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Winter Olympics THE GREAT ASS GAME Male or Female?!

2/12/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
The chiseled asses are out in force in Sochi ... both men and women ... showing off their incredible physiques.

But the million dollar question ... with Spandex running rampant, can you tell the difference between a taught male tush and a hard female heiny?

It's time to go for the gold ...

The Band Perry U.S. Skiers Crushed Our Song Come Play With Us on Tour!

2/11/2014 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0211-the-band-perry-USACountry music superstars The Band Perry have invited members of the U.S. Olympic ski team to PLAY WITH THEM IN CONCERT ... after watching the athletes cover their biggest hit in Sochi, TMZ Sports has learned.

We know ... the band recently saw the incredible clip of Stacey Cook, Jacqueline Wiles and Laurenne Ross rockin' out to their huge song, "Better Dig Two" and LOVED IT!!!

In fact, a rep for the band tells us ... they've already been in contact with the Olympians in the hopes they can bring them on stage at one of their shows to play the song together.

The band even gave us this note to pass on to the skiers -- "We love you guys! Go Team USA!"


Randy Couture MMA Olympic Movement Growing More Than 30 Countries Are Down

2/11/2014 12:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UFC legend Randy Couture says there's serious momentum in the fight to get MMA back in the Olympics ... with more than 30 COUNTRIES on board and ready to roll.

Couture was leaving an event in L.A. this weekend when he said, "I think there's 34 or 39 countries that have signed petitions" for a sport called pankration ... an ancient form of MMA.

FYI -- pankration was an olympic sport in ancient Greece. The only rules were no biting or eye-gouging.

So, when should we expect to see MMA fighters competing for the gold? Probably not any time soon ... in fact, a UFC exec recently said he thinks it's still 20 years away.

It's OK ... good things come to those who wait.

Bob Costas DEFEATED BY EYE INFECTION Gets Night Off to Heal

2/11/2014 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

The eyes have it ... infections, that is ... and now, FINALLY, Bob Costas will take a night off from Olympics coverage so his peepers can heal up.

Costas tapped Matt Lauer to take over the hosting duties from Sochi Tuesday ... saying, "Reluctantly, I was trying to throw a complete game here, but we're going to have to go to the bullpen, and I don't know if you're aware of this tonight, but you're Mariano Rivera, at least tonight."

Bob started his Olympic coverage with what appeared to be pink eye -- it was red and swollen shut -- and after a few days it appeared the other eye came down with the P.E. too.

So, the question remains ... WHO KEEPS FARTING ON BOB'S PILLOW???

US Olympic Bobsledder Escapes from Russian Elevator 'I Tried to Pry The Door Open!'

2/10/2014 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
US bobsledder Johnny Quin was just RESCUED from an evil Russian elevator ... just days after being trapped in a Russian bathroom ... and he just called in to TMZ Sports to tell us about his escape.

Quin was leaving the team hotel with the team bobsled pilot and a few team mechanics when the doors suddenly slammed shut ... and wouldn't open.

Quin says he tried to pry the elevator open ... but it wouldn't budge.

Fortunately, the guys had their cell phones and called for help ... and eventually got out.

The incident comes just two days after Johnny got trapped in his own bathroom ... and when no one came to his rescue, he used his bobsled skills to smash through the door like the Kool Aid man.


Cool Runnings Star Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme ... Move Over USA It's Jamaica's Time!

2/8/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Starring in "Cool Runnings" makes you an unofficial Jamaican FOR LIFE ... at least according to American actor Leon Robinson ... who tells TMZ Sports he's rooting for Team JA's bobsledders to crush Team USA in Sochi.

Leon played Derice Bannock in the beloved movie, and explained "it'd be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to win the gold," adding ... "how often would they get that chance?"

He's got a point ... Jamaica's bobsled has only made it to ONE other Olympics after their legendary debut in the 1988 Games.

Leon says he goes down to Jam Rock every year ... and claims the island's tourism board calls him "Jamaica's best friend" -- due to all the visitors who come and spend money on bobsled-related gear.

No joke ... there's a freakin' Bobsled Cafe down there.


But even Leon admits it's a long shot for the Jamaicans to top USA this year.  

Maybe not ... if they bust out THE chant in Sochi. That would be awesome ...

Winter Olympics in Sochi Come for the Games, Stay For ... (We'll Get Back to You)

2/7/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
The Winter Olympics are finally underway, which means all over Sochi ... stray dogs are running for their lives, and tourists are trying to figure out how the hell to take a crap!

But there's also good stuff happening. Just not in Sochi.


Google Rainbow Olympic Logo Suck It Russia!

2/6/2014 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

The guys at Google appear to have just flipped the bird at the Russians for their anti-gay laws ... posting a rainbow Olympics search bar to their homepage.

The art work popped up on the site minutes ago ... and the message sure seems loud and proud ... Google supports gay rights at Sochi.

As you know -- the Russians are enforcing a strict "no gays allowed" policy in their country ... which includes everyone traveling there for the Games this winter.

Your move Putin.

Winter Olympics HEINEKEN ARRIVES IN SOCHI Hey Bud, We're Not Afraid!

2/6/2014 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0206_heinekien_olympics_gettyHeineken ain't afraid of no terrorism -- unlike Budweiser -- TMZ Sports has learned, the Dutch beer company has REFUSED to cancel its Olympics party in Sochi ... after its American cousin pulled out.

A rep for Heineken tells us, the beer titan's party house in Sochi officially opened for business today ... and it's already turnt up big time.

It's a big move ... considering Budweiser shut down all plans to have a presence in Sochi because the company is afraid of the looming threat of terrorism.

But Heineken says Bud's fears are unsubstantiated ... with one rep telling us, "Sochi is actually OK safety-wise."

Cheers to that.

Jamaican Bobsled Team WE FOUND OUR LUGGAGE ... Lawd a Mercy!!

2/6/2014 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News
0206-jamaican-bobsled-team-gettyThe Jamaican Bobsled team is officially back in business ... after their missing luggage was finally located in Sochi.

Team Jamaica's Winter Olympics experience got off to a bad start when they arrived to Russia ahead of their luggage ... which contained clothing, uniforms, helmets and other important bobsledding stuff.

But good news ... the luggage finally arrived to Sochi around midnight ... and today, the team hit the track for a pre-Olympics training sesh.

Don't worry ... the lucky egg* was probably a carry-on.

*note -- the lucky egg was popularized in the propaganda film, "Cool Runnings" ... no word if it actually exists.

Cedric Ceballos Budweiser Should Declare P.R. War On Sochi Pulling Out Isn't Enough

2/6/2014 7:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Cedric Ceballos wants Budweiser to BE STRONGER in its stand against the situation in Sochi ... saying pulling out isn't enough -- he wants the company to declare an all out P.R. war on Russia.

We broke the story ... Budweiser decided NOT to throw its traditional Club Bud party at the Winter Olympics this year -- and according to internal documents obtained by TMZ Sports, it's all because Bud fears the terror threat in Sochi is looming too large.

Bud has not issued a public statement explaining the decision -- but the former NBA star tells TMZ Sports, he thinks the company has a duty to back up their actions with strong words.

"I think they should come out with a statement. I mean, they always make statements in commercials with their product,. somebody either the President or the CEO should make a statement."

2014 Olympics Budweiser BAILS on Sochi We're Not Comfortable There

2/5/2014 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0205-budweiser-olympicsThere's no Bud for you, Sochi ... TMZ Sports has learned Budweiser has decided to NOT throw its traditional Winter Olympics party this year and it's all because the company is not comfortable with the situation in Russia.

In the past, Budweiser was known for hosting huge parties -- like the Club Bud bashes during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and at the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

But we've learned ... the King of Beers has decided it won't be throwing a similar party at the '14 Games ... at least, that's the plan for now.

In fact, we've seen an email from a Budweiser rep which says the company does not want its U.S.-based representatives in Sochi ... and the message is clear -- the terrorist threat is simply looming too large. 

A rep for Anheuser-Busch confirms to TMZ Sports ... there will be no Club Bud in Sochi -- but the rep didn't give a reason for why the company is not throwing the party.


Olympic Village CONDOMS FOR EVERYONE Officials Distribute 100,000 Rubbers

2/5/2014 10:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0205-olympic-village-condom-gettySex is rampant in Olympic Village ... everyone knows this ... and officials have taken steps to make sure the athletes stay safe in the bedroom by passing out 100,000 condoms, TMZ Sports has learned.

A rep for the International Olympic Committee tells us ... "The distribution of condoms in the village is part of the IOC’s involvement in the HIV and AIDS prevention."

The 100,000 condoms will cover roughly 7,650 athletes who are competing (and banging each other) over a 16-day span.

Just a few years ago, former Olympic competitor Ronda Rousey told us the village is pure "debauchery" ... with hot people fueled on adrenaline and free booze having the time of their lives.

Makes ya wanna book a trip to Sochi, right?


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