Andrew Wiggins Could Miss Warriors Games ... For Being Unvaxxed

The Golden State Warriors might be without one of their biggest stars when the season rolls around ... 'cause Andrew Wiggins could reportedly miss time due to being unvaccinated.

26-year-old Wiggins -- who averaged 18 points for the Dubs in 2020 -- has previously been outspoken against getting the jab ... and his stance is now putting his status for 2021 home games in question.

As the San Francisco Chronicle notes, SF has required full vaccination to attend large indoor events as of August 20 ... and Warriors games fall under that category.

Now, there's a possibility the NBA gives Wiggins a religious exemption ... but it would still have to be approved by the city in order for him to suit up for home games at the Chase Center.

FYI -- San Francisco and New York City are the two NBA towns that require proof of vaccine for large indoor events.

Wiggins isn't the only unvaxxed player, but he's by far the biggest name affected by the mandates.

Back in March, Andrew said he has nothing against those who elected to take the vaccine, but said he'd be making his own decision on the matter.

The Chronicle reports the Warriors even set up a meeting between Wiggins and a local health official to help ease any fear over the vaccine ... but it didn't help change his mind.

Wiggins -- the #1 overall pick in 2014 -- is averaging 19.5 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.3 assists in his career.

KD, Draymond Blame Steve Kerr, GM Bob Myers ... For Warriors Fallout

Kevin Durant is finally opening up on his sudden breakup with the Warriors ... saying the way Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers handled his public spat with Draymond Green sparked his departure.

The heated altercation went down in Golden State's game against the Clippers in 2018 ... when KD and Draymond went after each other over poorly executed possessions toward the end of regulation.

Both guys went off in the huddle and had to be separated ... and KD infamously mouthed "That's why I'm out."

Now, both stars are setting the record straight ... getting to the bottom of the whole thing in a sit-down with Bleacher Report.

"It wasn't the argument, it was the way that everybody -- Steve Kerr act like it didn't happen, Bob Myers didn't try to just discipline you and think that that would put the mask over everything," KD said.

"I really felt like that was such a big situation for us as a group the first time we went through something like that. We had to get that s*** all out."

KD compares the situation to a scene from "The Last Dance" ... when all Scottie Pippen's teammates called him out for refusing to enter a game in the final seconds in a 1994 playoff series.

Durant says that's the kinda reaction he and Draymond should have gotten -- but didn't.

"We needed that!" he added. "We just needed to throw all that s*** on that table and say, 'yo Dray, K, that was f***ed up that we even had to go through that. Let's just wipe our hands with that and go finish the task.'"

Draymond says Myers and Kerr sat him down and tried to make him apologize for the incident ... and he laughed in their faces.

"I told them right then and there, I said 'y'all about to f*** this up!' I said, 'the only person that can make this right is me and K and there's nothing that y'all can do. Y'all are going to f*** this up.'"

"And, in my opinion, they f***ed it up!"

KD agrees ... adding, "I think so too."

Draymond was suspended one game without pay for the altercation ... and the Warriors would end up losing to the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals.

KD would leave shortly after -- joining Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets.

After all these years, it's good to bury the hatchet and move on.

Steph Curry Celebrates New $215 Mil Contract ... Fancy Feast With Ayesha In L.A.!!!


How's Steph Curry celebrating yet another massive contract extension with the Warriors??

Apparently by jettisoning to L.A. with his wife, Ayesha, to enjoy a fancy meal!!!

We got the NBA superstar out at TAO in Hollywood Wednesday night just one day after he agreed to a new $215 MILLION extension with Golden State ... and dude certainly looked happy!!

The 33-year-old was swagged out in a tight, buttoned-up polo, some black pants, fresh white kicks and a purple hat. He was also carrying bags of delicious goodies from one of the best restaurants in L.A.!

Ayesha, meanwhile, looked great as always ... and it's clear the couple is thrilled to have Steph's immediate basketball future all set up perfectly.

Of course, Tuesday's contract extension marks the SECOND time in Steph's career that he's inked a $200-plus million deal with the Warriors ... so, yeah, he's got PLENTY of reasons to celebrate.

NBA offseason is set to last a few more months, too ... so we fully expect to see the Currys keep on living it up for a while.


Klay Thompson Returns To Court After Achilles Injury ... 'Felt So Dang Good'

Warriors fans didn't have to wait for the new 'Space Jam' movie to see Klay Thompson return to action ... 'cause after 2 devastating injuries, the NBA superstar is back on the court!!!

Remember, 31-year-old Klay hasn't suited up for the Dubs since tearing his ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

Right when he was getting back to 100%, Thompson then tore his Achilles while playing a pickup game in November 2020 ... which kept him from playing in the 2020-21 season.

But, Thompson had a breakthrough this week ... running up and down the court and working on his jumper at Chase Arena -- and yeah, he's THRILLED to be back at it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"DubNation, I still have a really long, long, LOOOONG way to go," Klay said Tuesday. "But my goodness, it felt so dang good to get up and down and see the ball go thru the net."

"Can’t wait to burn em down next year 👌🏽 💦 🔥 !! Big milestone for me this week"

Klay kept busy while sidelined with the previous injury -- he's starring as "Wet Fire" alongside LeBron James in "Space Jam: A New Legacy" next month.

This time around, his free time was spent off movie sets ... and you can tell he's been busting his ass to stay in shape.

Steph Curry's gotta be salivating at the idea of a Splash Bros. reunion ... but he'll have to hang tight -- Klay says it may be a few more months before he's fully healthy.

Lakers' Ben McLemore Involved In Car Crash Photos Show Truck Almost Tipped

12:27 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained photos from the crash Ben McLemore was involved in Thursday -- and the guy is seriously lucky to be walking away from this unscathed.

Check out these insane pics that show Ben's Ford truck almost toppling over as it sits on top of the gate arm of a Playa Vista property ... while it hovers high in the air. The arm itself is absolutely crushed under the weight of the truck -- you can see pieces of it scattered about.

BTW, it isn't just the arm that got whacked here -- the ticket dispenser that spits out parking passes for people was also destroyed ... and a bunch of those vouchers are also all over the ground.

As far as Ben's truck goes ... it's a Raptor, which is top of the line when it comes to Ford's. It also appears brand spanking new, as the guy didn't even have plates on it yet. Not to make light of this situation, but ... we suppose the slogan "Built Ford Tough" applies. 😅

Lakers guard Ben McLemore was involved a single-car accident in the hours following his team's huge win over the Warriors ... but, thankfully, he was uninjured -- TMZ Sports has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us sometime Thursday morning -- shortly after the Lakers beat the Warriors in their play-in game Wednesday night -- cops responded to a 911 call for an accident in Playa Vista, Calif.

We're told when officers arrived on the scene, they found McLemore and his crashed Ford truck ... and conducted a field sobriety test.

Sources say the 28-year-old, though, passed all their tests and did NOT appear to be drunk.

We're told McLemore explained to officers he had accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and crashed into a gate arm.

McLemore -- who had no injuries -- was not arrested and not issued any sort of ticket, we're told.

The former Kansas star played in 21 games for the Lakers this season ... averaging 8.0 points per contest.

He did not play in the team's win over Golden State due to a coach's decision.

Originally Published -- 12:25 AM PT

Klay Thompson Hits TWELVE Straight 3-Pointers ... What Achilles Injury?!


His leg is still busted ... but Klay Thompson's jumper is still wet as hell!!

The 31-year-old is still rehabbing his torn right Achilles, but it hasn't impacted his ability to shoot the 3-ball ... just watch this video showing Klay nailing TWELVE long-distance shots in a row during a workout with Warriors staffer Zaza Pachulia.

Yeah, Klay isn't running around yet -- but every time Zaza dishes him the rock, Thompson hits nothing but net ... until that pesky 13th shot!

"Pure water," the Splash Bro quipped as he sank shot after shot -- the guy looks like a frickin' scoring machine!

Thompson hasn't seen live NBA action since Game 5 of the 2019-2020 NBA finals when he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee while driving to the hoop.

Tragedy struck again in Nov. 2020 when Klay tore his right Achilles at a pickup game with other NBA players.

Earlier this week, Klay spoke with reporters and gave an update on his recovery -- saying, "I'm not running yet but I'm running on the treadmill underwater and that's good for my psyche."

He added that he's hoping to return to action by opening day of the 2021-22 NBA season.

By the way, the 12 shots in a row are super impressive -- but his Splash Bro, Steph Curry, once hit 100 straight 3s in one of the most epic shooting displays of all time.

These guys ... unreal.

Ayesha Curry Slices Hand Open In Valentine's Day Champagne Accident


Roses are red ...
Violets are grand ...
Hey, is that blood?!?!?!
Ayesha Curry just sliced open her hand!!!!

Yep, Steph Curry spent his Valentine's Day rushing his wife to the doctor Sunday night after she gashed her hand open in a freak champagne bottle accident!!!

Ayesha says she wasn't doing anything crazy with the champagne bottle -- something just went wrong, resulting in a wound that needed 4 stitches to close!

"It's important to know that I was not sabering a bottle of champagne when this happened to me," Ayesha says ... "I was opening it the normal way."

FYI, "sabering" is when you take a blade (like a sword or something) and run it along the champagne bottle, usually resulting in a cool explosion that rips off the neck of the glass. It looks cool but can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

The good news ... Curry says she hit the good people at Kaiser Permanente, who tended to her wound quickly so she could resume her V-Day plans, which mostly included watching movies with her NBA star husband.

Now, Steph can focus on getting ready to hit the court Monday evening where his Golden State Warriors will take on the Cleveland Cavs.

Steph Curry Rocks Ultra-Rare POTUS Kicks ... To Celebrate Biden's Inauguration

How'd Steph Curry show love to Joe Biden on inauguration day??


The Golden State Warriors superstar busted out his 2-of-a-kind, famous Under Armour Curry 3 shoes for warmups before the Dubs took on the Spurs on Wednesday ... and the sneaks are clearly still as dope as ever.

FYI -- Curry teamed up with UA back in 2017 to make the special shoes -- creating them as a way to honor the end of Barack Obama's 2-term presidency.

Reportedly, only 2 pairs were ever made -- one for Steph and one for Obama -- and they were awesome ... featuring the presidential seal on the tongue as well as other nods to the former president all over them.

Curry hadn't been seen in the shoes since '17 ... but he apparently kept good care of them -- 'cause after Biden had been sworn in Wednesday morning, Steph took the court in the feet heat!

Curry -- who's big-time pals with Obama and a huge supporter of Biden -- laced them up pregame ... before transitioning into another pair of his signature shoes for game time.

Seems the POTUS kicks were good luck ... Curry balled out against San Antonio, scoring 26 points and adding 7 assists in the win.

Somewhere, we're sure Kamala Harris was proud as hell!

VP-Elect Kamala Harris Steph Curry Gifts Custom Dubs Jersey 'We're All Rooting For You'

The Golden State Warriors are finally returning to the White House ... courtesy of a one-of-a-kind gift to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris from NBA superstar Stephen Curry!!!

The Oakland native and HUGE Warriors fan is set to become the 49th -- and first female -- VP in the history of the United States on Wednesday ... and Curry came through with an unforgettable present that'll look reaaaally good hanging up in Harris' White House office.

The 3-time NBA champ surprised Harris with a video prior to Wednesday's inauguration ... presenting her with her very own #49 Warriors jersey with a "Madame VP" nameplate and an autographed message from Curry.

Of course, the Warriors' recent championship teams famously boycotted visiting the 1600 Penn during Donald Trump's presidency ... so it'll most likely be the first time any sort of positivity about the Dubs has entered the White House in a LONG time.

"Madame Vice President, I'm not saying you've got to put this up in your office at the White House, but it probably would be a good idea," Curry said in the video.

"Congratulations! Blazing your own path, we are all rooting and supporting you the whole way."

Worth noting -- the Dubs have recently moved to San Francisco, but are paying homage to their former home of Oakland with a special City Edition jersey this season ... which is what Harris received.

The soon-to-be VP pretty much freaked out in excitement over the gesture ... saying, "This means so much to me, you guys."

Curry also showed love for Harris following the results of the election in November ... sending her an autographed Curry #30 jersey. So, yeah, she may need a bigger closet just for her Dubs merch.

Harris continued ... "I will proudly, proudly display this in the office of the Vice President of the United States, an office I am about to occupy and I cannot thank you enough and you always bring such joy and pride to me, as a daughter of Oakland."

NBA's Kelly Oubre, Jr. Proposes To GF With Huge Ring ... She Said Yes!!!

One of the NBA's hottest hunks is officially off the market -- with Golden State Warriors star Kelly Oubre, Jr. popping the question to his GF, Shylyn ... and she said YES!!!

The 24-year-old forward announced the big news via Instagram just minutes ago ... sharing emotional footage of the proposal at a private and romantic location.

Oubre and the model first went public earlier this year ... and have been inseparable ever since.

They wasted no time taking things to the next level ... with the Dope Soul brand man getting on one knee and putting a massive diamond on his lady's finger.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Oubre, Jr. has been linked to names like Kendall Jenner and Sports Illustrated cover model Jasmine Sanders in the past ... but as we previously reported, in September 2019, he said he wasn't ready to settle down just yet.


Things have clearly changed since then ... 'cause the guy is ready to be a married man.

There's a lot of new things going on for KO -- he just got shipped from the Phoenix Suns to the Dubs this past offseason.

Congrats to the ridiculously good looking couple!!

Allen Iverson Giannis Should Join The Warriors!!! 'I'd Love Him To Go There'

NBA legend Allen Iverson wants Giannis Antetokounmpo to pull a Kevin Durant and form a super team in the Bay Area ... saying he'd LOVE to see the Greek Freak join the Warriors!!!

There's been a TON of talk about Giannis' NBA future -- the 2-time MVP has one more year on his current contract ... and many have been wondering if his time as a Milwaukee Buck is coming to an end.

AI -- who Giannis just so happened to idolize growing up -- spoke about Antetokounmpo on Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson's "All The Smoke" podcast Thursday ... saying he LOVES the dude's game.

That's when Jackson pointed out he hopes Giannis gets the hell out of Milwaukee to join Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in Golden State ... and Iverson agreed.

"That's where I want him to go ... Golden State," Iverson said, adding, "I would love him to go there. That's where I want him to go."

"I want him to go to Golden State, man."

As for Giannis, he seems to be happy with his current situation with the Bucks ... but given how much he loved watching AI growing up, this may put the thought in the back of his head.

Steph & Ayesha Curry Kneel At Oakland Protest Warriors Teammates Join

Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha, hit the streets of Oakland to show support for the George Floyd protests ... walking with the crowd and kneeling in solidarity.

The Currys were joined by Warriors teammates, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney, at Juan Toscano-Anderson's march for unity on Wednesday ... and the pictures are powerful.

"Today was a movement in Oakland!" Steph said, "Thank you @juanonjuan10 for the leadership. Everybody play your role and be consistent with it."

"This is a real moment of change. Keep each other accountable."

Ayesha also spoke on the movement ... saying she wished as many people showed up to protest as Dubs fans do to celebrate championships.

"I began to come to the realization that we were walking the same streets, the same path and course that we’ve taken time and time again for the championship parades."

"While I was appreciative and proud of the crowd that showed to march for justice today, I couldn’t help but wonder where all of these people were now, that just a few years before lined and covered the streets to celebrate in these black men’s successes."

"Now when black men, when black people need an assist, defense, a team... where is everyone? Where is everyone?"

Drake and Kevin Durant Just A Couple Of Nice Guys!!! ... Hit Up L.A. Hot Spot

Kevin Durant enlisted one of his good buddies to keep his spirits high during his Achilles recovery on Tuesday night  ... hitting up an L.A. hot spot together for a night on the town.

Oh, yeah ... and that friend is Drake!!!

Of course, KD is still working to get back on the court following the devastating injury he suffered in Game 5 of the NBA Finals last season ... and it's been going VERY well -- the dude is already dunking in pick-up games again!!

The Brooklyn Nets superstar stayed busy while his team was in town to play the LA Lakers ... hitting up The Nice Guy in West Hollywood for a good time.

FYI -- Drake and KD are solid buds despite their teams going against each other in the Finals last season ... and Drizzy was very emotional in the crowd when Durant went down with the injury.

On top of that, Aubrey loves to name-drop Durant in his songs ... so the meet-up ain't all that surprising.

Now that KD is back to dunking, it's great to see him out celebrating.

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