Melania Trump Impersonators We're Not Getting Booked ... In Wake Of #FakeMelania

The #FakeMelania conspiracy theory is having real-world effects on hard-working folks ... Melania Trump impersonators tell us their well's run dry.

Here's the deal ... lots of people book well-paying gigs dressing up like Melania, President Trump and other political figures at parties and events during elections, but First Lady impersonators tell us the conspiracy, political climate and COVID changed everything.

Michele Marzano, who charges $1,000 to show up looking like Melania, Madonna or Sarah Palin, tells TMZ ... she hasn't fielded a single request to be Melania during the 2020 election, a stark contrast from 2016, when she was hired to dress like Melania at least 10 times.

Michele says people seem to have lost their sense of humor ... which definitely checks out in 2020. She thinks COVID is part of it -- fewer events, in general --but also gets the feeling even Trump supporters don't think Melania's funny right now.

"Anonymously Famous" author and Melania look-alike Mira Tzur says lots of folks have been asking if she's Melania's alleged body double, her family included. She says she's not, and adds she's not getting asked to dress like the First Lady at all.

The way Mira sees it ... Melania didn't speak much during the 2016 election, which gave her more intrigue, but now there's not much curiosity because everyone's seen and heard her for 4 years. Or maybe just someone who looks like her.

Another Melania impersonator, Lauren LoGiudice, says she thought she would finally get hired after the #FakeMelania conspiracy ... but it hasn't happened.

Lauren says her Melania impersonation incorporates comedy, but notices no one thinks a Melania bit is funny anymore. She also thinks the secret recordings hurt her job prospects, because some people feel anger toward the First Lady.


Bottom line ... this is one industry where Trump is not creating jobs.

Ivanka to Tiffany Trump Tag, You're It!!!

Donald Trump's daughters were the picture of Fall fashion as they set off for their family's Thanksgiving gathering ... and it looks like one of them was in a brand spankin' new pair of shoes.

Tiffany and Ivanka were spotted walking together Tuesday to board Air Force One, before departing from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for Florida ... where the Trumps will be spending the holiday at POTUS' Mar-a-Lago resort.

Tiff must have been running a little late judging by the bottom of her shoe ... because she apparently had no time to take off the price sticker.

Hard to tell where her pumps are from or how much they cost, but if they turn out not to be comfortable ... the good news is she should be able to return them.

Within 30 days, of course.

Robert Mueller & Trump (Jr.) Sooo, What's New with You?

President Trump's nemesis and his firstborn son ... within feet of each other at the same airport gate! D.C.'s a small town, but Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. just took it to a new level.

The near collision went down Friday morning in Reagan National Airport ... according to Politico Playbook, which first posted this amazing pic. DTJ on his phone, anxiously standing at the gate, waiting to begin boarding -- while Mueller's sitting in the gate area reading a newspaper. Perhaps reading a review of his work?

We don't know that they got on the same flight -- they were in a waiting area to catch shuttle buses to other gates -- but that would've been awesome.

"You're now free to move about the cabin, but you two keep your distance!"

Melania Trump Back to the Border ... No Jacket Required!!!

Melania Trump just made it as clear as black and white ... she's NOT about to get caught in another wardrobe firestorm en route to her second trip to the border.

The First Lady touched down in Tucson Thursday dressed to the nines -- and this time -- without controversy. As we reported ... Melania was shredded for a jacket she wore last week that read, "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" on her way to visit immigration detainment facilities.

Melania took the jacket off before she arrived to her destination, but had it back on when she got back to D.C.

As for an explanation for her choice in wardrobe and the jacket ... FLOTUS' spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, had said "there was no hidden message."

If at first, you don't succeed ...

Melania Trump I'm Here to Help ... Surprise Visit to Child Detention Center

FOX News

Melania Trump unexpectedly showed up to a border facility to get a firsthand look at what's going on ... and offer a lending hand in reuniting children with their parents.

The First Lady arrived at a child detention center Thursday in Texas and started her visit by recognizing the medical staff, social workers and other employees for their "heroic work" in caring for kids separated from their families.

Melania said, "I want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness you're giving them in these difficult times." She added, her goal is to learn more about the situation and help out in any way she can.

Her trip comes the day after President Trump signed an executive order to keep families at the border together. He told reporters Thursday, Melania went to the border because she's been bothered by what's going on there.

According to the Washington Post ... Border Patrol agents have been instructed to stop sending parents with children to federal courthouses for prosecution. The White House hasn't confirmed.

President Trump had said Wednesday his "zero tolerance" policy would continue.

Michelle Obama Lunch in Venice Suits Me Well!!!

Michelle Obama might be from the Midwest and live on the East Coast, but no one needs to school her on nailing the business cas' look in L.A.

The former First Lady joined some of her colleagues for lunch at the ritzy Gjelina restaurant in Venice ... easily pulling off the beachy business meeting look thanks to those shades, sandals and soft colors. It was also easy to figure out a big shot was in town ... with her Secret Service motorcade tipping off the locals.

Safe to say that among the topics likely discussed at lunch was the heartbreaking situation that's fueled recent rhetoric when it comes to immigration. As we reported ... Michelle joined Laura Bush and condemned the inhumane practice of keeping children in cages after being separated from their families crossing the border.

Obama Close Shave with Malia

Prez Obama continues his cost-cutting initiatives by sharing a cup of shaved ice with Malia.

POTUS/daughter shared the moment during their annual vacay in Hawaii. She's taking a year off before going to Harvard.

Doesn't matter how powerful you are ... shaved ice is delicious.

Jon Jones Chandler's Going Through Growing Pains ... But He'll Be Okay


UFC superstar Jon Jones says his NFL star brother Chandler Jones is doing well after a bizarre police incident last week ... saying he's just going through the "growing pains" of being a celebrity.

Chandler -- a star defensive end for the New England Patriots -- was hospitalized after dropping to his knees outside the Foxborough PD station in a discombobulated state. He was not arrested.

However, big bro Jon says Chandler has been doing really well since the incident -- telling us, "[He's] a young guy who's had a lot thrown at him" ... including a "new level of fame and success."

Jon says Chandler is now "doing what he has to do to make things right."

"Chandler's in a good position man. I'm so happy for him."

Chandler and the Patriots take on the Broncos on Sunday -- and Jon says he can't wait to cheer on his bro.

Paul McCartney Rockin' Out at the NY Rangers Game


Check out this footage of Paul McCartney having a BLAST at the NY Rangers game this weekend -- yelling, screaming, towel-whirling -- while the guy next to him looks COMPLETELY MISERABLE.

By the way, that guy is Paul's son, James.

It's funny stuff ... the crowd went crazy for the Beatles legend -- despite the fact the Rangers got beat down by the Washington Capitals in a 7-3 rout.

Paul was a man about town this weekend -- he appeared on 'SNL' on Saturday and hit up a Brooklyn Nets game on Sunday.

Pretty rad, right?

Khloe Kardashian Still Lamar's Pumpkin?

Khloe Kardashian obtusely telegraphed she's still connected to Lamar Odom.

Khloe posted this pic ... check out the medical equipment in the background.

It's unclear if she visited Lamar at Cedars Sinai Medical Center where he's laid up, but she hadn't been there in the last few days so maybe she's signaling something.

Lamar Odom On the Mend Kim Praises God and Power of Faith

Lamar Odom continues to make progress, talking and smiling with Khloe, Kim, Kris and Kendall Jenner who made the trek back to Vegas to be with him.

Kim posted on Instagram just before midnight Saturday, "I have faith in you. I believe in the power of prayer and positive energy! Thank you for all your prayers! Lammy, I'm so happy Kendall & I could make you smile today! God is good!"


As we reported, Lamar's heart is rebounding and he's off a ventilator. He's now alert and speaking, but his condition is still dicey ... other organs are still creating problems, and doctors have not fully assessed the impact of the strokes he suffered.

President Obama J.R. Smith Can't Outshoot Steph Curry

President Obama just took a stand on the NBA Finals ... saying there's no way J.R. Smith has a chance to outshoot Steph Curry ... despite the fact Smith has been ON FIRE in the playoffs.

Obama went to Twitter to answer some questions ... when someone wrote:

"Can JR Smith out shoot Steph Curry and lead the Cavs to a championship?"

Obama's response -- "jr smith having a great season but the heart of the Cavs is Lebron. And no one can outshoot Curry - maybe Korver if wide open."

So far, no response from Smith ... but we're guessing it's coming.

Michelle Obama KICKBOXER!!!!!


Dear Barack Obama ... DO NOT PISS OFF YOUR WIFE!!!

Check out this new footage of Michelle Obama going to town on a punching bag at the White House gym -- throwing punch combinations and a pretty devastating roundhouse kick!!

FLOTUS was showing off her Top 5 workout moves to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her Let's Move! campaign -- which is supposed to motivate Americans to get off their asses and get fit.

Michelle looks great in the video ... jumping rope, hitting squats and blasting her core.


Prez Obama 6-Pack Smuggling In the Oval Office ... Still!

When President Barack Obama leaves the White House, he's taking something with him -- his six-pack(ish) abs ... according to his trainer who says El Jefe is still a workout freak.

Our photog in D.C. spotted Cornell McClellan, a member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition -- and, more importantly, the man who keeps B.O. and the whole First Family in shape.

McClellan said it's not as tough as you'd think to bark out commands to the leader of the free world -- since, as he puts it ... Obama is "raging against death." Kinda strange for a guy who's only 53, but whatever.

As for the six-pack starter kit the Prez had right before winning office? It seemed to be fading in 2012, but McClellan explains why Obama's no lame duck in the gym.

White House Strong-Arms Photo Agency To Squash Malia Photos

Malia Obama went to a famous L.A. restaurant Monday night -- a restaurant regularly frequented by celebs and paparazzi -- and when the White House found out a photog took her pic, they went into DEFCON 1 to KILL the photos.

The 16-year-old went to Gjelina in Venice, CA with some friends. The photog got the pic as Malia walked out and then sent it to the AKM-GSI agency to sell. The agency posted the pic on its website for media outlets to purchase, but several hours later The First Lady's Office called AKM-GSI and asked them to please take the pics off the website and delete them from their files.

We're told Michelle Obama's people told the agency they had promises from various media outlets not to photograph the 2 girls when they were not in the presence of their father.

AKM-GSI then agreed, sending an email to the media with the subject, "URGENT SET KILL NOTICE."

The text reads, "Please delete the set of Malia Obama from your archive. The set was sent around earlier today. We cannot distribute this set."

White House squashing photo

Now here's what's interesting. Malia has been in L.A. over the last few weeks, doing an internship on Halle Berry's TV show for part of the time. Then she showed up at a famous restaurant -- Secret Service in tow -- with photogs all over the place.

So is this a case of the President and First Lady taking precautionary action, or is this a concerned famous mom and dad flexing their muscles?

White House Chef Obama's Go-To Meal ... A Good Burger

When the leader of the free world is jonesing for comfort food ... he ignores his wife's advice and reaches for a juicy hunk of grilled cow flesh ... so says the man who knows.

White House chef Sam Kass spilled this state secret to our TMZ photog. Fact is ... it doesn't necessarily square with Michelle Obama's campaign for healthy eating.

But Michelle has clearly had an influence on her food guru. Watch the video.

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