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MTV Star Diem Brown Dies From Cancer at 34

11/14/2014 8:45 AM PST
Breaking News
Diem Brown Dead"Real World/Road Rules Challenge" star Diem Brown has died after a long battle with cancer.

Diem -- who found out she had ovarian cancer 3 weeks before her first appearance on MTV in 2006 -- was reportedly surrounded by family this week in a New York hospital as her condition worsened.

Back in August, the reality star collapsed on set while filming "The Challenge" ... then announced she had been diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer. It eventually spread to her liver and lymph nodes as well.

Diem founded MedGift ... a support registry for other people battling illness.

One of her most inspirational moments on MTV came when she took off a wig to reveal her hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Diem was 34.


MTV Star Big Black Defends Ray Rice His Wife Forgave Him, We Should Too

9/8/2014 8:12 AM PDT
"Fantasy Factory" star Big Black says people need to stop bashing Ray Rice for violently punching his fiance Janay Palmer in the face ... claiming if she forgave him, everyone else should too. 

Christopher Boykin -- aka Big Black -- launched his defense of Rice in response to ESPN's Michelle Beadle ... who's been blasting Rice and the NFL ever since we published the video this morning. 

Boykin tweeted to Beadle, "She married him move on" ... adding, "Had she hired Mayweather's ex attorney & stood her ground this would be news but she didn't she supported & married him."

Beadle fired back saying, "Sadly, yes she did. And her reasons are probably sound in her mind. Probably used to it.  Doesn't matter to me though. Criminal."

As we previously reported, Janay married Ray one month after the incident.

MTV VMAs Stagehand Sues The Award for Best Fall Goes to...

9/5/2014 12:05 AM PDT
0904-mtv-vmas-stage-and-logo-getty-01You couldn't blame a stagehand from the MTV Video Music Awards for having stage fright -- the guy took a painful fall off a red carpet platform ... according to the lawsuit he just filed.

Barry Glenn Bass says he was part of a work crew on the 2012 award show at Staples Center ... when a stage collapsed, causing him to plunge six feet. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, he says the stage had not been properly supported.

Bass claims he was hurt badly enough that he was unable to work and got saddled with medical bills. The suit doesn't specify his injuries.

He's suing MTV's parent company, Viacom ... and AEG, which owns the venue -- saying they were responsible for the "unsafe" conditions that caused his tumble.

We reached out to MTV and Viacom … So far, no word back.

Puck My Life After Prison Is Working With Ugly, Stinky Chicks

9/4/2014 2:45 PM PDT

Puck from MTV's "Real World" is now an ex-con, making a living as a makeup artist ... who sounds like he hates women.

Puck was released from a Cali State Pen last year (he was in for stalking). Wednesday at the Grove he told us about his new gig doing women's makeup, which is odd for 2 reasons: He was convicted for stalking a woman, and he has a very unflattering view of women, in general.

You wouldn't believe it if we just wrote it ... so, you gotta watch to see his super-charming take.

He also explains why he's now O.J. Simpson-adjacent, and reveals people really do get shanked in prison. Well, not everyone ... obviously.

Nicki Minaj I Missed My Snake During VMA Performance

8/25/2014 8:19 AM PDT

Nicki Minaj delivered a killer performance Sunday night at the VMAs, but she says it would have been better if she'd had a live snake on stage with her as planned ... ya know, before it bit someone.

TMZ broke the story ... a 6-foot long Anaconda bit a dancer during Nicki's run-through of "Anaconda."  She had the snake with her at the Forum Sunday, but MTV opted against using it.

When our photog spotted Nicki leaving Republic Records' VMA party at Project nightclub after the show ... she said the bit dancer was actually up on stage with her. She seems upset her snake wasn't there too.

Bet that dancer isn't.

JLo & Casper Not Ready for Primetime

8/25/2014 5:55 AM PDT

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart insist they're not back together, and Sunday night at the VMAs ... they went through great lengths to show they aren't ... which totally means they are.

As TMZ first reported, despite being photographed together last week ... her people swear they're leading separate lives and just friends.

So J.Lo and Casper walked the VMA red carpet separately, sat separately at the VMAs (except for a quick reunion for candy) and each showed up at Mastro's following the show ... but left separately. 

Where there's smoke ...

Casper Smart J.Lo's Secret Sugar Daddy ... At MTV VMAs

8/24/2014 8:32 PM PDT

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart REUNITED at the MTV VMAs ... if only for a quick second ... when the dancer made J.Lo an offer she couldn't refuse -- Skittles.

Despite the fact they were sitting in different sections, Casper made his way over to Jennifer's section during a commercial break with a sugary peace offering ... and the whole thing was captured on the VMA livestream.

As we previously reported, the two were spotted out together earlier this week -- despite the fact they recently broke up.

Signs of a reconciliation ... or did Casper just get played for some Skittles?

Nicki Minaj Snake Gets Booted Hours Before VMAs

8/24/2014 9:15 PM PDT
Exclusive Details
Nicki Minaj's would be "Anaconda" co-star -- the snake that bit a dancer during Friday's rehearsal -- did not get the chance to strike a second time … and TMZ got the shot of the reptile getting 86'd just hours before the VMAs.

Sources at VMA rehearsals tell us the offending python was at the L.A. Forum today -- just in case Nicki, her team and MTV felt comfortable going forward with the performance as planned.

But we're told the final decision was made to cut the snake a few hours before show time, and handlers loaded the rejected serpent into a container and unceremoniously removed it from the premises.

Sometimes showbiz bites.

By the way, nobody was thinking about the snake once Nicki hit the stage

Nicki Minaj Anaconda Bites Dancer During VMA Rehearsal

8/22/2014 6:04 PM PDT
A 6-foot long snake -- believed to be an anaconda -- just bit a dancer during a VMA run-through for Sunday's show ... TMZ has learned.

Nicki Minaj was on stage performing her hit, "Anaconda" when a female dancer was bit by the reptile in front of everyone.

We're told the dancer has just been taken to the hospital where she's being treated.

Anacondas are non-venomous snakes but often transmit bacteria that can lead to serious infections.

The snake was removed from the stage in a container.

It's unclear if the show will 86 the snake for the live telecast.

MTV Lawsuit Convict Claims Reality Show Set Him Up in Drug Deal

8/13/2014 12:30 AM PDT

A drug supplier who served more than 7 months for drug-related crimes claims he was set up by MTV's "True Life" ... so he claims in a new lawsuit.

David Nickell says in legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- he was instructed by a producer on "True Life: I'm Addicted To Pills" to buy pills from a dealer, then give them to a woman on the show ... in front of her 5-year-old son.

Nickell claims the producer told him it would be better TV if the kid was around when the deal went down ... and she assured him he wouldn't get in trouble.

Nickell and the woman who got the pills from him were both arrested after authorities saw the show.  And prosecutors used the video in court to convict him.

He's suing the producer, MTV and its parent company Viacom.

Jwoww Gives Birth My Baby's Name Is ...

7/13/2014 1:15 PM PDT
Breaking News
JWoww Gives BirthJwoww's stubborn baby is now officially here ... one day after inducing labor, she gave birth Sunday to a baby whose name you'd probably hear at the shore ... but not the Jersey Shore.

Jwoww and fiance Roger Mathews named their daughter Meilani Alexandra Mathews ... the guidette weighed 7lbs, 13 ounces.

As we previously reported, some members of the reality star's family and friends flew out to Jersey for the occasion. 

No word on whether any of her co-stars were on hand for the birth.


'Jersey Shore' Ronnie Jwoww's Labor Induced

7/13/2014 7:11 AM PDT

It's only a matter of time now before Jwoww pushes a miniature guidette out of her lady parts ... at least according to "Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Magro.

Ronnie was leaving Boa with a friend Saturday night when he not only confirmed Jwoww's labor has been induced ... but the reality star also gave us props for being the first to report the news.

Our camera guy tries to come up with a possible name for the new baby ... but things get awkward.

Jwoww Get This Baby Out of My Belly

7/12/2014 3:52 PM PDT
0712-jwoww-and-roger-instagram-01Jwoww is tired of waiting for her baby to pop out ... so the reality star made plans to induce labor.

Sources close to Jwoww tell us the 28-year old recently put the word out to her inner circle ... letting them know she'd squeeze her baby girl out this weekend -- artificially stimulated or not.

We're told some of her friends and fam rushed to Jersey to support the mom-to-be and fiance Roger Mathews ... and now everyone is patiently waiting to see what happens.

Our sources say it doesn't look like MTV cameras will film the actual birth.


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