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Eagles' Hero Corey Clement Gets Dope Super Bowl Tats ... Eagles for Life!

2/13/2018 7:21 AM PST
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Super Bowl champ Corey Clement just made a LIFETIME deal with Philly -- as in, he just got the Eagles mascot tatted on his arm!

Clement BEASTED OUT in Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota -- hauling in 4 passes for 100 yards and a key touchdown after only catching 10 passes for 123 yards in the regular season. 

So, how do you commemorate the GREATEST day of your life? Tattoos, baby!!!

The 23-year-old running back got some pretty sick ink of an Eagle tearing through his right forearm -- and the letters "SBLII" tatted on his neck. 

It might get a bit awkward if Clement ever ends up playing for another team -- especially if the Dallas Cowboys come calling -- but for now, bask in the awesomeness. 


Eagles' Jason Kelce Destroys Everyone In Fiery S.B. Parade Speech

2/8/2018 12:34 PM PST
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Philadelphia Eagles lineman Jason Kelce just gave one of the greatest Super Bowl parade speeches EVER -- blasting the team's haters in an expletive-laden, WWE-style scream-athon.


Kelce was decked out in his full Mummers costume -- and named names of writers/media members who predicted doom for the Eagles this year.

He cussed. He spat. He yelled a lot. He got the crowd to chant every time he took a breath.

Of course, his teammates and coaches loved it.

Fly, Jason, Fly!!!

Philadelphia Eagles Millions of Fans Flood Streets ... For Super Bowl Parade

2/8/2018 7:30 AM PST

The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade drew a MASSIVE crowd on Thursday -- with MILLIONS of crazed Bird fans estimated in attendance!!! 

The champs pleased the crowd while showing off the city's first Lombardi Trophy ... with Jason Kelce's mummer outfit -- AND expletive-filled speech -- stealing the show.

But the fans also provided plenty of entertainment as well ... bros were crushing porta potties just to get a better look at the action.

And, of course, there was a bit of violence ... but that shouldn't come as a surprise.

Fun fact: Bud Light teamed up with Eagles lineman Lane Johnson to hook fans up with free beer. But who knows if that even had anything to do with the debauchery -- Philly fans be wildin'.


MLB to NFL: Our Playoff Checks Are Bigger Than Yours!!!

2/6/2018 11:28 AM PST

Good news for the Philadelphia Eagles ... they're getting FAT ASS league-issued playoff bonus checks for winning the Super Bowl. 

Bad news ... it's WAYYY less than what the Houston Astros got for winning the World Series.

Here's the math ... each Eagles player gets $28k for the Divisional round game, $51k for the NFC Championship and $112k for winning the Super Bowl. 

Grand bonus total -- $191,000. 

Not a bad haul (in addition to whatever playoff bonuses individual players have in their contracts with the team). 

So, how does it stack up to playoff bonuses in other sports? 

The Houston Astros got $438k per player in league-issued bonus money after their 2017 playoff run. 

Obviously, MLB teams have less players on the roster to play -- but let's take a look at the ratings. 

The Super Bowl reportedly drew in 103.4 million viewers. 

The World Series averaged 18.9 million viewers per game -- but it went SEVEN GAMES! 

And don't forget, before the WS the Astros played a 7-game ALCS with the Yankees. Game 7 reportedly drew 9.9 million viewers. 

As for the NFL, the players agreed to the bonus structure in the collective bargaining agreement -- and the bonus goes up every year. 

So is anyone gonna complain? Probably not. Enjoy the paycheck that most people don't make in a year! 

But don't feel bad for the Pats -- they still get to rake in a nice $56K for making it to the Big Game ... making their total postseason bonus at $135K.

Carson Wentz Engaged to Girlfriend 'We Both Got a Ring!'

2/6/2018 10:11 AM PST
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Helluva week for Carson Wentz -- first, the Super Bowl ... now, he's engaged! 

The Eagles QB got down on his knee (don't worry, it's his good knee) and popped the question to girlfriend Maddie Oberg on a candlelit rooftop somewhere. 

And guess what ... SHE SAID YES! 

Carson posted the celebratory pics on social media and said, "And now Maddie and I both got us a ring 💍😎 can’t wait to marry my best friend!"

"God is doing some amazing things and I can’t thank him enough!"

FYI, these 2 got together sometime in 2017 ... Maddie popped up on Carson's IG after his ACL surgery.


Mike Epps to Eagles: Boycott the White House! ... Here's Why

2/6/2018 7:43 AM PST

Mike Epps is fully supporting Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins for declining a visit to Trump's White House -- and tells TMZ Sports the REST of the Eagles team should follow suit. 

Of course, Chris and Malcolm have laid out their reasons -- essentially saying Trump is on the wrong side of history and they don't want to be connected to him in any way. 

But Epps has ANOTHER reason ... and spelled it out while mowing through a bag of chips on the streets of NYC. 

Ron Jaworski Predicted Nick Foles In Super Bowl ... FOR REAL!!!

2/6/2018 7:01 AM PST

NO ONE thought Nick Foles had a serious shot at taking Philly to the Super Bowl -- except for one man ... Ron Jaworski!!!

Seriously ... when Carson Wentz went down, Jaws told TMZ Sports not to worry, Foles was completely capable of keeping Philly's season alive.

In fact, he told us straight-up Foles would play in the Super Bowl. 

Well, after Foles WON the Super Bowl on Sunday, it was Jawstradamus' time to revel in his prescientness!!!! And he did. Well deserved. 

The best part of the clip ... watching Jaws try to have a conversation in -5 degrees. 


Carson Kressley Go Eagles! (But I Still Wanna Bang Tom Brady)

2/6/2018 6:26 AM PST

He's a Pennsylvania boy through and through ... but Carson Kressley says if push comes to shove, he'd rather bang Tom Brady over Nick Foles

Yeah, turns out Brady is still very attractive ... 

The good news for Foles -- Kressley says he's still "just a little baby QB" and has room to blossom -- where Brady "is like a wolf."

Gay Fun Fact: A "wolf" is generally a semi-hairy, muscular man with a lean build. Typically, wolves are older men ... according to

The more you know ... 

Super Bowl Hero Trey Burton Breaks Down Trick Pass to Nick Foles!

2/5/2018 3:23 PM PST

Here he is ... the tight end who threw a PERFECT touchdown strike to Nick Foles in the Super Bowl -- and now he's telling TMZ Sports what was going through his mind when he got the call. 

Trey Burton said the Eagles had practiced the play called, "Philly Special" -- but he didn't expect the team to run it at such a crucial time in the game. 

But when it happened, Burton -- a former college QB -- said he was READY and executed like a legend.

The best part ... Burton says he was 100% confident Foles would catch the pass because he's a freak athlete who's made some incredible grabs in practice during the season. 

Make sure to check out the entire interview with Burton on the "TMZ Sports" TV show -- airs tonight on FS1.

Eagles Fans Make Super Gay Super Bowl Mix-Up

2/5/2018 2:40 PM PST
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The Eagles are a football team from Philly. 

The "Eagle" is a common name for gay bars all across the world. 

So, when a bunch of straight Eagles fans went to Minnesota for the Super Bowl and saw a watering hole called the "Eagle Bolt Bar" ... they didn't realize they were hitting up one of the top gay bars in town! 

The good news ... it didn't matter for some of the patrons who stuck around and had a great time, according to Star Tribune's Eric Roper

"I can confirm a number of Eagles fans here at @eagleBoltbar were drawn by the name. Including a guy from Hamburg, Germany," Roper reported. 

Good news ... if they stick around, they can hit "Gear Night" on Saturday -- where patrons are encouraged to wear their finest leather & chain outfits (dress code enforced). 

Nick Foles Grand Marshal in Disney Parade!!

2/5/2018 12:47 PM PST
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Nick Foles has gotta be the happiest man on earth at the Happiest Place on Earth -- the Super Bowl MVP is getting the royal treatment in the Disney World parade!!

It's a tradition that's been going on for years -- the winners of the Big Game get to send someone (usually the MVP) to Orlando to be the Grand Marshal in a parade through Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse!!

Foles got the honors this time around, and it looks like he's lovin' every second of it.

It's a nice warm-up for what's expected to be a MASSIVE parade in Philly on Thursday.

Robert Kraft to Fans 'Sorry We Disappointed You'

2/5/2018 7:49 AM PST
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Robert Kraft -- who's brought 5 championships to New England -- was all apologies after the Super Bowl ... telling fans, "Sorry we disappointed you."

The Patriots owner took center stage at the official team after-party in Minnesota -- telling fans they had planned a shindig as if they were going to win the game ... complete with A-list entertainment that included Jennifer Lopez, Gucci Mane and Florida Georgia Line

Obviously, the loss affected the mood ... and Kraft poured his heart out on stage.

"I'm really sorry we didn't close it out tonight," he said ... adding, "We're sorry we disappointed you. We feel bad."

Kraft says he vows to keep the team competitive next year -- despite key coaches leaving for other teams and Gronk pondering retirement. 

Cardi B 'Oh F***' I'm Freezing!!!

2/5/2018 6:24 AM PST

Cardi B's mouth is coming back to bite her in the ass ... though it's close to being frozen shut.

We got the "Bodak Yellow" rapper Sunday night arriving at The Armory in Minneapolis and asked her about Super Bowl 52 (the Eagles won, btw) and Justin Timberlake's halftime tribute to Prince.

Cardi could barely utter a couple of F-bombs ... that's how cold she was, which is odd since back in November 2015, she straight up said "A ho never gets cold." At -2 degrees, yes they do. 


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