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Batmobiles on Parade in L.A. ... Even the Crappy One

4/2/2012 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
0402_batman_launch_v12The batcave was missing a few whips this weekend ... 'cause nearly every official Batmobile featured in a "Batman" movie was on display in L.A. ... and TMZ has the video.

It all went down at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank ... right near the Warner Bros. lot ... where 3 of the coolest rides in movie history rolled in ... followed by one of the crappier versions.

George Barris -- the guy who designed the original Batmobile featured on the TV show and the 1966 live-action movie -- led the convoy in the original classic car.

Among the rest ... the batmobile from Tim Burton's "Batman" movies ... Christopher Nolan's version from "Dark Knight" ... and the abomination from Joel Schumacher's "Batman Forever" (bottom left).


'Dark Knight' Mystery Machine The BADASS Close-Up Pics SPOILER ALERT!!!

8/14/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the big secret on the "Dark Knight Rises" set -- a giant armored jet thing spotted careening around the streets of Pittsburgh -- but so far, no one's seen it up close in nerdgasmic detail ... UNTIL NOW.

TMZ obtained the recent pictures of what appear to be Batman's updated Batwing for the new movie -- and if you look closely ... you can even see a Batman dummy through the windshield.

The original Batwing first appeared in Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" movie -- starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

Check out the video below to see the new maybe-Batwing in action.

Batmobile BREAKS DOWN in Canada On Tape!

8/10/2011 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Batman is SUPPOSED to be a master of all things mechanical -- but last weekend in Toronto, some bat-impostor ruined the Dark Knight's good reputation ... when his replica Batmobile overheated on the side of the road.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, it wasn't the REAL Batman -- though the man's receding hairline bears a striking resemblance to Michael Keaton -- it was some Canadian superfan with a lot of time on his hands.

Where's Alfred when you need him?

Danny DeVito Talks Penguin Replacement

5/12/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
With a new "Batman" movie in the works -- Danny DeVito already has a great suggestion about who should resurrect his famous Penguin role ... somebody who's a total punk.

Danny -- along with his wife Rhea Perlman and his "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" co-star Charlie Day -- were leaving dinner in Beverly Hills last night when they fired off a list of possible Oswald Cobblepot contenders ... before settling on the "perfect" guy.

We also asked Danny how he enjoyed that Deadmau5 show at Coachella -- and he said with a smirk, "I always enjoy Coachella."

Alleged 'Catwoman' Thief Pleads Not Guilty

12/10/2009 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Alleged 'Catwoman' Thief Pleads Not GuiltyRobert Ouriel -- the guy accused of robbing the actress famous for playing Catwoman -- just pled not guilty to grand theft.

Ouriel was recently arrested for allegedly stealing $25,000 worth of jewelry from Julie Newmar back in 2008.

The case was busted wide open when Newmar -- a crime fighter in her own right -- saw the stolen items on eBay and notified police ... who were able to track them back to Ouriel.

If convicted, Ouriel -- a former acquaintance of Newmar -- faces up to 3 years in prison.

'Catwoman' Actress Busts Alleged Jewel Thief

12/9/2009 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
'Catwoman' Actress Busts Alleged Jewel ThiefCatwoman is now a crime fighter ... or at least the woman who played Catwoman is.

Cops apprehended a man suspected of stealing $25,000 worth of jewelry from Julie Newmar's home back in 2008 -- and authorities say the actress is responsible for cracking the case.

According to law enforcement sources, 76-year-old Newmar -- who played Catwoman on the old "Batman" TV show -- was trolling through the Internet recently, when she "discovered the items for sale on Ebay."

Authorities say they were able to track the items back to a man named Robert Ouriel -- a former acquaintance of Newmar. Ouriel was eventually arrested and charged with grand theft -- if convicted he faces up to 3 years in prison.

The lesson: You mess with the kitty, you get the claws.

Catwoman & Batman: Old Friends

10/20/2009 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Holy time warp, Batman!

Julie Newmar and Adam West

Julie Newmar, 76, and Adam West, 81 -- the original Catwoman and Batman from the campy '60s TV series -- came out of their bat caves and joined forces in Gotham this weekend.

The sight of the dynamic duo together is utterly stunning.

Philip Rivers Is Batman!?

10/7/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Here is Philip Rivers of the San Diego Super Chargers (left) -- and Adam West (right) who is best known for playing Batman back in the '60s.

Phillip Rivers Adam West

One of them lives in a cave and secretly wears tights.

We're just sayin'.

Batman #4 Schools Batman #7 on People Skills

2/2/2009 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Not every Batman is a raging, angry lunatic -- in fact, the caped crusader who launched the movie franchise, Michael Keaton, was the coolest cat ever when almost every person at the Tampa airport approached him for a picture.

FYI -- Here's the list: Wilson, Lowery, West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale

"Dark Knight" -- Too Spicy for China

12/26/2008 3:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Seems everyone in the world has seen "The Dark Knight" –- everyone except about a billion Chinese folks.

That's because "DK" hasn't been released by Warner Bros. in mainland China, reports the Huffington Post, because of "prerelease conditions" and "cultural sensitivities." There's a scene that takes place in Hong Kong where Batman corrals a gangster, and another involving a famous actor who got caught up in a sex-pic scandal, and those scenes may have worried the studio.

Of course, as HuffPost points out, bootlegs have been available for months in China.

Christian Bale: The Double Life is Killing Me

7/20/2008 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
After once again being mobbed by hordes of Batman-loving fans, Christian Bale was showing signs of autograph fatigue at LAX.

Christian Bale: "Batman" is Gonna Bite It!

7/14/2008 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The mob that smothered Christian Bale in NYC had a laugh when he gave his prediction for how "Batman" was gonna perform.

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