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NFL Great Blasts Ezekiel Elliott 'Insane to Justify His Behavior'

3/16/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Detroit Lions legend Chris Spielman says he's sick and tired of people making excuses for Ezekiel Elliott -- claiming his shirt-pulling stunt was disgusting and wrong, period. 

Spielman -- who like Zeke, played his college ball at Ohio State -- says the running back needs to grow up already and start making better decisions off the field. 

"I want people to stop saying he's a 'young man,'" Spielman said ... "There comes a point in time when we all know right from wrong. At what point is it okay to pull some woman's shirt down in public?"

"He is bringing this upon himself. Nobody is bringing this upon him. And he's not young. He is of the age where he knows right from wrong, so lets stop with the young card, I can't stand it. There are no more young cards."

"It's never okay to pull somebody's shirt down. That's insane to even justify that behavior. It's crazy."

Golden Tate's BALLER Mexican Wedding ... So Many Diamonds!

3/15/2017 11:11 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Golden Tate TOOK OVER Cabo San Lucas for his wedding this weekend -- renting out an entire hotel on the beach ... and swapping crazy diamond rings with his beautiful bride. 

The Detroit Lions star traded "I Dos" with longtime girlfriend Elise Pollard in front of 250 guests who all made the trip south of the border. 

They had a yacht party, hit golf balls into the ocean and blew it out with a music video style pool party. The Tates did it big!!! 

And the jewelry wasn't bad either ... Golden put a 5 carat wedding band on Elise's finger to compliment the 6 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring ... so says Chase Gregory Jewelers. 

Golden's ring is dope too ... 140 black diamonds that were each set by hand -- along with 7 larger white diamonds. 

They also traded wedding gifts ... she got a diamond tennis bracelet. He got a newly released exclusive 18k Rolex day-date President with a classic champagne color dial.

Golden says it was the best week of his life. Yeah, we get it. 

Detroit Lions Player LONGSNAPPIN' In Ancient City ... With a Camel!

2/22/2017 7:07 AM PST
Breaking News

Hump, hump ... HIKE! 

Check out Detroit Lions longsnapper Jimmy Landes firing around the football -- underneath a camel -- in front of one of the most ancient buildings in the world! 

It all went down in front of the Treasury building in Petra --  built by the Arab Nabateans back in 1st century A.D. It's located in modern day Jordan. 

FUN FACT -- the outside of the building was also used as the place where the Holy Grail was kept in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

Matt Millen I'm Pumped for the Lions ... Matt Stafford's a Beast!

12/10/2016 12:25 AM PST

Matt Millen says all traces of his work in Detroit are "long gone" ... and he couldn't be more proud of how the Lions have bounced back into one of the best teams in the NFL.

Of course, Millen was the President and CEO of the Lions from 2001 to 2008 and posted a 31-84 record during his run with the team and took responsibility for the results.

Now that it's been 8 years since his ousting, Millen says there's ZERO hard feelings -- he's thrilled for the city of Detroit and incredibly impressed by QB Matt Stafford.

Since he was also a part of the infamous 2008 Lions team that went 0-16 (though he was let go in Week 4), we asked if he had advice for Browns fans on how to get through their toughest season ever.

NFL's Eric Ebron Military Cleat Tribute to Honor WWII Vet Grandfather

11/4/2016 6:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron found a pretty cool way to honor his grandfather -- custom cleats saluting his incredible military service. 

Ebron's grandfather was U.S. Marine Corps SSGT Oling R. Jackson -- who served in 3 major wars ... WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Jackson passed away in 2003. 

But Ebron wants to make sure his memory lives on -- so he hit up DeJesus Custom Footwear who whipped up a special pair of cleats for Eric to wear this weekend. 

"Love You Grandpops," Ebron posted ... "#RIP #ThisOneForYou."

NFL's Matt Stafford Couples Beach Vacation ... With Matt Ryan

6/29/2016 9:57 AM PDT

They're rivals on the field ... but Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan are on the same team when it comes to vacationing! 

The Detroit Lions QB and the ATL Falcons QB just wrapped up a couples vacation with their smokin' hot wives in the Bahamas. 

In fact, Matt Ryan's wife, Sarah, posted a pic of the 4-some with the caption, "Boats, hoes and bros."

Stafford's wife, Kelly, wrote, "Another epic trip in the books with our fav people. #doublebirds #imthekingoftheworld."

The couples are pretty tight -- and have even played in the same church basketball league together in Atlanta. 

FYI, Matt's Falcons have played Matt's Lions 3 times in their careers -- with Ryan winning 2 of the 3 meetings. 

Detroit Lions RB Happy Birthday Bro ... YOU GET A CAR!

5/27/2016 8:38 AM PDT
Breaking News

Detroit Lions running back Ameer Abdullah might be the best lil bro ever -- 'cause he just surprised his older sibling with one helluva birthday present ... A NEW CAR!

The 22-year-old -- who's still in his rookie contract (4 years, $4 mil) -- hooked up his brother, Kareem, with a black Chevy Camaro ... and recorded the gift-giving moment for all to see! 

"I use to dream of times when I could do things like this for the family and there's no one more deserving than this guy right here," Abdullah said.

"This for all the times you believed in me when I wanted to quit on myself! We on now! Happy early birthday bro you deserve it!"

It's an awesome gesture, just one potential problem ... Ameer has 7 OTHER SIBLINGS!! 

Fingers crossed for a fat new contract soon! 

NFL's Marvin Jones I'm Not Megatron ... But Obviously I'm Good Enough

3/11/2016 4:27 PM PST

New Lions WR Marvin Jones says he's not fazed by comparisons to old Lions WR Calvin Johnson ... 'cause he knows his skills are gonna make him a star in Detroit.

We got Marvin out at LAX fresh off signing a five year $40 million contract with Detroit and had to ask ... is he headed up to Motown to be the new Megatron?

Obviously the Lions must think he's pretty good ... you don't just hand out that type of cash to scrubs.

Jones tells our guy he's going to be a huge success in his new home ... by doing the same things he was doing in his old home ... and NOT trying to be Calvin Johnson's replacement.

Marvin said he's not sure what he's gonna do with his money ... shame they sold the Silverdome, he could've bought it like 40 times over.

Matt Stafford's Wife I Won't Apologize for Selling Lions Tix

12/21/2015 9:06 AM PST
Breaking News

Matthew Stafford's wife says she has NO REASON to apologize after selling her tickets to tonight's "Monday Night Football" game ... saying she bought 'em herself and has a right to get her money back. 

Kelly Stafford has been under fire on social media after posting 5 tickets to the Lions vs. Saints game on StubHub ... with critics pointing out that her Detroit Lions QB hubby has reportedly made close to $100 MILLION and she should've given the tickets away to fans.

But Kelly hit back on Instagram -- saying, "I bought those New Orleans tickets to take my family to the game, but found out at the beginning of this week my grandfather is very ill so I am going home to see him instead."

"I'm also sorry for being HUMAN and wanting to sell the tickets we purchased because we are not able to go."

"We do a lot for this community and I'm beyond tired of getting badgered for this ... get over yourselves."

Kelly was selling some of the tickets for $200 each. Sure, she has the right to sell the tickets if she wants ... but was the $1,000 really worth the bad publicity? 

Matt Stafford's Wife REFS SCREWED US AGAIN!

12/4/2015 10:55 AM PST
Breaking News

Matt Stafford's wife is PISSED AGAIN ... claiming the refs "screwed" her husband's Detroit Lions out of another victory Thursday night -- and once again, she's venting on social media. 

Kelly Stafford has a history of going public with her disdain for the officiating -- and this time, she was clearly upset with the controversial facemask penalty against the Lions that set up GB's game-winning Hail Mary TD on the last play of the game. 

"At least my brother was here to see us get screwed per the usual," Kelly wrote ... adding, "#detroitvseverybody."

Earlier this season, Stafford's wife called the refs "incompetent" after the Lions lost to the Seahawks ... and last year, she criticized NFL officials for babying Aaron Rodgers

Gotta love Kelly Stafford ... not afraid to speak her mind. 

Matt Stafford's Wife My Husband's Not a Moron ... So Quit Talkin' Trash!

11/6/2015 6:13 AM PST
Breaking News

Finally, someone is coming to the defense of Lions QB Matt Stafford ... his wife ... who claims her husband IS SMART, DAMMIT ... despite what some former coaches think. 

After the bloodbath in Detroit this week, in which a bunch of coaches got fired after their 1-7 start, Kelly Stafford said, "Heard that one of the coaches, who got fired, came after matthew's intelligence. That is seriously comical."

"Come after the way he plays all you want, but the second you come after his intelligence is when you look far too desperate."

She then dropped that he scored a 38 on the Wonderlic test, an aptitude test NFL rookies take before the draft. 38 is a pretty good score. 

BTW, great Wonderlic scores don't always equal great NFL success ... Blaine Gabbert reportedly scored a 42 ... and we all know how that situation's going.  

As for the coach Kelly was attacking, unclear so far. 

Matt Stafford's Wife RIPS NFL Your Refs Are Garbage!

10/8/2015 6:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

Matt Stafford's wife opened fire on the NFL -- blasting the league for its "incompetent refs" ... hours after they blew a huge call that cost her husband's team a victory. 

By now you know the refs screwed up that "batted ball" call at the end of the Lions vs. Seahawks game on Monday night. Even the league admitted they screwed it up.

Enter Kelly Stafford ... who decided to take her shot at the refs on Instagram -- posting a screenshot of a text message exchange with Matt, in which the Lions QB says the league may fine him over his cleats. 

Kelly's response -- "Tell the league that they can fine u for your cleats if we can fine them for their incompetent refs."


Kelly removed the post -- but our friends at BSO were able to grab it before she took it down. Guessing the league ain't gonna be too happy with Stafford or his wife for this one ... 

Golden Tate I Puked During Insane Workout with Jimmy Clausen

6/29/2015 4:00 PM PDT

Golden Tate says he and his old Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen are still BFFs -- barf friends forever -- because they recently trained so hard during an off-season workout ... Tate blew chunks. 

The Detroit Lions star was at LAX ... where he told us all about grueling workout that made him lose his lunch. 

For the record, Tate says he wiped off the vomit and hit the beach with his pal afterward. Hopefully, he chewed some gum or something. 

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