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Sylvester Stallone Powerlifted My Show Idea! Trainer Sues Over 'Strong'

6/10/2016 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610-sylvester-stallone-strong-show-stolen-TMZ-01Sylvester Stallone's training and weight loss show, "Strong" was jacked from the mind of a personal trainer ... according to the suit the guy just filed.

Robert Fletcher says he created a show called "America's Next Great Trainer" and shopped it around Hollywood in 2014. He says he sent his pitch materials to Stallone's publicist, and also to agents at William Morris Endeavor ... which reps Stallone.

Fletcher thinks it's no coincidence that in early 2016 he started hearing about "Strong" -- the NBC show that lists Sly as one of its executive producers.

"Strong" features male and female trainers competing in various physical challenges -- and in his suit, Fletcher says that's almost a carbon copy of his show idea.


He says it's also fishy that one of the "Strong" trainers is a guy named Todd Durkin. Fletcher says Durkin was attached to 'ANGT' ... but went radio silent in 2015.

He's suing Stallone, NBC, Durkin and other "Strong" producers for at least $7 mil. 

'The Biggest Loser' Ex-NFL Lineman Says .. You Jacked My Logo!!!

6/6/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"The Biggest Loser" needs to drop more than weight ... its new logo is a total rip-off, according to a new lawsuit filed by former NFL lineman LeCharles Bentley.

Earlier this year, the NBC show decided to drop its original tape measure logo for a new stylized "BL." Bentley, a former Pro-Bowler, says 'Loser' screwed up because he trademarked a very similar logo in 2013 for his O-Line Performance company.

Bentley says he sent a cease and desist letter, which was ignored ... so now he's suing NBC Universal and the producers for trademark infringement. He wants the logo changed, and a cut of the revenue 'Loser' made while using the new one.

Luckily for all involved, this will be handled by lawyers -- LeCharles goes 6'2", 300-plus pounds.


Donald Trump Miss Universe Organization ... It's All Mine Now

9/11/2015 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0911-trump-nbc-universe-tmz-01Donald Trump has settled his legal disputes with NBCUniversal and Univision by using his best resource ... money, money, money.

The Donald just announced he bought out NBC's half share of the Miss Universe Organization ... making him 100% owner.

Trump threatened NBC with a lawsuit after they yanked the Miss USA pageant off the air, following his remarks about Mexicans. Miss USA is a part of the Miss Universe Org. He sued Univision for $500 million, which also pulled the plug on the pageant.

Donald Trump ... now king of the Universe.

Casey Anthony NBC in Driver's Seat for Interview

6/3/2015 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-casey-anthony-getty-01Casey Anthony and Matt Lauer could be meeting really soon, because she's been wheeling and dealing with NBC execs trying to hammer out a deal for a sit-down. 

TMZ broke the story ... Anthony, who was acquitted in 2011 of murdering her daughter, flew to New York City last week. We got video of her and veteran producer Don Wood arriving, and according to our sources, NBC paid for the flight.

Since she's been in NYC, the NY Post says Anthony and Wood have met with a senior NBC booker who handles 'Today' and other NBC news programs.

As we've reported, Casey flirted with network interviews in the past, but never closed. As of now ... NBC's saying no deal yet -- and you gotta figure she's also talking to other outlets in NYC.

Stay tuned.

NBC's Nancy Snyderman Quits After Ebola Scandal

3/12/2015 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


Nancy Snyderman has resigned as Chief Medical Editor at NBC News, but the handwriting was clearly on the wall.

Snyderman has been scarcely seen on the broadcast over the last few weeks. Fact is ... her profile has been much lower since her return after the Ebola scandal, where she violated a voluntary quarantine by going to a restaurant near her New Jersey home.

There was also an incident a few weeks back, where she appeared live on the air slurring her words and seeming kind of out of it.

Snyderman says she's returning to her roots by taking a faculty position at a major U.S. medical school.

Lester Holt So What Happens if Brian Returns?

2/25/2015 3:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lester Holt gets the game ... he answered our photog's goofy question about the whole Brian Williams thing perfectly ... with a laugh.

Lester was leaving 30 Rock after anchoring "NBC Nightly News" when our photog tried projecting 6 months into the future, wondering if he would duke it out with Williams for the job.

There's something about the way he handled it ... he didn't answer but he didn't scoff either ... perfect.

Conventional wisdom is ... it's a long shot that Williams will return. Our NBC sources say Lester's contract allows him to walk if he's passed over for permanent anchor if Williams leaves.

Advantage Holt. 

Mariah Carey Alleged Isolated Vocals Track Surfaces High Note Struggle

12/4/2014 6:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A video appearing to be the isolated vocals from Mariah Carey's NBC performance Wednesday night has found its way online ... and she struggled.

The video was posted on a site called The Concourse and it seems authentic. It matches the version that aired on TV with full accompaniment.

Mariah seems fine during the meat and potatoes portion of "All I Want for Christmas is You"  ... but she has difficulty when she exercises her upper octave range.  

It's interesting for sure.


Mariah Carey She Did It Live ... Finally!

12/3/2014 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey hit the stage at Rockefeller Center for the NBC special -- nearly 24 hours late ... but whatever.

Mariah just performed her classic "All I Want for Christmas is You"  for the tree lighting special ... and she did it LIVE ... as promised.

TMZ broke the story ... Mariah pissed off fans and crew members by making them wait in the cold for 3 hours last night when the rest of the special was recorded -- so NBC yanked her from the lineup.

Mimi got a second chance today when the Peacock agreed to tack on her performance ... but ONLY if she did it live. Worth the wait? Watch ...


Mariah Carey NBC Gambles ... She is Performing Live

12/3/2014 8:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NBC just realized Mariah Carey is worth the hassle ... because they have now booked her to perform live tonight ... this after pulling the plug on her Tuesday night. 

TMZ broke the story that Mariah showed up more than 3 hours late for a taped performance that was supposed to air during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony Wednesday night in Rockefeller Center. She was delayed because she was yacking with her lawyer about the divorce settlement with husband Nick. When she finally showed up, frustrated NBC execs sent her packing.

But, NBC had a change of heart and they are now rolling the dice that she will show up tonight. It's interesting ... the decision comes after LeAnn Rimes tweeted that she would have more air time, insinuating it was because of 'the Mariah problem.'

The tree lighting ceremony just got more interesting.

update_graphic_red_barMariah tweeted about the ordeal Wednesday afternoon, writing, "Last night's situation was beyond my control. I apologize to all that showed up, you know that I would never want to disappoint you."


Mariah Carey Divorce Talk Derails NBC Tree Lighting Performance

12/3/2014 6:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Mariah Carey was so consumed with divorce talk Tuesday evening ... she blew off her scheduled taped performance for the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony ... and when she finally showed up the pissed off NBC honchos sent her packing.

Carey was supposed to tape a segment for the live show that airs Wednesday night. But as fans waited for hours in the rainy, cold night , there was no Mariah in sight.

People connected to the hotel tell us  ... Mariah was ensconced in her East Side hotel, yacking with her lawyer on the phone about her divorce. People who overheard her say it did not seem nasty ... she was going over the property settlement.

When she pulled up to Rockefeller Center more than 3 hours late, she was still on the phone and people overheard her continuing to talk divorce.

NBC execs were full on enraged -- ditto the crew -- and Mariah's people were told to just go home. We're told she really wanted to perform, but the network had clearly had enough.

We're told Mariah was upset because she didn't want to disappoint her fans or the network.   

Calls to Mariah's rep were not returned.


Matt Lauer Dr. Snyderman Was at Fault

10/14/2014 8:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer was more honest than any of his colleagues Tuesday ... telling our photog that Nancy Snyderman was squarely at fault for violating the Ebola quarantine ... something no one, including the doc, has said.

We got Matt coming out of the "Today" studios and asked about Snyderman's apology, in which she says her crew did indeed violate the quarantine ... she did NOT take personal responsibility, even though she was in the back of her Mercedes for a restaurant run recently.

Matt didn't mince words, and said Nancy's part of the crew and assessed the blame where it should lie.

Snyderman's statement was really shocking ... she rolled the bus over her crew, making it seem like THEY violated the quarantine but not her.  Matt set things straight.

NBC Violates Ebola Quarantine Do As We Say ...

10/11/2014 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News
update_graphic_red_barNBC got back to us and said they couldn't comment "due to privacy concerns."  They added their team -- including Dr. Nancy Snyderman -- was deemed "low risk" and agreed to follow guidelines.  According to the Health Dept. ... someone didn't.
NBC News -- which has scared the crap out of American citizens by warning them of the dangers of Ebola and the cautions that must be taken -- did exactly the opposite.

The New Jersey Health Department just revealed the NBC crew that had agreed to a voluntary 21-day quarantine after one of its cameraman tested positive for Ebola ... VIOLATED the quarantine.

It's pretty ridiculous ... NBC seemed almost breathlessly excited in reporting that it's people became part of the story.

Now the health department has laid down the law and ORDERED medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman and the other crew members to stay put and comply with the basic safety rules.

It's unclear how many members of the NBC crew violated the deal.

'The Office' Star There Will NEVER Be a Reunion Even For a Movie

8/3/2014 8:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brace yourselves Dundler Mifflinites ... one of the stars of "The Office" -- who also ran the show behind the scenes for a few seasons -- says there will NEVER be a reunion.

Paul Lieberstein -- better known as Toby Flenderson -- was on his way out of Riva Bella in West Hollywood when we asked if there was a chance the cast would ever reunite.

The actor got right to the point without pulling any punches.

Don't worry ... in 15 years they'll just give the show a reboot.

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