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TV Producer Jill Blackstone

Cops Think Sister's Death was Suicide Pact

3/21/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0320-jill-blackstone_coleman-rayner_split_dateJill Blackstone, the "Jerry Springer" and "Sally Jessy Raphael" producer who was arrested for allegedly killing her sister, engineered a suicide pact but got cold feet at the last minute ... that's the operating theory of law enforcement.

Our law enforcement sources tell us, they believe Blackstone and her sister Wendy -- who was deaf and partially blind -- made the suicide decision and Jill executed the plan by putting a lit BBQ in their closed garage, which was supposed to fill the air with deadly carbon monoxide gas.

TMZ broke the story, Jill called a friend who called 911, and when paramedics arrived they found Wendy dead and Jill with severe carbon monoxide poisoning. They believe Jill was trying to kill herself along with Wendy but had a change of heart at the very last moment.

And cops believe the 2 dogs that died were part of the plan ... they would all pass together.

As we reported, police arrested Jill for murder but the D.A. sent the case back to the LAPD for further investigation and Jill was released. 


'Love and Hip Hop' Lawsuit

It's the THOT that Counts

3/21/2015 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0321-SUB-hazelebaby-masikakalysha-instagram-01"Love and Hip Hop" star Masika Tucker is up in lights on the Sunset Strip, and lots of people who see her now think she's a whore ... and that has has triggered a bitter lawsuit against her co-stars.

The whole brouhaha is over a couple of strip clubs. A guy named Sam Sharif owns Ace of Diamonds in Vegas and Metropolitan Nightclub in WeHo, which has an Ace of Diamonds night every Monday.

Sharif hired Masika to promote the WeHo AOD, and part of the promotion was a big, splashy billboard on the Strip. It didn't sit well with Masika's enemies, "Love and Hip Hop" stars Nikki and Marcelle Mudarris.

Nikki and Marcelle actually rent their WeHo building to AOD, so they were really pissed off when they saw Masika's billboard. When Sharif refused to take the billboard down, Nikki and Marcelle put another billboard up nearby, with Maskika's mugshot from 10 years ago with the word "T.H.O.T."

Sharif says that billboard has torpedoed his business because he was catering to high-end clients and now people thinks it's a sleazy club advertised by a whore. He also says people think he's a fraud and really doesn't own the club.

Money cures all, and Sharif is suing for a million bucks.


Stars and Scars

You Be the Judge

3/21/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Robert Durst's bizarre alleged escape attempt makes him look less than innocent, while Suge Knight is making a case that an innocent man is being framed by a rabid prosecutor. So we gotta ask ... 

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star

Fight With Althea?

What Fight With Althea?

3/21/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Joseline Hernandez must not watch her own show -- which is the only explanation for her denying under oath she ever hit Althea Eaton.

Eaton is suing Hernandez over the insane reunion show brawl. During her deposition, Eaton's attorney asked Hernandez if she has any recollection of ever hitting Eaton. You gotta watch the video of the fight and then listen to her answers.  

So who are you gonna believe ... her or your lyin' eyes? 

Former Eagles Safety Nate Allen

Suing Police

Over Mistaken Masturbation Arrest

3/20/2015 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0320_nate-allen_gettyFormer Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen isn't satisfied with having his name cleared after being accused of masturbating in public ... he plans on suing the cops that arrested him in the first place. 

Allen's lawyer, Sawyer Smith, tells TMZ Sports ... Allen wants to make sure no other citizens go through the horrible experience he did, that's why he's chosen to sue. 

Smith, who has sent a letter of intent to sue to Fort Myers Police says, "he's a fighter, and he's going to stand up for this community and its residents to have a fair shake when they interact with law enforcement."

Allen was cleared of any wrongdoing last month after he was arrested for allegedly driving around while pleasuring himself. Cops eventually realized they had the wrong man and let him go. 

Stay tuned.

Chris Brown Court Hearing

He WON'T Be Thrown in Jail

3/20/2015 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


update_graphic_red_bar2:15 PM PT -- The judge just signed off, and Chris is officially off probation ... and out of the legal system. It's been 6 years and 1 month since he beat Rihanna on the night before the Grammys.


Chris Brown just caught a big break ... the probation dept. has backed off its recommendation that Chris be thrown in jail ... TMZ has learned.

As you recall ... the judge revoked Chris' probation after the probation dept. issued a scathing report, claiming Chris had a knack for finding trouble, and they highlighted the fact that he was present during 2 shootings ... one in San Jose and another at 1OAK where Suge Knight got shot.

Chris' probation officer also had issues with the fact Chris didn't get permission to leave L.A. County when he performed in San Jose. The probation dept. recommended Chris serve time in jail.

But now the probation dept. has done an about-face. We've learned his probation officer submitted a glowing report to the judge in the Rihanna beating case, saying Chris has done all of his community service and they're satisfied with his excuse for travelling to San Jose.

Short story ... Chris is in court Friday afternoon, and it's all but certain the judge will reinstate his probation and let him go on his merry way.

Darren Sharper

Pleading Guilty in Rape Cases

In All Four States

3/20/2015 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0320-derren-sharper-tmz-02update_graphic_red_bar4:27 PM PT -- TMZ Sports obtained a copy of the warrant ... in which his Vegas accusers essentially tell the same story as Sharper's other accusers -- they were drugged and raped. 

The women say they met Sharper at Surrender nightclub at the Encore on January 15th ... then went to another nightclub before ending up at Sharper's penthouse suite at the Cosmopolitan. 

The women say Sharper offered them shots (which he made himself) ... which officials believe contained a drug that made them black out ... and that's when he allegedly sexually assaulted them. 


Former NFL star Darren Sharper has struck a huge plea deal in his multi-state rape cases ... according to the New Orleans District Attorney.

D.A. Leon Cannizzaro announced that Sharper will begin entering guilty pleas for rape allegations in Louisiana, Arizona, California, and Nevada ... possibly as soon as Monday. Sharper has been sitting in Los Angeles County jail since February 2014. 

Sharper is also facing federal charges in the New Orleans case ... stemming from his alleged distribution of drugs with the intent to rape between 2010 and 2014. 

Cannizzaro said Sharper is expected to be transferred to Louisiana within the next 30 days to enter the guilty plea. 

The D.A. offered no details about terms of the plea deal in regard to sentencing.

Tracy Morgan Accident

Walmart Pays $10 Million to Kids

Of Deceased Comedian

3/20/2015 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0320_tracy_morgan_jimmy_mack_tmzThe children of James McNair -- the comedian who was killed in the crash that severely injured Tracy Morgan -- got a $10,000,000 settlement from Walmart ... according to court docs. 

McNair was killed when a Walmart truck driver plowed into the van carrying him, Morgan and a few others home from a show they'd just performed.

The driver, Kevin Roper, has pled not guilty to vehicular homicide and is awaiting trial.

Morgan's lawyer updated the comedian's condition Friday, saying, "Tracy is working very hard to get better, physically, emotionally and mentally ... because in all three areas, he still has a struggle on his hands."

Suge Knight

Collapses in Court

Nailed with $25 MIL Bail

3/20/2015 8:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


10:15 AM PT -- Suge collapsed after the hearing, an ambulance came and they are taking him to the hospital. Certainly better than a 20 X 8 cell. 


Suge Knight just got the worst news possible ... a judge sided with the prosecutor in his murder case and set bail at $25 MILLION ... but not before his lawyer compared Suge's plight to Lucious Lyon on "Empire."

The judge feels Suge is a danger to be out and about given his extensive record and specifically, incidents involving guns, violence and witness intimidation.

Attorney Matt Fletcher threw a Hail Mary, accusing the prosecutor of watching too much "Empire." Fletcher, said, "It's like she watches "Empire" and comes in and says, 'He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him.'"

As you know ... Lucious was arrested in the "Empire" finale for murdering Bunkie.  

And then Fletcher starts to hammer away at Cle Bone Sloan, one of the men Suge ran over, repeatedly referencing Bone's statement to cops that he f***** Suge up.

Suge is in bad shape, claiming he's going crazy in jail because he's in solitary with no hot water, no blanket and only sporadic showers.


Suge Knight

I'm Being Tortured in Jail

Let Me Out NOW!!!

3/20/2015 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0310-suge-knight-tmz-06Suge Knight claims he's being held in a small jail cell under intolerable circumstances ... he's by himself, cold, dirty and depressed.

Sources close to Suge tell TMZ ...  his lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, is expected to tell the judge he's being held in solitary in L.A. County Jail with no blankets, no hot water, and he hasn't been allowed to shower since Monday.

Fletcher will ask the judge to release his client on his own recognizance ... without posting any bail, but if the judge balks the lawyer will ask for the normal amount for this offense ... $2 million.

That's way off from what the prosecutor wants -- $25 million bail, based on Suge's record of violence, intimidating witnesses, extortion, and on and on. 

As for the prosecutor claiming there are 31 incidents of crime, Suge's lawyer will claim his client hasn't been prosecuted for a single one.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department tells TMZ ... "He is receiving the appropriate legal necessities in jail. He has multiple blankets, his hot water is the same temperature as everyone else and has been offered showers and new linens."

Shia LaBeouf

Hey, Judge ...

I'm Done with Alcohol Classes

3/20/2015 7:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

032015_shia_leaving_courtShia LaBeouf is almost home free in his disorderly conduct case after he went into a Manhattan court Friday morning and handed a judge proof he completed his alcohol treatment program. 

Now all Shia has to do is stay out of trouble for six months, and the case will be dismissed. 

The whole thing stems from Shia's arrest last June after he drunkenly disrupted a performance of "Cabaret" at Studio 54 in NYC, during which he screamed at security, "Do you know who the f*** I am?"

He also allegedly spat at cops while being booked at the police station.

Shia sported his new rattail 'do in court today. He was not ticketed.


Suge Knight

Prosecutors Want Bail Set

at $25 Million

3/20/2015 6:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Suge Knight BlindSuge Knight is a "prolific and unrepentant criminal" ... so claims the prosecutor in his murder case who wants bail set at a whopping $25 million.

Prosecutor Cynthia Barnes filed reams of paperwork to support her position, which will be heard Friday morning in court. Barnes cites 31 incidents -- just in the last 10 years -- in which Suge has been violent. She also submitted more than 2 dozen police reports that link Suge to extortion, robbery, assault and battery and witness intimidation.

Barnes claims Suge has laundered more than $10 million since 2002.

And Barnes claims Suge was angry when he entered the Tam's burger parking lot before running over and killing Terry Carter. She claims he was pissed off that he didn't get any money for his likeness that was used in Dr. Dre's movie, "Straight Outta Compton."

She says Suge has led a "shameless life of crime."

Kanye West

Pied Piper of Designing Men

Sparks Student Explosion

3/19/2015 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319-kanye-lattc-tmz-facebookKanye West is making a lot of dudes fashion savvy -- thanks to him guys are enrolling by the droves at the design college where he's teaching to complete his community service. 

According to court docs, Yeezy's not only killing it teaching at LA Trade Technical College ... he's also being credited by the school for increasing the number of men in the fashion design program by nearly 40%.

West pled no-contest last March to battery in that LAX pap beat down -- but the case has turned into a boon for the school ... where officials are giving Prof. West straight A's.

They point out he's gone above and beyond to assign projects, and offer students personal mentoring.

Kanye's on track to wrap in June, but maybe he'll want to stick around campus. One thing though kids ... don't ever speak in his class.

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