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Cleveland Indians Finally Ditching Chief Wahoo Logo

1/29/2018 9:43 AM PST
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The Cleveland Indians are finally retiring their controversial Chief Wahoo logo -- saying it's "no longer appropriate for on-field use." 

The Indians have been using the logo since 1948 -- showing a grinning Native American sporting a feather in his hair. The image has been under fire by some groups who say it's a racist depiction of Native Americans. 

Now, it seems the Cleveland organization agrees ... and will put the logo out to pasture after the 2018 MLB season. 

The logo has already been scrubbed from all stadium signage -- but the team will continue to sell merchandise with the image until the end of the season. 

Story developing ... 

Tim Tebow Me In the XFL? I Don't Wanna Talk About It

1/29/2018 8:40 AM PST

Vince McMahon called him out by name ... so, when we saw Tim Tebow in L.A. over the weekend, we had to ask if he'd ever consider joining the brand new XFL. 

Tim signed autographs and was his usual friendly self on the way out of Craig's in L.A. -- but when the topic came to the XFL, Tim shut down like the Vikings' offense in the NFC championship. 

Seems Tim doesn't want to breathe life into the possibility he would leave his baseball career and go back to football. In fact, he talked to us about the Mets when we saw him last week in Bev Hills. 

Sorry Vince ... 

Frank Thomas Has Famous 'Big Hurt' Nickname on Lockdown

1/29/2018 12:20 AM PST

MLB legend Frank Thomas -- also known by his intimidating nickname from his playing days -- is making damn sure nobody else tries to take it from him ... at least for merchandise.

The Hall of Fame first baseman -- known as "The Big Hurt" for crushing baseballs throughout his career -- has the term 'Big Hurt' trademarked for t-shirts, sport shirts and baseball caps ... according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Thomas filed the paperwork a few years after hanging up his cleats, and has had 'Big Hurt' for his own since May 2015.

Frank's been a busy businessman since retirement, too -- he founded a record label, opened a Chicago brewpub, put out a cookbook, joined "MLB on FOX" as an analyst and became a spokesman for Nugenix.

Don't be surprised if a "Big Hurt" brand launch comes next.

Trevor Hoffman Curt Schilling Should Be in H.O.F.

1/28/2018 12:25 AM PST

Trevor Hoffman says it's about damn time Curt Schilling joins him in the Hall of Fame, telling TMZ Sports voters should focus on his baseball skills ... and not his mouth.

We spoke with the 2018 inductee (congrats, btw) about Schilling missing the cut for the 6th year in a row ... and Hoffy says Curt's more than deserving of baseball's highest honor.

Curt's got 4 more attempts to get voted into the Hall ... and Hoffman sends his fellow pitcher an encouraging message.

"I hope you get in, Curt!"

Yasiel Puig Gets Head Shaved By Kids Fighting Cancer

1/26/2018 7:15 AM PST
Breaking News

Yasiel Puig had 11 of the strongest barbers on the planet give him a brand new look Thursday night ... getting a fresh bald haircut from kids battling cancer!!

The Dodgers superstar rolled into Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A. where he decided to get his head shaved as a show of solidarity with all the tough kids in the hospital going through chemotherapy. 

The kids loved it -- and so did Puig, who addressed every kid as his "new barber."

Puig your friend.

Alex Rodriguez Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing

1/25/2018 12:43 PM PST

Alex Rodriguez's private jet just made an emergency landing only minutes after leaving a runway in New Jersey.

The multi-million dollar Gulfstream IV took off from Teterboro Airport Thursday morning, and the pilot declared an emergency shortly after. We're told he attempted to land the plane in Albany, but aborted, and headed back to Teterboro where he he was able to bring it down safely. 

A-Rod was not on board, and it appears the issue was mechanical.

TMZ obtained air traffic control audio, and you can hear the pilot mention a problem with a flap. Air traffic control opened a runway for the emergency landing, which was successful.

A source connected to A-Rod tells us the landing was made mostly as a precaution, and the pilot was making a test run. The FAA tells us it's investigating.

As we reported, A-Rod just took delivery of the G4 last month.

Tim Tebow Accepts Spring Training Invite ... Gunning for the Majors!!

1/25/2018 6:47 AM PST

HALLELUJAH!! Tim Tebow is headin' back to baseball!

The ex-football superstar tells TMZ Sports he's going to accept his invite to the NY Mets spring training in February ... and he's swingin' for the fences.

Tebow -- who played for Class A St. Lucie last season -- got the invite to return to the Mets' major league camp last week, but hadn't officially said whether he would take another shot at baseball until now.

BTW ... the 2007 Heisman winner had a .226 batting average with 8 dingers and 52 RBI in the minors last season.

We also asked Tebow if he's gunning for the majors this season ... you gotta check out his answer.

Johnny Damon Roger Clemens is a Hall of Famer ... Feds Tried to Screw Him!

1/21/2018 12:35 AM PST

Johnny Damon says there are 60 million reasons to let Roger Clemens into the Baseball Hall of Fame -- as in the dollars the feds spent trying (and failing) to prove he used steroids. 

"Our government tried to accuse him ... we had $60 million of our tax money go to trying to defame him," Damon told TMZ Sports.

Johnny says all that money was wasted 'cause Clemens was ultimately "proven innocent."

So, the former superstar outfielder is backing his ex-Yankees teammate for the Hall ... but at the same time, wants the voters to show him love, too, since he's always been clean.

MLB's Jeremy Jeffress Pleads Guilty In DWI Case

1/17/2018 8:45 AM PST

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress has plead guilty in his drunk driving case -- but he's NOT going back to jail, TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, Jeffress was popped on August 26, 2016 -- and during the stop, cops say he admitted to drinking 3 to 4 cups of Hennessy and Coke before he got behind the wheel.

Jeffress was initially charged with misdemeanor DWI -- which carries a minimum 72 hours in jail in Texas (they REALLY don't like drunk driving there). The maximum is 180 days. 

A rep for the Dallas County District Court tells TMZ Sports ... Jeffress pled guilty to DWI on Tuesday and got the minimum 3 days in jail. We're told the court gave him credit for time served, so he won't have to go back behind bars. 

Jeffress went to rehab following the arrest and rejoined the team about a month later. Sources connected to Jeffress tell us he's taking the situation very seriously and is committed to sobriety moving forward. 

MLB Pitcher Danny Duffy Pleads Guilty to DUI From Burger King Bust

1/16/2018 5:22 PM PST
Breaking News

Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy has taken a plea deal after being busted for a DUI back in August, and he won't get any jail time ... TMZ has learned.

Duffy reportedly pled guilty last Thursday and will be placed on probation ... and had to pay a $1,220 fine. He can't do illegal drugs or drink for a year, and will be subjected to random breath, blood and urine tests as part of the probation.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Duffy was pulled over in Overland Park, Kansas last summer in a BURGER KING DRIVE-THRU after passing out in his vehicle while waiting for his order.

He was cited for DUI in the BK parking lot and sent home with a friend.

Kenley Jansen Dodgers World Series Return?? ... No Guarantees

1/12/2018 10:08 AM PST

The Dodgers are a lock to make back-to-back World Series trips, right??

Not so fast, says stud closer Kenley Jansen -- who told TMZ Sports a repeat trip to the Fall Classic is far from guaranteed even if the Boys in Blue bust their asses.

The Dodgers did just reunite with ex-superstar Matt Kemp, who was out with Kenley at Thursday night's Lakers game ... and you can bet they ain't done makin' moves.

But, whether or not they repeat as NL champs, one thing's clear -- the fans FREAKIN' LOVE 'EM.

Rod Carew I Have a Ferrari in My Body Thanks to My New Heart!!

1/9/2018 2:47 PM PST

Rod Carew says he feels like a "superman" with his new heart and kidney ... telling TMZ Sports he's only getting stronger since suffering a major health scare 2 years ago.

ICYMI -- Carew experienced a massive heart attack back in 2015. Just months later, he received a heart transplant from Baltimore Ravens tight end Konrad Reuland ... who died from a brain aneurysm when he was 29.

Carew -- who was a part of the '18 Rose Bowl Parade -- says he's forever grateful he received Reuland's organs and has kept in touch with his family ever since.

The 72-year-old -- who once made 18 straight All-Star games -- jokes that he's feeling better than ever ... and would LOVE to make a comeback after being away from the majors for 32 years!!

BONUS: We asked Carew who he thinks is the next Rod Carew ... and you gotta check out his answer.

Ryan Howard I'm Not Done Yet!! ... Gunning For MLB Return

1/9/2018 11:59 AM PST

One of baseball's most dangerous power hitters ain't done swinging for the fences just yet ... 'cause 38-year-old Ryan Howard tells TMZ Sports he's gunning to return to the MLB this season!!

We spoke with the 2006 National League MVP about his future in baseball ... and the 3-time All-Star makes it very clear he's not ready to walk away just yet.

"I'm still active, so we'll see what happens. Right now, we're kinda in the belly of the beast," Howard says.

Howard blew up early in his career ... leading the league in homers 2 different seasons. He spent most of last season bouncing around the minor leagues, but wants to put any retirement talk to rest:

"Kill that noise."

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