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Ben Shapiro Pete Davidson 'SNL' Apology to Dan Crenshaw Best Political Moment in Years

11/12/2018 7:07 AM PST

Conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro says Pete Davidson's apology to Dan Crenshaw was the best political moment he's seen in years ... because it shows a level of civility that has been forgotten in America.

We got Ben Sunday at LAX, and he praised the apology skit to the skies, saying it's a shining light of how liberals and conservatives can disagree but treat each other with a level of civility.

Fact is ... it was an amazing moment on 'SNL,' with Pete apologizing and then the Congressman-elect coming at him with some hilarious jokes. Dan waded in treacherous waters by raising the super sensitive subject of Ariana Grande -- so funny. 

The one controversial thing ... when Dan said rather than telling veterans, "Thank you for your service," he said people should say, "Never forget." That's a phrase that has been used to remember the Holocaust. 

One thing we're guessing everyone can agree on ... Dan's comedic timing is frickin' amazing!  

Dan Crenshaw Gets Apology from Pete Davidson on 'SNL'

11/11/2018 8:09 AM PST

Pete Davidson addressed his controversy head-on last night by apologizing to Dan Crenshaw in person and on 'SNL.'

The war veteran and Republican politician appeared Weekend Update with Pete Davidson where Pete sincerely apologized to Dan, and Dan accepted, but not before giving Pete a taste of his own medicine. The icing on the cake is when Dan's phone rings, you have to hear the ringtone.

When the jokes settled, Dan used the moment to urge Americans to come together and forgive. A touching moment during these super-divisive times.

The whole sketch is a very wholesome exchange, and it just goes to show that people can work out their grievances without reaching for the pitchfork.

Pete Davidson on 'SNL' Ariana Mention Was Last Minute 'Ad-lib'

11/5/2018 3:58 PM PST

Pete Davidson made a late change right before 'SNL' to mention Ariana Grande's name during this weekend's episode ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell us Pete heard Ariana's new song, "thank u, next," before showtime Saturday night, and that spurred him to write a few lines addressing the breakup. We're told he ran a copy by Lorne Michaels ... and got it approved for his 'Weekend Update' segment.

Pete called Ariana a "wonderful, strong person" and wished her the best ... while also declaring their relationship wasn't anyone's business. Remember, Pete scrubbed an entire skit he'd written about their breakup after Ariana called him out over the promo in which he obtusely referenced their split.

Clearly, he had a change of heart after hearing the tune, which she dropped just 30 minutes before 'SNL' went on the air. FWIW, she refrained from taking any shots at Pete on the track.

The Ariana line wasn't the only deviation from the script heading into Saturday. Regarding Dan Crenshaw -- whose war-caused disability Pete mocked -- we're told P.D.'s crass "whatever" comment was delivered completely off the cuff. 

Our sources say the joke about Crenshaw looking like a porn movie hitman was written into the script, but Pete made matters worse by improvising those last couple lines.

Dan Crenshaw Pete Davidson Used Me So I'm Gonna Use Him on Tuesday!!!

11/5/2018 2:38 PM PST

The war vet Pete Davidson disrespected on 'SNL' concedes there may be a silver lining ... he's now a stand-out in Tuesday's midterm election.

Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw told us on "TMZ Live" ... this could turn into a Beyonce moment ... turning the 'SNL' lemons he's been given into sweet, sweet lemonade ... which could translate into a win for him when the polls close on Tuesday night. 

As we reported ... Dan isn't demanding an apology after Pete said Dan looked like a "hitman from a porno" and brushed off his disability with a "whatever." Dan does admit, however, the cheap shot "tore at my core."

As for the sympathy points he's gained since the story's gone viral, Dan says he'll take them, but wants people in the 2nd congressional district of Texas to vote for him for the right reasons -- not out of outrage.

Pete Davidson Taking All the Heat For Wounded Vet Joke ... 'SNL' Skates

11/5/2018 6:47 AM PST

Pete Davidson is taking all the heat for his terrible "joke" about wounded veterans ... and somehow no one is blaming it on 'SNL.'

Kenan Thompson just weighed in ... saying Pete "definitely missed the mark," adding, "it's tough when you're fishing for jokes. ..."  Kenan noted his dad was a Vietnam vet. There's no mention of 'SNL' shouldering any of the blame for allowing the joke on the air.

Davidson had cracked during weekend update ... GOP congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw -- who wears an eye patch after losing an eye in Afghanistan -- looked like a hitman from a porno, adding, "I know he lost his eye in war or whatever ... whatever."

'SNL' EP Lorne Michaels gives his crew lots of leeway when it comes to creative content, but ultimately the show and presumably Standards and Practices at NBC have the power to nix a "joke" that crosses the line. 

Dan Crenshaw himself told TMZ, he doesn't need an apology, but 'SNL' needs to think about how jokes about war injuries sit with our vets ... especially when they're not funny. 

SNL's Pete Davidson Tip from Dan Crenshaw Making Fun of Vets' War Injuries Not Funny

11/4/2018 2:22 PM PST

Pete Davidson and 'SNL' don't owe GOP congressional candidate, Dan Crenshaw, a mea culpa for making a crack about his war-caused disability ... but SNL needs a lesson on humor. 

We spoke with Dan -- who's running for an open seat in Texas' second congressional district -- and, somewhat surprisingly, he shoots down the idea that Pete and co. must issue an apology to him because they made an insensitive joke about his eyepatch. 

If you missed it, Pete did a bit on 'Weekend Update' where he gave his first impressions on some of the candidates running for office in the midterms elections, most of whom were Republican. He joked Crenshaw looked like a hitman from a porno, and said of his injury ... "I know he lost his eye in war or whatever ... whatever." The remark caught tons of backlash.

One person who's not outraged is Dan, who tells us he wants society to get away from the culture of apology-demanding every time someone misspeaks.

Check out his take -- it's quite nuanced, and he's definitely taking the high road. He also has some advice on 'SNL' political comedy in general. Take note, Lorne Michaels.

Pete Davidson Goes High on 'SNL' ... Ariana's a Wonderful Person

11/4/2018 6:45 AM PST

Pete Davidson made a decision ... when Ariana Grande goes high, he'll go high.

Pete addressed his breakup on 'SNL' Saturday night, and had nothing but good things to say about his ex-fiancee. He called her "a wonderful, strong person" and wished her the best.

Truth be told ... there was a small dose of hypocrisy. Pete schooled everyone that the breakup was nobody's business, yet he himself addressed it earlier in the week on stage, cracking jokes about it.  And he shot a promo for 'SNL' where he obliquely referred to it.

Pete did crack a joke about moving back in with mom.

TMZ broke the story ... Ariana planned a preemptive strike in case Pete threw shade on her ... releasing her new song -- and making specific reference to him -- just 30 minutes before 'SNL' went live on TV.

Turns out ... Ariana also took the high road, and did not diss her ex. She also mentioned Mac Miller by name in the song, "Thank u, Next."

Ariana Grande Hear New Song Released 30-Min Before 'SNL' Mentions Pete Davidson, Mac Miller

11/3/2018 8:14 PM PDT

UPDATE 8:05 PM PT -- Check out the post and hear the new song. Ariana Grande isn't going to let Pete Davidson define their relationship and breakup on "Saturday Night Live" tonight, because TMZ has learned she's releasing a song 30 minutes before 'SNL,' and his name is right there in the lyrics.

Record label sources tell TMZ, the overarching theme of the song -- titled "Thank u, next" -- is empowerment ... what she's been through in her relationships and other experiences. We're told it is not a diss track.

Our sources say she specifically names Pete, Mac and others ... but she doesn't go after Pete the way she did earlier this week after he publicly joked about their breakup. She had accused him of being a hypocrite ... pretending he wasn't into being in the spotlight yet hanging on for dear life.

We're told Ariana felt betrayed by Pete and doesn't want to take the chance that he'll talk about their breakup tonight on 'SNL' as she just sits by. As we reported ... Pete was planning on addressing it, but 86'd the idea after she made it clear they had an agreement to keep their relationship private. Nonetheless, anything could happen.

Among the lyrics, which she posted, "Got so much love ..... got so much patience ..... I've learnt from the pain ..... and turnt out amazin ..... say I've loved and I've lost ..... but that's not what I see cause look what I got ..... look what you taught me."

It goes on ... "Cause look what I found ..... ain't no need for searching and for that I say ..... thank u, next."

The song will be released at 11 PM ET.

Originally Posted 11/3/2018 6:00 PM PDT

Pete Davidson I'm Not Blue Anymore ... Except for My Hair!!!

11/3/2018 11:37 AM PDT

Pete Davidson's got bright days ahead. 

The 'SNL' star headed into the weekend with an updated shade of blue -- sky blue we're thinkin'. A colorist named Aura at Sally Hershberger Salon took due credit, saying, "Had the pleasure of doing this funny guy's hair."

Ariana's ex donned a similar shade during a promo for this weekend's 'SNL' ... asking musical guest Maggie Rogers if she wanted to get married. That backfired quickly.

Breaking up with Ariana Grande ... turns you blue ... but in a good way.

Pete Davidson Ex Cazzie David Was Other Girl He Proposed To

11/3/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Pete Davidson joked he was "0 for 3" in a new 'SNL' promo in which he proposed to a new chick -- and now we know who the third girl is ... Larry David's daughter. 

Sources tell us that Pete had proposed to Cazzie David multiple times during their two-year relationship. The exact number of times isn't clear, but we're told it was definitely more than once. Our sources say Cazzie rejected his offer each time.

They split in May before Pete got with, and eventually proposed to, Ariana Grande. As you know, the rest is history. 

As we reported ... Ariana took some shots at Pete in since-deleted tweets, saying, "for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. thank u, next."

Sources close to the former couple tell us Ariana felt betrayed by Pete's remarks, because they'd both agreed to not talk about their split in public. We're told Pete's now scrapping any further references to their breakup for this weekend's show, and Lorne Michaels signed off.

There was speculation as to who Pete was referencing when he dropped the "0 for 3" line, because he's dated a handful of chicks over the years, including "Girl Code" star Carly Aquilino -- whom he dated before Cazzie. 

But, we've been assured ... that third chick is absolutely Cazzie, who's since scrubbed her IG of any Pete references. Seems to be a pattern with his exes.

Pete Davidson Backs Off Ariana Jokes on 'SNL' ... She Felt Betrayed

11/2/2018 8:45 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

8:45 AM PT -- Sources close to the couple tell us Pete won't reference the breakup when 'SNL' airs, and the reason is ... the exes have an agreement to stay silent.

We're told the split was mutual, and Ariana and Pete verbally agreed neither would talk about it publicly -- but she was already feeling betrayed because Pete joked about it during a standup routine last week at a charity event. We're told it got worse when Ariana saw the promo.

Our sources say Pete got word Ariana was upset, and decided he didn't want to go through with the skit he'd written for this week's 'SNL' -- they had an agreement, after all. He discussed it with executive producer, Lorne Michaels ... and he signed off on pumping the brakes.

As for the promo airing? We're told it was already in the works, and it was too late to pull it.The breakup ain't funny to Ariana Grande anymore -- she came for Pete Davidson on social media Thursday night after he joked about their breakup ... and it's clear, this ain't no conscious uncoupling. 

Davidson cracked a joke about the fact he's single during a promo for this weekend's 'SNL' -- asking musical guest Maggie Rogers if she wanted to get married. 

Our sources connected to 'SNL' say Pete had been in good spirits while prepping for the show -- and was open to making jokes about jumping into relationships too soon. 

So, that's what happened during the promo ... but Ariana Grande wasn't laughing -- she tweeted a shot at her ex. 

"For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. thank u. next."

She later deleted the tweet. 

Pete previously joked about their engagement when 'SNL' came back from summer recess -- but that was when he and Grande were still together.

The jokes were self-deprecating about how Grande is the breadwinner in the relationship -- and he was just lucky to be there. 

But, they broke up last month, and clearly they ain't on good terms. 

No word if Davidson planned on addressing the split on this week's show -- but if he was, ya gotta believe he's rethinking the plan now. 

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PDT

Pete Davidson Halloween Makes Me Happy!!! Cute Puppies Too

10/30/2018 1:11 PM PDT

Pete Davidson finally looks like he's feeling better after his split with Ariana Grande ... 'cause the comedian was grinning like a jack-o-lantern at a Halloween event with his buddy. 

Pete walked through a holiday event for kids Sunday on his home turf of Staten Island, and judging by these pics ... the 'SNL' star was happier than a trick-or-treater with a pillowcase full of candy. 

Pete was passing through the neighborhood shindig when he stopped to pet a furry pooch and snap a selfie with his fans. We're told he was super friendly to everyone and seemed to be in a very good mood.

It took a few weeks, but Pete is looking way happier than he was the last time we saw him. He really looked like a man down on his luck a few days after we broke the story he and Ariana called off their engagement.

Hey, there's nothing like a pumpkin patch and a cute pup to lift your spirits.  

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Engagement Was Hollow ... No Wedding Planned

10/22/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson both seemed to know marriage wasn't in the cards, even after they got engaged, because they never lifted a finger to seal the deal.

They got engaged in June, and our sources say an entire summer passed without locking down a venue, buying a wedding dress, or even picking a date. We are told Ariana talked about a wedding with her mom, but that's all it was ... talk. 

The months of inaction predate the death of Ariana's ex, Mac Miller, last month. As we reported, Mac's death was the beginning of the end of Ariana and Pete's relationship, because she was emotionally paralyzed.  

The only real signs of happily ever after were a $100,000 engagement ring -- which she's already given back -- and a pet pig which she's kept. 

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