Too $hort White House Was Great ... TB12's Comeback Will Be Greater!!!


Too $hort is all for setting great examples for younger rappers and hopes his recent trip to the White House offers some inspiration to whoever needs it!!!

We linked with Short Dog in D.C. this week fresh outta the Oval Office and as expected, he said the experience was nothing short of greatness.

Short, along with E-40, Mistah F.A.B. and Sway Calloway got to meet their fellow Oakland native, Vice President Kamala Harris ... and the rap legend says he couldn't be more proud of his hometown.


The Golden State Warriors broke their boycott of the White House in light of Donald Trump no longer being the commander-in-chief and $hort says, as a lifelong fan, he was happy to support the team in person.

He has nearly 40 years in the rap game so Short knows a thing or two about perseverance ... so, we switched gears to football to ask him about Tom Brady possibly, finally retiring. Maybe.

Too $hort is in the camp of folks who say TB12 isn't hanging up his cleats just yet.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady and the Buccaneers just got embarrassingly bounced outta the NFL playoffs by the Dallas Cowboys -- but, Short says Tom will give us another pump fake "retirement" and be back on the field for next season.

Call it an ironman's intuition!!!

40, $hort, Sway, F.A.B. Crash White House With Warriors ... And Kick It With Kamala!!!

The Golden State Warriors returned to The White House to celebrate their 2021-2022 NBA Season championship -- but it wasn't just members of the team who went -- Oakland hip hop legends joined in too!!!


TMZ Hip Hop obtained photos and videos of E-40, Too $hort, Sway Calloway and Mistah F.A.B. at the White House during the reception, posting up with V.P. Kamala Harris and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

We’re told V.P. Harris was excited to meet 40 and $hort ... being a proud Oakland native herself, and the guys got to swap stories with Pelosi and her husband, Paul.

The hip hop stars are regulars at The Chase Center, supporting the Warriors through thick and thin -- so it's not totally shocking they were able to tag along. The group also got a pic in with players Andre Iguodala and Moses Moody.

Outside on the White House grounds, 40, $hort and F.A.B. discussed Oakland streetwear legacy and later connected with former Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for a photo-op.


We spoke with $hort earlier this season about the potential for this year's squad, and he’s adamant the Warriors will win another chip with ease.

Last year marked the Warriors’ 4th championship in recent years, but it was their first trip back to the White House since 2015, after refusing to celebrate with Donald Trump.


Both President Biden and the V.P. were gifted their own custom Warriors jerseys and Stephen Curry was his traditional charismatic self during the ceremony.

Golden State Warriors Visit White House To Celebrate Title ... After Blowing Off Trump In '17, '18


The Golden State Warriors made their triumphant return to President Biden's White House Tuesday -- after twice spurning President Trump -- where they celebrated winning the NBA title last summer.

The Dubs were in D.C. to play the hometown Wizards Monday night at the Capital One Arena ... before pulling up on #46 Tuesday afternoon to commemorate their fourth championship in eight years. The Warriors beat the Celtics in 6 games during the 2022 NBA Finals.

Of course, it's the first time Curry and the Warriors have been back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since Barack Obama was president. The team publicly feuded with Trump after their championships in 2017 and 2018.

Despite it being a tradition to go to the W.H., the Warriors spurned Trump, refusing to go to the White House. Trump also disinvited the team.

Vice President Kamala Harris, a Warriors fan, opened things up ... recalling when the team gifted her a custom #49 jersey, in honor of her becoming the 49th VP in U.S. history.

Harris then introduced POTUS, who raved about the franchise's success ... led by Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and head coach Steve Kerr.

Speaking of Steph ... the reigning NBA Finals MVP said a few words, too -- before presenting Biden and Harris with a signature #46 and #1 Warriors jersey.

Curry and Biden stood side by side, posing for photos with the jerseys ... as photographers snapped pics of the two as the other players, coaches and executives stood in the background.

Biden told the Dubs they're always welcome in his W.H. If they hope to come back, the team has some work to do. They're currently sitting in the 7 slot in the Western Conference ... with a even 22-22 record on the season.

Draymond Green Relationship W/ Poole Is A 'Work In Progress'

Draymond Green says he's still working to repair his relationship with Jordan Poole after their violent practice altercation three months ago ... admitting their dynamic has completely changed, but it's slowly improved with time.

The Golden State Warriors forward opened up about the incident in an interview with Taylor Rooks ... saying he watched the clip over and over after TMZ Sports published it on Oct. 7, and while he knew he was in the wrong, he claims there's more to the story that he will share one day.


"Once that [video] released, I'm experiencing so many emotions," Green says. "Like, I'm upset. How the hell does this get released? Going through hell because you're just at the sole discretion of public opinion."

Green says the two players have been able to go about their business as professionals since the video was released, but points out they're not rushing to hang out off the court anytime soon.

"We go to work every day together," he says. "Our lockers are right next to each other, that never changed. We ride the same buses together, we change in the same locker room on the road together -- none of that has changed."

"Did it change our relationship, of course. Absolutely. That's still a work in progress. I'll always be willing to continue to do that work because I was wrong."

"I see improvements, day by day, week by week, month by month I see improvements," he continued. "That's all you can ask for. I don't expect him to come out and be like, 'Man, I wanna come hang with you off the court.' I don't expect that. I'm not a fool."

BTS' Suga Sips Beer Courtside At Laker Game ... Leaving Dubs Bandwagon?!

BTS rapper Suga might be a "boy with luv" for a new team -- the K-pop superstar was spotted hanging courtside at the Laker game on Thursday ... bringing his Warriors allegiances into question.

Suga hit up Arena as Los Angeles hosted the Dallas Mavericks ... and he appeared to be in great spirits, enjoying a cold beer as he checked out the action.

The guy's presence was clearly known to the players ... with Luka Doncic even dapping him up before the game.

Of course, Suga appeared to be deep in Dub Nation prior to the season ... getting his own custom Golden State jersey and hanging out with the team when they were in Japan for a preseason game against the Washington Wizards.

He was also getting close with Steph Curry ... who gifted him a pair of signed shoes after the matchup.

But, Suga might be swayed to the Purple & Gold now ... as the Lakers also got him a custom jersey prior to attending Thursday's game.


The contest was a bummer for Suga if he is, in fact, a Laker fan now ... 'cause the home team lost in double overtime, 119-115.

Too Short My Dubs Will Be Fine We’re The Underdog Champions!!! 🏆


Too Short isn’t sweating the Golden State Warriors’ current slump in the season, and is advising all die-hard fans to follow his lead!!!

We recently spoke to the Oakland rap legend -- who made sure to rep in his authentic Warriors gear while offering his two cents on the Warriors season. Of course, things started a little rocky when Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole during practice before the season's official tipoff. They've since had some big-time losses on the court.

Short says the Warriors don’t get the credit they deserve for rising above injuries and regaining the crown last season ... and notes Kevin Durant's place in the dynasty rarely gets acknowledged.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The Warriors have one of the most tight-knit rapper fanbases in the league. Short, G-Eazy, Mistah F.A.B and his Mt. Westmore bandmate E-40 are among the familiar faces who can be seen in Chase Center on any given night!!!

The team is currently in 11th place and has a big Christmas Day matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies ... but Short says the NBA have playoffs for a reason and he's overly confident they can sneak in a repeat as champs with a late-season push.

Short may have the skills to moonlight as a sports analyst, but don't think he's abandoning rap. His Mt. Westmore album collab with 40, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube is hot off the streaming press --- and he's well aware of the firepower they possess.


We caught Short Dog a day later going into Dash Radio in Hollywood and says Mount Westmore's collaboration policy is simple: don't call us, we'll call you!!!

Michael Rapaport Sides W/ Draymond Green In Fan Spat ... 'It's A Family-Friendly Event!!!'


No, Draymond Green ain't pillow soft for having a heckler booted from an NBA game earlier this week ... so says Michael Rapaport, who tells TMZ Sports the Warriors star was in the right in the situation.

Green had the courtside fan kicked out of Tuesday night's Warriors vs. Bucks game in Milwaukee -- claiming the man threatened his life during a trash-talking sesh.

The man has since said he did no such thing -- but when we got Rapaport out this week ... the comedian, who's usually full of hot takes, said he was siding with Green in the spat.

"Even though Draymond Green is not, you know, you know," Rapaport said out in NYC ... "Fans are inappropriate sometimes. It's a family-friendly event."

Rapaport said fans need to treat games as if they were going to Disneyland -- as in, behave themselves extra carefully -- otherwise, they should be subjected to ejections.

Green, meanwhile, told reporters after the incident he was hopeful that the NBA and even politicians would get involved in making rules and regulations to prevent heckling going forward -- a solution Rapaport is clearly in agreement with.

Ejected Milwaukee Bucks Fan I Didn't Threaten Draymond's Life ... I Swear!!!

KJ Live/iHeart

The fan who Draymond Green had booted from the Warriors vs. Bucks game earlier this week says he never threatened the Golden State star's life ... insisting he was actually being nice to the NBA player.

Mike Shane spelled his side of the story out on the "KJ Live" podcast this week ... explaining that when he was trash-talking Green during the third quarter of the big game at Fiserv Forum on Tuesday night, he was actually saying Milwaukee fans were giving him "a pass."

Shane said the city harbored a lot of anger toward Green for punching Milwaukee native Jordan Poole at a Warriors practice earlier this year ... but everyone was now willing to let it go.

"I was speaking up for the city of Milwaukee," the R&B singer said. "Basically telling him, like, we're giving you a pass. We haven't forgotten about what you did -- a big bully -- and we're giving you a pass."

"We forgive you."

Shane, though, says Green "blew it out of proportion," and had him kicked out of the arena.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, the superfan says the Bucks were cool about it all ... and even offered him a refund and future tickets.

"There was two police officers who were actually right there," Shane added. "There was a police officer and the league security who came back there and vouched for me. They were right there and said I didn't use any profanity, I didn't say anything malicious."

For his part, Green was adamant the fan said "some threatening stuff to my life" -- and he told reporters he was hopeful future rules and laws would be put in place to tamp down the heckling at games.

Draymond Green Gets Fan Ejected From Game ... After Man Allegedly Made Death Threats

Draymond Green says the fan who he had booted from Tuesday night's Warriors vs. Bucks game hurled death threats his way from his courtside seat.

The Golden State superstar had animatedly exchanged words with the man in the third quarter of the Dubs' blowout loss to Milwaukee at the Fiserv Forum ... when a few moments later, he grabbed a ref's attention and pointed toward the guy.

Green appeared to insist that the man should leave the game -- and after a few seconds of arguing, security escorted the guy from the area.

After the contest, Green told reporters that at one point during their heated argument, the fan had said "some threatening stuff to my life."

The 32-year-old -- who previously punched his own teammate in a fit of rage earlier this year -- said he nearly went after the guy ("I was this close to really going back," he said) ... but decided to get the refs' help with the situation instead.

"When I told the official what he said," Draymond explained, "he was like, 'Oh, he's got to get out of here.'"

The Bucks said in a statement following the game that they were investigating the matter.

This is not the first time Green has had an issue with fans this year ... he was just fined $25K two weeks ago for getting into it with a man in Dallas.

He told reporters on Tuesday night that he hoped to see significant changes at NBA arenas to try to deter the contentious interactions going forward.

"There are no real consequences," Green said. "Yeah, you can't come back to the game, or even if you get arrested, nothing really happens ... you just hope it gets to a point where these leagues can work with legislators to implement laws because that's the only thing that's really going to correct the issue."

Klay Thompson Opens Up On Poole, Draymond Fight ... Winning 'Cures All'

Klay Thompson believes Draymond Green's attack on teammate Jordan Poole will eventually be nothing but a "blip on the story" ... saying the team will be farther away from the incident the more they win.

Klay spoke about the October practice altercation in an interview with ESPN's Malika Andrews this week ... saying he wasn't too concerned about the impact it would have on the team's chemistry as long as they handled business on the court.

"It's unfortunate it got leaked, but those guys are all brothers, Jordan and Draymond," Klay said. "I knew, with time, like the old adage, time heals all wounds. I know winning and just having fun cures all."

"We're playing that brand of Warriors basketball again and once we continue to do so, I think it will just be a blip on the story."

It wasn't all gravy for the Dubs, though -- they were slow out the gate, going 3-7 to start the season ... and many wondered if the practice incident had anything to do with it.


But they've turned things around recently ... and are currently .500 and looking much better.

Klay also spoke about what his dad -- ex-NBAer Mychal Thompson -- thought of the altercation ... saying, "He tried to downplay it."

"I mean, he played in the '80s. They were fighting each other every other game. I've seen Larry Bird have to fight off three 76ers once. Dr. J and him choking each other. He's from a different generation."

"I was worried at first," Thompson added. "Like, 'Man, I hope these guys, we can all be friends again.' He's like 'Klay, I used to see this all the time back in my day. Teammates get into fights all the time. It's a brotherhood, just put it behind you.'"

Vince Staples 'Abbott Elementary' Cameo Has Fans Loving His 'Fine Ass' 😍

Vince Staples is boosting his acting resume with a cameo on the award-winning sitcom, "Abbott Elementary," and fans are demanding an encore!!!

The Long Beach-bred rapper guest starred as Maurice ... a potential love interest for show creator Quinta Brunson's character, Janine.

The Wednesday night episode also featured NBA champ Andre Iguodala, and it had fans doing double takes all night ... with some even getting all googly-eyed over Vince.

'Abbott' is one of the hottest tickets on TV, winning 3 Primetime Emmys after its first season on the air.

Vince actually spoke the appearance into existence over the summer, publicly shaming Quinta's casting choices ... but given the reactions to his cameo, it's a good bet he'll be back!!!

NBA's Greg Anthony Pins Dubs' Woes On Draymond Punch ... 'That Is A Seminal Moment'

The Warriors are in an absolute tailspin this season solely because of Draymond Green ... so says Greg Anthony, who revealed Wednesday he thinks DG's preseason punch has caused massive problems for the champs.

The NBA TV analyst made his opinion known loud and clear following the Dubs' 130-119 loss to the Suns, explaining he believes that when Green rocked Jordan Poole during a practice dispute in October, it changed everything for Golden State.

"That is a seminal moment for me," Anthony said. "When that stuff gets out in the public, and it's there for all to see, it hits differently."

The Warriors are now 6-9 this season and have yet to win a game on the road. And, outside of Steph Curry -- who had 50 points in Wednesday night's loss -- nobody, including Green and Poole, is playing all that well.


Anthony clearly believes it's all due to the big practice blow.

"I still think this group is dealing with that," Greg said.

"They're going to say all the right things, but the real proof is when you watch them play. This is not a cohesive unit. They don't seem to have the same level of fire or trust, particularly on the defensive end."

The team is still obviously one of the most talented in the Association ... but according to Anthony -- it could get worse from here, saying he thinks opposing teams are no longer fearing the Dubs.

"The rest of the league is licking their chops," the former NBA point guard said. "They're looking forward to playing them now."

"That was never the case."

Jimmy Garoppolo Warriors Dancers Show QB Love ... C-Mac, Kittle Who?!

Christian McCaffrey and George Kittle learned the hard way ... if you don't want to be completely ignored, never go anywhere with Jimmy Garoppolo!

The 49ers stars sat courtside for the Warriors-Spurs game Monday night ... and the Golden State dancers couldn't get enough of the handsome quarterback.

Can't say the same for his star teammates, though.

While Jimmy G sat in his floor seat, the Warriors dancers gave him a warm welcome, shaking hands and literally making the 31-year-old blush.

In addition to Jimmy, George, and Christian ... star fullback Kyle Juszczyk was also with the boys.

This 49ers gathering came a day after the squad's insane comeback win against the L.A. Chargers, bringing the team to 5-4. They're currently in 2nd place in the NFC West, behind the 6-4 Seahawks.

Fans have come a long way since the start of the season ... when Trey Lance was under center, and many fans wanted Garoppolo shipped out of town.

But now, it's all love in the Bay!

Tim Hardaway Makes Rape Comment During Broadcast ... Issues Apology

Courtesy of NBA

Tim Hardaway was forced to issue an apology on Monday night ... after he disturbingly compared a player's rough defense to rape during the middle of a Warriors game.

The former Golden State superstar was in the TV booth for the team's special "Run TMC" broadcast -- which featured Hardaway, Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond instead of the Warriors' regular announcers -- and a little more than halfway into the game, Tim put his foot squarely in his mouth.

While trying to talk about how he felt a player crossed the line on defense during the Warriors' matchup with the San Antonio Spurs, he shockingly said, "See, ya'll thought that was great D, I thought that was just raping him."

He added, "I think he should have called the police on that."

The other members of the broadcast booth quickly tried to move on ... but viewers were so outraged and appalled by the remarks, Hardaway had to issue a mea culpa just a few minutes later.

"Hey everybody," he said as the game headed into the fourth quarter. "I used a poor choice of words earlier in the broadcast. I want to apologize for that. And, you know, let's get back to the game. And, let's finish this game off with a 30-point win and go home happy."

No word yet from the Warriors if there will be any punishment coming for Hardaway.

Of course, this is not the first time the 56-year-old former basketball player has offended with his words -- back in 2007, during a talk on "The Dan Le Batard Show," he infamously said, "I hate gay people."

Hardaway eventually apologized for those comments.

Tim played in the NBA from 1989 to 2003. He was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame earlier this year.

Steph Curry Loses His Mind Over Lee's Game-Winner ... 'The Kids Are Asleep, I Don't Care!!!'


Steph Curry was so pumped for his bro-in-law's game-winner on Wednesday night ... he woke up everyone in his house -- and nearly everyone in his neighborhood, too!!

Curry spent part of his off-night from the NBA watching the Suns vs. Mavericks ... and when Damion Lee -- his former Warriors teammate and the husband of his sister, Sydel -- sank an improbable shot to give Phoenix the dub, he absolutely lost his mind.

The 4-time NBA champ and Golden State superstar let out a guttural yell ... before claiming he didn't mind that he was bothering his sleeping kids.

"Come on!!!!" he screamed as his wife, Ayesha, sat on the couch behind him. "Yeah, Dame! Stick with it! Stick with it! Stick with it!"

"The kids are asleep," he added. "I don't care! Stick with it!"

In the background, Curry's youngest child, Canon, could be heard crying -- but it still didn't stop Steph from praising Lee.

The two are obviously super close -- and have been officially family since 2018 ... when Lee married Sydel.

But, the duo will have to put their bromance on hold for at least a few hours next week ... the Warriors play the Suns on Oct. 25!

Stephen Curry Calls For Brittney Griner's Release During GSW Ring Ceremony

Courtesy of NBA

Stephen Curry took a moment to honor Brittney Griner during the Golden State Warriors' championship ring ceremony on Opening Night -- wishing the hooper a happy 32nd birthday and supporting the efforts to bring her home.

"We want to continue to use our platform and the opportunity to shoutout a very special member of the basketball community -- Brittney Griner's birthday is today," Curry said before the Warriors hung their fourth banner in eight years.

"She's 32 years old. We want to continue to let her name be known. And, we pray that ... it's been 243 days since she's been wrongfully incarcerated in Russia. We hope that she comes home soon and everybody's doing their part to get her home."

Griner, who's been in custody in Russia since February, briefly thanked her supporters during what should have been a special day ... saying in a statement, "Thank you everyone for fighting so hard to get me home."

"All the support and love are definitely helping me."

As for the Warriors, their rings (made by Jason of Beverly Hills) are incredible -- they feature 16 carats of yellow and white diamonds set in yellow gold to represent their 16 wins in the playoffs.

It's the first championship ring to be made up of mostly yellow diamonds -- in honor of the team's "golden age."

They also have a special secret compartment ... which reveals the number of trophies each player has individually won over the course of their career.

There are seven carats of yellow cushion cut diamonds on the bezel to mark the team's total championships in franchise history ... and 43 baguettes in the bridge of the logo on top for Curry's 43-point performance in the Finals.

As for the game, the Warriors handled the Los Angeles Lakers easily ... and Jordan Poole hooked up Draymond Green with an impressive assist in the 2nd quarter -- which might prove the guys will be fully capable of moving past their wild practice altercation and focus on winning.

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