Cesar Millan Biden's Staff Must Help His Dogs ... I'll Teach 'em How!!!


Cesar Millan says President Biden's dogs getting a time-out from The White House is unacceptable, because he thinks it's time for some group learning -- humans included -- and he can be the teacher.

The famed dog trainer is concerned about the canine situation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, where the First Pups were recently sent away after some aggressive behavior and a biting incident involving the 3-year-old German Shepherd rescue, Major. The older dog, Champ, also got the boot.

Cesar suggests this is a textbook example of dogs not being accommodated to feel safe and comfortable in a new environment, and says more training or disciplining for the Biden's pets isn't the answer ... the solution falls on the 2-legged folks at the WH.

"The Dog Whisperer" tells us in order to remedy this problem, EVERYONE working around Major and Champ needs to be trained on how to properly interact with the pooches. He says there's a formula to everything ... but we'll let him explain that.

Millan says his team has reached out to the Prez to offer his services ... but he already has some competition for the job.

As we told you, Biden's past dog trainer Mark Tobin is also putting in a call to help out ... though he shares many of the same sentiments as Cesar regarding why the pups are having a difficult time adjusting.

President Biden's Dog Major Nipped at Secret Service Agent's Hand

4:28 PM PT -- Major was sent home from the White House after "nipping" at a Secret Service agent's hand. A Secret Service official told NBC News no skin was broken in the incident, which is being described as "an extremely minor injury."

The agent involved in the incident is still working and hasn't missed any time.

9:36 AM PT -- The Delaware Humane Association -- where Major was adopted from -- tells TMZ ... Champ and Major's recent behavior could stem from a change in environment, which can be unsettling for dogs. They added, "it can take any dog some time to adjust to a new home or new surroundings."

DHA continued, "This is particularly challenging in a home like the White House, with dozens of staff and new people in the environment and around the dogs every day." They added, "this does not mean that Major -- or any shelter dog for that matter -- is an aggressive dog."

6:27 AM PT -- 3/9 -- Major and Champ won't be kept away from the White House for too long. The dogs will reportedly be back. A White House official told NBC News, "With the First Lady traveling for three days, Champ and Major went to Delaware to stay with family friends."

President Biden's dogs just got the old heave-ho from the White House ... sounds like they were too aggressive for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The Bidens' 2 German Shepherds, Major and Champ, were shipped back to the family home in Delaware last week following some un-doglike (or maybe doglike) behavior at the White House, including a biting incident.

Major, the 3-year-old pooch Biden adopted from a Delaware animal shelter in 2019, reportedly got his chompers on a member of White House security.

Major's also said to have been pretty agitated around the residence ... allegedly charging, jumping and barking at staff and security.

Champ, meanwhile, seems to be getting the short end of the stick ... he's been sent back to Wilmington too ... even though he's about 13 years old and has slowed down considerably due to his age.

With the German Shepherds out of the White House, the place is going back to how it was under Donald Trump ... a no-pet zone.

Unclear if Major and Champ are banished to Delaware for good, or if they're just in timeout.

Originally Published -- 3/8 6:47 PM PT

President Biden's Dog Trainer White House Too Stressful For Pups ... But I'll Get Major Up To Speed

Exclusive 3/9/21

President Biden's dog trainer says the White House was just too crazy of an environment for German Shepherds used to chilling in Delaware, and they need more training before going back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. ... and he's the man to do the job.

Mark Tobin -- who trained Biden's dogs, Major and Champ, before -- appeared on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and told a pretty simple story. Joe's pups suffered from culture shock at the White House. They went from a typical, single-family home, to a residence jammed packed with hundreds of strange people and an insane amount of activity.

As you know ... Biden's dogs have been sent back to the family home in Delaware following some aggressive behavior at the White House by Major, including a biting incident. A White House official said the First Lady had been traveling so until she returns the dogs will stay with a family friend in Delaware.

Mark, who runs K-9 Camp Training in Delaware, says he's putting in a call to the Bidens shortly so he can re-train the 2 dogs even before they make their way back to D.C.

Mark has clear ideas on how the dogs -- especially Major -- can feel calm, and that training will take place both in Delaware and D.C.

Lady Gaga Dognapping, Shooting May Have Been Gang Initiation ... Reward not Yet Paid

The people who stole Lady Gaga's 2 French Bulldogs and shot her dogwalker may have been part of a gang initiation, and the woman who found the dogs hasn't received her $500,000 reward because cops have not yet cleared her ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... cops told Gaga NOT to pay the reward she offered unless, and until, they determine the finder had no involvement in the crime. We're told cops don't believe the woman was part of the dognapping, but they're trying to figure out if she had any involvement after the fact.

Again, they don't know she's involved, but they're investigating. We're told Gaga is more than willing to pay the woman if she's cleared by cops.

What's more ... our sources say cops believe the dognapping and shooting of the dogwalker may have been a gang initiation. We're told there have been similar crimes in the L.A.-area recently, and this may well have been the M.O. in the Gaga case.


It's interesting ... if you look at the surveillance video of the crime, Ryan Fischer, the dogwalker, was not even near the dogs when he was shot in the chest. The dogs were to the other side of the dognappers. They could easily have just put the dogs in the car and taken off, yet they chose to shoot Ryan. That lends credence to the gang initiation theory.

The good news ... the dogs were unharmed and safe, but the case is far from over.

Police Rescue Cops Jump in Icy Lake to Save Dog!!!

This is a Ted Lasso-type feel-good moment, as 2 cops saved a dog that fell in icy waters.

The rescue went down Thursday in the village of Manteno, Illinois, when the PD got a call, "There's a big dog in the water about four houses down."

That canine's a lucky dog, thanks to officers Quincey Spears and Jessica Rourke, who answered the call and sprung into action. They got a paddleboat to get near the struggling K-9, using a pole to help reach the dog, to no avail.

So, their only remaining option was to jump in the frigid water, along with a few good Samaritans, to save the pooch.

Officer Spears explained what happened ...  "When he was walking on the ice, he went into a spot where the sun was beating down on the ice, and it actually potentially melted that part of the ice, which the dog fell in."

The dog is safe and sound, and the 2 cops ... they're ok as well, and might we add, a little heroic to boot!

PETA Protests NC Police for Choking K-9

PETA demonstrators are putting the heat on a North Carolina police department where a cop hanged and choked a K-9 by its leash, and they're demanding justice for the dog.

The demonstration went down Friday outside Salisbury PD HQ -- masked up PETA protesters held signs condemning cops not only for the horrific treatment of the K-9, named Zuul, but also for an apparent attempt to cover up the alleged abuse.


As we reported ... disturbing footage surfaced this week showing an unnamed cop manhandling the hell out of Zuul, who he was supposed to be training.

Video shows the cop screaming at the K-9 before putting a leash on him, hanging him by it, slamming him into the side of an SUV, throwing Zuul into the back seat and hitting him. You can also hear an officer say, "We're good. No witnesses" ... as Zuul was getting choked.

Friday's protest comes on the heels of PETA firing off a letter to Salisbury Police Chief Jerry Stokes, urging the officer to be criminally prosecuted for animal abuse.

Salisbury Mayor Karen Alexander told us there's a probe into the incident and police say Zuul is healthy, unharmed and in the hands of a different police sergeant ... but PETA says that's not enough.

Super Service Dog Scientist's Best Friend ... Wears PPE in the Lab!!!

Sampson the service dog is a very good -- and smart -- boy who deserves lots of treats for learning an important new trick -- how to wear PPE so he can help his disabled neuroscientist mom.

The scientist, Joey Ramp, conducts her lab work at the University of Illinois, but says she wouldn't be able to do her job without the aid of her assistant ... the first pup ever granted access to the college's chemistry lab.

For safety reasons, Sampson, a golden retriever, is required to wear protective gear just like the humans do, and as you can see ... he's mastered it.

Joey suffered a traumatic brain injury in a 2006 horse-riding accident and now studies the human brain, and she says her good boy's crucial to her research. She explains that he's not only there for her if she drops something and needs support kneeling down to pick it up ... but he's also trained to spot signs of her PTSD.

Joey says, "I couldn't possibly navigate academics or a neuroscience program without his assistance," and she's advocating for more service dogs to be allowed in labs for students with disabilities ... with guidelines like making the pups wear PPE.

Clearly, Sampson's setting the best possible example possible.

North Carolina Cop Hangs, Chokes and Hits K-9 On Video ... Outside Agency Probing

Exclusive Details 3/4/21

11:30 AM PT -- Salisbury Mayor Karen Alexander tells TMZ ... the Salisbury PD's being assisted by an outside agency to conduct the probe "to ensure the review is impartial and provides an assessment of the incident that is complete, thorough, and fair."

We're told the review will include an assessment of the current policy and procedures regulating the PD's K-9 Program "to ensure they are appropriate and up-to-date with current police canine training and use practices."

The mayor added part of the review includes seeking expert input into the matter.

A cop in North Carolina is under fire for hanging a K-9 by its leash and slamming it into his squad car -- all while someone laughed and said, "We're good, no witnesses."

Luckily, this sick bastard was on camera -- unbeknownst to him -- and now the Salisbury Police Department has "administratively separated" him from the police dog, named Zuul. This video surfaced this week showing the cop manhandling the hell out of the K-9 he was supposed to be training.

Zuul had jumped out of his squad car during a training exercise, which apparently pissed off the cop. He immediately screamed for Zuul to stop, and he did. But, the cop then put a leash on him and hanged Zuul by it, slamming him into the side of the SUV, throwing him into the back seat and slapping him.

In the video you can also hear someone say they -- the cops -- are in the clear because there were no witnesses. It's unclear if that was said by the cop manhandling Zuul or another officer watching the incident.

Salisbury Police Chief Jerry Stokes addressed the incident at a news conference with Zuul by his side. Stokes said it's conducting a review but couldn't comment because it's an open case. It's unclear if the cop was suspended.

Almost as shocking, Stokes seemed to defend the unnamed officer's actions, saying ... "Canine training tactics and corrective measures can sometimes be alarming out of context. SPD cannot and will not comment about whether the training tactics used in the video were appropriate, because that is still being reviewed."

Stokes claims Zuul -- now in the hands of a different police sergeant -- was not harmed and is healthy.

Originally published -- 8:39 AM PT

Alleged Dog Abuse Old Man Accused of Dragging Pup with Truck Chases Accuser w/ Broom

@true2myse1f / TikTok

An elderly man who was confronted about dragging his dog down the highway with his truck didn't appreciate it much ... so he went after his accuser with a broom.

The incident was shared on TikTok last month, but the story's full of twists and turns since then ... and thankfully the poor pup is okay. According to the accuser ... the old man, Malcolm Taylor, dragged his dog down the highway at 50 mph, but he denies even going down the highway.

When he's told he almost killed the dog, the old man acknowledges it ... but suggests it was an accident. He says the dog was in the back of his pickup and he didn't know it jumped off. The dog's collar does look like it was nearly yanked off its head.

The old guy gets a bit heated as he's being scolded, and when the accuser says he's going to report him ... the old man pulls a broom out of his truck and chases him away.

@true2myse1f / TikTok

Here's where it gets really weird -- the accuser, Brett Young, is now claiming he's the one in a legal mess over this. He says the old man is pretty high up in the community -- with connections to the mayor of Hackleburg, AL -- and got him fired and evicted for reporting his alleged animal abuse.

However, the mayor, Darryl Colburn, tells us he only knows Malcolm Taylor through acquaintances ... and to say he has any pull in the city is incorrect. Colburn also tells us he's spoken to Young and asked him to retract his claims about being evicted/fired because of Taylor's ties to the mayor ... telling us that scenario is totally false.

The accuser also claims the old man had a gun, which is why he didn't escalate the situation or try to take the dog himself.

Illegal Cockfighting Rooster Kills Man in India ... Slashed Owner In Groin

A rooster with a 3 INCH BLADE strapped to its leg slashed its owner to death during an illegal cockfighting event in India, officials say.

It all went down last week in Southern India where officials say a group of people gathered to watch the bloody sport in the village of Lothunur, in the state of Telangana.

Officials say the bird's owner, identified as 45-year-old Thangulla Satish, was attempting to handle the rooster when something spooked the animal, causing it to stab Satish in the groin area.

FYI, it's typical for birds to be equipped with blades on their legs during a cockfight -- which leads to bloodier and quicker matches between the roosters.

The whole thing is pretty horrific.

In this case, it sounds like the bird struck Satish's femoral artery -- causing him to bleed out at an alarming rate.

Officials say he died on the way to the hospital.

Local law enforcement has opened an investigation into the incident -- and say the event organizers could face up to 2 years in jail if convicted.

It's not the first time a rooster slashed man to death at an illegal cockfighting ring -- just last year, a police officer in the Philippines was killed during a raid on an unsanctioned event.

Lady Gaga Dog Walker Describes Moment After Being Shot Thankful to Be Alive

Lady Gaga's dog walker -- who was shot in the streets before a couple of her pooches were kidnapped in plain sight -- is on the mend and has kind words for his supporters.

Ryan Fischer posted an update on his health Monday, uploading two photos himself from his hospital bed ... one where he's got a breathing tube in his mouth. The second shot is much more reassuring -- it looks like he took the photo himself, and the tube is gone.

Ryan started his posts with a recounting of his near-death experience ... recalling the fact he felt guilty over not being able to protect Gaga's 2 French bulldogs ... while a third, their sister Miss Asia, trotted over to him as he laid on the ground bleeding -- whom he calls his angel.

He remembers calling out for help as calmly as he could, and a wave of people pouring out to attend to him.

RF goes on to say this about his recovery ... "I will write and say more later, but the gratitude for all the love I feel from around this planet is immense and intense. I felt your healing support! Thank you." He adds that he's grateful the police were able to recover the 2 stolen dogs, Koji and Gustav, and prays his would-be murders are brought to justice.

Fischer also had a message for his boss, Lady Gaga, writing ... "And to Elisha, my family at Haüs and @ladygaga: your babies are back and the family is whole… we did it!" He continued, "You have shown so much support throughout this whole crisis to both me and my family. But your support as a friend, despite your own traumatic loss from your kids, was unwavering. I love you and thank you."

It's a miracle he's doing as well as he is -- remember, Ryan was shot at almost point-blank range ... which was captured on surveillance video from a nearby property.


Fortunately, Koji and Gustav have been found unharmed ... but the crooks are still on the loose. Police have released suspect descriptions, but no arrests have been made.

Lady Gaga Dognappers May NOT Have Targeted Her

There's new evidence to suggest the 2 men who dognapped Lady Gaga's French bulldogs and shot her dog walker may not have even known they were her dogs ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement and other sources tell TMZ ... dog walker Ryan Fischer was not just taking a short walk around the block when he was ambushed ... we've learned ... just minutes before the attack he was at a store with the dogs 7 blocks away.

Ryan and the 3 dogs were at Almor Wine & Spirits at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Fairfax in Hollywood. As most of you know, Sunset Blvd. is heavily trafficked and well lit, and someone could have spotted Ryan and gotten a good look at the dogs ... to determine their breed.

He then walked 4/10 of a mile ... where he was ambushed on a residential street. TMZ broke the story ... Ryan was shot and 2 dogs were stolen. They have since been recovered unharmed by a woman who saw them tied to a pole in an alley. Law enforcement believes Ryan walked for about 10 minutes before being ambushed.

We've learned LAPD detectives have gone to the store and obtained the surveillance tape, which shows Ryan and the dogs. Unfortunately, the white sedan with the perpetrators is not seen in the video.


Although cops initially believed the target may well have been Gaga, there's now a real possibility the perpetrators could have seen Ryan on Sunset Blvd., scoped out the dogs and followed him to a dark, residential street.

There's another reason this may not be a hit targeted at Gaga ... during the entire time the perpetrators had the dogs, sources connected to Gaga tell us they never made a ransom demand.

As for Ryan, who was just doing his job -- walking the dogs on a nice evening -- he's expected to fully recover from the chest wound. He fought to protect the dogs ... so he's the hero in this story.

Crime and Punishment Guard Dog Naps Through Armed 'Robbery!!!'


Talk about asleep at the wheel ... getta load of this pooch that didn't let a little armed robbery get in the way of his afternoon nap!

A jewelry store owner in Thailand may be calling Cesar Millan after his "guard dog" slept through a fake, armed robbery training drill.

The Husky named Lucky was out like a light when the "robber" breezed in and pointed a gun at the owner.

The point of the exercise was to teach staff how to react. If Lucky's considered staff ... he flunked the test.

The "robber" made off with a bag of bling.

As for Lucky ... well, he'll catch lots of zzzzz's in the doghouse.

Lada Gaga Dogs Found Tied to Pole in Alley ... Finder to Get $500,000 Reward

Lady Gaga's 2 French Bulldogs that were stolen this week were tied to a pole in an alley, miles from where they were dognapped, and the finder is in for a big reward ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe the woman who found the dogs is a Good Samaritan who happened upon the dogs and recognized them from all the media attention. We're told the woman saw the email address we posted from Gaga and said she found the dogs, and she was advised to take them to a nearby police station. The dogs are fine.


As we reported, police believe the woman has no involvement in the dognapping so she deposited the dogs at the PD and left.

As for the reward, sources directly connected to Gaga tell TMZ she will "gladly" pay the $500,000 reward to the finder and we're told tears of joy are still flowing in Rome.

As for the dognappers and, in particular, the person who shot her dog walker ... they are still at large, although we're told cops are combing the area for surveillance video.

Lady Gaga Stolen Bulldogs Back Home Safe ... Shooting Suspects Still at Large

Lady Gaga's beloved French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav have been returned ... after her dog walker was shot in the chest trying to save the dogs in Hollywood.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a woman turned the dogs in Friday night to an LAPD station. We're told the dogs were unharmed and have been reunited with Gaga's team.

Our sources say the woman appears to be a good samaritan and claims she found the dogs and brought them in. The LAPD is continuing to investigate, and the shooters are still on the loose.

Sources close to Gaga tell us she cried "tears of joy" when she got the news.

It's currently unclear if and when the woman will be rewarded the $500,000 offered by Gaga for the return of the dogs.

TMZ broke the story ... 2 of Gaga's pups were abducted Wednesday night, when thieves confronted her dog walker on the street and shot him. Lady Gaga, who was in Rome working on a new movie at the time, offered $500,000 for the dogs' return, no questions asked.


Surveillance video from a neighboring home showed the brazen attack ... and you hear one of the thieves cock a gun and tell Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, to "give it up" before a struggle ensues and the gun goes off.

Fischer, who was shot in the chest, was walking 3 of Gaga's French bulldogs when he was attacked ... and one pooch, Asia, was able to run away from the thieves before coming back to the injured dog walker.

Our sources told us Lady Gaga was extremely upset by the scary incident ... but now all 3 dogs are safe and sound.

French Bulldogs Thefts On The Rise ... Get 'Em Microchipped!!!

Lady Gaga's stolen pups are part of an alarming trend ... French bulldog thefts are on the rise, but breeders say there are a few things folks can do to keep the dogs safe.

Honchos at Francoeur French Bulldogs, a breeder in California, tell TMZ ... stealing Frenchies has recently become a thing -- it's happening in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix -- and they're advising French bulldog owners not to walk their dogs at night.


TMZ broke the story ... dognappers abducted 2 of Lady Gaga's Frenchies at gunpoint this week in Hollywood, stealing them from her dog walker as he was taking them down the street around 10 PM.

Folks at French Bulldog Puppies Los Angeles say they're telling their celebrity clients to be extra careful with the dogs, because thieves know Frenchies are in demand and expensive. We're told puppies can be worth up to $20,000 and older dogs could still fetch $2,500.

Lucky for Gaga, her dogs were returned unharmed Friday night when a woman dropped them off at a LAPD station. Remember ... Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for her dogs' return, no questions asked.

French Bulldog Puppies has a message ... the most important precaution folks can take is microchipping their Frenchies so they can be identified if they're taken to a vet.

Frenchies are small, in-demand and worth a lot of money, which puts a target on their back ... and the owner of French Bulldogs LA says the problem's compounded by the fact the dogs are so friendly they would hop into a stranger's car with no problem.

Stay safe out there, Frenchie folks.

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