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President Trump Here They Are ... The Fake News Award Winners (Losers)!!!

1/17/2018 5:32 PM PST
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President Donald Trump came through on presenting "The Fakies" ... his 2017 Fake News Awards. He teased it up as "The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year" ... and here are the HUGE winners (losers?) in his words. No shocker, CNN took the most trophies. 

- ABC's News' Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral in false report.

- CNN FALSELY reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., had hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

- TIME FALSELY reported that President Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office.

- The Washington Post FALSELY reported the President's massive sold out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.

- CNN FALSELY edited a video to make it appear President Trump defiantly overfed fish during a visit with the Japanese Prime Minister. Japanese Prime Minister actually led the way with the feed.

- CNN FALSELY reported about Anthony Scarmaucci's meeting with a Russian, but retracted it due to a "significant breakdown in process."

- CNN FALSLEY REPORTED that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump's claim that he was told he was not under investigation.

- The New York Times FALSELY claimed on the front page that the Trump administration had hidden a climate report.

- "RUSSIA COLLUSION!" Russian collusion is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people. THERE IS NO COLLUSION!

Donald Trump & Stormy Daniels Trump Chased Her in His Undies ... Stormy's Friend Claims

1/16/2018 9:34 AM PST

Porn star Stormy Daniels told a close friend Donald Trump was in chase mode -- in his underwear -- when they partied together in 2006 ... at least that's what the friend claimed Tuesday morning.

Alana Evans, also an adult film star, was on "Megyn Kelly TODAY" when she described a phone call with Stormy back in 2006. She says Stormy said, "picture this, Donald Trump chasing me around the bedroom in his tighty-whities."

Megyn's audience erupted in laughter, and so did Alana who said the conversation is not the kinda thing you EVER forget. 

There are reports Trump's camp paid Stormy $130k to keep quiet about the tryst. The White House has dismissed the claims about Stormy as "old, recycled reports, which were published and strongly denied prior to the election.”

Oprah for Prez 'NOprah' Gear on the Horizon ... But Only If She Runs

1/16/2018 12:50 AM PST

There's at least one person who really doesn't wanna see Oprah in the White House -- and he's aiming to make some cash on the anti-O movement if she runs in 2020.

An Arizona man applied for the rights to use "NOprah" earlier this month on shirts, jackets, shoes, pants and other garments ... presumably to sell.

The guy, who only wanted to be ID'd as Lewis, tells TMZ ... he filed for the "NOprah" trademark because he saw a swirl of opposition to a possible O run. He says enough already with celebs in the Oval.

Lewis says he's not sure if he wants to start selling the clothing now, or wait until the 'Oprah for Prez' thing is more of a reality. 

One last thing ... Lewis tells us he personally likes Oprah -- just not for President. 

Tiffany Trump Plays the Vegas Flower Girl ... For Pal's Sexless Wedding

1/15/2018 5:38 PM PST

Tiffany Trump helped out a friend who wanted to get married in Vegas -- sans the romance -- so she picked up a basket baggie and started tossing petals. 

In a video that's since been deleted, President Trump's second youngest kid was seen as one of the few people in attendance at A Little White Wedding Chapel Sunday for her pal Quentin Esme Brown's "shotgun" marriage to "NYC Prep" star PC Peterson. -- who, apparently, aren't romantically involved.

It's interesting that Tiffany didn't fill in as a bridesmaid -- guess the Trump name doesn't carry as much weight in Sin City as it does in D.C. right now.

Always the flower girl ... huh, Tiff? 

'Blacklist' Star Trump vs. Mueller? My Money's On ...

1/15/2018 12:20 AM PST

President Trump's all but down for the count in his battle with Special Counsel Robert Mueller ... so says "The Blacklist" star Harry Lennix.

We got Lennix at LAX and asked him what he thought about Trump saying "We'll see what happens" when asked if he'll allow Mueller's investigative team to interview him. Remember ... Mueller has spent 8 months looking into whether Russia interfered with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Lennix -- who plays FBI Assistant Director on 'Blacklist' -- makes no bones about where his allegiance stands.

'Handmaid's Tale' Star Trump Axing UK Trip A Good Call (Could've Made Better Call)

1/13/2018 12:40 AM PST

'Handmaid's Tale' star O-T Fagbenle believes protesters would've showed up in droves if Donald Trump hadn't canceled his visit to London this week amid fears of mass protest, but the call won't help improve Trump's rep in the UK.

O-T, who plays Elizabeth Moss' husband on the dystopian series, is a Londoner himself, and when we got him at LAX Friday he gave us the rundown -- well, more like a laundry list -- of why so many Londoners are pissed off with Trump. Unsurprisingly, it starts with 45's Twitter.

Trump and his cabinet should take notes from O-T, especially when he talks about how Trump can regain some of the UK's respect.  

Pierre Garcon I Forgive Trump For 'Shithole' Remark

1/12/2018 4:35 PM PST

Pierre Garcon wasn't the least bit surprised Donald Trump reportedly called Haiti a "shithole" ... but says he's willing to forgive the Prez. 

Garcon -- a Haitian-American NFL star -- tells TMZ Sports he was upset when he first heard POTUS bash the country from which his family descends.

"When you first heard it, it was hard to understand why he'd say something like that."

PG says he's since cooled down ... and rather than attack Trump, he wants to educate him on the "Pearl of the Caribbean."

Donald Trump 'Stable Genius' Is a Merch Windfall

1/12/2018 1:04 AM PST

The true "stable genius" might not be President Trump ... instead it's the people cashing in on 45's latest catchphrase.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 3 people have already applied for rights to slap "stable genius" all over apparel. Problem is ... only one can own the rights to put it on clothes. 

We spoke to Jeremy Joseph, the second guy to submit his application, who told us he jumped at the chance because he thought Trump's "unintended irony" could be a powerful statement. 

The USPTO handles applications on a first-come, first-serve basis, so Jeremy might be S.O.L. if the applicant before him is approved. The third applicant wants a "stable genius covfefe" trademark for a coffee line ... so he's not competing with the other 2.

May the most stablest genius win.

Oprah Former Student Gov. Prez 'She Wanted to Change the World'

1/11/2018 3:54 PM PST

Oprah Winfrey was hell-bent on changing the world and easing racial tension even as a teen at East Nashville High School, according to Gary Holt, who was student body Prez when O was veep.

We spoke to Gary at his home in Knoxville, and he had nothing but rave reviews of O's time in office ... including her successful plan to organize a multiracial band to play at prom.

Remember it was 1971, fresh off the Civil Rights movement, and just 3 years after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated -- so, no small feat for Oprah and Gary.

He also has an inkling about whether she'll run for office again.

Oprah She's Got Presidential Experience ... From High School!

1/11/2018 1:00 AM PST

Oprah Winfrey might not be a politician, but she's got experience as president ... and she even won the popular vote!!!

No surprise here, but TMZ has learned Oprah was super active in student government and extracurricular activities at Tennessee's East Nashville High School where she graduated in 1971.

According to her yearbook, O was president of 2 different clubs during her time in H.S. -- the Drama Club and the National Forensics League -- and served as VP of the student council her senior year. She was also on the Honor Society.

And just like nowadays, Oprah had the admiration of her peers, too ... being voted "most popular" her senior year.

Wonder if Trump still thinks he can beat her after hearing that?

Michael Steele G.O.P. Be Damned ... I've Got Your Back, Oprah!!!

1/10/2018 2:46 PM PST

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele's so fed up with President Trump, it sounds like he's ready to switch parties -- or maybe he just loves Oprah Winfrey running for Prez that much.

Steele was on Capitol Hill Wednesday when we asked if he'd be willing to work for O should she take the plunge and run in 2020. Steele laughed off the question, and never said no. In fact, he made it crystal clear he's intrigued.

Assuming Oprah would run as a Democrat, it's interesting to see Steele embrace her as much as he does here. Then again ... he REALLY doesn't like 45.

James Carville Laughs Off Trump's Claim He'd Beat Oprah

1/10/2018 12:50 AM PST

James Carville reacted with sounds and not words when he heard President Trump claimed he could beat Oprah's butt in 2020. 

We got the man who engineered Bill Clinton's White House victory at LAX Tuesday and asked about Oprah's possible presidential run ... he chuckles, but seems down with it. The "Ragin' Cajun" tells us he can't help her, though ... he's too old for that stuff.

Another topic that tickled James' fancy was ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio -- who's running for Arizona's Senate seat. No surprise ... Carville has an opinion. 

He has some frank advice for voters, too.

Donald Trump's Attorney Sues Buzzfeed Over Russian 'Dossier'

1/9/2018 5:31 PM PST
Breaking News

6:35 PM PT -- A spokesperson for BuzzFeed News tells us the dossier is "the subject of active investigations by Congress and intelligence agencies" and is obviously of public interest. The rep says, "This is not the first time Trump's personal lawyer has attacked the free press, and we look forward to defending our First Amendment rights in court."One of Donald Trump's attorneys claims the so-called "dossier" that attempts to tie him and the Prez to Russian officials is total BS ... so much so, he's suing the news outlet that posted it.

Michael Cohen is suing BuzzFeed over its Jan. 10, 2017 article headlined, "These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties to Russia." The reports, purportedly gathered by a former British intelligence agent, were referred to as the infamous dossier.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Cohen is particularly pissed about the dossier claim he used his wife's and her father's Russian ties -- she was born in the Ukraine -- in order to set up a meeting with a Russian property developer. Cohen denies the allegations.

He also refutes the dossier report claiming he met with Russian officials while in the Czech Republic. Cohen says he's never even been to the country.

In docs, Cohen says even though BuzzFeed admitted the "collection of memos" contained unverified information ... it still defamed him merely by republishing the bogus information.

Cohen calls the reports a collection of "muckraking statements" designed to harm his reputation, and connect him to alleged criminal contact between the Trump administration and Russian officials.

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