Guess Who This Happy Kid Turned Into!

Before this sweetheart in stripes was making America fall in love with her talent, she was just another posin' princess growing up in Phoenix, Arizona.

This grinning girl stole the hearts of everyone in America when she competed in one of the most popular singing competitions on television at the time. Even after the successful ABC shows' reboot in 2018, this little lady remains the youngest person to take home first place at the age of 17.

She has since continued to take her career one step at a time by performing hit songs and even dabbling in acting as well.

Can you guess who she is?

Girlfriend in "Thriller" Video 'Memba Her?!

Missouri-born model and actress Ola Ray was 23 years old when she shot to stardom after she was cast as Michael Jackson's girlfriend -- both in the '50s werewolf freaky film scene and the zombie uprising -- in the 1983 short film masterpiece, "Thriller," by John Landis.

After her role in the music-movie, Ola was cast as an actor in a long list of television shows and movies including "Cheers," "Beverly Hills Cop II," "Gimme A Break," "The Night Stalker," "Fear City" and many more ... but never reached the same fame she achieved from the MJ music video.

Guess what Ola Ray looks like now at 60 years old!

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Do not let these two almost identical images of Emily Ratajkowski have you starting to see double ... Take another look at these snaps and see if you can spot any sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic!

The mama-to-be was photographed popping into a car in New York City with her baby bump on display ... and we have made a few changes to this model moment! Grab your detective hats and start searching around these two photos! Try your best to find all the differences between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Famous Families Who Are NFL Fanatics ... Squad Goals!

Nothing says family better than being on the same team, and these famous families are proud to show off their NFL fan photos!

Stars like Gisele Bündchen, Chanel Iman, Sterling Shepard, Mario Lopez, Rob and Bryiana Dyrdek and a ton more celebs have shared shots on social media of the whole family ... and which pigskin squad they are getting behind.

Huddle up and take a look through our gallery of football fanatic families to see who the biggest names in Hollywood are rooting for on the field.

Whether they are on the field, or watching from their homes, they've clearly all got the same love for the game!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this out of this world snap is an actress that made a name for herself way before she even won an Academy Award!

This leading lady got her start in the industry around the early 2000s, and after landing a role in Disney's 'The Princess Diaries' she continued to star in several other hit films!

From 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'Les Misérables' to 'The Dark Knight Rises' and plenty of others, this gal has quite the portfolio!

Take a really good look at the photo above, and use the clues to help you try and uncover the mystery as to which celebrity has been hiding in this warped photo!

Fall For These Thigh High Hotties Guess Who!

Get ready to fall hard for these long-legged ladies who are kickin' things into high gear and giving us all the fall feels by working their gorgeous gams into these bad boots!

From models and singers to actresses and influencers, there are plenty of celebs showin’ off in their sexy leg warmers … and with thigh highs like this keeping ‘em warm, it’s no wonder why there’s no need for pants.

There are plenty of snaps we’ve got for you to see ... strut right through our gallery of thigh high hotties to see if you can guess which famous female is ready to walk all over you in these thigh high booties!

Guess Who This Cool Kid Turned Into!

Before this cool kid was singing his way to the top of the charts in the 1990s, he was just another tank top teen with a rosy disposition growing up in Paddington, London, United Kingdom.

This international musician is known for his talented tunes and has even won multiple Grammy Awards. He also married a famous Halloween-loving model and created a beautiful family without having any kids together -- unfortunately, they divorced back in 2012 after 7 years of marriage.

Even though he is known for his marine animal nickname, he is better known by his family as Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel.

Can you guess who he is?

Dido 'Memba Her?!

English artist Dido (real name Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong) was in her 20s when she gained fame after she released her debut album No Angel ... which included the bangers "Here With Me" and "Thank You."

Dido was thrust into the limelight in the United States after the first verse of "Thank You" was sampled on Eminem's emotional rap song "Stan." Eminem went on to collect a handful of award nominations for his song and famously performed it at the 2001 Grammy Awards with Elton John singing Dido's lyrics.

Dido continues to make music and released an album earlier this year with her brother titled "The Last Summer."

Guess what she looks like at 48 years old!

Guess Who This Little Patriot Turned Into!

Before this American girl was singing and dancing her way onto your television screen, she was just another patriotic pip-squeak showing her red, white, and blue colors after moving to New York from Seoul, South Korea.

This dressed-up gal got her start in the industry by pursuing a career on Broadway before transitioning to television. Starring alongside a musical ensemble cast joined together by producer Ryan Murphy, she reprised numerous popular songs featured on the top charts through the years.

After the television series' 6-season run, she returned to Broadway to win a Tony Award!

Can you guess who she is?

Hollywood Mailing it In for 2020 Election!!! ... Or So It Seems

Celebs are giving the term "Mailing it in" a whole new meaning for the 2020 election ... 'cause that appears to be their preferred way to cast their vote.

Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Kravitz and Ken Jeong are among the throngs of celebrities who made it known loud and clear they've made their choice in what promises to be an unparalleled presidential election in modern history.

Check out the pics ... Taylor Swift clearly wants to keep the tone sweet for this election while Michael B. Jordan went wild with his sticker choice. Well, more like choices, to be exact. It's interesting ... tons of celebs wore masks to cast their votes but some are just too obvious to NOT recognize. Here's looking at you, Steve Harvey and Weird Al Yankovic.

Guess Who This Teddy Bear Tot Turned Into!

Before this grizzly little girl was singing her way through high school, she was just another curly-headed cutie growing up in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

This excited girl made her acting debut by living a sweet life on Disney Channel with a lovable pair of twins. Later, she started something new when she was cast in a musical ... which gained so much popularity that it developed into numerous sequels and spin-offs.

Now, this all-star actress is finally getting it all after revealing last month she is pregnant and expecting a baby girl of her own.

Can you guess who she is?

Halloween 2020 Epic Celeb Costumes ... The Pandemic's Not Gonna Stop Us!!!

Halloween in Hollywood was different this year -- face it, everything's different this year -- but the costumes were still pretty awesome, and in some cases, pretty spectacular.

There's a ban on trick or treating this year, but fear not ... lots of celebs put on some epic costumes. For e.g., Kris Jenner transformed herself into Jack Skellington from "Nightmare Before Christmas," Lizzo was all about "WAP," and Cardi B was an awesome Medusa.

Then there's Genie Bouchard who became Mileena from Mortal Combat. Gabbie Union and Dwyane Wade went as a s'mores fam ... and they had all the accouterment, including chocolate and graham crackers.

The Weeknd killed with his Eddie Murphy character from "The Nutty Professor." BTW ... it took 6 hours to prepare the prosthetic make-up.

Kelsea Ballerini decided on social relevance, dressing as a Karen. Her shirt read, "I need to speak to the manager." Of course, she had the requisite Karen cut.

And the list of costumed celebs goes on and on ... Vanessa Hudgens, Tracee Ellis Ross, Celine Dion, Nick Young, Kim Kardashian, Taraji P Henson, January Jones, Conor McGregor, Kate Upton, Kerry Washington, Rosalia, Snoop Dogg and Alicia Keys.

Not bad ... for 2020.

Stars Dressed As Celebs ... Scary Good Double Takes!

Double the star power means double the fun ... And that is exactly what these celebs have experienced by dressing up as their favorite stars!

These celebs have decided to switch things up, and are making it clear that even famous people are obsessed with each other!

Get star struck times two with Kelly Rowland as Donna Summers, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita as Billie Eilish and Finneas, and Brad Goreski as Jennifer Lopez!

There are plenty of other scary similar snaps to see ... Just scroll through our gallery of stars dressed as stars to see who else has gotten all dressed up!

Spot on!

Guess Who These Halloween Kids Turned Into!

Before these Halloween kids became well-known stars, they were just a couple of cuties trick-or-treating around the neighborhood!

Celebs have been proudly posting their childhood costumes from back in the day ... And now it's time for you to get into the spooky spirit yourself by checking out all the iconic looks featured in these throwback pics!

Best of all you can now put your celeb skills to the test and see if you can guess which famous face is in the kid pic ... Just scroll through our gallery and take your best guess!

Can you guess who they are?

Hot Harley Quinn Costumes Guess Who!

Journey through the DC Universe with these Hollywood hotties dressed as Harley Quinn ... It's clear these stars are trying to take over as the Clown Princess of Crime, and have clearly brought their best fits forward!

Now it's up to you to figure out which famous face is in the super-villain snap -- Scroll through our gallery of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Teyana Taylor, Nicki Minaj and many more in Harley Quinn costumes and see if you have what it takes to discover which star is all dressed up as the leading lady.

It might require a trip down to Gotham before you can crack the code ... No joking around here!

Mike Tobacco in 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' 'Memba Him?!

Los Angeles native Grant Cramer gained fame in the '80s after he landed the role of the hunky Mike Tobacco -- who helps save the small town of Crescent Cove from the wacky antics of alien jesters -- in the 1988 cult creep flick "Killer Klowns From Outer Space."

Grant Cramer shared the big screen with a few other notable actors including John Allen Nelson as the shield-wielding, Deputy Dave Hanson ... and of course Suzanne Snyder as Mike's girlfriend, Debbie Stone.

Grant Cramer can also be spotted playing the womanizing dreamboat, Scotty, in "Hardbodies."

Guess what he looks like now at 58 years old!

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