "Celebrity Big Brother" for letting him suffer for days in extreme pain to the point he blacked out and he's been kicked out of the house ... TMZ has learned.

Ray has been shooting the show in the UK but 3 days ago we're told he developed "extreme tooth pain" and complained to cast members and producers.  According to sources connected to Ray J, producers initially didn't believe him and ignored his complaints.

We're told producers ordered Ray to continue shooting the show, as the pain became unbearable.

Our sources say the next day, cast members felt the situation was so bad they refused to continue shooting until Ray got medical help.  

We're told the next day a dentist came to the set, gave Ray 8 painkillers, 4 of which he was to take immediately and the remaining 4 the next morning.  

Ray woke up Tuesday in unbearable pain, took the remaining 4 pills and then pleaded for help. We're told producers agreed to take him to the hospital but on the way out of the house he blacked out.

Ray is currently at the hospital. We're told he has an abscessed tooth, a cracked filling in another tooth, and a severe gum issue.

Sources tell us he's been kicked off the show.

As we reported, the show promised him $1 million, but that seems like it's in jeopardy.

Heidi & Spencer Pratt We Bring the Drama ... 'Celeb Big Brother' UK Pays the Big Bucks!!

1/4/2017 12:20 AM PST

Heidi and Spencer Pratt's return to the "Celebrity Big Brother" UK house didn't come cheap ... the show dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars for the couple to come in and cause trouble.

Speidi will make $700k to compete this season -- quite a bit more than the normal $250k cap.

TMZ broke the story, Ray J's raking in even more -- $1 MILLION for his participation.

As for why the show is opening its corporate wallet ... interest has faded in the past couple of years. Aubrey O'Day, Jonathan Cheban and David Gest didn't deliver the ratings, so producers needed to goose things.

Heidi and Spencer were universally hated by the cast on 'Celeb Big Brother' in 2013, but managed to finish as runners-up. Producers are hoping they'll stir up all sorts of drama this time around as well along with Ray and Khloe K's BFF, Malika.

As for Heidi and Spencer ... they reportedly threatened to shut down production this season if they weren't served fish and chips ... so producers seem to be getting their money's worth.

Ray J Scores Enormous Payday For 'Celebrity Big Brother' UK

1/3/2017 7:24 AM PST

Who knew English TV had this kind of money? "Celebrity Big Brother" UK is paying Ray J $1 MILLION to do the show.

TMZ has seen paper proof producers are shelling out the cash for Ray ... and that's not all he's getting.  They're giving him up to $30k to fly back and forth, but that includes his hotel.

Judging from the pic after he signed the deal, Ray is rolling in the dough.

The show begins airing live Tuesday night.

Ray's manager, David Weintraub, would not comment on the deal, but said Ray's looking to buy a flat in the super expensive Mayfair district.

Tiffany Pollard 'David Is Dead' Shirts Pulled From Site

4/12/2016 9:48 AM PDT

Tiffany "New York" Pollard is taking a step back on an attempt to capitalize on her notorious David Gest death fumble.

A rep for Pollard tells us they just removed a listing for the "David is Dead" shirts, which the reality star had been selling on her website. Gest was found dead in London earlier Tuesday.

Pollard's merchandise poked fun at her viral moment on UK's "Celebrity Big Brother" back in January. Pollard broke into hysterics after Angie Bowie told her "David is dead" -- Pollard mistook David Bowie's death for that of housemate David Gest.

'Big Brother' Austin & Liz Showmance Survives We're In Love

9/30/2015 12:30 AM PDT

"Big Brother" stars Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan are shattering the taboo of reality show romance ... much to the dismay of a torrent of online haters.

Austin tells TMZ when Big Brother ended ... he was flooded with messages calling him a "disgusting cheater" and "classless" for breaking up with his then-GF on TV.

For the non-fans ... Austin and Liz kicked off a relationship early in the show ... despite the fact that Austin was a taken man.  

They both got called out for the love triangle ... in one of the most awkward moments of the season.

Austin says, he and Liz are now exclusively dating, have met each other's families and Liz plans on moving from Miami to LA to be close to him.

Love is cool ... but $500k would have bought a lot of friends.

Gary Busey Pisses Off Ex-Agent ... Hand Over That 'Big Bro' Money!

9/29/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Sure, Gary Busey won season 14 of "Celebrity Big Brother," but he wouldn't even have made it into the house without a talent agent who threw a Hail Mary ... so she says.

Vie Marshall claims she was brought in to work as Gary's damage control after he missed a meeting with 'CBB' producers. Marshall says she smoothed things over with show execs, ultimately getting Busey on the British show last year -- but she never got a dime. 

Marshall says Gary's manager agreed to pay for her services, and later told her Gary never signed off ... so there was no official agreement. Translation: Take a hike, lady.

She wants 10% of Gary's show earnings. It's unclear how much he made, but if Tila Tequila pulled $175k, ... safe to assume Gary made at least that much.

A rep for Gary tells TMZ, "This is an old meritless complaint that requires no further comment."

'Big Brother' Star Vanessa Rousso Me And My Girlfriend Are Getting Hitched!!!

9/25/2015 8:30 AM PDT

"Big Brother" star Vanessa Rousso is headed down the aisle with her longtime GF, Mel.

Mel popped the question Thursday night in their hotel room before the "Big Brother" season 17 wrap party in West Hollywood. 

Vanessa didn't win the $500k on "Big Brother"... she got eliminated in the final week, but she's not exactly hurting for cash. She's considered one of the top female pro poker players in the world.

She announced the engagement onstage at the party. They've been dating for years.

All bets are now off.

Janice Dickinson Collapses on 'Celeb BB' ... 'Almost Died' from Bee Sting

9/2/2015 9:41 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Janice Dickinson fell unconscious, live on TV ... after she got stung by a bee in the "Celebrity Big Brother UK" house -- and TMZ has learned it was touch and go whether she'd survive.

Janice was sitting in the Diary Room during Tuesday's broadcast ... begging producers to bring an EpiPen after she suffered the sting. She showed staffers just how bad it was -- one of her hands was almost purple, she was having trouble breathing, and panicked, "I don't want it to reach my heart!"

Then Janice appeared to have a seizure before collapsing and falling off the chair. Producers briefly cut away, but then returned to the drama. Some viewers were outraged the medical emergency aired live.

According to a 'Celeb BB' rep ... Janice was taken to a hospital for a few hours for treatment, and then returned to the house.

Sources who were in contact with Janice during her hospital visit tell TMZ ... it was very serious and Janice "almost died." We're told she's extremely allergic, but didn't have her own EpiPen with her in the house.

The fact that she's back in the house would lead you to believe Janice is okay, but show reps aren't saying anything more about her condition. 

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