Steve Kerr Shuts Down China Questions After Dinner with Steph Curry


Steve Kerr still isn't ready to talk about China -- shutting down our photog when we asked the Golden State Warriors coach about the NBA's drama in Asia on his way out of dinner with Steph Curry.

Of course, Kerr initially shut down China questions last week -- saying he didn't know enough about the situation with China and Hong Kong to opine in the wake of the Daryl Morey tweets.

Morey essentially created an international incident by tweeting out support for Hong Kong -- which led to the Chinese government blackballing the Houston Rockets and putting the country's relationship with the NBA in jeopardy.

Since then, President Donald Trump verbally attacked Kerr ... saying the usually outspoken coach was "like a little boy" when asked about China -- claiming Kerr "was so scared to even be answering" a question about the topic.

Fast forward to Sunday night when Kerr and Curry hit up Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills -- not exactly a low-key hangout -- where our guy asked Kerr if he finally felt "well-versed" enough to talk about the biggest issue in pro sports.

But, Kerr shut it down. He was nice and friendly but made it clear he's still not ready to have a public conversation about China.

On a lighter (but still serious) note, props to Steph for taking a sprinter van to dinner and not driving.

Michelle Wie and Jerry West's Son Wie're Married!!!

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Michelle Wie got hitched to an NBA legend's son over the weekend ... exchanging vows with Jonnie West at a star-studded ceremony in L.A.!!!

The golf superstar and Warriors Director of Basketball Operations -- who got engaged back in March -- tied the knot in front of their closest family and friends, including tennis pro Genie Bouchard and fellow golfer Danielle Kang.

"MR. AND MRS. WEST Y’ALL!!!!," Michelle said in an Instagram post. "I love you HUSBAND with every living thing in my body and I didn’t think I could love you any more, but then I saw you at the end of the aisle and my heart exploded."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Best part of the whole shindig??? Wie's dad straight-up GETTING it on the dance floor at the reception.


Kevin Durant 'Hell No' to Blaming Warriors ... For NBA Finals Injury

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Kevin Durant wants to make it crystal clear his old team deserves ZERO blame for his NBA Finals injury ... saying the Warriors didn't mishandle his calf injury and no one forced him to play.

KD is finally addressing the ruptured Achilles he suffered during game 5 against the Toronto Raptors ... saying Golden State didn't pressure him to come back early from a calf strain he sustained earlier in the playoffs.

“Hell, no. How can you blame [the Warriors]? Hell, no,” Durant told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

"Nobody never said a word to me during rehab as I was coming back ... Right when the series started, I targeted Game 5."

"Hell, nah. It just happened. It’s basketball. Sh*t happens. Nobody was responsible for it. It was just the game. We just need to move on from that sh*t because I’m going to be back playing.”

There ya go, critics ... straight from KD's mouth.

Durant also addressed the claims that Raps fans were applauding his injury ... saying he was in a daze and didn't hear anything, but added, "It will probably be the last time they will be in the Finals."

Of course ... the 30-year-old is slowly recovering from the injury ... and TMZ Sports even spotted him walking without crutches last week.


As for his decision to leave the Dubs for Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets ... KD's reason is very simple.

“Because I wanted to. The basketball was appealing.”

Steve Kerr Fears GSW Practice Could Be Target ... After Latest Massacres

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Steve Kerr says he's legitimately fearful a shooter could walk into Warriors practice and start "spraying" him and the team ... after the latest massacres in Dayton and El Paso.

"I think about it all the time," the Golden State head coach said this week. "Somebody could walk in the door in the gym right now and start spraying us with an AR-15."

"They could," he added. "It might happen because we’re all vulnerable."

Kerr -- in a sit-down interview with the Bay Area News Group on Monday -- candidly revealed his concerns after at least 31 more people died in mass shootings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio.

The head coach says all of the violence has made him feel he's not safe anywhere ... including in an NBA gym.

"We’re all vulnerable," he said, "whether we go to a concert, a church, the mall or go to the movie theater or a school."

The 53-year-old says there's only one way to fix the issue ... saying American citizens need to "demand change from the gutless leadership that continues to allow this to happen."

Steve adds the country's leaders need to reevaluate the second amendment, saying, "The only thing that second amendment is doing is leading to mass murder right now. This is all just insanity."

Kerr does believe there's momentum building among America's citizens to force a change ... and he's ready to see the day where gun ownership is more heavily regulated.

"People are more and more frustrated in our country. I think at this point, the vast majority of people in this country have had it. Now it’s a matter of taking action."

D'Angelo Russell Rides Off in Badass Ferrari After Landing Warriors Deal


D'Angelo Russell went joyriding in a luxury whip before signing his massive, $117 million deal with the Warriors ... taking a crazy expensive Ferrari out for brunch ... and TMZ Sports has the vid!!

Just hours before inking his reported 4-year deal with the Dubs on Sunday, DLo hit up Toast Bakery in L.A. with his folks ... and the dude knew how to make an exit, hopping in the passenger seat of the Rari and riding off down the street.

We fired off a bunch of questions -- if he had a message for the Brooklyn Nets after dealing him to the Dubs, if he's the newest Splash Brother, if the Warriors were still the team to beat in the NBA ... but the All-Star guard let the wheels do the talking.

No word on the exact year and type of this particular Ferrari ... but given the price tag of similar models, it's gotta be worth a quarter million dollars AT LEAST.

Congrats on the deal ... and the car.

Draymond Green Ballin' Out with Fiancee On $200k-Per-Week Yacht!

Draymond Green ain't worried about all that offseason drama with the Golden State Warriors -- he's chillin' out off the coast of Italy with his fiancee ... in a CRAZY huge yacht!!!

The 29-year-old NBA star is sailing in Sardinia, Italy with Hazel Renee -- whom he proposed to with a $300,000 ring back in January! 

Now that the offseason is in full swing, Draymond and Hazel are finally getting some R&R on a yacht called Ruya ... a 135-foot ship with 5 cabins, living room, hot tub and an on-board gym!

The cost to rent Ruya is about $200,000 per week -- but Draymond can clearly afford it ... he's about to enter the final year of his 5-year, $82-MILLION contract!

Green is expected to sign a MASSIVE deal when he becomes a free agent after next season -- so money ain't a thing for this guy. 

Meanwhile, back at Golden State ... there's been a TON of action -- with Kevin Durant leaving, Andre Iguodala being traded out, D'Angelo Russell being traded in and Klay Thompson still recovering from a torn ACL

Golden State Warriors Retiring Kevin Durant's Jersey ... Unofficially

Exclusive Details

No other Warriors player will ever wear #35 again ... so says Golden State co-chairman and CEO Joe Lacob who heaped the ultimate praise on Kevin Durant after the superstar signed with Brooklyn. 

"As long as I am co-chairman of this team, no player will ever wear #35 for the Warriors again," Lacob said in a statement. 

Durant only played for the Warriors for 3 seasons -- but Golden State got to the NBA Finals every time ... and won 2 out of 3 championship titles. Durant was the NBA Finals MVP both times they won. 

Of course, Durant became a free agent at the end of the 2018-19 season and is signing a massive deal to play with Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan on the Brooklyn Nets. 

But, Lacob ain't bitter -- saying, "Three years ago, we were thrilled with the arrival of Kevin Durant, a transformative NBA player and one of the best to ever play the game."

"Today, as he starts a new chapter in his incredible career, we thank KD for all of his contributions, for being an integral part to one of the most prolific runs in NBA history and we wish him well as he continues his Hall of Fame journey."

FYI, the Warriors have only "officially" retired 6 jerseys in team history -- so this ain't something they do often. 

There's more ... TMZ Sports just spoke with Warriors GM Bob Myers who praised Durant for being "awesome" ... and noting, "Appreciate all he did." 


Kevin Durant Leaving Golden State ... To Sign with the Nets & Kyrie!!!

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Kevin Durant has had it with the Golden State Warriors ... 'cause he says he's taking his talents across the country to the Brooklyn Nets to play alongside Kyrie Irving.

KD just made the announcement Sunday evening via "The Boardroom" Instagram page -- the sports show he created, which is similar to LeBron's "The Shop." Speaking of Bron, Kevin's roll-out of his "decision" is very reminiscent of LBJ's take in 2010.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

According to reports, Kevin is signing a 4-year, $164 million deal with the Nets, while Kyrie's going for 4 years at $141 million. DeAndre Jordan is also reportedly joining them.

This, of course, follows KD's horrific season-ending injury in the NBA Finals just a few weeks ago -- when he ruptured his Achilles tendon after coming back from a previous calf injury.

Kevin's leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table by not re-signing with the Warriors -- a team he just went to three straight Finals with, walking with two Finals MVP awards and two rings. Some reports suggested KD was unhappy with the way the team handled his injury.

That's all in the past now though, and even the 2019-2020 season is somewhat moot ... seeing how he's not expected to return to the court until the start of the 2020-21 season. 

When he does come back, ya gotta like the Nets' chances to make the Finals out of the East. Oh, and sorry Knicks fans ... rough off-season for sure.

Kevin Durant Emerges In NYC With Wrapped Leg and Medical Scooter

Exclusive JUNE 2019

Here he is!!! Kevin Durant is back out in public just 2 weeks after suffering a devastating injury in the NBA Finals ... but it's clear he's got a long road to recovery. 

The 30-year-old superstar was out in New York City on Wednesday -- with a team of people helping him out of a building and into a waiting sprinter van. 

You can see KD's right leg is bandaged up from his toe to his knee. An assistant was also holding a walking boot for Kev while another person followed close behind with a medical knee scooter. 

The clip is pretty short but you can see Durant is trying to be independent. It's obvious he wants to be able to move around without help. 

Durant underwent surgery on June 12 to repair a ruptured Achilles -- which he injured in the 2nd quarter of Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. 

Durant had missed significant playing time before Game 5 due to a calf strain -- and some people questioned whether he came back before his body was ready. 

After the surgery, Durant posted on social media saying he wasn't pressured into returning -- and said, "I wanted to be out there that night because that's what I do."

There are reports Durant could miss the entire 2019-20 regular season due to the Achilles injury -- with some speculating he might be ready to go for the playoffs. 

Meanwhile, KD just declined his player option with the Warriors which means he'll officially be a free agent and can sign wherever he wants. He'll obviously get a max contract offer, which would kick off with a $38.2 mil starting salary. 

Get well soon!!!

Toronto Raptors Will Visit Canadian Prime Minister ... Undecided on Trump

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Prime Time Sports -- Sports Net 590

10:20 AM PT -- Trump -- who was meeting with Trudeau -- was just asked if he's planning on inviting the Raps to 1600 Penn ... and he said, "That's an interesting question. They played phenomenal basketball, I watched a little bit of it."

"We'll think about that, if they'd like to do it, we'll think about that."

So ... maybe???

Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse says he's DEFINITELY looking forward to celebrating their NBA championship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ... but Donald Trump? That's TBD.

It's uncharted territory for Canada's NBA team, considering this is their first title in franchise history ... so, many have been wondering if the Dinos would get an invite to party at the White House.

Nurse addressed the possibility with Prime Time Sports on SportsNet 590 ... saying the team hasn't gotten a call from Trump's camp yet ... and even if they DO get an invite, he's unsure how they'll RSVP.

But, as for meeting the top guy in Canada? Nurse says plans are already in the works ...

"Definitely the Trudeau meeting, because they have been asking me about scheduling it," Nurse said. "I've heard nothing from the White House. We're Canada's team anyway, right?"

Politics aside, Nurse says he truly doesn't know if there will be a trip to 1600 Penn, "I think we're here. Let's go see Trudeau up in Ottawa ... we're Canada's team."

Remember, the Golden State Warriors -- who won the NBA title the past two years before the Raptors -- famously boycotted Trump's White House ... opting to visit with President Obama instead.

Originally published -- 8:38 AM PT

NXT Superstar I Can Fix Kevin Durant's Achilles ... in 5 Months!!!


Kevin Durant is expected to miss the entire 2019-20 season with a ruptured Achilles ... but one wrestling star says he can help KD get back to the court in HALF THE TIME!!

NXT superstar Riddick Moss -- who also ruptured his Achilles last year and returned in "record" time -- says he can have Durant back on the court in 5 months. And, how can he prove it??

'Cause he did it himself!!

"This talk about KD being out for an entire season, missing next season, I don't like it," Moss says. "I don't wanna hear it."

"I wanna shut up all these people that are saying an Achilles rupture's gonna put you out for an entire season. Wherever you go, I wanna see you hoisting hardware at the end of the season in June."

Moss -- who is one-half of the Outliers in NXT, managed by Robert Strauss -- says he didn't miss a beat when he returned to the squared circle after his injury ... and is the guy to help KD get back to normal.

"Don't call Kobe Bryant for help. Kobe Bryant did not set a record coming back from an Achilles tendon rupture like Riddick Moss did. Kobe can't help you."

So ... maybe it's time to hit up this Moss fellow, KD??

Adam Silver NBA Investigating Masai Ujiri ... We're Gathering Facts


Adam Silver is vouching for Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri -- saying the guy is a good dude ... but the NBA commish tells TMZ Sports he's still investigating Ujiri like he would anyone else.

Of course, Ujiri is facing some stiff allegations after shoving a cop after Game 6 of the NBA Finals ... with the officer's attorney saying his client suffered a concussion and a jaw injury in the altercation.

In fact, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office says it's pursuing a criminal misdemeanor battery charge against Ujiri ... saying it's set to meet with prosecutors this week.

When we got Silver out in NYC on Tuesday ... he told us he's known Ujiri for years -- but has still launched a full investigation into the allegations nonetheless.

"I've known Masai Ujiri for a long time," Silver says ... "I know he's a very decent person. But, at the same time, we of course respect law enforcement that does a great job protecting our fans in the arena."

"So, there's been an allegation here, so it's our job to look into the facts and make sure that everything's handled appropriately."

Silver says he won't speculate on a possible punishment for Ujiri if he's found guilty of the allegations ... saying, "I don't want to prejudge it" before all the facts come in.

Drake Stayed Out of Oakland for NBA Finals Over 'Security Issues'


The NBA reached out to Drake and asked him not to travel to Oakland for any of the NBA Finals games at Oracle Arena due to "security concerns," multiple sources tell TMZ Sports.

We're told the league expressed concern about potentially angry Warriors fans doing something stupid like taunting Drake or throwing stuff at him ... which wouldn't just put Drake at risk, but also other people sitting near him.

In the end, they all agreed it was best for Drake to stay in Toronto for the away games -- with Drake ultimately leading the Raptor fan watch party at Jurassic Park during Game 6.

Drake's dad Dennis Graham provided more of an explanation about the "security issues" when we saw him out at Delilah in L.A. after the Raptors won the championship ... suggesting some Warriors fans might've been holding a grudge for all of Drake's sideline antics during the Finals.


"When people see you in Toronto and you're making sideline things like that you have to be careful," Dennis said ... "With the rowdy fans, you can't take chances."

Don't feel too bad for Drake -- he had a BLAST in Toronto ... and then FaceTimed with Steph Curry after the game.

As for Dennis, he also told us why he thinks the Raps should NOT visit Donald Trump at the White House and opt to hang with the Prime Minister of Canada instead.

You gotta hear his reasoning ... it's all about the food.

Josh Hart Screw The Injuries ... Toronto Deserved Victory


Lakers star Josh Hart had one response when we asked him if the Raptors championship was tainted by the fact that the Warriors has SO many injuries during the NBA Finals.

"F*CK NO."

We really could end the post right there but then we wouldn't be able to remind you that the Warriors lost both Kevin Durant AND Klay Thompson during the Finals, but that Hart doesn't seem to care.

That's not all he said when we got him leaving Deliah either ... he gave a heartfelt shout out to his friend and hometown hero Kyle Lowry, who just got his first championship ring up in the 6.

If you're wondering, we asked Hart approximately 1 million Lakers related questions, mainly about the Anthony Davis related trade rumors, and he punted like Brad Wing on all of them.

But, it was still amazing and dope how he gave it up for Lowry, you gotta see it.

Toronto Raptors President Cops Pursuing Criminal Case ... Team Says It's 'Cooperating'

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10:48 AM PT -- The Raptors have released a statement to TMZ Sports saying, “The incident is being looked at, and we are cooperating with authorities. We look forward to resolving the situation."

8:44 AM PT -- A spokesperson for the Alameda County Sheriff's Dept. tells us they WILL be pursuing a misdemeanor criminal charge against Ujiri for the alleged incident.

Sgt. Ray Kelly tells us, "[Ujiri] shoved our deputy and tried to walk past him." That's when Sgt. Kelly says the deputy "pushed [Ujiri] away from the court."

Sgt. Kelly says Ujiri came back with a "second more significant push" with a part of his arm striking the deputy in the face.

Sgt. Kelly says the department believes Ujiri committed misdemeanor battery on a law enforcement officer.

He also says investigators are gathering more footage -- including surveillance video -- while building their case against Ujiri.

Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri allegedly shoved and struck a sheriff's deputy in the moments after his team won the NBA title Thursday night ... and part of the incident was caught on video.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is looking into an alleged misdemeanor battery -- after officials say Ujiri got furious when he was denied access to the court to celebrate after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

The end of the altercation was captured on video by NBC Bay Area.

Officials say the officer is claiming Ujiri didn't have the proper credentials on him at the time.

Officials say Ujiri pushed the deputy and struck him in the face.

Ujiri was NOT arrested on the spot -- and he was able to get on the court and give a speech (which was televised) after NBA Commish Adam Silver presented the team with the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

"We are working with the Oakland Police Department to file a report and contact witnesses and review video," Sgt. Ray Kelly with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said.

Originally Published -- 5:52 AM PT

Toronto Raptors Locker Room Party Was Insane ... CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!

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The Toronto Raptors didn't just murder the Warriors -- they killed HUNDREDS of bottles of champagne in the locker room ... and the footage is insane!!

Check out Raptors players Norman Powell, Serge Ibaka, Pascal Siakam and more just blowing through bottles of bubble while taking turns holding the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

At one point, you can see what appears to be hundreds of empty bottles strewn all over the locker room floor ... it's like hundreds of dollars in recycling money if anyone turns those in!!

After they left the locker room and got on the team bus, the players turned all the way up to Meek Mill's championship hit, "Dreams and Nightmares" ... the same song the Philadelphia Eagles rocked too when they won the Super Bowl a few years ago.

At the hotel, the dancing continued ... only there, the champagne spraying stopped and the guys switched to sipping red wine.

Next up for the Raptors is the championship parade through Toronto which is set to go down on Monday.