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2/8/2016 12:20 AM PST

Craig Kirkwood is best known for playing Titans' quarterback Jerry 'Rev' Harris -- opposite Denzel Washington -- in the 2000 drama "Remember the Titans." Guess what he looks like now!

Mardi Gras Man Boobs Guess Whose Fat Tuesday Twins

2/8/2016 12:01 AM PST

This award-winning actor has no shame in letting it all hang loose as he parades through the streets of Los Angeles. Can you guess the guy behind the Fat Tuesday ta-tas?

23 Disgusting Photos From Wing Eating Competition

2/8/2016 12:01 AM PST

The annual wing eating contest in Philadelphia took place over the weekend proving once again that the most important part of the Super Bowl is in fact the food.

Chow down on these stomach turning Wing Bowl photos to see the contestants crush the competition to make you feel a little bit better about the damage you did yesterday.


Steven Spielberg If Only I Would Have Kept that House ...

2/7/2016 12:40 AM PST

Steven Spielberg may have the same regrets everyone over 40 feels about selling that house back in the day ... because had he held on to his Malibu estate 6 months longer he might have scored an additional 9 million bucks!!!

Steven unloaded his 7,200 square foot beachfront estate back in August for $26 million. He made a handsome profit because he bought the 7 bedroom 10 bathroom home -- with a theater and a pool -- for around $6.6 million in 2 separate transactions ... he got on lot in '89 and another in 2000.

Well 6 months later hot-shot realtor Chris Cortazzo from Coldwell Banker in Malibu listed the same property for $35 million.

There is something to soften the blow. Steven's reportedly worth $3.6 billion.

FUN FACT:  The house was listed as a summer rental over the years for $125,000. A little pricier than a Winnebago.

Celebrity Scramble GUESS WHO!

2/7/2016 7:36 AM PST

Even with a far out face, this crazy cool crasher can still play like a champion. Can you guess the goofy guy behind the luscious locks?

Miles vs. Sir Purr Who'd Win In A Fight?

2/7/2016 12:00 AM PST

It's a Super Bowl brawl!

Here’s the Denver Broncos mule mascot "Miles" galloping through the gridiron (left) -- and the Carolina Panthers' ferocious feline “Sir Purr” cradling the football on the sidelines (right).

While no one knows which NFL team will win the Vince Lombardi Trophy -- we gotta ask ...

TMZ Staff Picks What's Your Favorite Halftime Performance?

2/6/2016 12:00 AM PST

While everyone in the world waits to see if Beyonce makes good on the boob bet ... we couldn't stop discussing which Super Bowl halftime performances busted out in our mind -- and we made a quick gallery of our stand-out shows for your viewing pleasure.

What's the Big Frigin' DIFFERENCE!?

2/5/2016 11:59 PM PST

Greg Olsen is all business on the field as the Panther prepares to take center stage at the Super Bowl ... scramble through and see if you can pick out the differences between these two similar snaps. 

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Miley Cyrus Buys New Pad For Private Time With Liam

2/5/2016 1:54 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Miley Cyrus dropped major cash to buy a Malibu home, right next to Liam Hemsworth ... which doesn't mean she's moving out of his place -- it actually looks like they're expanding. 

Reports surfaced Thursday that Miley's new pad signaled a split, but we've learned it's the exact opposite. The house is officially 0.2 miles from Liam's, but in reality their driveways actually butt up against each other.

Our sources tell us Miley's new place will be her primary address ... with most of her stuff, including her bed. But the real reason for the purchase -- QT with Liam. 

We're told Liam's 3 bedroom home has become overcrowded with guests -- Liam has a bunch of Aussie buddies who've been crashing there. Throw in Miley and her 5 dogs and things get messy.

So, Miley reportedly spent $2.5 mil to get some immediate alone time with Liam -- but in the future they could be building their own compound.

Guess Who This Mini Baller Turned Into!

2/5/2016 12:20 AM PST

Before this pop warner kid was poppin' his collar as a pro athlete, he was just another sharp dressed kid posing for pics in Spring Valley, California. Can you guess who he is?

Celebrate Nutella Day With Instagram's Nuttiest Account

2/5/2016 12:02 AM PST

In honor of World Nutella Day we’re bringing you a full spread of Instagram’s nuttiest account. See @Wardere take on the town with his silky smooth sidekick as they approach every day activities with the jar half full.


Guess The Sexy Referee See Whose Football Fashion

2/5/2016 12:01 AM PST

This hot referee should receive a penalty for looking this good ... Can you guess the striped star sportin’ the lacy lingerie?

Super ... Bowl Cuts See The Mane Event

2/5/2016 12:01 AM PST

See the stars who scored major points with their super ... bowl cuts! 

Bowl hair, don't care. 

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