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Justin Bieber

Checks in with Probation Officer

After Painting the Town

10/13/2015 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013-justin-bieber-probation-meeting-TMZ-01Justin Bieber showed up at the Santa Monica Courthouse Tuesday afternoon for a meeting with his probation officer and all signs are good.

Our sources say the P.O. gave Justin good marks for his progress. He's required to perform 5 days of community labor for the egging case. Justin posted videos of himself painting a wall at the Youth Gang Intervention Center to satisfy a portion of the community labor.

Listen closely to the video ... it sounds like a recording of a Justin song is playing in the background. It's not an old song, so it looks like Justin may be previewing 2 cuts from his new album while serving out his probation. He's also playing Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life."


Suge Knight

Sneaks Courtroom Birthday Message To Son

10/13/2015 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight pulled a fast one in court Tuesday ... waiting for the TV camera to move in his direction and seizing the opportunity to wish his 6-year-old son Legend happy birthday.

Suge's appearance in his murder case was routine, but as the lawyers and the judge did housekeeping business, the famous defendant used his ingenuity to communicate with Legend. 

Suge's had very little contact with the boy since being jailed back in January and his attorneys are fighting to give him more visitation.

This birthday's a lot different from last year's ... Suge spent the day with Legend at Disneyland.




Flavor Flav

Avoids Slammer For Speeding To Mom's Funeral

10/13/2015 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1013-mug-shot-flava-flav-2-1Flavor Flav won't have to do time for racing to his mother's funeral.

We broke the story ... Flav was pulled over in New York back in January 2014 doing 79 in a 55 mph zone. When cops pulled him over they discovered his license had been suspended 16 different times, so he was booked for aggravated driving without a license.

Flav got a discount on Tuesday ... he pled guilty to just one count of driving without a license, and the judge sentenced him to time served. He also has to pay a fine around $3,600.

In other words ... Flav fought the power and kinda won.


Shia LaBeouf to Cops

You Can't Arrest Me, 'Silly Man'

... I'm in the Military!!

10/13/2015 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1013-shia-mug-travis-county-01Shia LaBeouf went on a drunken, profane rant at the Austin cop who busted him, referring to the officer as a "silly man" ... while threatening to attack him.

According to police docs, the officer initially stopped LaBeouf because he and a group of people were jaywalking across a busy street in downtown Austin on Friday night, but the officer quickly noticed Shia's speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol.

LaBeouf initially tried to back away from the cop, and suggested he let him go for a strange reason. According to the officer, Shia said LAPD usually lets him go because they had killed a friend of his.

When that didn't work ... cops say Shia got agitated and confrontational -- first with the officer and then with someone recording video of the incident. The officer says he had to stop Shia from attacking that person.

LaBeouf's last ditch effort to sway the officer was claiming he's a member of the National Guard, and barked ... "Do whatever the f**k you gotta do!"  

The officer did ... and arrested LaBeouf for public intoxication.  


John Stamos

Nobody Uses GHB Anymore

Says Huge Bodybuilder

10/11/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Stamos should be using natural supplements instead of GHB for his fitness regimen ... so says one of the biggest lifters in the game. 

Jerome "Hollywood" Ferguson was outside of Gold's Gym talking about the D.A. preparing to charge Stamos for being under the influence of GHB during his DUI arrest. Stamos sources say he was using it to "lean out" his bod.

Ferguson says Stamos is right -- GHB does help the body recover after intense workouts and aids in muscle growth -- but adds there are safer alternatives. Plus, he says GHB is old hat ... for those in the know.

BONUS: Huge celeb cameo at the end of this clip. See if you spot it.

Wiz Khalifa

Busted with Pants Down ...

Taking a Public Whizz

10/10/2015 8:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010-wiz-kalifa-getty-02Doesn't matter what Wiz Khalifa's name is ... he can't go around peeing in public ... according to Pittsburgh cops, who busted him early Saturday morning for allegedly doing just that.

Pittsburgh PD says it caught the rapper emptying his bladder outside a popular bar called The Flats on Carson ... around 2:30 AM Saturday. There's no mug shot coming ... it's just a ticket.

Wiz is from the Pittsburgh area, and ... of course, one of his biggest hits is "Black and Yellow."


NASCAR's Kurt Busch

Shirt Hits the Fan

Calls BS On Clothing Lawsuit

10/10/2015 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1009-kurt-busch-getty-01Being accused of choking your ex-GF is terrible for business ... so says a clothing company that's suing Kurt Busch, claiming the negative publicity surrounding his domestic violence case almost destroyed them -- though Kurt says it's all a bunch of crap.

The NASCAR driver is being sued by the people behind the Panic Switch clothing line -- who say they struck a deal with Busch in 2013 to push the brand, specifically in the NASCAR community. At one point, Busch also loaned the company $300,000. 

According to the suit, business seemed to be moving in the right direction -- but things came to a screeching halt when Busch was accused of beating up his ex, Patricia Driscoll, in September 2014. 

For the record, Busch was never charged in the domestic violence case, with prosecutors ultimately saying there was not enough proof. 

Still, Panic Switch says Busch's reputation became toxic and it dragged down the company -- which was unable to sign new drivers or close business deals because no one wanted ANYTHING to do with Busch. Panic is suing for unspecified damages. 

Busch's lawyer tells TMZ Sports, "The complaint makes reckless allegations which are totally without merit."

"The complaint is nothing more than a false justification for their business failure which lost Kurt's money."

Kurt's lawyer says Busch will fire back in a cross-complaint -- "and we will ultimately prevail."

Stevie Wonder Lawsuit

You're Blind ...

But You're Not Deaf!

10/9/2015 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1009-stevie-wonder-tmz-01Stevie Wonder knew full well what he was doing when he signed an agreement to pay his attorney's widow 6% of his royalties because it was read out loud to him ... according to the widow.

As we've reported ... way back in the day Stevie signed off on the deal with Johanan Vigoda -- but Stevie thinks the wool was pulled over his eyes, and he's filed a lawsuit over it.

Now, Vigoda's widow ... Susan Strack is calling BS on Stevie. She says Vigoda had a witness read the entire contract to Stevie -- including the part where she would continue to get her husband's 6% fee, even after he died.

In her legal docs, Strack acknowledges Stevie came back years later and contested the contract, but never got it done before Vigoda died. Her point is ... even though Stevie doesn't like it, the contract is still binding.

Translation: Go kick rocks. And pay me while you're doing it.


Bobbi Kristina Estate

Nick Gordon Did Her In ...

With a 'Toxic Mixture' of Drugs

10/9/2015 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1009-nick-gordon-bobbi-kristina-getty-4Bobbi Kristina's estate has doubled down in its claim Nick Gordon tried successfully to kill her ... but Nick is calling BS.

The estate just filed legal docs alleging Nick and Bobbi Kristina got into a violent fight, after which he somehow injected her with a "toxic mixture," which rendered her unconscious. The docs claim Nick then placed his girlfriend face down in the tub, which ultimately caused her death.

Nick's legal team claims the estate is just throwing mud, because the autopsy results have been sealed and neither side has seen it. Nick's lawyers say the docs are just an attention grabber to convict him in the public's eye.

As we previously reported the estate has filed a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit against Nick. Law enforcement is still investigating with a possible criminal case on the horizon.  


Migos Rapper Offset

I'm Not A Gang Member

So Let Me Outta Jail!!

10/9/2015 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1009-offset-instagram-01Migos rapper Offset has been behind bars since April and he's making a move to get out ... claiming he's been wrongly accused of being a gang member.

Offset was in court in Georgia on Friday to take another shot at convincing a judge to let him out on bond ... something he was denied because of his felony record. However, Offset claims he was painted as a gang member by the prosecutor just for being in Migos. 

The prosecutor says Offset's "gang-related tattoos" on his body clearly show he's the CEO of the Black Migos Gang. Big mix-up according to Offset who says Black Migos Gang is just a record label.

As TMZ reported, Offset was arrested for felony drug possession and felony possession of loaded guns.

Offset and Charles Mittelstadt, the man working to clear his name, want the judge to set him free as he causes no risk to society, especially if he isn't in a gang. 

Dylan O'Brien

Did Not Jack Native American Artifacts

'Maze Runner' Studio Says

10/9/2015 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1009-dylan-obrien-tmz-01Dylan O'Brien's name has been cleared ... 20th Century Fox says he did not steal Native American treasures while filming in New Mexico -- which means it's really bizarre that he lied about it in the first place.

As we reported ... the star of "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" bragged he and his co-stars had ignored warnings to keep their mitts off any artifacts they came across. He said they flat out stole a bunch of stuff from Diamond Tail Ranch, where the movie was shot.

The ranch owner told TMZ he reached out to 20th Century Fox to right the wrong, and now the studio says it's determined nothing was really taken. A spokesman apologized for O'Brien's comment.

As for why Dylan lied? The 24-year-old's rep hasn't responded to our calls.

Justin Bieber

Nude Pics Not THAT Bad ...

'Cause I'm That Big

10/9/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1008_justin_bieber_tmzJustin Bieber's lawyers are barking about three nude pics taken of him on vacation in Bora Bora, but we know Justin isn't all that pissed because the shots show just how ... GIFTED he is.

Multiple sources close to Bieber tell TMZ he was upset paparazzi, armed with telephoto lenses, snapped the photos of him butt (and other parts) naked frolicking with Jayde Pierce. We're told he thought it was a total invasion of his privacy.

We saw it the same way, and decided NOT to post the images. But our sources say Justin's anger faded when the pics went viral ... for one seemingly larger than average reason: Bieber's a really big deal, and we're told he's happy the world knows it now.  

As we reported, JB's lawyers threatened media outlets that published the pics. We're told his legal team was just doing its job ... sending the message that Justin's not okay with the violation.

But reality is, there's almost zero chance Justin sues ... 'cause as they say, size matters.


NBA's Thabo Sefolosha

Not Guilty

In NYC Cop Clash

10/9/2015 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1008-thabo-sefolosha-getty-01NBA player Thabo Sefolosha was found NOT GUILTY on all counts stemming from a violent altercation with NYPD officers back in April ... opening the door for a civil suit against the NYPD. 

As we previously reported, Thabo was taken into custody on April 8th -- after cops say he was obstructing officers from investigating the stabbing of NBA player Chris Copeland near 1 OAK nightclub.

Thabo says he sustained a major injury to his leg that night at the hands of the NYPD -- which forced him to miss the remainder of the NBA season and put his career in jeopardy. 

Thabo was charged with 3 misdemeanors -- obstruction, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct/refusing to move. 

We posted footage of the arrest on TMZ Sports -- which showed cops putting Thabo in a headlock and pulling him to the ground. At least one cop brandishes his nightstick.

Cops say Thabo was acting in an aggressive manner ... which justified the use of force. Thabo's attorney said BS ... and claimed the video essentially exonerates his client of any wrongdoing.

Prosecutors offered Thabo a plea deal -- but he rejected the offer because he wanted to clear his name. 

Thabo was with then-Atlanta Hawks teammate Pero Antic at the club the night of the incident. Antic was also arrested for disorderly conduct and obstructing authorities, but the charges were later dropped because cops say he was just trying to calm Thabo down. 

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