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Scheana Marie Look What the Tide Washed Up ... 'BiP' Hottie Robby Hayes!

5/23/2018 9:21 AM PDT

"Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Marie's bathing suit says it best -- now that she's hooking up with another hot reality TV star ... in Hawaii -- yeah, "Living My Best Life" definitely applies here.

Scheana and "Bachelor in Paradise'' star Robby Hayes were strolling through the surf Tuesday in Oahu. Rumors started to swirl they were hookin' up back in March, but they both claimed they were just good friends. We'd say VERY good friends, based on these shots.

Scheana had previously been linked to Rob Valletta after her divorce from Mike Shay.

One thing Robby and Scheana can't deny -- they look good together.

Virgin America Buckle Up, Todrick Hall ... You're Getting Sued for Safety Video

5/17/2018 2:46 PM PDT

The production company behind Virgin America's wildly popular safety video is pissed because it claims the guy who created it, got sloppy ... legally speaking.

The airline's super-bouncy little ditty about buckling seat belts, life vests and oxygen masks was created by Todrick Hall -- a singer and choreographer you probably remember from "American Idol," "Rupaul's Drag Race" and also the safety video. If you've ever flown Virgin, the damn song probably stuck in your head for the whole flight.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, when Todrick sold the video to Virgin for $3,000, he told them he had cleared all components of it -- meaning he had legal rights to the music, lyrics, voices and performances.

The company that produced the video for Todrick is called Virgin Produced 2.0 (a production arm of Virgin Group). According to the suit, if Todrick had NOT cleared something in the video, he would be on the hook for it.

Enter said hook -- Virgin America and Virgin Produced 2.0 got sued by a woman named Noemi Del Rio, who says she worked with Todrick in 2013 to co-create the safety video. That's her voice during the distinctive "little girl's rap" section. Del Rio says she never gave Todrick rights to her voice, so she's suing to get paid.

In its lawsuit against Todrick, Virgin Produced 2.0 says he's gotta cover their ass, financially speaking, for the lawsuit with Del Rio.

Translation: This is your captain speaking, and there's gonna be some turbulence ahead, Todrick. Fasten your seat belt. *DING*

Draya Michele Rocks the 'Ultimate' Thong Bikini

5/15/2018 2:45 PM PDT

Here's Draya Michele setting the Miami pool scene on fire at Shore Club ... with a bikini that looks like it was made from the things the Ultimate Warrior used to tie to his arms. 

Don't get it twisted, we're not complaining ... not even a little bit.  


Of course, Draya is a swimsuit tycoon, who runs the Mint Swim bikini company ... and also happens to be dating Washington Redskins star Orlando Scandrick

No signs of Scandrick in Miami though ... he spent the weekend in Los Angeles running a high school passing league tournament.

Scandrick played with the Dallas Cowboys for years before the team released him from his contract this offseason. He signed a 2-year deal with Washington reportedly worth up to $10 million. 

Gronk Bikini Birthday Celebration ... Sexy Dance from Hot GF

5/14/2018 11:31 AM PDT
Breaking News

Rob Gronkowski turns 29 today -- only 40 more years until his favorite number -- and he's celebrating with an insane trip to Jamaica with his bikini model girlfriend. 

Gronk and Camille Kostek have been living it up at some super fancy resort -- eating fruit, hiking to waterfalls and busting out some sexy bikini dances (thanks for that, btw).

Gronk seems to be in a good place -- as you can see at the end of the dancing video.

The two have been connected for years -- they were serious, then took some time apart ... but now they seem to be in full swing.

No word if a ring is in Camille's future ... but it sure seems to be headed in that direction.

No pressure, bro ...

Kendall Jenner I'm Hangin' in Cannes!!!

5/11/2018 6:50 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner is lots of things for sure, including super agile.

Check out the model, who has made her way to the top of the modeling profession and the top of a beam, sitting high above the swimming pool at the uber exclusive and expensive Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France.

Kendall's in France for the Cannes Film Festival ... where you don't have to be in a movie to get noticed -- especially if you happen to look like her. 

Floyd Mayweather Buys Designer Shoes ... For His Dog

5/10/2018 8:20 AM PDT
Breaking News

File Under: "You know you have wayyyyy too much money when ..."

Thursday's insane display of wealth comes courtesy of Floyd Mayweather -- who took some time on his ridiculously expensive annual vacation around the world to buy his dog some designer kicks. 

Floyd claims the shoes are "red bottoms" -- though, we haven't been able to find actual Louboutin dog shoes yet. 

Either way, who buys dog shoes? 

Floyd's always been good to his pets -- flying them on private jets and making sure they only drink water out of crystal glasses

Must be nice ... 

Farrah Abraham My Coconuts are Koo Koo for Fiji!!

5/4/2018 10:22 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham is sizzling on a South Pacific beach, but thankfully she's got fresh coconuts -- to keep her cool.

The ex-'Teen Mom' flaunted her goods in a bathing suit on Wavi Island in Fiji. Thing is ... it's a private island, so not too many people got to enjoy Farrah's coming and going. Somehow she managed to get in front of the one person with a camera. Shocking, right?

Farrah made sure to stay hydrated under the hot Fiji sun ... she never put down the damn coconuts.

We're sure she got tons of D, too. The vitamin.

Floyd Mayweather Breaks Out Money Stacks ... On Private Jet

5/4/2018 6:48 AM PDT

Who needs friends on your private jet when you have stacks of cash? 

Floyd Mayweather doesn't ... showing off his empty "Air Mayweather" jet as he leaves Singapore on another one of his insanely expensive globe-trotting vacations. 

Just a few days ago, Floyd was in Dubai -- shopping his face off. Then he was off to Singapore and then Indonesia. 

Why all the stops? Because he can afford it. 

In fact, Floyd spent some time on his plane counting his money -- 11 stacks of backpack cash -- all $100 bills. 

Floyd has been known to walk around with $1 million in spending cash -- but this doesn't look like a milli. Wanna see what 7 figures in cash looks like? Click here for that. 

Kanye West Gets Early Pass at Wyoming Resort

5/4/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Kanye West has turned the Wyoming resort he's staying at into Kanyeville ... because he and his team are the hotel's only guests.

Our sources in Jackson Hole, Wyoming tell TMZ ... the luxurious resort is currently closed to the public because it's off-season. But get this ... the resort opened its doors when Ye's team came a-calling. As we first reported ... Kanye hit up the Cowboy State to apply the finishing touches on his 5 upcoming albums.

We're told the hotel -- which features suites and private homes -- had zero problem accommodating Kanye since he's one of the resort's most loyal and high-profile clients.

Sources tell us Kanye's staying at one of the several stand-alone homes that costs about $5k per night. The pad has its own private entrance and is separate from the suites, which btw aren't staffed ... save for a maintenance crew and some managers.

As we've also reported ... Kanye will get a stream of visitors who will help him complete his albums. It appears Kim's also there ... making this much clear -- work comes with a spectacular view.

Kanye West Goin' Back to the Mountaintop Finishing Touches on Albums

5/3/2018 1:00 AM PDT

10:14 AM PT -- It appears Kim made the trip with Kanye too ... she posted a photo Thursday morning of the game Guess Who? from inside the Wyoming property Kanye's staying at.

Kanye West has left L.A. for the Cowboy State ... to put the finishing touches on his 5 upcoming albums.

Sources tell TMZ, Kanye flew out of L.A. Wednesday for the secluded home he's rented in Wyoming ... literally on a mountaintop. Kanye's spent a lot of time there over the last few months, flying in various rappers and producers to help with his music.

We're told this is an extended stay ... at least several weeks. 

And our sources say Kanye is not bothered by the fallout from his "TMZ Live" interview. To the contrary, he has told people the episode was "fire" and got people thinking ... which he says was his goal.

Our sources say Kanye will get a stream of visitors who will help him with the final touches.

The first album is due out May 25 ... and 4 more will follow.  

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Paradise Vacay Forecast: Cloudy Skies & Stormi Conditions

5/2/2018 7:17 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner had one helluva way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone -- celebrating Travis Scott and Stormi's birthday with one baller getaway.

Kylie posted these pics of her brood enjoying a paradise vacation to celebrate Travis and Stormi hitting another milestone -- Travis turned 26 Monday and Stormi turned 3 months Tuesday.

Stormi can't even walk and already she's proving the lap of luxury suits her well. Last time Kylie and Travis were on a boat it was an adults-only adventure ... but this shindig was all about her (and sure, Travis too, but daddy's little girl trumps all else).

Kylie and Travis looked like they enjoyed the beach all to themselves, which really isn't that surprising. Over the weekend, Kylie said she rented out Six Flags Magic Mountain for Travis' birthday and brought with them Kendall, Kim, Kourtney and Kylie's bff, Jordyn Woods. She said they'd never been.

Of course ... no ocean shot's complete without a glimpse of Kylie's other assets.

Floyd Mayweather VIP Caravan Through Dubai Mall

5/2/2018 12:20 AM PDT

When you've just dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Dubai Mall ... you don't have to WALK from store to store, you get DRIVEN -- just ask Floyd Mayweather

The 41-year-old boxer and his massive entourage were spotted in a two-car caravan -- complete with chauffeurs -- being driven through the upscale mall with TMT bodyguards and a couple of bellhops in tow. 

In fact, the bellhop carts were packed to the brim with shopping bags -- and knowing Floyd, the dude dropped a fortune. 

Mayweather loves to vacation in Dubai and tends to spend a TON of money when he visits. Back in 2015, he dropped just over $1 MILLION on a diamond watch during a $1.5 million shopping spree.

So, yeah ... that's why he gets VIP treatment. 

Brody Jenner Fiancee's Off to Colombia For Private Island Bachelorette Bash

4/30/2018 9:40 AM PDT

Brody Jenner's fiancee is gonna need a bigger boat if she wants male strippers at her bachelorette party, but that's the price ya pay for throwing the event on your own private island!

Our sources say Brody and Kaitlynn Carter, a lifestyle blogger, are getting married in June -- and Kaitlynn's been on a tiny islet off Colombia since Friday celebrating with her closest pals. The ladies are roughing it ... in this colorful 4-bedroom home surrounded by turquoise water.

The home is called Isla Rosa -- for obvious reasons -- and comes with its own cook, butler and a private beach. All that for just $1,000 per night on weekdays and $1,200 on weekends! Quite a deal.

It's in the Rosario Islands about 18 miles off the coast of Cartagena, and so far it looks super chill. Think less penis straws and more yoga, dance classes, massages and facials.

Chill, Brody -- no strippers. Not yet. That we've seen, anyway.  

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