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Simone Biles' Boyfriend Back Off, Zac Efron ... She's MINE!!!

8/17/2016 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-arthur-nory-simone-biles-instagramZac Efron's officially been put on notice ... Simone Biles' BF fired off the warning shot.

Arthur Nory Mariano -- also a stellar gymnast reppin' Brazil at the Olympics -- just tweeted at Zac to back off his gold medal winning GF. He's joking ... we think.

0817_arthur_nory_zac_efron_instagram_gettyArthur's an Olympic medalist and Zac's packing heat ... a very nice 12-pack for any party.

The question is ...


Katie Ledecky 8-Man Security Team at Airport ... Gotta Protect That Gold!

8/17/2016 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

U.S. Olympic hero Katie Ledecky got her own private army at the airport in Virginia Wednesday morning -- but that's what happens when you're rockin' 4 GOLD MEDALS AROUND YOUR NECK!!!

The swimming sensation touched down earlier today -- and sported all 5 of her medals through Dulles International Airport (4 gold, 1 silver). 

We counted at least 8 armed cops safely escorting Ledecky through the terminal.

As for Katie, she told us she's gonna take a break from swimming for a couple of weeks -- and if there's anyone who deserves it ... 


Ryan Lochte Brazilian Judge Demands Passport ... But He's Back In U.S.

8/17/2016 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0817-ryan-lochte-gettyA Brazilian judge has ordered for the IMMEDIATE seizure of Ryan Lochte's passport -- claiming he may have lied about a robbery incident in Rio ... but the swimmer is already back in the U.S. 

Brazilian authorities have issued a statement to TMZ Sports saying, "Judge Keyla Blanc De cnop, the Special Court of the Fan and Major Events, ordered the dispatch of search warrants and seizure of passports of American swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen."

"With this, they are prohibited from leaving the country."

Lochte and Feigen had claimed they were together when their taxi cab was stopped and the swimmers were robbed by people posing as cops. 

Brazilian authorities say they have found contradictions in the swimmers' stories -- and they want to speak with them both ASAP. 

Officials say Lochte claimed they were only robbed by ONE person. Feigen said there were multiple culprits. 

Officials also point to surveillance video that shows the swimmers in good spirits when they returned to the Olympic Village after the alleged incident -- not acting like people who were just robbed at gunpoint. 

We spoke with Lochte's attorney, Jeff Ostrow, who tells us straight up -- "I have no information from Brazilian authorities that they want his passport."

"I’m shocked to hear that they would go to such measures in an effort to further investigate the incident as he has been nothing but cooperative with authorities, including sitting for a full interview with the Tourist Police, U.S. State Department, USOC Security, FBI, and anyone else that requested to be present."

He added, "Ryan is safely back in the United States."

No word on the whereabouts of Feigen. 


Zac Efron Hey, Simone Biles I Got Your Medal Right Here

8/16/2016 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_zac_efron_airport_splashZac Efron stuck his landing in Rio, and immediately hooked up with Simone Biles ... moments after she nailed down her 4th gold medal.

The timing is no accident -- Simone crushed hard on Zac and the two exchanged some flirty tweets after The Final Five won gold in the team competition. Next thing ya know, BOOM ... Zac's flying south, and getting a smooch from Simone on the 'Today' set.


It's a good guess NBC paid for Zac's first class ticket to Rio.

Sure, it's just a kiss on the cheek, but at this point ... would you bet against Simone ending up with the gold? 


Japanese Pole Vaulter Hoisted By My Own Penis

8/16/2016 6:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was a flop gone wrong for Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita -- when he ALMOST cleared the bar during a jump in Rio ... if not for his meddling penis. 

While Ogita was midway through his jump on Saturday, his pocket Olympian got loose ... and unleashed his fleshy fury all over the bar ... knocking it off the stand. 

He didn't get a medal ... but maybe some ice???

Olympic Runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos 'MEMBA THEM?!

8/16/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_tommie_smith_john_carlos_olympics_now_photos_launchTommie Smith (middle) and John Carlos (right) made history when they stood on the winner's podium and raised their fists in protest against racial injustice after winning the gold and bronze at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. Guess what they look like now!

Team USA Basketball Attempts Beach Volleyball ... Fails.

8/15/2016 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think a bunch of super tall, super athletic rich guys with beach houses would KILL IT at beach volleyball ... but you'd be wrong. 

Here's Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, DeAndre Jordan and the rest of the Team USA hoops squad taking a break from the hardwood to mess around on the sand.

A bunch of Kerri Walshes they ain't.

Still, good to see the guys blowing off some steam and having fun before the medal rounds. 

GO USA (Please don't lose to anyone)!!!

Egyptian Judo Fighter Sent Home From Rio For Dissing Israeli Opponent

8/15/2016 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0815-Islam-El-Shehaby-gettyNo handshake? No more Rio. 

The Egyptian judo fighter who refused to shake hands with his Israeli opponent has just been sent home from the Olympics -- with his own Egyptian Olympic Committee blasting the guy as a poor sport.

In fact, the EOC says it "strongly condemned" the actions of Islam El Shehaby -- who famously backpeddled from the handshake after getting his ass was handed to him by Or Sasson

The International Olympic Committee says it was the EOC's decision to yank El Shehaby from the games ... though the IOC issued a statement of its own, condemning his actions.

"[His behavior] was contrary to the rules of fair play and against the spirit of friendship embodied in the Olympic values."

As for Sasson, he went on to win the bronze medal.

Usain Bolt Jamaican Shoppers Stop to Watch Race ... Go Insane!!!

8/15/2016 7:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the best. 

This video from a MegaMart store in Kingston (it's like Costco) ... shows what happened ALL OVER JAMAICA Sunday night when Usain Bolt lined up for the 100m finals -- and it was AWESOME!!! 

Everyone in the store went to the TV aisle (including employees) -- and cheered when they announced the runners. 

And when Bolt won ... the place exploded!

It's the feel-good video of the day. Enjoy! 

Michael Phelps Hey, Ledecky ... I Want YOUR Autograph!

8/15/2016 6:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0815-michael-phelps-katie-ledecky-recreate-pic-swim-rio-olympics-TWITTER-01How cool is this ... Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky recreating that famous 2006 autograph photo -- IN REVERSE! 

When they took the original pic back in 2006, Ledecky was just 9 years old -- and Phelps was her aquatic hero ... having just racked up 8 medals at the '04 Olympic games. 

Now, it's Ledecky who's killin' it in the pool -- she just scored herself 5 medals (4 gold!) and blew her competition out of the water.  

So, it was only fitting for Phelps to turn the tables on Ledecky and ask for HER autograph.

Pretty awesome. 

Ryan Lochte Armed Robbery ... Rio Cover Up?

8/14/2016 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814-ryan-lochte-TMZ-03The United States Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee both flatly denied Ryan Lochte or any other swimmer were victims of an armed robbery ... without even speaking with any of the victims.

It's hard to believe ... no one in either organization had the ability to contact the swimmers hours after the robbery, even though all four are living in the Olympic village.

As we reported, The IOC flatly denied a robbery had taken place, despite the fact that Lochte's mom told a Fox Sports reporter about the incident ... calling it, "terrifying."

An official from the USOC tells TMZ Sports, they jumped to the conclusion nothing had happened because they couldn't confirm something had.  Yet that official admitted the U.S. Committee told the IOC it didn't happen without ever speaking to anyone involved.

For it's part, the IOC apparently never tried contacting any of the victims or Lochte's mom.  

It would no doubt be bad for the games if a story got out that robbers were posing as police officers in Rio, hunting down tourists and robbing them with guns to their head.

Ozzie Smith I Coulda Been an Olympic Gymnast ... Maybe!

8/13/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's the best tumbler in the history of Major League Baseball -- but was habitual flipper Ozzie Smith good enough to make the Olympic gymnastics team??

That's exactly what we asked the Hall of Famer when we saw him in L.A. Thursday -- and he seems pretty confident ... had he set his mind to it back in the day.

Smith was one hell of an athlete -- and seems fairly confident that he had the ability to succeed in gymnastics ... if he really honed in on it.

And after watching some of his famous flips ... we believe it.

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

8/13/2016 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0801_frigin_LAUNCHSexy British diver Tom Daley was all smiles as he stepped up to accept his Olympic medal. Put your skills to the test as you dive through the differences between these two winning pics.

**HINT -- there are THREE differences in the above photographs!** 

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