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Rich the Kid Gets Up to Pee ... Manager Gets Arrested On Flight

1/9/2018 1:17 PM PST

Newsflash for Rich the Kid's road manager -- urine big trouble ... but he probably knows that already because he got busted at LAX after a bathroom-related incident on the flight.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... the rapper allegedly got up to use the bathroom moments after his American Airlines flight touched down Tuesday in L.A., but before it reached the gate.

We're told flight attendants told Rich he needed to sit back down while they were taxiing, but he refused and then his road manager got involved. He allegedly got into an argument with flight attendants and threatened, "I will cut your head off."

Police met both men at the gate, and RtK posted video of the interaction, claiming he'd been racially profiled. Rich was not arrested, but his road manager was booked for misdemeanor criminal threats.

American Airlines denies any racial profiling went down.

Russell Simmons 2 More Rape Accusers File Police Reports

1/9/2018 10:42 AM PST

1/10/18 -- Simmons tells us, "I vehemently deny all these allegations. These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core. I am blessed to have shared extraordinary relationships, whether through work or love, with many great women; and I have enormous respect for the women's movement worldwide and their struggle for respect, dignity, equality and power."

He continues, "I am devastated by any reason I may have given anyone to say or think of me in the ways that are currently being described. The presumption of innocent until proven guilty must not be replaced by 'Guilty by Accusation.'"Russell Simmons has 2 more rape allegations to deal with, because we've learned 2 women have gone to police and filed criminal complaints ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the two women filed police reports with the NYPD late last month, alleging the music mogul raped them in 1983 and 1991, respectively.

One of those women is Sherri Hines, who appeared on Megyn Kelly's show in December. She told cops Simmons raped her at his office in '83 ... which jibes with what she said on the show.

The other woman -- who remains anonymous -- claims Simmons raped her at his Manhattan residence after they'd gone out on a date in '91. She was 32 at the time, and alleges he tried taking off her dress while sitting on a couch, and then pushed her down and forcibly raped her when she rejected his advances.

The total number of women accusing Simmons of sexual misconduct was 13 -- the anonymous woman makes it 14. Russell has denied all previous claims against him -- and, as we've reported, he even took and passed a polygraph in an attempt to refute at least one of the allegations.

The NYPD is already investigating Simmons for at least 7 claims of sexual misconduct.

We've reached out to Russ' camp about the latest accusations ... they had no comment.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Managers Strike Back ... You Owe Us Over $180k!!!

1/9/2018 10:24 AM PST

Adore Delano from "RuPaul's Drag Race" wasn't stiffed by his ex-managers -- he actually owes THEM a lot of dough ... or so they claim in a new countersuit.

Delano's managers at Producer Entertainment Group say the drag queen failed to pay them at least $180,000 in management fees.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, PEG says they're entitled to collect 20 percent off of Delano's concert, YouTube and merch revenues. They also say they believe he's made about $100k from YouTube alone, and about $800k from online and tour merch.

In addition to denying Delano's original allegations, PEG claims Delano hasn't paid them their fair share of that cash. They're asking a judge for at least $180k, and then some in interest. 

Usher Herpes Accuser Insurance Companies Outed My Medical Info

1/9/2018 10:00 AM PST

One of the the women who sued Usher for allegedly giving her herpes, is now suing insurance companies ... claiming they outed her medical records.

Laura Helm is going after the insurers because she says her application for insurance ended up in a blog post which revealed her "private sensitive health information." According to the suit, Laura filed her application with an insurance broker -- representing 3 companies -- on July 31, 2017.

In the suit, Laura says the broker took screenshots of her application and gave them to the blog. She's suing the 3 companies ... United Heathcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana and Golden Rule Insurance Company -- as well as the blog.

Laura also claims the blog defamed her by saying she committed insurance fraud. 

Helm initially sued Usher anonymously in July. The blog posts with her medical info were published in August -- and she only revealed her name in docs subsequently filed in September.

As we first reported, Helm dismissed the lawsuit against Usher.

'Pretty Little Liars' Star Lucy Hale Home Burglarized Over $15k of Goods Stolen

1/9/2018 12:20 AM PST

Lucy Hale is out at least $15,000, and probably even more, after her home was hit by burglars ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the "Pretty Little Liars" actress' San Fernando Valley home was broken into and burglarized very early Friday morning. We're told the perp smashed through one of her front windows and stole jewelry and purses currently valued in excess of $15k -- but that number is likely to go up once full inventory is taken.

Lucy was not home at the time of the break-in. We're also told her alarm was on, and all signs point to this being a random hit ... not a case of burglars targeting a specific celeb. 

That jibes with the string of burglaries over the last year -- which, as we've told you, cops believe are being carried out by professionals looking for nice houses. Celebs just seem to be casualties getting hit along the way.

Kathy Griffin Trump Beheading Has NO Place in Neighbor War

1/8/2018 2:19 PM PST

Kathy Griffin's drawing a line in her court battle with her neighbor ... and it has to do with the infamous Trump beheading image.

Kathy filed docs in the ongoing war with Jeffrey Mezger, asking the court to block him from dragging her comedy act into their court case. According to the docs, Mezger wants Kathy's act -- including the photo of her holding the "bloodied" Trump head -- to be used as exhibits.

Kathy says it's a blatant attempt to turn the case into a trial about her personality ... rather than focusing on the threats Mezger allegedly hurled at Kathy and her boyfriend.

In addition, Kathy says her home security cameras -- which Mezger complains invade his privacy -- are not hidden, and incapable of capturing any of Mezger's private conversations ... as he claimed. The judge ruled that Kathy can't use her security footage. 

The judge still has to rule on the other motion.

Mattel Sued You Toyed With Us 'Toy Box' Show is a Ripoff!!!

1/8/2018 1:24 PM PST

1/9/18 -- A rep for Mattel says, "We are very proud of The Toy Box, and we continue to be gratified by the positive reactions the program generates from viewers of all ages. As for this lawsuit, we believe it is totally without merit."

Mattel played some dirty pool to get a popular reality show about toys on the air ... so claims a jilted production company in a new lawsuit.

Herrick Productions is suing the toy giant claiming Mattel strung them along with meetings about a show called, "Playmakers," but ultimately kicked them to the curb to produce "The Toy Box" ... which is now on ABC.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, HP says Mattel stole its concept of having inventors pitch their toys to child judges. Mattel would then manufacture the toy. It's eerily similar to the 'Toy Box' premise featuring a panel of child judges and the winning toy is produced and distributed by Mattel.

HP says it had numerous meetings with Mattel execs, but the toy company ultimately didn't move forward due to financial concerns -- and said it would get back to HP when things changed.

HP says that call never came, and it lost out on hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Blac Chyna Kardashians Are Using Their Power To Destroy Me

1/8/2018 11:37 AM PST

Blac Chyna says leaving the Kardashians is like leaving Scientology ... they make your life hell.

Chyna just filed legal docs in her lawsuit against Kim, Kris and Rob, claiming they sabotaged the reality show, "Rob & Chyna."

Chyna says in her docs, "The unwritten rule no one told (her) when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down, including getting your television show cancelled (despite great ratings), spreading lies about you, and even funding a bogus lawsuit about a crumbled gingerbread house."

She goes on to say the family was intent on destroying her career so she would not compete with them commercially or on social media.

The Kardashians have asked the judge to throw the case out, saying the reason the show was canceled was Chyna's fault because she got a restraining order against Rob prohibiting them from having any interaction.

Bam Margera Arrested for DUI After Close Encounter with Cops

1/8/2018 7:48 AM PST

Bam Margera got busted Sunday morning for DUI, and he made it pretty easy for cops to make the arrest ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Bam drove past CHP officers who were in the middle of stopping someone else, and when he slowed down, cops saw him on his phone, and told him to pull over. When the officers spoke to the "Jackass" star, we're told they detected a strong scent of alcohol.

Cops gave him a field sobriety test, and he took a Breathalyzer before they booked him for DUI. His bail was set at $15k -- about $10k more than usual -- but he was eventually released around 2:30 PM on his own recognizance. 

This is Bam's first DUI arrest, but he's battled alcohol abuse for years. Just last year, he spoke about embracing sobriety. He and his wife had a son in December.

You'll recall his friend Ryan Dunn was killed while drunk driving in 2011.

O.J. Simpson Threatens $100 Million Lawsuit For Getting Booted From Vegas Hotel

1/5/2018 10:37 PM PST
Breaking News

O.J. Simpson and his legal team are gearing up for a massive lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for permanently booting him from the premises.

Simpson's attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, said in a letter Friday O.J. will seek at least $100 million after he says the casino, "singled out Mr. Simpson amongst his non-African American friends and subsequently expelled him for what turned out to be a fake reason while he peacefully visited the Cosmopolitan."

TMZ broke the story, The Cosmo announced the ban in November after Simpson visited the property and allegedly got wasted and acted unruly.  

Donnell Rawlings All But Cleared In Assault Case at Dave Chappelle Concert

1/6/2018 12:10 AM PST

The Dave Chappelle fan who caught a beating, allegedly at the hands of Donnell Rawlings, will not get the justice he initially sought ... and it's his own fault.

Sources familiar with the case tell us ... prosecutors were trying to build a prosecutable case against Donnell for the incident that went down last August after Chappelle's show. The fan -- Thurston Greer -- claims all he did was ask Dave for a selfie and the comedian said no, so Greer went outside and began going off on Facebook Live when Donnell beat his ass.

Dave and Donnell say the guy tried to take pics in the bathroom and persisted outside the hotel. Donnell says he didn't touch the guy. Watch the video and judge for yourself. 

We're told law enforcement was collecting evidence, but the case has now hit a brick wall ... Greer has gone MIA and is no longer returning calls from the police and seems unwilling to cooperate.

Under these circumstances -- especially since there are multiple witnesses who tell a different story than Greer -- it's all, but case closed. 

Donovan McNabb Fired By ESPN After Sexual Harassment Investigation

1/5/2018 2:22 PM PST
Breaking News

It's over for Donovan McNabb at ESPN ... the network has officially cut ties with the ex-QB after an investigation into sexual harassment claims during his time at the NFL Network. 

As we previously reported, McNabb was named in a lawsuit filed by a former NFL Network wardrobe stylist who claims several famous employees harassed her ... including Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Eric Davis and Warren Sapp

With regard to McNabb, the woman claimed he sent her text messages asking if "she was a squirter" and telling her she "looked like the kind of girl that squirted when getting f*cked."

McNabb and Davis had left NFL Network and got new jobs with ESPN -- but they were suspended by ESPN when they learned of the allegations against the 2 men. 

Now, ESPN confirms both McNabb and Davis are no longer ESPN employees. 

Kevin Gates Finally Getting out of Prison ... For Realsies This Time!!!

1/4/2018 4:13 PM PST

Rapper Kevin Gates is just days away from tasting freedom ... but then again, he's been down this road before.

Little background -- the rapper served 5 months behind bars after he was sentenced for that infamous 2015 kick to a woman's chest. The day he was getting out, an outstanding weapons-related warrant popped up, and he landed back in prison with a 30-month sentence.

Fast forward to present-day -- Lindsey Hess at the Illinois Department of Correction tells TMZ ... Kevin's scheduled to be released on Wednesday, after serving 9 months. Hess says Gates is getting out on parole, and his release conditions include mandatory supervision and no possession of firearms.

As for any outstanding warrants this time around? Stay tuned.

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