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Adam Rippon If I Get a Movie ... Meryl Streep Should Play Me!

3/7/2018 6:29 AM PST

He's got one helluva story ... and if Adam Rippon ever gets the "I, Tonya" movie treatment, he wants Meryl Streep to play him on screen! 

"She's the most accomplished and ready for the role," Rippon told us on the way out of 'Watch What Happens Live' in New York. 

The only problem ... can Meryl hit a triple axel?! 

The Olympic figure skater (who's openly gay) says he's been living it up ever since he came back from South Korea -- where he won bronze in the team figure skating event. 

He's already met his celebrity crush, Shawn Mendes -- and now tells us he's got a new smokeshow he wants to hang with!

Aly Raisman Sues U.S. Olympic Committe Over Nassar Sexual Abuse

3/2/2018 6:14 AM PST
Breaking News

Team USA gymnastics star Aly Raisman is going after the U.S. Olympic Committee in court over the "serial molestation, sexual abuse and harassment" from Larry Nassar -- saying USOC could have prevented it.

Raisman says she continues to suffer from depression, anxiety and fear stemming from the abuse she suffered at the hands of the former Team USA doctor. 

She also claims her psychological trauma includes "not trusting adult males."

Raisman says in her docs she always thought Nassar was "weird" and questioned why she was told he was the "best gymnastics doctor in the world." Once she realized his medical techniques were really sexual abuse, she felt "humiliation, guilt, shame and disgust."

Raisman claims the USOC touts itself for being committed to "creating a safe and positive environment for athletes" ... but failed by allowing Nassar to sexually assault dozens and dozens of female gymnasts.

One example ... Raisman claims USOC did not provide properly trained medical professionals to supervise Nassar's exams. 

She also says USOC concealed its knowledge of Nassar's molestation of minor female gymnasts -- despite the fact they knew as early as 2015. 

She's suing for damages. 

Meanwhile, Nassar is locked up in an Arizona prison -- where he'll likely die.

Ghanaian Olympian Africa Can Take Over Winter Games ... But, We Need Support!

2/28/2018 5:53 AM PST

A history-making Ghanaian Olympian says Africans can do BIG things at the Winter Games ... but only if their countries step up and give 'em what they need.

We spoke to Akwasi Frimpong -- the first ever Skeleton athlete for Ghana -- after the festivities in Pyeongchang ... and he told us his countrymen and women have all the tools to crush cold-weather sports.

"I think we have what it takes to be the best in the word," Frimpong told TMZ Sports.

But, given Africa's largely warm-weather climates, Akwasi says the athletes REALLY need their sports authorities and Olympic committees to pony up when it comes to training and travel.

If that happens ... he says there ain't nothing stopping 'em from competing with the rest of the world!

U.S. Olympian Saves Dog from S. Korea Butcher ... Welcome to America!

2/27/2018 7:20 AM PST

The cute, adorable doggie you're looking at was about to be SLAUGHTERED TO BE EATEN in South Korea ... that is, until U.S. snowboarder Maddie Mastro took action. 

While the SuperPipe bronze medalist was competing in Pyeongchang -- she made it a point to go to the Korean meat farm to rescue a dog marked for a dinner plate. 

FYI, harvesting dogs for meat still happens in South Korea and other Asian countries. So, Mastro and a bunch of Olympians made it a point to save as many as they could before heading home.

U.S. skier Gus Kenworthy set the dog-rescue record with 90 ... but Maddie and others are doing their part, too. 

"I'm just grateful I get to help one out," Maddie told TMZ Sports

You can tell Mastro has mad love for Plum (or "Jadu" in Korean) ... but it sounds like her fam's gonna have to find another home for the pup since they already got a full house.

'Shirtless Tongan' Guy To Be Shirtless Model 'I've Got Things Lined Up!'

2/27/2018 6:20 AM PST

Great news if you're a fan of greased up topless men ... the "Shirtless Tongan" dude from the Olympics tells TMZ Sports he's gunning for a career in topless modeling! 

"I've got a few things lined up," Pita Taufatofua told us at LAX. 

Of course, Pita shot to stardom during the 2016 Olympics in Rio (he competed in taekwondo) when he carried the flag of Tonga during opening ceremonies ... sans top. 

He repeated the same look at the Winter Olympics (he competed as a cross-country skier) -- where he braved the freezing cold to rock the oiled-up, shirtless look again during closing ceremonies. 

Pita teased that he has interest in working with a couple of brands -- but has one MAJOR demand that will not compromise no matter what.

Lindsey Vonn On Ivanka Trump If You Can't Say Anything Nice ...

2/27/2018 12:10 AM PST

Lindsey Vonn ain't a Donald Trump fan -- she made it very clear before the Olympics -- so how'd she feel about Ivanka making the trip to S. Korea for the games??

We asked her ... and her reaction says a lot. 

FYI -- Vonn went after Trump in December ... saying she would be competing for the people of her country, NOT the President ... because she felt Trump didn't represent the country well.

There's a lot more ... we talked to Lindsey about all sorts of stuff when she touched down at LAX on Monday ... like retirement, whether she got any action in the Olympic Village, the U.S. curling team getting shut down for 1st class seats by Delta Airlines, and where she keeps her new bronze medal!!

Olympian Mark McMorris Village Was 'Dry' Despite Condom Overload

2/26/2018 1:43 PM PST

Turns out, stocking a "f*ckin' insane" amount of condoms did NOT lead to a ton of action inside the Olympic village -- so says Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris.

You know the deal -- over 2,000 hot, young athletes in an enclosed space and over 110,000 rubbers to strap up. So ... the Pyeongchang bangin' had to be next level, right?!

Not according to McMorris -- and he told TMZ Sports why not when we got him back at LAX.

"It's a 'dry village,' if you will -- no alcohol ... thus rendering us 'dry' all around."

Nice, Mark. Nice.

On the plus side, MM did bag a bronze medal in Slopestyle ... and a dope gift courtesy of a smokin' snowboarder.

Danilo Gallinari No Skiing For Me ... It's In My Contract!!

2/26/2018 11:08 AM PST

Danilo Gallinari LOVES skiing -- but he's got $65 MILLION reasons to stay away from the slopes ... telling TMZ Sports his huge NBA contract forbids him from hitting the mountain!!

The Clippers star was leaving Delilah in WeHo when he started raving about fellow Italian Sofia Goggia's gold medal performance in alpine skiing at the Olympics ... calling her the "best skier in the world."

That's when Gallinari dropped the interesting nugget about his paperwork ... saying he's not allowed to ski because it's written in his multi-million dollar deal with the Clips.

It's not the first time we've heard of a clause like this ... In 2012, Matt Stafford told us his $41.7 million deal he signed in 2009 specified no motorcycles or skydiving.

Smart move by L.A. ... gotta keep that $65 million investment secured!!

U.S. Curling Team Denied a Delta Flight Upgrade After Winning Olympic Gold

2/25/2018 12:36 PM PST

John Shuster and the U.S. curling team are probably flying back home on something less than first class after winning gold at the Olympics ... all 'cause Delta denied 'em an upgrade.

The official U.S. Curling handle hit up Delta on Twitter Saturday asking if there was a way to get upgraded on the flight home from PyeongChang after taking 1st in men's curling.

Unfortunately, Delta said it had nothing for them upgrade-wise ... but at least if offered a congratulations and a warm welcome to the flight.

The curlers were gracious in their response, thanking Delta for looking into it and hoping for a smooth ride home. John and co. won the USA its first gold medal in the winter sport ever ... beating out Sweden for top honors. 

Looks like an historic achievement only gets you so far in the world these days.

PyeongChang Winter Olympics The Gold, The Bad and The Awesome!

2/25/2018 12:10 AM PST

With record-breaking gold medals, gruesome wipeouts and even a few wardrobe malfunctions, the 2018 Winter Olympics was nothing shy of entertaining.

Relive all the chilling highlights from PyeongChang by sliding through the gallery of the most memorable moments from this year's games.

Start the four-year countdown until the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing!

Germany's Nicole Schott Sure, Heil Skate to 'Schindler's List' During the Olympics!!!

2/23/2018 7:32 AM PST

A German figure skater twirling to the score from "Schindler's List" -- how could she Nazi see the backlash coming?

Yup, Nicole Schott performed her long program Thursday in Pyeongchang to the song that instantly reminds people of the Holocaust ... the disdain from Winter Olympics viewers was immediate.

As one person so eloquently put it ... "ABORT ABORT ABORT!"

Schott did not. She also did not earn a medal ... though we're pretty sure that was purely based on her skating, and not her music choice.

It's worth noting ... several other skaters have used the 'Schindler's' score since the movie came out in 1993. Even Johnny Weir's done it -- but it wasn't in the Olympics, and he's not German.

Skating great Katarina Witt -- a 2 time gold medalist and German -- showed support for Schott. Witt says she too skated to the music, and adds ... 'Schindler's' director Steven Spielberg approved. 

Still, if a South African skated to the "Cry Freedom" score -- or Team USA's Bradie Tennell used the "Mississippi Burning" theme ... it would feel beyond awkward.

Just sayin'.

Winter Olympics Invaded By Streaker ... Nice Penis Pouch!

2/23/2018 7:22 AM PST

Ever seen a fat guy in a tutu try to streak the Olympics with his wiener tucked firmly in a monkey penis holder? Well, good news ... 

That's how it went down at the Men's 1,000m Speed Skating event in Pyeongchang early Friday morning -- and it was glorious. 

The dude tried to put on a show at the Gangneung Oval with the words "Peace and Love" written on his chest ... but slipped, fell and BUSTED HIS ASS HARD!

The best part ... it was all captured on video! 

A post shared by Maarten Kooij (@mhj.kooij) on

The streaker was reportedly on the ice for several minutes -- so far, it's unclear if he just gave up and left or if he was removed by security. 

It's just the latest in a string of naked people invading high-profile sporting events -- just a few weeks ago, a dude busted out breakdancing moves during the Phoenix Open golf tourney in Arizona

USA Swimming Exec Resigns, Admits She Kissed Coach ... Accused of Sexual Abuse

2/22/2018 3:00 PM PST
Breaking News

A USA swimming exec admits she once kissed Sean Hutchison -- the former Team USA swimming coach accused of sexual abuse by ex-Olympian Ariana Kukors -- and says she's stepping down to avoid being a distraction.

“In order to keep the focus on the tremendous efforts of my friends, colleagues and personal heroes working every day to keep kids safe, I have submitted my resignation,” Susan Woessner, the Director of USA swimming's "Safe Sport" program, said in an open letter. 

Earlier this month, Kukors told law enforcement officials in Washington that Hutchison sexually abused her for nearly a decade -- with the first assault happening when she was 16 years old. Hutchison has denied any wrongdoing.

Woessner says she kissed Hutchison on "a single occasion" in 2007 ... but insists she never slept with him or had any other romantic contact. 

The problem -- in 2010, she was ordered to investigate a romantic relationship between Hutchison and "a 21-year-old athlete" (Kukors) for Safe Sport -- a program created to "safeguard the well-being of all of its members, with the welfare of its athletes members as a top priority."

Kukors claims she was scared when an investigator called to interview her about their purported relationship, so she denied anything happened ... and the case was ultimately dismissed. Hutchison resigned while the investigation was ongoing.

In a release, USA swimming said "a disclosure of this interaction should have preceded an investigation involving Hutchison." 

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