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LeSean McCoy Ex-GF's 911 Call ... 'My Face is Demolished'

7/12/2018 1:49 PM PDT
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LeSean McCoy's ex-gf was frantic in her call to cops after a home invasion left her bloody and disoriented ... telling dispatch, she believed McCoy may have had something to do with the attack.

We've obtained audio from the 911 call made by Delicia Cordon after a man allegedly broke into her Georgia home, beat her with a gun and stole a bunch of jewelry. Cordon describes the attack ... and mentions her 16-year-old son is missing. 

In the call, Delicia says the intruder stole jewelry off her wrist and demanded more ... she also claims McCoy may have had something to do with the attack.

In describing her injuries, Cordon says her face was "demolished."

Kellen Winslow Bail Set At $2 Mil Still Facing Life In Prison

7/12/2018 2:14 PM PDT
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3:50 PM PT -- There was a bombshell moment in court when prosecutors added 2 new rape charges stemming from an alleged incident in 2003 where Kellen -- 19 years old at the time -- was accused of forcibly raping a 17 year old unconscious girl.

"When there is a rape that occurs and the victim is under the age of 18 years old, there is no statutory time (limit) to when that can be charged. That's exactly what we have here." 

Kellen Winslow's rape case is now set to go to trial -- he faces life in prison -- and today the judge finally set bail at $2 million.

Thursday's hearing was a win of sorts for the former NFL tight end who's been locked up ever since he was arrested on June 14 on suspicion of raping 2 women in the San Diego area. 

Now, Winslow can post bail and leave jail. A trial date has not yet been set. 

As TMZ Sports previously reported ... Winslow was initially hit with nine criminal charges after prosecutors say he picked up 2 hitchhiking transients, drove them to an isolated location and raped them.

Prosecutors also say Winslow entered a mobile home park on two occasions with the intent of raping elderly women. 

He was previously charged with 2 counts of residential burglary -- but those have now been thrown out. 

For his part, Winslow has pled not guilty to all charges.

Michael Avenatti Stormy's Arrest Stinks ... We Might Take the Cops to Court

7/12/2018 2:08 PM PDT

Michael Avenatti believes the police in Columbus, Ohio were well aware they had no grounds to arrest Stormy Daniels, but went ahead and did it anyway.

We spoke to Stormy's lawyer shortly after her strip club bust charges were dismissed Thursday. He said it's "ironic" the statute that vindicates her (because she's not a regular dancer at the establishment) is pretty crystal clear ... yet cops couldn't figure it out.

Translation: Columbus police knew what they were doing and targeted Stormy to put her in cuffs ... Avenatti just doesn't know what their motive was ... not yet, anyway.

Stormy's lawyer says they're going to get to the bottom of it, and are exploring her legal options. 

Of course, they still have bigger fish to fry.

Tekashi69 No Bail for You!!! Judge Says He's a 'Flight Risk'

7/12/2018 1:50 PM PDT
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Tekashi69 might flee the country if he's let out of jail before his extradition to Texas ... so, a judge in New York just denied his request for bail.

Tekashi and his attorneys were in court Thursday asking the judge to let him out on bail. We broke the story ... 6ix9ine was arrested Wednesday at JFK Airport on an outstanding warrant in Texas, where he allegedly choked a teenager in a mall.

The rapper pleaded for mercy, telling the judge he's learned his lesson while sitting behind bars for a day ... and added, he needs to support his mother and other family members. The judge wasn't having it and pointed out Tekashi was just in Europe ... and didn't appear to be taking the Texas case seriously.

Also, Tekashi took a plea deal in a child sex case which requires him to keep his nose clean. The judge told him that getting arrested multiple times since then hardly upholds his end of the deal.

Bottom line ... no bail granted, and Tekashi will remain locked up until his July 20 hearing, prior to his extradition to Texas.

Luann de Lesseps Sued By Ex-Husband & Kids ... You Broke Divorce Deal & Screwed Us!!

7/12/2018 12:32 PM PDT

Countess Luann de Lesseps, one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of New York City," has another legal mess on her hands with a lawsuit from none other than her ex and their kids.

Luann's ex, Alexandre de Lesseps, and their 2 adult children -- Noel and Victoria -- are suing her claiming she didn't keep her end of the divorce deal signed back in 2009.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, they say Luann treated herself back in 2013 to a luxurious $3.1 mil pad in the ritzy town of Sag Harbor, NY, but never followed through with creating a trust giving the kids half of the house. That was part of the divorce deal.

Now, they say she's threatening to sell the house and use the cash to buy herself a new crib in upstate NY ... which would mean the kids never got their cut. They want the court to declare she's in breach of the divorce and move forward with an injunction blocking the house sale.

We've reached out to Luann, so far no word back.

Stormy Daniels Strip Club Charges Dismissed

7/12/2018 9:56 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels can chalk this one up as a quickie -- the charges from her Columbus, Ohio strip club arrest have already been dropped.

Prosecutors say the "touching" statute only applies to strippers who "regularly appear" at the establishment. Stormy was merely a featured guest dancer, so she's in the clear.

As we reported ... Stormy was arrested Wednesday night after motorboating an undercover police officer while performing at Sirens. According to police docs, Stormy put both hands on Officer Mary Praither's butt and breasts, and then put her breasts in the officer's face.

A judge has already signed off on the dismissal of charges.

Stormy's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said the incident reeked of a sting operation. TMZ broke the story ... sources connected with the club tell us the undercover officers waited in the back of the club for Stormy to take the stage, appearing as if they were gunning for her.

However, police say they were there investigating complaints of alleged prostitution and drug activity. They say two other strippers, who were also arrested, were the first offenders -- with one of them motorboating and groping Officer Praither. 

They say Stormy's touchy-feely performance came later -- around 11:30 PM -- and she actually motorboated all 3 undercover cops, not just Praither. After Stormy's performance, she and the other 2 were arrested at the same time.

Charlamagne Tha God 'I Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone' ... DNA Tests Proved It

7/12/2018 10:14 AM PDT

Charlamagne Tha God is furious over new reports suggesting he sexually assaulted a teenage girl more than 17 years ago, since he was already cleared in a court of law ... and now he's lawyered up. 

"The Breakfast Club" star's 2001 case is back in the headlines -- with his accuser now claiming she wants "closure" nearly 2 decades after officials dropped the criminal sexual assault with a minor charge against Char.

For the record, officials had always maintained that Charlamagne cooperated with the investigation and took a DNA test ... which did not produce any evidence that he had sexual contact with the girl. 

Charlamagne did, however, plead guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor due to underage kids (including the accuser) drinking alcohol at the party he threw. He was sentenced to probation. 

Now, Charlamagne -- real name Lenard McKelvey -- believes someone is dredging up the old case and fudging the facts in an effort to smear his name. 

He's lawyered up with famed celebrity bulldog attorney Marty Singer and Michael Weinsten who tells TMZ, "More than seventeen years ago, Charlamagne was accused of a sexual assault. He never had sexual relations or any physical contact with the accuser and even provided DNA to prove it."

"At the time of these claims, Charlamagne cooperated fully with authorities, and after the investigation, this charge against him was dropped."

"Charlamagne has spoken about this many times over the years in public, including in his book. While Charlamagne has empathy for all sexual assault victims, he cannot take responsibility for a crime he did not commit.”

We're told Charlamagne is now considering his legal options and vows to vehemently protect his name and reputation. 

Pacman Jones Training, Shopping, Smiling ... After Airport Fight

7/12/2018 10:22 AM PDT
Breaking News

Pacman Jones has NO WORRIES in the days after his airport fight -- he's back to work in the gym and smiling ... without a single scratch on his face. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Jones was attacked by a guy who works at the Atlanta International Airport on Tuesday night. He successfully defended himself and knocked his attacker out, hard! 

At the time, it seemed Jones may have taken some damage in the fight -- but during a workout session on Thursday morning, it didn't seem like he was touched at all.

Cops responded to the scene and determined Pacman did nothing wrong ... though his female companion did lose a few bags of delicious Popeyes chicken in the melee

Meanwhile, the other dude, Frank Ragin, was arrested and hospitalized ... and was forced to take a mug shot from his hospital bed. 

Winner -- Pacman ... by a mile. 

Cardinals GM Steve Keim The DUI Arrest Video ... 'I Only Had 2 Beers'

7/12/2018 8:08 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's the police body cam footage of Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim -- who told cops he only had 2 beers on July 4 ... but, refused to take a breathalyzer test. 

Keim was pulled over in Chandler, Arizona after cops said he was swerving in his truck and almost hit a curb while making a turn. 

During the stop, Keim told cops he only had 2 beers that evening -- along with some pizza. 

The cops weren't convinced he was sober. 

Keim told the officers he couldn't do any walking sobriety tests due to a messed up knee -- so, cops made him do the "follow my pen with your eye" test instead. He bombed that. 

When cops asked him to take a breathalyzer, he refused ... telling the officer, "Nah. I'm not gonna do that."

Didn't matter ... he was arrested for DUI. Keim was cited and released a few hours later. 

Charles Oakley Arrested In Vegas Casino Says He Cheated

7/12/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Charles Oakley is learning the hard way ... if you try to cheat a Vegas casino, you'll end up behind bars. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... the ex-NBA star was arrested at the Cosmopolitan on July 8 after allegedly trying to pull a fast one during a gambling session -- and it was all caught on video. 

Officials from the Nevada Gaming Board tell us Oakley "was suspected of adding to or reducing his wager on a gambling game after the outcome was known."

Unclear what game he was playing at the time -- but one source with knowledge of the incident says Oak tried to pull back a $100 chip after he realized he was going to lose.

FYI, Oakley reportedly made more than $46 mil during his NBA career. 

Oak was confronted about the incident -- and it was kicked over to a security team which reviewed the casino video footage ... confirming the alleged cheating. 

The 54-year-old was taken into custody at 5:30 PM and booked into Clark County Detention Center. 

Oak's gambling charge is serious business -- "to commit or attempt to commit a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment." He faces between 1 to 6 years in prison if convicted. 

A source close to Oakley tells us, "This is an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved."

Teairra Mari's Ex Her Revenge Porn Lawsuit is Done If She Leaked Sex Tape

7/12/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Teairra Mari's revenge porn lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend is going nowhere fast ... according to the ex, who maintains SHE leaked their sex tape, and therefore has NO case.

Akbar Abdul-Ahad tells us, although Teairra's going forward with the lawsuit, she hasn't been shy about trying to cozy up to him for some, uh ... well, you have to see his description. Point is, he now firmly believes what Teairra's 'L&HH' costar Milan Christopher claims about her posting the explicit footage herself. 

You'll recall ... Milan said Teairra was acting strange the day the sex tape went public, accusing Akbar of leaking it before it was even posted.

Akbar believes the new info destroys Teairra's lawsuit against him, and seems to think it's just a matter of time before her attorney Lisa Bloom jumps ship.

Tekashi69 Busted in NYC For Texas Arrest Warrant

7/11/2018 10:30 AM PDT

Tekashi69 is no longer a wanted man in Texas, because cops nabbed him in NYC on an outstanding arrest warrant ... TMZ has learned.

Tekashi was arrested Wednesday at JFK Airport right after he returned from a European tour. Cops were enforcing a warrant out of Houston for a mall attack. As we reported, the rapper was wanted for allegedly choking a 16-year-old kid in January at the Galleria Mall.

6ix9ine's team tells us they were aware of the warrant, and intended to handle the matter soon.

They also think NYPD has no business arresting him and extraditing him to Texas for what's ultimately a misdemeanor case. 

Boxer Victor Ortiz Allegedly Violates Probation Warrant Issued

7/11/2018 9:21 AM PDT

Boxer Victor Ortiz is a wanted man ... after officials said he violated his probation in his DUI case -- and now a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  

As we previously reported, the former WBC welterweight champ -- and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant -- was busted for drunk driving back in 2016 and was later sentenced to 3 years probation.  

Well ... according to court docs, he was supposed to check in with his probation officer on June 20 -- but failed to do so -- and was then ordered to appear in court on July 10. 

He blew that off too ... so a violation of probation warrant was issued. 

It's not like cops will be out hunting Ortiz down -- but if he has a brush with the law, he'll be arrested and hauled into court. Bail has already been set at $5,000. 

We reached out to Victor's camp -- but so far, no word back. 

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