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Frances Cobain vs. Taylor Momsen Who'd You Rather?

10/30/2015 12:01 AM PDT

1030_rather_goth_launchIt's a duel of the dark stars.

Two of Hollywood’s most mysterious mademoiselle’s Frances Bean Cobain (23) and Taylor Momsen (22)  were both photographed rockin’ their dreary drapes.

The question is ... 

Guess the Dino Dog See Whose Halloween Hound!

10/30/2015 12:01 AM PDT


We’re going mad over this A-list actress’ adorably dressed-up dino ... Can you guess who this tail-wagging T-Rex belongs to?


10/30/2015 12:01 AM PDT


Richard O'Brien is best known for playing Riff Raff in the 1975 cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Guess what he looks like now!

Celebrity Jack-O-Lanterns Guess Whose Grisly Gourds!

10/30/2015 12:01 AM PDT


Celebs got into the Halloween spirit and shared their amateur pumpkin carving skills on Instagram.

Can you guess which famous folks are the proud owners of these pumpkin pics in our gallery of gourds?!


Guess Whose Sexy Angel Costume ... See the Country Crooner

10/30/2015 12:01 AM PDT


This sexy singer is known for having the voice of an angel. Can you guess who the country crooner is?

Robbie Williams My New Beverly Hills Compound Has 22 Bathrooms!!!

10/29/2015 12:40 AM PDT

0106-robbie-williams-mansion-AKMGSI-01Robbie Williams is pop royalty overseas, so to make himself at home in the U.S. he's looking for around 2 dozen thrones.

Williams just bought a new home in Beverly Hills and everything about it is HUGE. For starters, the place is 24,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.

There's a gym, tennis court and pool with an adjacent pool house that's big enough to be mistaken for the main residence. 

Also huge is the price tag. Robbie purchased the mansion for $32 million ... still a bargain considering the seller wanted $38 million.

Disneyland Mickey's Selling the Farm Rare Collectibles Up for Auction

10/29/2015 12:30 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

1028_disney_auction_items_launchIf your life is unfulfilled because you never got to ride Disneyland's Space Mountain in your underwear ... redemption is near, because a ton of park treasures are hitting the auction block.

Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, CA has some incredible Disneyland swag from over the years ... not just old store merchandise, but actual installments and attractions from the park!

The owner of the gallery gave us a rundown of the big ticket items: 

-- Space Mountain ride vehicle, which flashes lights and plays the actual music from the ride, expected to go for $60,000

-- One of the original benches from Main Street, expected to fetch $10,000

-- Jack Skellington head from the Haunted Mansion holiday version, expected to sell for $40,000

The pièce de résistance though, may be the actual PeopleMover ride vehicle ... complete with power roof and soundtrack from the original ride, if you're willing to bid as high as $300,000.

The auction kicks off November 21 ... and if you get the Space Mountain rocket, put down a towel.


10/29/2015 12:20 AM PDT

1026_sleepawaycamp_memba_launchFelissa Rose is best known for playing the timid yet sneaky killer Angela Baker in the 1983 cult slasher flick “Sleepaway Camp." Guess what she looks like now!

Guess The Taut Torso See Whose Sexy Selfie!

10/29/2015 12:01 AM PDT


You can look, but you can’t touch! This Total Diva is fighting her way to the top, and with abs like these, we won’t stop her. Can you guess whose amazing abs these belong to?

National Cat Day 13 Purrfect Sexy Stars As Black Cats

10/29/2015 12:01 AM PDT


National Cat Day and Halloween fall in the same week ... Coincidence? We think not.

We’ve combined the best of both worlds to bring you the sexiest celebrities in cat costumes. Don’t let your black cat superstition get the best of you and check out the gallery ... if you dare.


NBA's Glen Rice Jr. Bloody and Wounded Gunshot Pics ... Taken Moments After Shooting

10/28/2015 10:35 AM PDT

1028_glen_rice_blood_shot_photos_launchTMZ Sports has obtained photos showing ex-NBA player Glen Rice Jr. moments after he was shot in the leg during a dispute at T.I.'s Atlanta restaurant... as Rice was trying to flee the scene. 

You can see the blood streaming down Rice's left leg -- staining his shorts -- as he ran toward a waiting black Porsche ... which was later pulled over by police. 

As we previously reported, cops believe Rice ditched a gun on a stairwell on his way to the Porsche. The Porsche was pulled over soon after Glen got inside -- and he was arrested for weed possession and reckless conduct. 

As for the shooting, so far cops have not arrested the person they believe fired and struck Rice Jr

Brandon Jenner I Don't Believe in Car Jinx

10/28/2015 9:36 AM PDT

1028_brandon_jenner_Caitlyn_old_escalade_launchBrandon Jenner is clearly not superstitious .... because he got his dad's hand-me-down SUV -- the one that triggered a fatal car crash.

We're told Caitlyn gave her son the Escalade after it underwent some serious body work.  

Brandon needed a safe ride because he's now carting around a wife and new baby. The SUV is certainly road tested. It smashed into 2 cars on PCH in February ... a Lexus and a Prius, yet the damage wasn't enough to total it.

It passed the crash test for sure ... still a little weird.



10/28/2015 12:10 AM PDT

1027_guess_batman_launchBefore this baby Bruce Wayne was striking out batters in the World Series he was just another comic loving kid dressed up as Batman in Mystic, Connecticut. Can you guess who he is?!

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