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'Hunger Games' Star U.S. Should LOWER Boozing Age to 18

4/12/2012 7:00 AM PDT

If 18-year-olds can fire a shot in war ... they should be able to take a shot in a bar ... so says "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson.

Hutcherson was leaving STK last night when we asked a question inspired by his 19-year-old co-star Alexander Ludwig ... who triggered an investigation when he left a 21+ bar in Hollywood this week.

Hutcherson tells us the drinking age in America simply doesn't make sense -- saying, "I think the age to go to war is 18 ... so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well."

Hutcherson raises a good point ... so we gotta ask ...

Underage 'Hunger Games' Star Leaves H-Wood Bar Undercover

4/11/2012 11:30 AM PDT
exclusive story

11:50 AM PT: We're told the California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control has just opened an investigation into The Sayers Club over the Ludwig photos. A rep for the ABC tells TMZ, "We're looking into it."

"Hunger Games" star Alexander Ludwig blew off some steam Tuesday night by kicking back at The Sayers Club in Hollywood -- problem is, he's 19 and the club cannot legally allow anyone in who is under 21.

The pic on the left shows Alexander at an event earlier in the evening.  Then we got more pics -- shot at around 11:45 PM -- showing Alexander, wearing the same leather jacket and skinny jeans -- covering his face leaving Sayers.

The California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control tells TMZ ... Sayers has a Type 48 license, meaning only patrons 21 and over can enter. 

Robbie McKay, Director of Communications for Sayers, tells TMZ when security spotted Ludwig inside the club he was asked to leave.

BTW, Alexander is from Canada, where you can go to bars when you're 18 or 19, depending on the province.  Welcome to America, Alex!

'Hunger Games' Team Gale vs. Team Peeta Who'd You Rather?

3/24/2012 4:00 AM PDT

"The Hunger Games" stars Liam Hemsworth, aka Gale, and Josh Hutcherson, aka Peeta, were all buddy buddy at an event for the movie in Toronto this week.

Question is ...

More Who'd you rather?

"The Hunger Games" Jennifer Lawrence Reveals ...

3/22/2012 12:02 AM PDT

"The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence may have slipped and revealed a huge plot line about the movie everyone's dying to see -- or maybe just her cleavage. Either way ...

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'Hunger Games' Star Feast Your Eyes on These!

3/21/2012 6:16 AM PDT
"The Hunger Games" doesn't come out for two more days, but Jennifer Lawrence proved she's already overexposed ... by wearing a sexy revealing dress with a deep plunging neckline in NYC last night.

The gorgeous 21-year-old is a gifted actress.

Jennifer Lawrence vs. Miley Cyrus Who'd You Rather?

3/13/2012 7:00 AM PDT

Katniss Everdeen aka Jennifer Lawrence, 21, and Miley Cyrus, 19, -- the girlfriend of Jen's "Hunger Games" co-star Liam Hemsworth -- both struck a pose at the film's premiere in L.A. on Monday.

Question is ...

See also

More Who'd you rather?

'The Hunger Games' Cast Descends Upon L.A.

3/11/2012 5:08 AM PDT

Katniss, Peeta and Gale -- more commonly known as Jennifer Lawrence (right), Josh Hutcherson (left) and Liam Hemsworth (back) -- arrived in Los Angeles yesterday as the March 23 release of "The Hunger Games" is almost upon us.

The movie is based on a book of the same name ... which at one point was on The New York Times list for over 100 consecutive weeks. Advanced tickets for the movie broke Fandango's record for advanced sales, beating out "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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