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Lamar Jackson I'm Excited to Learn from RG3

4/27/2018 6:10 AM PDT

Lamar Jackson is STOKED to be on the same team as another Heisman Trophy winner -- telling TMZ Sports he can't wait to LEARN from RG3

After Jackson was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 32nd pick in the draft, Lamar was hanging with his family in Dallas and celebrating the moment. 

There's talk that there could be some tension between Jackson and Robert Griffin III because of their similar playing style -- but Lamar doesn't see it that way at all ... describing RG3 as more of a mentor. 

Jackson also says Kobe Bryant sent him a signed Lakers jersey as a show of support before the draft -- and now, he can't wait to return the favor ... and hook Mamba up with some signed Ravens threads. 

Pretty great stuff. 

Colin Kaepernick U.S. Military Official Cautioned Ravens ... On Signing QB

3/5/2018 1:00 AM PST

At least one high-ranking U.S. military official counseled the Baltimore Ravens about signing Colin Kaepernick ... and made it very clear he is NOT a fan of the QB. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... when Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was considering signing Kaepernick to the team before the 2017 NFL season, he sought advice from some trusted friends. 

We've learned at least one of those friends is a high-ranking member of the U.S. military who essentially told Harbaugh to seriously consider if Colin's national anthem demonstration fell in line with the team's core values. 

The official didn't outright say, "Don't sign Kaep" -- but advised the team to give Colin a set of specific guidelines he needed to follow if he wanted to keep his job. 

Translation -- if he kneels, he's fired. 

Ultimately, the Ravens decided NOT to go with Kaepernick -- instead signing journeyman backup QB Thad Lewis, who hadn't thrown a pass in the NFL in 4 years. 

Ex-NFL Star Jamal Lewis Peyton Manning Changed My Life ... Showed Me Hard Work

12/31/2017 12:55 AM PST

Ray Lewis. Shannon Sharpe. Ed Reed

Jamal Lewis played with a bunch of legends on the Ravens ... but says Peyton Manning -- his 1-year teammate at Tennessee -- was the guy who showed him how to be a pro. 

The ex-NFL star told us he went full Allen Iverson when he showed up at UT, not giving a damn about practice ... and it almost got him benched.

Then, 1 practice sesh with Peyton changed everything.

"Every single play was just like he was in the game ... full tilt," Lewis told TMZ Sports. "That's a trait that I adopted and I took on, and it helped me get to where I am."

FYI, Jamal helped Baltimore win a Super Bowl as a rookie, and threatened Eric Dickerson's all-time single-season rushing record a few years later. 

These days, he's an exec for trade show company Metro Exhibits ... and told us he's killin' the game with all his clientele (sans Steelers fans).

Ex-Ravens Pro Bowler I Would've Ran After Alonso ... For 'Dirty Hit' on Flacco

10/27/2017 12:34 PM PDT

Joe Flacco's old teammate says he would've gotten payback on Kiko Alonso for his hard hit that resulted in the QB's concussion ... telling TMZ Sports he "would've ran after" the Dolphins LB right after the vicious blow.

We spoke with Vonta Leach -- who won a Super Bowl with Baltimore in 2013 -- about Alonso's tackle during the the 1st half of Thursday Night Football ... which he believes should've resulted in an ejection.

The 3-time Pro Bowler admits he's upset more players didn't rush to defend their franchise quarterback.

Watch the clip.

Terrell Suggs Kaepernick Is Being Blackballed 'Stay Strong, We're With You'

3/31/2017 12:35 AM PDT

Terrell Suggs says he's CERTAIN Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL teams over his national anthem protest ... but tells TMZ Sports he's offered his full support to the QB. 

When we asked the Baltimore Ravens superstar if he had any advice for Kaepernick, he responded -- "I told him, stay up, man. Keep his head up, we with you."

Suggs clearly sees things differently than Broncos GM John Elway -- who told TMZ Sports Kaepernick is absolutely NOT being blackballed. 

There's more ... we also asked Hacksaw how he felt about 39-year-old Tom Brady wanting to stick around and play in the NFL for 6 to 7 more years. 

Suggs feels some type of way about that, too. 

Ravens' Matt Elam Busted for Weed and Oxy

2/26/2017 12:33 PM PST

NFL player Matt Elam was arrested Saturday night in Miami for possession of pot and pills. 

The Ravens safety was pulled over after flying past an unmarked police car, and when cops searched his Range Rover ... they found a Gucci bag with 126 grams of weed, and 6 oxycodone pills. Elam was booked for marijuana possession, possession with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance and reckless driving. 

The former first round draft pick is being held on $15,500 bail. 

Elam is slated to become a free agent in a couple weeks, and based on the Ravens' reaction to his arrest ... it doesn't sound like they'll be bringing him back. 

NFL's Steve Smith Blasts Josh Brown ... You Deserve a Beatdown!

10/20/2016 10:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

Baltimore Ravens superstar Steve Smith is coming out swingin' at NY Giants kicker Josh Brown -- saying the guy needs his ass beat down after new domestic violence details came to light. 

"You know what if your ex-wife was my daughter yo ASS would be on IR," Smith wrote.

"What a shame NFL acts like it cares."

As we previously reported, Brown is not only accused of beating up his ex-wife -- but admitted "abuse" in documents released by law enforcement.

Terrell Suggs 'Ex Is Clearly Scorned' ... I Love My Kids

9/14/2016 2:53 PM PDT

NFL superstar Terrell Suggs says his children are his world and he would NEVER neglect them or treat them poorly -- despite scathing allegations from his estranged wife. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Terrell's rep, Denise White ... who says the claims made by Candace Suggs in a social media video are flat out untrue. 

FYI, Candace -- who's in the middle of a nasty divorce with Terrell -- claimed the Baltimore Ravens star is refusing to pay for clothes for their 2 young kids and forces them to go to school without lunch money. 

White tells TMZ Sports ... "Terrell takes magnificent care of his children. He is a caring and present father."

"We normally would not respond to such a rant by an ex clearly scorned."

"Terrell is disappointed that his ex would take to social media to try and paint a picture of him as a father who somehow does not take care of his children."

"His children remain his focus and the #1 priority in his life. Terrell is a great father and that can and should never be questioned."

Ravens Rookie All-Pro Autograph Hound I Want One From Every Teammate!!!

5/29/2016 12:15 AM PDT

Ravens rookie Kenneth Dixon isn't gonna let being in the NFL stop him from being a fan of the NFL ... saying his first order of business in the league is to get autographs from EVERY ONE of his teammates.

That's over 55 guys.

The running back from Louisiana Tech revealed this to us at LAX recently ... saying he loves the NFL so much he's gonna get every John Hancock he can while he's a part of it.

Kenneth also revealed his one rule for brand new roommate Keenan Reynolds ... and it's one we don't think the West Point grad is gonna have trouble living up to.

Check out the clip. 

Ray Rice Not Giving Up NFL Dream ... Despite Mentor Role

5/28/2016 12:25 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Just because he's giving life advice to NFL rookies doesn't mean Ray Rice has given up on his NFL dream -- with multiple sources close to the RB telling us he's still hoping to play this season. 

Over the past few days, 29-year-old Rice returned to the Baltimore Ravens to advise the rookies about the importance of being a good person. He also spoke with the football team at Western Michigan.  

Many people saw the moves as an indication he was finally ready to let his NFL dream go -- instead, exploring a career as a life coach or motivational speaker. 

But we're told that's just not the case.  

Our sources tell us Rice has been training like crazy -- keeping his body in NFL shape in case a team decides to kick the tires.  

As one person put it -- "his primary focus is on himself, his family and educating others but he would still like to finish what he started."

Ray Rice Returns to Ravens ... To School Rookies

5/26/2016 1:54 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ray Rice is back in with the Baltimore Ravens -- not as a player, but as a teacher.

Rice met with his former team's new class of players on Wednesday, and Ravens officials say ... "He clearly had the attention of our rookies."

Rice hasn't played for the Ravens since his release after the elevator attack on his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer.

The team says Ray's session with the rookies is part of its "player engagement program" intended to teach them life lessons.

"Rice, who played for the Ravens from 2008-2014, delivered an important message that included his story, both the good and the bad."

Ray held a similar seminar for the NFL Players Association earlier this year. He hasn't been able to get back on an NFL roster, but seems to have found a new calling.

We're told the Ravens meeting was NOT set up through the league ... so, it's a clear sign he's back on good terms with his old squad.

2:00 PM PT -- We spoke with Ravens rookie tackle Ronnie Stanley -- the #6 overall pick in the draft -- who tells us, "Ray was very down to earth. He talked to us about life. About how hard it is to be a pro athlete. That you have to be good ON and OFF the field."

"Everyone was honored and happy that Ray took the time to share his experience."

Cal Ripken Jr. Marriage Streak Is Over ... Divorces Wife

4/28/2016 8:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

For the first time in 30 years, Cal Ripken Jr. is a single man ... because his divorce was officially finalized today. 

A lawyer for Kelly Ripken confirmed the split to the Baltimore Sun ... saying, "Kelly has been a great mother to two fabulous children and a wonderful, faithful wife for the duration of the parties' relationship, which lasted more than 30 years."

The lawyer added, "Kelly looks forward to the next chapter in her life, which will be focused on philanthropy and her commitment to promoting women's health, most currently through 'A Woman's Journey' at Johns Hopkins Medicine."

FYI -- Ripken is reportedly worth in the neighborhood of $75 mil ... but the details of the divorce settlement have not been revealed. 

Cal and Kelly married in 1987 -- and have 2 children together. 

John Harbaugh Emotional Speech at Tray Walker's Funeral

3/28/2016 10:42 AM PDT

If you have a couple minutes ... you should really watch this. 

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke at Tray Walker's funeral this weekend -- remembering his former player as a tough, sweet talented guy who didn't back down from anyone ... including future Hall of Famer WR Steve Smith

It's clear Walker -- a defensive back -- made quite an impression on Harbaugh and several Ravens players (several attended the funeral including Steve Smith) ... before passing away in a motorcycle crash earlier this month. 

Tray's family wanted the funeral to be more of a "celebration of life" -- and Harbaugh did a pretty great job painting a picture of a man who loved football and his family. 

We know how much Walker loved the Ravens -- as we previously reported, his family bought a custom Ravens-themed casket for the 23-year-old. 


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