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Aroldis Chapman Gets Hope Solo Treatment ... From Prez Obama

1/16/2017 12:06 PM PST

President Obama seems to have a White House rule -- no special shout-outs to athletes accused of domestic violence ... because Aroldis Chapman got no love at the White House today. 

Chapman was with the Chicago Cubs as part of their World Series trip to 1600 Pennsylvania ... and stood directly behind POTUS as Obama cracked jokes about the team. 

But as Obama broke down the final outs in Game 7 ... which Chapman pitched in ... B.O. never mentioned Aroldis by name.

Remember, Obama gave the exact same treatment to Hope Solo when the Team USA women's soccer team hit the White House in 2015 after winning the World Cup. 

What do they have in common? Pretty disturbing domestic violence allegations. 

Aroldis was accused of attacking his girlfriend and though he was never convicted of a crime, he did admit poking her and firing off his gun in anger. 

Solo is accused of beating up her sister's son ... and that case is still in the court system. 

Obama did crack jokes about other players ... typical dad humor stuff. 

We'll see if Trump continues the tradition when he takes office.

Chicago Cubs Squeezing In White House Visit ... Right Before Trump

1/11/2017 8:05 AM PST
Breaking News

0111-chicago-cubs-whitehouse-gettyThe Chicago Cubs have officially scheduled their White House visit after winning the World Series ... and it happens to be going down 4 DAYS before President Obama leaves office. 

A team official has confirmed the World Series champs will get to hang with POTUS -- a Chicago native (but a Sox fan) -- on January 16. They will be the last professional team to visit during Obama's term.

Donald Trump takes office on the 20th. 

What's interesting ... the Ricketts family, who own the Cubs, have sparred with Trump in the past. 

In fact, Trump tweeted back in February, "I hear the Rickets family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are secretly spending $'s against me. They better be careful, they have a lot to hide!"

The Ricketts family has said Trump is wrong about hidden dirt. 

Still, unclear if the beef had anything to do with the timing of the White House visit ... but it's interesting. 

Manny Ramirez Considering Pro Baseball Comeback

12/22/2016 12:45 AM PST

Manny might not be done being Manny ... at least not yet ... because the 44-year-old legend is considering an offer to play pro baseball overseas ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Manny Ramirez last played for the Cubs AAA affiliate back in 2014 -- and then served as a hitting consultant for the club.

But we spoke with Manny's wife, Juliana, who tells us the 12 time MLB All-Star and World Series MVP has been training like crazy ... and has been in talks with a pro team outside the United States.

"He is training extremely hard," Juliana says ... "Batting, CrossFit, Orange Theory. He never stops."

Juliana says no official decision has been made yet about Manny's future ... but it's clear where she stands.

"I told him, 'Go for it!' Baseball is the love of his life other than his family and I totally support him 100% ... 'cause I know how much it means for him."

MLB Star Jose Bautista Crashes Children's Hospital ... In Toronto!

12/19/2016 10:53 AM PST
Exclusive Details


He's one of the biggest free agents in baseball ... but Jose Bautista is still doing big things in Toronto!

Bautista -- who just became a free agent after 8 years with the Blue Jays -- surprised a bunch of young fans at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto this weekend ... to spread some holiday cheer. 

We're told Jose was in town to hit some holiday parties -- but felt it was important to carve some time out of his schedule to kick it with some of his biggest supporters.

Jose spent about an hour in the ward visiting with some brave kids fighting cancer who also happened to be HUGE Blue Jays fans (maybe some of them tried to convince him to re-sign with Toronto!) 

Good stuff. 


Prince Fielder Hits Lap Dance Contest Outta The Park

12/16/2016 8:58 AM PST

What does Prince Fielder do now that his baseball playing days are over? Give lap dances, of course!!

The former home run machine competed in a lap dance contest at the Absinthe Show in Las Vegas Thursday night ... and it's clear Fielder hasn't lost that competitive drive, cause the dude GOES ALL IN.

Check out the vid ... Fielder goes a bit overboard, forcing the judge to cut his dance after only 14 seconds. But that doesn't stop him from coming out on top ... winning, you guessed it ... FREE SHOTS!!

Keep swinging for the fences, Prince.

So, this happened when we went to see Absinthe. Prince Fielder in the house!

A photo posted by Lisa Plank (@lplankster) on

Major League Baseball Bans Dressing Players As Women Find A New Way To Haze

12/13/2016 7:51 AM PST


Major League Baseball has finally put an end to veteran players hazing rookies by forcing them to dress as women ... a ritual many felt was insensitive and offensive.

As we've pointed out for years, women's rights groups -- among others -- have complained about the gender-shaming hazing ... and MLB heard the message loud and clear.

As part of baseball's new CBA, "requiring, coercing or encouraging" players as "dressing up as women or wearing costumes that may be offensive to individuals based on their race, sex, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identify or other characteristic" is now forbidden.

In recent years, some clubs heard the criticism and ended the practice ... opting to dress their young players like male superheroes -- not women. Many other teams continued the tradition.

Back in September we shot San Francisco Giants rooks Derek Law and Albert Saurez outside a club in L.A. ... wearing backless dresses and wigs.

But no more ... 'cause it's now against the rules.


9:55AM PT -- Hudson Taylor, the founder of Athlete Ally -- an organization that promotes LGBT acceptance in sports, and was outspoken against the hazing ritual -- gave the following statement to TMZ Sports.

"By banning the hazing of rookies by having them dress in feminine presenting clothing, MLB draws closer to minimizing and hopefully ending discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and expression."

"This is an important step on the pathway to creating a baseball culture in which players are not isolated, excluded or othered because of how they identify or who they love. I commend the leadership of MLB for taking a stand.”


Peter Gammons Don't Worry, Bryce Harper ... You're Gonna Get The $400 Million

12/11/2016 12:35 AM PST

Good news for Bryce Harper ... baseball expert Peter Gammons says someone will definitely pay the small fortune he wants ... telling TMZ Sports the owners have the money, and it's just a matter of who.

Harper is reportedly looking for RECORD dough in the form of a 10 year, $400 million deal ... a deal some say the Washington Nationals are hesitant to give him.

We got Peter Gammons -- a legendary MLB writer and analyst -- out in D.C. He said he's sure Harper is going to get his big-time guap ... and he had a GREAT reason why.

"The owners have an 11 billion dollar industry ... somebody will give it to him."

So start picking an island to buy, Bryce ...

Theo Epstein Steve Bartman Is Welcome at Wrigley But Leave That Guy Alone!!

12/10/2016 12:15 AM PST

LEAVE STEVE BARTMAN ALONE ... so says Cubs GM Theo Epstein ... who says Cubs fans should back off Bartman for good -- unless he CHOOSES to come out of hiding.

Of course, Bartman is the guy who was blamed for blowing the Cubs playoff run in 2003 when he interfered with a foul ball. Fans demonized him and basically ran him out of town.

But now that the Cubbies are World Series Champs, what should become of Bartman?

We asked Theo, who says the guy is more than welcome back at Wrigley ... but the team isn't going to pressure him to come out and make an appearance.

Basically, the ball's in his court.

Joe Maddon LeBron Looked Great In Cubs Uniform 'Come Play For Us!'

12/7/2016 7:12 AM PST

LeBron James looked SO GOOD in the Cubs uniform he was forced to wear after losing a bet to Dwyane Wade ... he just got a job offer out of it ... from Cubs skipper Joe Maddon

Of course, it was all part of the city pride bet LeBron (Cleveland) made with Wade (Chicago) back when the Indians played the Cubs in the Fall Classic. 

LeBron paid off the bet last week ... when his Cavs came to the Windy City to play the Bulls. 

... and Maddon LOVED it. 


LeBron James PUBLICLY SHAMED ... Who's the Goat Now?!

12/2/2016 2:23 PM PST
Breaking News

1202-lebron-james-cubs0uniform-uninterruptedHere's LeBron James hilariously proving he's a man of his word ... even when he's a loser. 

Bron lost his World Series bet with Dwyane Wade (Cleveland vs. Chicago) ... and agreed to wear a Chicago Cubs jersey to pay it off.

Question ... where the hell did they find a jersey big enough to fit this guy?

Good on you, LeBron. There's always next year ... 

[h/t Uninterrupted]

Sevyn Streeter I'm Redoing Anthem For Sixers ... And Wearing 'We Matter' Jersey

11/24/2016 12:35 AM PST

R&B singer Sevyn Streeter says she's taking the Philadelphia 76ers up on their offer to redo the national anthem ... and she'll proudly wear the 'We Matter' jersey that sparked the controversy.

Sixers brass came under fire by activists -- and their own players -- when Streeter's opening day anthem performance was nixed because of the jersey ... which was an endorsement of Black Lives Matter.

The team quickly reversed its position, apologized and offered Sevyn the chance to sing again, but the question was ... would she or wouldn't she?

We spoke with her (and her good friend boxer Andre Berto) and she told us she definitely WILL ... coming back to belt out the song on December 16th ... and she'll be decked out in her convictions.

She had some pretty dope words on the entire situation ... saying she sees the redo not as a capitulation, but as an opportunity to make an unfortunate situation into a positive.

Lenny Dykstra Here's Bloody Video Proof ... Cops Beat My Ass In Jail

11/21/2016 1:00 AM PST

Here's video of a bloody, bruised and busted up Lenny Dykstra on the night he claims cops beat him to a pulp in L.A. County jail ... video Lenny claims is the smoking gun in his $15 million lawsuit. 

The footage was shot April 5th, 2012 -- after Lenny claims 6 L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies unleashed a vicious beating simply because they didn't like him.

Lenny sued L.A. County and multiple deputies for $15 mil -- claiming he suffered all sorts of injuries, including brain damage. He also claims "his teeth were broken out of his skull" and he has trouble eating.

The video was shot at a nearby medical center -- where a medicated Dykstra was examined while handcuffed and strapped to a gurney. A deputy points out all of Dykstra's injuries.

We've reached out to the LASD for their side of the story -- but they refuse to comment on ongoing litigation.

As for footage of the alleged beatdown, Dykstra's team claims they were told the surveillance video from the camera (or cameras) trained on Lenny's cell that night has been inexplicably lost or destroyed.

Doc Rivers Praises Kate Upton Way to Stick Up for Verlander!!

11/17/2016 2:35 PM PST

Doc Rivers ain't buyin' the argument that athlete spouses should keep their mouths shut -- and just praised Kate Upton for GOING OFF on MLB for snubbing Justin Verlander

Upton went nuclear on Twitter Wednesday night -- claiming her fiance got majorly f'd (yeah, she dropped the f-bomb) because JV clearly deserved the Cy Young Award ... yet somehow came in 2nd. 

With Ayesha Curry taking heat for her Twitter rant during the NBA Finals -- we asked how Doc felt about the situation.

Turns out, he loves it. 

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