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Apple's iPhone X Launch UK Artist Gets Ultimate Publicity I'm Closer to a Record Deal!

9/13/2017 4:42 PM PDT

Apple's head honchos gave the biggest plug possible to an unsigned, independent artist during their iPhone X launch, and she could land a record deal because of it.

We spoke with British singer/songwriter Emma Blackery -- whose EP, "Magnetised," and the artwork to her single got shown to millions of people tuning in Wednesday to Apple's presentation -- and she says it was a godsend.

Emma tells us she and her team knew her album and artwork were going to be on Apple's site, but got taken by surprise with the unexpected cameo on the jumbo screen. As of now, she's mostly known as a vlogger on YouTube.

As you might imagine, her fan base has soared since -- not to mention her business opportunities. She says multiple record labels have come calling ... and she's picking up.

Brian Austin Green Scoffs at Trolls Who Criticize Son for Wearing Dresses

9/7/2017 4:30 PM PDT

Brian Austin Green is incredulous at people who have gone after his 4-year-old son who routinely goes out in public wearing dresses.

Brian was interviewed by TMZ alum Dax Holt, who now runs Hollywood Pipeline, and the former 90210 star says choosing to wear dresses, goggles ... who cares?

And then Brian gives a rare, candid peek into controlling the paparazzi by actually tipping them off to where he, Megan Fox and their brood are heading. He says the trade-off is a no-brainer, especially on vacay ... 5 minutes of posing, in return for 2 weeks of peace. 

Denny's Deer Grand Slams Through Window

6/13/2017 7:33 AM PDT
You Gotta See This!

Denny's customers got an off-the-menu breakfast special -- a crazed deer that crashed through a window ... and scrambled around the restaurant.

Broken glass went flying as the deer leaped into the restaurant ... clearing rows of booths and tables Saturday morning in Rome, NY.

Amazingly, it totally stuck the landing -- avoiding people and furniture. After slipping and falling on the tile floors ... someone opened the front door and the deer simply ran out, uninjured.

Bambi did NOT leave a tip. Probably still pissed about his mom.

Zoo Chimp Flings Poo ... Grandma Gets It IN THE FACE!!

4/3/2017 9:10 AM PDT
You Gotta See This!

Grandma's trip to the zoo with her family got real crappy, real quick ... courtesy of a chimpanzee with the most amazing aim.

This all went down in Grand Rapids, MI, and thankfully someone caught it on video. Something pissed off the chimp and it started pitching a fit, and then it pitched poo right at the group of people watching behind a glass wall. A very short glass wall.

Sorry, granny. It's a jungle out there.

YouTube Star PewDiePie Show Canceled ... After Anti-Semitic Jokes

2/14/2017 7:19 AM PST
Breaking News

PewDiePie's show on YouTube is no more -- he's been cut loose by the video platform ... hours after Disney pulled the plug over his anti-Semitic "jokes" on his channel. 

YouTube says it canceled the release of a 2nd season for PewDiePie -- real name Felix Kjellberg -- and will not be promoting the rest of his channel as well. 

One of his videos included a banner that read, "Death to all Jews."  

Disney, which owns Maker Studios and helped produce PewDiePie's show, also cut him loose after they realized he had a ton of anti-Semitic gags and Nazi imagery embedded in his vids.

PewDiePie has more than 53 million followers, and is YouTube's most popular channel.

Good riddance.

Debbie Reynolds Singin' In The Gains Death Causes Spike In Sales, Searches

12/29/2016 3:30 PM PST

Debbie Reynolds' movies are back on top again in the wake of her death ... and numbers don't lie. 

Debbie's biggest films have jumped in the ranks on platforms like Amazon and iTunes, with her best known flick, "Singin' in the Rain," sitting pretty at #1 on Amazon's best sellers list as of Thursday.

The same movie was nowhere near that position as of Wednesday night. 

Other Debbie movies have climbed the ladder as well -- "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and a "Tammy and the Bachelor" triple feature pack are both among the top 4 best selling DVDs on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Debbie's films have suddenly been moved to iTunes' New and Noteworthy list since her passing ... even though the movies are at least 20 years old.

Carrie Fisher isn't being left out of the surge either. The film "Postcards from the Edge," based on her memoir about Debbie and Carrie's relationship, has also bumped up in iTunes' charts.

BTW ... a rep from YouTube also tells us any clips with "Singin' in the Rain" have shot up in searches by 1000% between Wednesday and Thursday. Yup, you read that right. 

Melania & Barron Trump YouTuber Cashes in With Apology

11/30/2016 7:12 AM PST

The YouTuber who falsely insinuated Melania Trump's son was autistic is redefining chutzpah ... he's making money on his apology.

The guy has ads running on his apology vid, meaning he hasn't turned off the monetization setting -- just a one-click process.

The apology video posted Tuesday has almost 74,000 views as of Wednesday morning, and continues to run ads. 

We broke the story ... Melania and Barron threatened the YouTuber with a lawsuit ... and they called out Rosie O'Donnell for reposting it.

The guy took it down when he felt the Mama Bear's legal heat -- although he waited 24 hours and gained another 1 million views, and more ad revenue, in the process.  

He seemed sincere in his apology/retraction. Now ... we're not so sure.

'Moji' King Might Need His Own Jail Emoji

7/8/2016 12:40 AM PDT

The guy behind celeb emoji apps for Amber Rose and Steph Curry might wanna get to work on a yellow head behind bars with a shiv ... now that the L.A. City Attorney has filed a petty theft charge against him.

We broke the story ... 'Moji' CEO Oliver Camilo was arrested at LAX last month for jacking a camera from a passenger on his plane. The alleged theft was caught on tape since the camera owner is a YouTube star.

Camilo claimed he was set up for a YouTube prank, and now he might have to tell it to the judge.

If convicted, he faces up to 6 months in county jail. 

YouTube Stars We Didn't Frame 'Moji' CEO ... He Got Caught Stealing

6/22/2016 1:45 PM PDT

Yousef Erakat and Alex Wassabi are firing back at the CEO who claims the YouTube stars set him up to make it look like he jacked their camera.

The YouTubers claim Oliver Camilo -- the guy behind celeb emoji apps for Amber Rose and Steph Curry -- not only stole their camera ... he even apologized afterward and tried to offer his business services if they'd forget the whole thing.

As for Camilo's claim he was taking the camera to lost and found? Check out our clip ... they see right through it.

TMZ broke the story ... Camilo was arrested at LAX after Yousef (DOSEofFOUSEY) and Alex chased him down.

YouTube Stoner Films His Own Crime Cops Say, 'Thanks'

2/19/2016 12:40 AM PST

A YouTube star who made a name for himself touting weed is facing criminal charges ... and the smoking gun is the guy's own video. 

Joel Hradecky and two friends took a trip to the abandoned 348 ft. Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton, WA. The guys lit up blunts and smoked wax as they traversed the steel beams.

No one would have known the trio had trespassed, were it not for the fact that Joel recorded the hijinks and posted it to his YouTube page, which has more than 700,000 subscribers.

Fish and Wildlife officials reviewed the video, and it was clear Joel and company saw the "no trespassing signs."  

There was still the issue of finding them, but it wasn't hard, because the license plate on their truck was plain as day on the video.

Marijuana: Sometimes it clouds your judgment. 

YouTube Star Rhett McLaughlin I Got a New 'Poo ... and It's Adorable!

2/14/2016 12:20 AM PST

Rhett McLaughlin -- one half of the famous YouTube duo Rhett and Link -- just expanded his family ... by a couple of pounds.

Rhett and his wife Jessie got a maltipoo pup named Lola from Wylder's Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Studio City, CA.

Sources at Wylder's tell us Jessie came in last week by herself at first, but immediately fell in love with Lola and called Rhett to get over there with their sons, STAT -- and sealed the deal on the spot.

We're told the fam dropped nearly a grand on toys and girly outfits for Lola. They also made a donation to the store's rescue efforts.

The 'It's Poppin' Lady From Viral Video To TV Star

1/13/2016 11:05 AM PST

Michelle Dobyne is now known around the world as the "It's Poppin!" lady -- her epic firsthand account of a building fire went viral, and she's already going a little Hollywood.  

Michelle appeared on Wednesday's "TMZ Live" to tell us how her life has changed overnight due to the viral video -- AND the 17-year-old girl who found her and got her a manager (the girl's mother).

It's a crazy story and, of course, no one can tell it the way she does. Michelle also told us she's going to appear on "Maury" next week, and she's hoping to use all this publicity to get into stand-up comedy.

As for getting displaced by the fire -- we had a little surprise for Michelle and her 3 kids. Miss this video? "Not todaaay!"

And catch the full interview on "TMZ Live." 

AwesomenessTV Sued In A Battle Of The Betches

12/28/2015 12:40 AM PST

YouTube network AwesomenessTV and online magazine Betches are at war ... and it's all over who's the bigger betch. 

Betches is suing the YouTube network for slapping the word "betch" on several web series.

Betches says they own the trademark for the word "Betches" and AwesomenessTV has been skating a fine line by using the word in several satirical comedy series with titles like, "Betch: A Sketch Show" and "Ariana Grande Is Good At Everything - Betch!," among others.   

When Betches asked them to stop, AwesomenessTV refused pointing out "betch" is fair game since it's a slang term used in colloquial American English. 

Betches is asking AwesomenessTV to stop using their famous word and fork any profits they've made from using it. 

AwesomenessTV tells TMZ Betches does not have a trademark to use the term "betches" for content.

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