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Donald Trump to Omarosa Newly Released Audio ... I Had No Clue You Were Fired!!!

8/13/2018 6:16 AM PDT

President Trump either didn't know his Chief of Staff fired Omarosa or he played dumb ... this according to newly released audio in which Trump tells her he had no idea she got the ax.

You hear Trump faintly express regret as Omarosa explains General John Kelly gave her walking papers the day before. Monday on "Today," she said the President is nothing more than Gen. Kelly's puppet. 

Omarosa also secretly recorded her conversation with Kelly, who would not say if Trump knew he was firing her.

She told TMZ on Saturday ... she believed Trump was a racist who was trying to start a race war. Omarosa says she heard an audio of an outtake of "The Apprentice" in which Trump allegedly used the n-word.

The White House has lashed out at Omarosa, saying she's a liar and a disgruntled former employee. Trump himself just lit into her, apparently in response to the new audio, saying she was "wacky" and "begged" him for the administration role.  

Omarosa I Recorded My Firing from White House ... See, I Didn't Go Nuclear!!!

8/12/2018 7:40 AM PDT

Omarosa apparently knew what was coming when she got the ax from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, because she recorded it all on her cellphone. 

The Trump ally turned enemy was on "Meet the Press" Sunday, and played the tape. She says it proves stories that she had to be dragged out of The White House during that XMAS party in December, 2017 were false.

You hear Kelly tell Omarosa the firing can be done one of 2 ways ... the easy way or the hard way. He says if she chooses the later it will create difficulty with respect to her reputation.

Kelly also says he's firing her because of "serious integrity violations." He actually says more ... that the violation involves "money issues" and "legal issues" that could make it ugly for her. He says she'd be subject to legal action, but that wouldn't be necessary if she quietly exits.

BTW ... the audio does reveal how she exited.  

NASA Logo Designer Bashes Trump's Space Force

8/12/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Donald Trump's amateurish designs for potential Space Force logos are out-of-this-world bad ... so says the artist who created an older NASA logo.

Richard Danne -- the designer of a NASA logo from 1975 -- went off on Trump's Space Force artwork. 

Danne ripped into the designs released by the Trump Administration ... telling TMZ, "This logo effort is typical of the present administration: impulsive, ill-advised, superficial, and second-rate."

Tell us how you really feel, Richard!!!

"A random student from the Los Angeles Art Center could put these logos to shame ... They are, in a word: sophomoric!"

Richard is peeved some of the Space Force designs were lifts from past NASA logos.

"The images are totally derivative from NASA graphics but are -- All flash and no substance, and comical really." 

Count Danne among those NOT rooting for the proposed Space Force to get off the ground. 

Omarosa Trump's Trying to Start a Race War ... And There's Lots of Sex in White House!!!

8/11/2018 6:46 AM PDT

Donald Trump is not only a racist ... he's trying to start a race war -- so says his former White House counselor Omarosa ... and she also says lots of people were getting it on in the West Wing.

We got the newly-minted author Saturday at Reagan National Airport in D.C., and she wasn't mincing words. She thinks Trump's attack on LeBron James is part of a campaign to inflame the country and pit blacks against whites.

She hawks her book during the conversation, but drops some pretty salacious tidbits. She says there's someone in The White House with the nickname, White House Barbie.

She also says people were "getting it on" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and even drops a famous name.

Colin Kaepernick Praises Kenny Stills ... For Taking a Knee

8/10/2018 6:10 AM PDT
Breaking News

Trump hated it ... but, Colin Kaepernick had nothing but love for Kenny Stills and other NFL players who demonstrated during the national anthem on Thursday night. 

Stills -- along with his Miami Dolphins teammate, Albert Wilson -- took a knee before their preseason game against the Bucs on Thursday night. Kaep was watching and approved.  

"My brother [Kenny Stills] continued his protest of systemic oppression tonight by taking a knee," Kaep wrote. 

"Albert Wilson joined him in protest. Stay strong brothers!"

Kaep added this note about Stills -- "[He] was awarded the Miami Dolphins’ community service awards the last two years. He participates in a number of youth organizations and was a team captain last year."

As we reported, Donald Trump hated the protest -- and railed against the players on Twitter, calling the league to suspend them. 

Trump's Space Force Bonanza for Beer and Computer Games

8/10/2018 1:00 AM PDT

President Trump's plan for an upcoming U.S. Space Force isn't just major news for the military ... it could be a huge windfall for beer and computer game producers too.

TMZ has learned the term "Space Force" has been quite popular, long before the Prez uttered the words for his proposed 6th branch of the military ... by makers of an arcade game, among others, that trademarked it in the '80s.

That game fizzled out and the trademark expired but, years later in 2014 ... a company filed paperwork for the rights to "SPACEFORCE" (one word) for online computer games and interactive educational games in the field of physics. According to the docs ... they've had the trademark on lockdown since 2015.

Then, after Trump first announced his Space Force idea in March, a shrewd business person jumped on the chance to own the rights to the name ... for beer.

According to legal docs, trademark paperwork for "Space Force" has also been filed as recently as June to make action figures and accessories.

Obviously, if these trademarks go through, the owners are set to benefit from the name recognition of the government's new military service ... which Mike Pence says will be created by 2020.

If this thing becomes a reality, these folks could really cash in. Trump's officially ahead of the game on that one though. 

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Don't Replace Trump's Star ... But, I May Replace Trump!!!

8/8/2018 6:26 AM PDT

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti had bigger things on his mind than removing Donald Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... but 2 things became clear -- he's not a fan of the star and he's running for President!

We got hizzoner Tuesday in the Silverlake area of L.A., and he tried deflecting our question about removing the star, talking instead about the need to blunt Trump's agenda by turning the House of Reps Democrat.

Garcetti finally weighed in and said the star should stay -- with an asterisk.

As for running for Prez in 2020, Garcetti says he'll decide after the midterms, but our recon is solid -- he's making a run.

Songwriter Diane Warren S**t On Trump's Star!!!

8/8/2018 7:10 AM PDT

Diane Warren says we've taken enough crap from Donald Trump, so it's only fair to s**t on him.

We got the songwriting legend in WeHo Tuesday night at Craig's and asked her about the proposal to remove Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Warren's out-of-the-box response ... "I think someone should take a s**t on it!"

Diane -- one of the most successful songwriters in the world with 9 Oscar nominations -- goes even further with her potty talk. 

It's not the first time Diane has trashed members of the Trump administration. 

Trump's Walk of Fame Star It's the Economy, Stupid Violence and Vandalism Hurting Businesses

8/5/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Donald Trump might claim he's doing wonders for the U.S. economy, but that's total BS when it comes to a couple businesses close to the Prez ... ident's Walk of Fame star.

Employees from Forever 21 and American Eagle in Hollywood tell TMZ ... business has not been booming lately, and they're placing the blame squarely on the Trump star on the sidewalk in front of their entrances.

Forever 21 folks say issues with the star -- including its destruction by another guy with a pickax and brawls breaking out -- have scared tourists off. We're told the stores have experienced a significant drop in revenue.

American Eagle workers say July is usually their busiest month, but that wasn't the case this summer. The store constantly contacts cops about crowds in front ...  there for the star and not shopping.

An AE employee says Trump's star literally hijacks attention from the store, and business has actually suffered since Trump was sworn in.

We broke the story ... despite Trump's star being a lightning rod for violence and vandalism, it's not going away anytime soon.

Donald Trump Disgustingly Calls LeBron and Don Lemon ... Dumb and Dumber

8/4/2018 6:47 AM PDT

Donald Trump, the man who callously separated children from their parents and forever traumatized them in the process, has viciously attacked LeBron James, the man who just opened a school for hundreds of poor children and probably saved them in the process.

The most vile President ever to hold office tweeted late Friday night, "Lebron (sic) James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron (sic) look smart, which isn't easy to do. I like Mike."

LeBron was on CNN this week, unveiling plans for the I Promise School in his hometown of Akron -- which has opened its doors to 3rd and 4th graders, and set to expand to 1st - 8th graders by 2022.  LeBron is giving every student all sorts of benefits, from bicycles to free tuition at the Univ. of Akron.

Trump, who bumbles through speeches and brags how he is unprepared, is clearly continuing his campaign of hatred and prejudice.

What's especially amazing ... LeBron actually exercised restraint on Lemon's show in criticizing the President. The grossly insecure President, who is manic over and obsessed with cable news, simply cannot handle criticism and responds with wild and baseless personal attacks.

Don Lemon responded by saying, "Who's the real dummy? A man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages? #BeBest."

Disagree with Donald Trump and join the long line of noble citizens on his Enemies List ... a list on which it is an honor to be included.

LeBron James, Donald Trump Celebs Tell POTUS ... STFU

8/4/2018 9:55 AM PDT

10:15 AM PT --  Michael Jordan just weighed in on Trump's tweet, as well, telling NBC News ... "I support LJ. He’s doing an amazing job for his community.”

It's the least surprising thing this week ... that sports stars and other celebs are appalled by the President of the United States calling LeBron James dumb in a late Friday night tweet. If this were a limbo contest, Donald Trump would blow everyone away, because no one could go lower.

Here's a sampling. 

NBA All-Star Karl Anthony-Towns 

WNBA Star Elena Delle Donne

NBA Rookie Sensation Donovan Mitchell

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

NFL Player and Activist Torrey Smith 

Olympic Star Adam Rippon

Famed Journalist Dan Rather

NFL's Bobby Wagner

Former Politician Joe Walsh

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe

Actor George Takei

Sports Writer Rick Reilly 

Ex-NFL Player and Activist Donte Stallworth 

NBA journalist Bill Simmons

Richie Incognito I Want to Be a Politician ... 'My Passion Is Politics'

7/31/2018 6:26 AM PDT

He's not closing the book on his NFL career, but Richie Incognito is already planning for life after football -- telling TMZ Sports he wants to be a politician. 

The 35-year-old Pro Bowl lineman joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show -- and spelled out his career plan after he hangs up the pads for good. 

"I'm all about the land of opportunity. I'm about enriching everybody in America. And, you know, hopefully one day run for public office," Incognito said.

"I see myself as a public servant now, now that I'm done playing. I love it. I want to be a politician."

So, what experience does he have? 

"I think I'm the president of the HOA now," Richie joked ... "I've written some pretty nasty emails for cars parked in the yard."

As for Richie's NFL future -- Incognito says he's gotten calls from several teams ... but he's still weighing his options. 

Make sure to catch TMZ Sports every night on FS1. 

Trump's Walk of Fame Star eBay Pulls Rubble Auction ... No Copycats, Please!!!

7/31/2018 12:30 AM PDT

The poor sap who tried selling a piece of Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star on eBay just had his get-rich-quick dreams shattered ... without a pickax.

A rep for eBay tells TMZ the user's post violated the company's "Other Illegal Activity" provision -- which prohibits the sale of items or links to items that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others to engage in illegal activities.

In layman's terms: vandalism is illegal, so ya can't make a quick buck off it here!

We broke the story ... the eBay user was trying to hawk a tiny remnant of Trump's star after Austin Clay obliterated it with a pickax. His minimum bid was $500, but he's crap outta luck now. 

As we reported, Clay was arrested for felony vandalism, but says he has no regrets.

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