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Blackhawks to Bieber

We Forgive U

For Being a Logo-Desecrating Dumbass

7/10/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chicago Blackhawks aren't holding a grudge against Justin Bieber for trampling their beloved logo yesterday -- a crime punishable by death in some fan circles -- telling TMZ, Bieber didn't realize he was violating intergalactic hockey law.

In case you didn't know, Bieber -- who is supposed to be Canadian -- was taking pictures of the Stanley Cup in the Blackhawks locker room when he stood squarely on the team's hallowed Native American head logo.

FYI, not only is it a HUGE Blackhawks superstition not to step on the logo ... it's also an unwritten rule on any hockey team: never tread on the team logo.

But a rep for the Blackhawks says it's water under the bridge -- telling us, Bieber "did accidentally step on the logo but was immediately asked to step off and was extremely sorry as soon as he realized what he did."

Unfortunately, he's still not sorry for pissing in that mop bucket.

Bieber with Stanley Cup

'Hawks Fans PISSED

Because It's the Cup

7/10/2013 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Justin Bieber is bringing sports fans together ... IN OUTRAGE -- because he dared to pose with Lord Stanley's trophy in the Chicago Blackhawks locker room!!!

A 'Hawks exec tweeted the pic last night of JB touching the Stanley Cup -- arguably the most revered trophy in sports -- with a customized Bieber jersey in the background.

The response was immediate ... and angry:
- If I see one more picture of bieber touching the cup I might just cut my own jugular #embarrassing

- And this is why I will kick the crap out of Justin Bieber! You do not touch the cup! You don't deserve to touch it!

- Bieber takin a pic w the cup and gettin a personalized blackhawks jersey is complete garbage. Where did your bruins flat brim go?
That last one refers to the night we spotted Bieber in a Boston Bruins cap ... right before they started playing the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Listen, Chicago ... just be glad he didn't pee in it.

Chicago Blackhawks

Stanley Cup Celebration

Was Carnivore Heaven

6/25/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


The Chicago Blackhawks partied hard after their dramatic Stanley Cup victory over the Boston Bruins, and lived by that old adage -- to the victor goes lots and lots of meats!!!

Stanley Cup MVP Patrick Kane and the rest of the team headed straight to the famous Harry Caray's Steakhouse once they arrived back in Chi-town early Tuesday morning -- and our 'hawks sources gave up all the deets on their feast:

- Crab cakes
- Lamb chops
- Mini "holy cow" burgers
- Chicken vesuvio (the house special)

Remember, they were eating all this at ... 4:30 AM!!

No word on how much the celebration meal cost -- but the team picked up the tab. We're told this is the exact same menu the Blackhawks had when they last won the cup in 2010.

Superstition ... it's delicious!

Porn Star Taylor Stevens

I Can SAVE the L.A. Kings

... with My Boobs

6/4/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604_taylor_svens_LA_kings_boobs_launch_v2Porn star Taylor Stevens knows ... if the L.A. Kings are going to come back from an 0-2 deficit in the Western Conference finals, they're gonna need her boobs to distract the Chicago Blackhawks -- and tonight, she's READY TO STEP UP!!!

FYI -- Taylor has become a master distractor at the Kings games ... strategically sitting behind the opposing team's bench (with cans in full view) in the hopes of taking the players' minds off the game ... and it's worked in the past.

So, with the Kings' championship hopes on the line ... Taylor tells TMZ she's carefully selected her battle threads for Game 3 in L.A. tonight ... and judging from the pics, it's clear she means business.

Tom Cruise & David Beckham

The Kings Game Face-Off

5/29/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0528_tom_connor_beckham_gettyIt was Team Cruise vs. Team Beckham at the L.A. Kings game last night.

Wearing father and son leathers, Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise watched the Kings beat the San Jose Sharks sitting alongside David and Victoria Beckham and their kids Romeo, Cruz, Brooklyn and adorable little Harper Beckham.

While the two A-list broods have no rivalry and have been good friends since back when Katie Holmes was still in the picture, Team Cruise clearly had the better seats in the house.

Even after all of David's hard work, soccer still gets no respect in the States.

L.A. Kings Announcer

Hey Keyshawn ...


5/29/2013 5:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052913_beiber_kings_launchEveryone watches hockey for the fights ... and last night, the L.A. Kings announcer did his part to set up Keyshawn vs. Bieber by calling out JB during the live broadcast.

Right before the 3rd period, the camera found Bieber and some pals sitting rinkside at last night's Game 7 between the Kings and the Sharks (Go Kings Go!).

The announcer -- clearly abreast of the whole "Keyshawn Johnson vs. Justin Bieber Showdown in Calabasas" -- had a personal message for Key ... come and get him, HE'S RIGHT HERE!!!! 

Unfortunately, Keyshawn didn't show up ... we're guessing he's not a big hockey fan.



For Show Being Cancelled!

5/13/2013 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Here's the setup ... reporter spots Matthew Perry at the L.A. Kings game on Friday night, hours after NBC made a huge announcement about Perry's show, "Go On."

Reporter decides to CONGRATULATE Perry on the announcement, LIVE on the air.

Problem is ... the announcement was that NBC had CANCELLED the show (whoops!).

What ensues is nothing short of HILARITY.

"You know, the show that I was doing was really getting in the way of Kings games," Perry deadpanned.


Props to Awful Announcing & Danny Deraney for finding this gem.

Gretzky's Daughter's Boobs


Outside L.A. Nightclub

2/21/2013 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Good thing body checking's legal in hockey ... because Wayne Gretzky's smoking hot daughter Paulina showed off her overflowing bosom last night in L.A. ... and everyone was looking.

24-year-old Paulina's breasts made their appearance at Bootsy Bellows nightclub -- somehow strapped inside a tiny red dress.

Remind us ... what's the penalty for high-sticking?


Lakers Owner Jerry Buss

Dies in L.A. Hospital

2/18/2013 7:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jerry Buss -- owner of the Los Angeles Lakers -- died early this morning at the age of 80.

Buss had been hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. for the past few months due to a previously undisclosed intestinal problem ... though it was revealed yesterday he'd been battling cancer the entire time.

After starting his career as a chemist, Buss soon found his true calling in the real estate biz ... snapping up properties all over L.A. before moving on to the sporting world.

In 1979, Buss made history when he purchased the Lakers, the L.A. Kings and The Forum for $67.5 million -- at that time, the largest transaction in sports.

Under his ownership, Buss watched dozens of all-time greats -- including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant -- win the Lakers 10 NBA Championships. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Buss was also an avid poker player ... and appeared on several TV shows, including "High Stakes Poker" and "Poker After Dark."

He is survived by his six children.


Manti Te'o

Hockey Team Pokes Fun

at Girlfriend Hoax

1/20/2013 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0120_manti_scoreboardManti Te'o has been the butt of jokes since the fake-dead-girlfriend hoax was revealed this week ... but now even an NHL team is getting in on the act.

The Dallas Stars flashed an empty seat on the big screen during their opening night game on Saturday, with the caption, "Manti Te'o's girlfriend -- Welcome to the game!"

The team even tweeted about it, saying, "Our cameras at AAC are sharp! They just caught Manti Te'o's girlfriend in section 125 on the jumbotron!"


Wayne Gretzky

No, You Can't

Date My Daughter

11/2/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Wayne Gretzky tells TMZ ... the NHL has GOT to figure out a way to end the lockout and bring hockey back ASAP.

He also made it clear that we can't date his daughter.

Wayne was out in L.A. yesterday ... and told us he doesn't have any solutions to get pro hockey up and running again ... but says, "Hopefully they get it worked out though ... we need hockey back."

"It's disappointing for everybody," Wayne added.

And while he was there, our photog asked for permission to date Wayne's super hot daughter Paulina. Permission was not granted.

And if you're not familiar with her work, enjoy the photo below ...


Chicago Hockey Legend


Jay Cutler Jersey [VIDEO]

9/24/2012 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092412-chris-chelios-launch-v3Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler might officially be the most hated man in the Windy City -- because last night, one of Chicago's most storied sports legends turned his back on the guy ... TORCHING Cutler's jersey inside a bar.

The video was shot inside Stanley's Kitchen and Tap in Downtown Chicago -- showing Chicago Blackhawks legend Chris Chelios lighting Jay's jersey on fire while some hot chick dangles it from her fingers.

One source inside the bar tells us Chris lit the jersey then said, Cutler's "nothing but a bitch."

FYI -- Cutler has been under heavy fire in Chicago from Bears fans who think he's not just a terrible QB ... but a cancer in the locker room who's bringing down the team.

Cutler's performance on Sunday didn't do much to win over his critics -- Jay had a very underwhelming performance in the Bears victory over the Rams ... throwing an interception and ZERO touchdowns.

We reached out to Chelios for comment -- so far, no word back.

Derek Boogaard

Dead NHL Star's Parents

File $9.8 Million Lawsuit

9/21/2012 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_derek_boogaard_gettyThe parents of former NHL player Derek Boogaard -- who died last year -- have filed a $9.8 million lawsuit against the NHL Player's Association, claiming the org. FAILED to take the proper steps to help them collect the balance on Derek's NHL contract after he passed away.

28-year-old Derek died on May 13, 2011 from a fatal mixture of drugs and alcohol.

In the lawsuit, Derek's parents claim he was addicted to prescription pills at the time of his death ... partly because he had been prescribed "a multitude of narcotics and sleeping pills by both the team doctors, physicians, trainers, and dentists of the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild."

Because Derek's parents believe the NHL teams are partly responsible for their son's death, they turned to the NHL PA which promised to help them file a grievance to get the Rangers to pay out the rest of Derek's multi-million dollar 4-year contract with the team.

But, according to the lawsuit, the NHL PA failed to file the grievance by the required deadline, so the Boogaards were unable to collect ... and now the Boogaards are PISSED.

Derek's parents are demanding the NHL PA make things right by shelling out the $4.8 million PLUS $5 million in punitive damages.

A rep for the NHLPA tells TMZ, "We are saddened to read reports that the parents of the late Derek Boogaard have filed a lawsuit against the NHLPA. We have not been served with or seen a copy of the complaint, but we are confident that there is no meritorious claim that can be made against the NHLPA in regard to Derek's tragic death. It is not appropriate to comment further at this time."

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