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Julianne Hough Marriage Is a Ditch ... Bridal Bus Breaks Down

7/10/2017 7:11 AM PDT

Julianne Hough had to pull her wedding out of a ditch ... before she successfully made it down the aisle.

The "Dancing with the Stars" judge tied the knot with NHL star Brooks Laich over the weekend in Idaho -- but it was a rough rough ride getting there. One of the coaches porting their guests to the outdoor affair ... ended up in a ditch. 

No one was hurt, and the bride and groom made it safely to the altar. Equally crucial to the big day ... Julianne's bro, Derek Hough's phone was apparently not damaged ... so he was able to text through the event.


NHL's Tyler Seguin Playmate Ex-GF Praises His Hotness ... Reshooting Her Shot?

7/3/2017 12:35 AM PDT

It's time for NHL star Tyler Seguin to LISTEN UP ... your ridiculously hot Playboy Playmate ex still has the hots for you dude ... and she let TMZ Sports know when we got her out in Hollywood.

We got Miss November 2011 Ciara Price hitting the town with some of her other Playmate friends (including Miss January 2013 Karina Marie) and peppered the ladies with a couple of fun questions.

Among them was which sport has the hottest athletes, and which athlete is the hottest of all?

The ladies agreed it was hockey ... but no one named a name EXCEPT Ciara, and her #1 hottie was Tyler Seguin, who she admitted was her ex-boyfriend.

We did some digging, and it looks like the two dated back in 2012, and from what we can see, Tyler's not totally out of her system yet.

So ... remix maybe?

Mike Comrie Rape Case Rejected Over Holes In Sodomy Claim

6/24/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Ex-NHL star Mike Comrie will NOT be charged with rape -- after prosecutors say there was reasonable doubt as to whether his accuser consented to anal sex during a sexual encounter in February. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Comrie was investigated over a Feb. 11th incident at his L.A. home in which he invited 2 women over for drinks and sex. 

The accuser told police she watched Comrie take the 1st woman into his room for sex. When they were finished, woman #1 left and the accuser then had consensual sex with Comrie.

According to official documents obtained by TMZ Sports the accuser says the sex was consensual at first ... until Comrie crossed the line by engaging in anal sex. 

The woman claims she told him to stop but he didn't -- instead, he allegedly choked her and told her she couldn't tell him what to do. The woman claims the sexual assault lasted 45 seconds.

But here's where things get messy ... investigators say the woman claims she showered after the incident and then engaged in another consensual sex act with Comrie, which she says also got rough when he slapped her in the face. 

At that point, the woman claims she jumped off the bed and started recording audio on her phone as she accused him of sexually assaulting her. 

Cops obtained the recording and say Comrie sounds heavily intoxicated but denied any wrongdoing -- insisting the accuser had consented to everything. 

The woman left Comrie's home and went to a rape treatment center -- where examiners noted a laceration to her anus. However, examiners noted the cut was consistent with both consensual and non-consensual sex.

In the end, investigators say they can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Comrie acted without believing he had consent ... and therefore they will not move forward with charges.

Pittsburgh Penguins Beer Chuggin' ... Victory Parade

6/14/2017 1:11 PM PDT

Things got nice and sloshy in Pittsburgh Wednesday -- where Penguins players and fans teamed up to chug beers right on the street during the Stanley Cup victory parade!

Players like Trevor Daley and Ian Cole slammed brews on their pickup truck -- while Jake Guentzel made a beer-swiggin' deal with fans ... I'll sign your can, if you chug the brew.

Shocker, the fan agreed to the terms of the deal.


Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Eat Dead, Raw Catfish ... After Stanley Cup Win

6/12/2017 5:58 AM PDT
Breaking News

AWESOME ... and also ... GROSS!!!

After the Pittsburgh Penguins won Lord Stanley's Cup on Sunday, fans took to the streets and celebrated by EATING RAW DEAD CATFISH!

Why, you ask?

The Penguins beat the Nashville Predators -- whose fans often throw dead catfish on the ice during games.

The eating of the dead, raw catfish is obviously symbolic -- then again, so is buying one of those fake mini-Stanley Cups and running around with that instead.

Pittsburgh PD tells us they had no arrests related to the celebration and 1 medical transport for someone who fell and hit their head.

Congrats! (And also, good luck to your toilets).

We go live to Pittsburgh where they're eating catfish

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Nashville Predators Dead Catfish Thrower ... Swimming in Charges

5/30/2017 8:35 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Nashville Predators fan who chucked a DEAD CATFISH on the ice during game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals has been hit with criminal charges ... officials say. 

Officials say 36-year-old Jacob Waddell smuggled the dead fish into PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh on Monday -- and flung it onto the ice as the Preds took on the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

FYI, the catfish toss has become a tradition at Predators home games ... so doing it on the road is really like a slap in the face to the opposing team. 

Waddell has bragged online that he snuck the fish into the arena by vacuum sealing it and stuffing it into his shorts ... then unwrapping it in a bathroom once inside. 

He unleashed the fish in the 2nd period. 

Waddell was immediately escorted out of the building -- and now, prosecutors in Pittsburgh have charged him with disorderly conduct, possessing instruments of crime and disrupting meetings/processions. 

It's kind of a big deal -- if convicted on all counts he could face around 6 years behind bars.  

The Preds lost the game 5-3, but Waddell is being hailed as a hero in Nashville ... just ask Carrie Underwood, who tweeted, "My hero."

Ex-NHL Player Dies of Apparent Heroin Overdose

4/7/2017 6:59 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-NHL player Dave Gove -- a member of the Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup team -- died this week and officials believe a heroin overdose is to blame.

Gove struggled with addiction and had entered a rehab facility in Pittsburgh. He was reportedly found dead at the treatment center on Wednesday with bags of heroin near his body, according to KDKA.

Gove only played briefly in the NHL before becoming a coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins minor league hockey team in West Virginia.

While Gove wasn't a star on the Hurricanes, he did get a Stanley Cup ring -- which he eventually auctioned off in 2015.

He was 38.

Mike Comrie Investigated for Rape

2/15/2017 1:00 AM PST

Former NHL star Mike Comrie -- once married to Hilary Duff -- is under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly raping a woman at his L.A. home, but he claims it was consensual  ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the woman claims she met up with Comrie at a bar Saturday night and went back to his West L.A. condo. She claims he raped her multiple times.

The woman says she almost immediately went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center nearby, and a rape kit was administered.  

Sources connected with Comrie say he's known the woman for a long time and acknowledges he had sex with her, but insists she gave full consent. The sources also say the encounter was a 3-way and the other woman has not filed any complaint.

We're told so far Comrie has not spoken to cops.

NHL's Corey Crawford Justin Bieber Is Legit At Hockey ... I Probably Couldn't Stop Him

1/30/2017 2:00 PM PST

How good is Justin Bieber at hockey? So good that an NHL goalie thinks he'd be helpless to stop the scoring machine from Toronto.

Bieber again showed his ice skills this past weekend ... scoring a pretty sick goal in the celebrity game during the NHL's All-Star festivities ... and getting roughed up a little too.

We got Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford -- an All-Star himself -- out at LAX and asked him if Justin would've gotten his point had Crawford been in goal.

If you thought he was gonna diss Bieber ... it's not too late to say you're sorry.

Fifth Harmony Singer Treated By Paramedics Cancel NHL All-Star Anthem

1/29/2017 3:48 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Fifth Harmony canceled their singing gig at the NHL All-Star game after Dinah became sick and had to be treated by paramedics ... TMZ has learned.

Sources at The Staples Center tell us the girls were prepping to sing the National Anthem at Saturday's game when Dinah fell physically ill. We're told someone from the dressing room asked for paramedics who put Dinah on a stretcher.

Our sources say Dinah was evaluated by EMTs but the decision was ultimately made not to transport her to a hospital.

We're told the foursome left the arena together. 

Erin Andrews I Almost Ruined My Fiance's Proposal ... Here's How

1/14/2017 12:25 AM PST

Listen up, ladies ... Erin Andrews is about to tell you how she almost messed up one of the sweetest storybook proposals of all time ... and the culprit was HER FEAR.

We got the future Mrs. Jarret Stoll out at LAX ... and she talked to our photog about the super precious Disneyland proposal she got from the NHL star.

What you didn't know is that it almost got TOTALLY SCREWED UP ... and there was one ride at the Happiest Place On Earth that would've been to blame.

Watch, learn, then head to Anaheim and ride the ride 'cause it's awesome.

NHL's Florida Panthers Stanley Panther Sues How Could You Fire a Depressed Mascot???

12/24/2016 12:35 AM PST

Stanley Panther says he was BETRAYED by his own NHL team -- claiming he was unfairly fired as the team mascot after a serious bout with depression because the honchos didn't like his attitude.

The man behind the lawsuit is Raphael Estevez -- who says he was hired to play Stanley full-time in 2012 and everything was cheertastic until March 2016 ... when he was hospitalized for depression. 

Estevez says he missed a week of work -- and when he came back, he was treated like an outcast ... and was falsely accused of taking money from fans and having a major attitude problem. 

Estevez says he was removed from the Panthers "Energy Team" -- and was later fired in April. 

In the lawsuit, Estevez says he believes he was fired for his disability -- essentially saying the team didn't want a depressed guy in charge of pumping up the crowd.  

He's suing for unspecified damages. We called the Panthers for comment, so far no word back. 

Rick Fox I Told You So ... League of Legends Is Bigger Than NHL

12/10/2016 12:05 AM PST

Rick Fox is serving up a big "I Told You So" to anyone who balked at his prediction League of Legends would outgrow the NHL ... and says their recent historic sell out of Staples Center is proof he was right.

We had talked to Fox a little while ago at LAX (guy flies more than Superman) and he'd told us he thinks eSports has a chance to pass the NHL as the nation's fourth sport.

Some balked at the idea ... but that was before the recent League of Legends championships sold out Staples center in an incredible 45 minutes and drew 36 million viewers ... something that doesn't happen in the NHL.

When we got Fox -- who, of course, owns an eSports team -- at LAX ... it was time for the 3 time champion to win another ring ... at gloating.

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