Chief Keef Here's My Advice On Smuggling Marijuana Edibles


Chief Keef knows why he got busted at a South Dakota airport ... problem is he should've figured this out BEFORE he tried to board a plane.

The rapper was at LAX Wednesday when we asked him about his Monday morning arrest in Sioux Falls. Remember, authorities say Keef had 4 blunts and an edible in his backpack, and the edible wrapper clearly said it contained 200 mg of THC.

But Keef says the real issue was his attempt to bring them back to L.A. ... not that he got caught. He's learning. Slowly. We think.

A-Rod, Channing & Jenna Sips, Smiles & Claps for J Lo's Show ... SOME Dancing Too


Jennifer Lopez had most of her audience -- including Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan -- shaking their asses during her closing song ... everyone except Alex Rodriguez.

J Lo belted out "On the Floor" Sunday night to close out her final show in Vegas for the summer. Alex was hanging with Jenna and Channing ... and was, apparently, too intimidated by Mr. Magic Mike to show off his own dance moves.

Even though he's got J Lo, there are clearly limits to A-Rod's confidence.

Can't really blame him after seeing Channing and Jenna's moves.

Ryan Seacrest All Wet & Loving It ... Shayna Too

Ryan Seacrest seems like a man headed for a church, because he's in a relationship ... hook, line and sinker.

Seacrest and GF, Shayna Taylor, were showing full-blown PDA poolside in Miami Saturday, and it's apparent why she floats in his boat.

Shayna and Ryan broke up a while back but got together again,and are now living together in New York ... where he moved to do "Live" with Kelly Ripa.

We're smelling a joint tax return in the not too distant future.

Charlie Sheen's New GF No Fear of HIV

Julia Stambler isn't scared boyfriend Charlie Sheen has HIV ... and she wants to spread the word it's not a relationship buzzkill.

Sources close to the new couple tell us ... Julia and Charlie believe there are surefire ways to avoid contracting the virus -- anti-viral meds and, of course, protection. Charlie has said his HIV levels are "undetectable" and Julie says that gives her even more reassurance.

We're told Julia is hurt that many of her friends are warning her to stay clear of Charlie because of HIV, and she thinks they're ignorant and living in the fearful past. She also thinks it's a terrible message to send to people with HIV.

As for Charlie's substance abuse issues, we're told Julia believes Charlie ... that he's been clear for nearly a year and his lifestyle has become militant healthy. She believes he's clean, because he's participating in an HIV drug trial and that includes regular drug tests.

As we reported ... Charlie's ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, introduced him to Julia, and we're told she's rooting for them.

Taylor Swift Takes Shot at Katy Perry with Well-Timed Spotify Release

Taylor Swift's not dropping the bad blood with Katy Perry because she decided to drop huge Spotify news at the exact moment Katy released her new album. Boom goes the dynamite.

It might be the pettiest move -- or just brilliant -- but Swift put her entire catalog of songs on Spotify and other streaming services Thursday night. It can't be coincidence Katy's "Witness" album also came out Thursday night. Right?

Seriously ... Taylor pulled her music from streaming sites in 2014, accusing them of not valuing her art. So, what changed and why now? Swift's camp says it's a thank-you to fans after her "1989" album sold over 10 million albums.

Her music will also appear on Amazon and Tidal now. Previously, it had only been available on Apple Music.

Katy Perry released "Swish Swish" a couple weeks ago ... which everyone took as her diss track response to "Bad Blood."

KP's move.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ronda Rousey Crushes 'Battle' Obstacle Course ... Friends, Not So Much


Ronda Rousey has already mastered the "Battle of the Network Stars" obstacle course -- but her friends ... well, they BOTH ended up in the water pit during a test run on the L.A. set.

TMZ Sports has footage of the UFC legend coaching her mom and sister as they tried to navigate everything from the rope swing to the monkey bars.

Ronda easily conquered the obstacles at Pepperdine University -- her fam had a much tougher go. Fortunately, Ronda was there to pull 'em BOTH out of the water.

Ronda is a permanent "team captain" on the show -- and every week, she'll lead a squad against DeMarcus Ware's team.

No word on how the contestants will be. Hopefully, they're practicing their rope swings.

Blac Chyna I'm a Real Ass Bitch ... And Here's My New Bae!


Blac Chyna -- unlike you know who -- doesn't have a fake ass relationship because she's a real ass bitch ... so real, in fact, she's telling the truth about the paparazzi to our faces!

We got BC leaving Argyle Monday night with the dude she says she she's dating -- though we're pretty sure she's kidding. He's her longtime hairstylist.

There's a lot to unpack in this video -- like when Blac makes a guy selling roses beg for his money. But at the crux here is BC telling it how it really is in Hollywood -- celebrities need the paparazzi.

Hear that, y'all?

[[omnivirt:video id="10372"]]

Ice Cube to Bill Maher Let's Talk N-Word! Going Mano a Mano

Ice Cube isn't about to let Bill Maher's "house n****r" crack stop him from appearing on 'Real Time' ... in fact, Cube's ready to mix it up with Bill over the n-word. Bill's n-word comment won't go ignored either.

Sources close to Cube tell us he will NOT cancel the appearance, which was scheduled before Maher's controversial joke. Sen. Al Franken was also scheduled, but chose to bail.

Cube's not pussy footing around the issue. He's been using the n-word liberally in his music, ever since NWA -- but we're told he wants to discuss Bill's use of it.

Cube was originally booked to talk about the 25th anniversary edition of his album, "Death Certificate." His rep calls it perfect timing because the record was made in the wake of the Rodney King beating, "[W]hich sadly, speaks to many of the same race issues we as a society are still dealing with today."

We're betting Maher gets a different reaction from Cube than he did Sen. Sasse.

Maybe more like Killer Mike?

Kevin Hart Bill Maher's 'House N*****' Joke was 'Tacky'

The Breakfast Club

Kevin Hart kind of went both ways on the Bill Maher mess ... on the one hand defending him and on the other calling it "tacky."

Hart was on "The Breakfast Club" Tuesday and started by saying he didn't believe Maher was a racist. He went on to tell Charlamagne Tha God he felt Bill was comfortable when he blurted out on his HBO show he was like a "house n*****."

Check it out ... in the end Hart says Maher's comment was "tacky."

Natalie Portman Snags Modern Oasis For a Cool $6.5 Mil!!

Natalie Portman bought herself a pad in the hills of Santa Barbara where, on a clear day, ya just might see Heaven.

The 'Star Wars' star plunked down $6.5 million for a STUNNING 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom home with sweeping ocean views. The seller wanted $6.995 mil. Ya done good, Natalie.

The home, designed by Barton Meyers, sits on 10.4 acres and blends sleek steel, glass and concrete.

A bunch of celebs have bought second homes in the area ... from Oprah on down.

It has the obligatory pool, amazing gardens ... and did we mention the view?


Rihanna Allegedly Heckles Kevin Durant ... During NBA Finals

Rihanna was ON FIRE during Game 1 of the NBA Finals -- allegedly heckling Kevin Durant, bowing to LeBron James ... and talking trash to haters on the way out of the arena.

FYI, RiRi is a HUUUUGE Bron fan -- and can be seen bowing to #23 while sitting in her courtside seats at Game 1 on Thursday night. She later dabbed at someone who reportedly told her to sit down.

But the craziest part of the game was when Rihanna seemed to have screamed "BRICK" at KD during a free throw. He made the shot and stared in her direction as if to say, "Got something to say now?"

KD was asked about the incident by BSO's Robert Littal in a post-game presser -- but insisted he didn't remember throwing the eye-daggers in Rihanna's direction.

Sure ...

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

After the game, Rihanna snapped back to a Cavs/Bron hater -- "It doesn't matter bitch. The King is still the King."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

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