Ahmaud Arbery's Mom Tells Breonna's Mom ... 'Don't Give Up!!!'


7:10 AM PT -- Cooper-Jones joined "TMZ Live" and had a strong message she wanted to deliver to Breonna's mom saying, "I know it has to be very uncomfortable to know that your child was taken away and no one went to jail as of yet."

And, her message to Tamika is "don't give up" on seeking justice. The Arbery family attorney, Lee Merritt, also said, even though there hasn't been video that's emerged in Breonna's case there's hope for justice because "we've seen cases take off because of public pressure."

The Ahmaud Arbery murder case is moving at lightning speed ... seemingly light-years faster than the Breonna Taylor case ... and TMZ's learned both of their mothers will join forces in their fight for justice.

Lee Merritt -- attorney for Ahmaud's mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones -- tells us ... Ahmaud's mom is all set for a face-to-face with Breonna's mother, Tamika Palmer, Thursday in Louisville. It will be their first face-to-face meeting.

Wanda, who flew from Georgia to Louisville Wednesday night, is in for a busy day ... we're told after her sit-down with Tamika, she's scheduled to meet with lawmakers and local activists to fight for justice for Breonna.

Merritt will accompany Wanda as they lobby to have the Louisville police officers involved in Breonna's death arrested and charged. They will also lobby for federal intervention ... the feds could charge a civil rights violation ... something they did in the Rodney King case to secure convictions.

One item at the top of the agenda -- the Justice Act, which was just introduced in the State Senate and calls for police reform, transparency and accountability. Merritt tells us the bill doesn't go far enough to help Breonna's family get justice.

As we reported ... the 3 individuals charged in Ahmaud's murder -- Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan -- were indicted by a grand jury Wednesday, and are each facing 1 count of malice murder, 4 counts felony murder, 2 counts aggravated assault, 1 count false imprisonment and 1 count criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the cops involved in Breonna's death have yet to be arrested. As you know, Breonna was shot 8 times after cops entered her home in the middle of the night looking for someone else. They also lied and said in the police report she was not injured.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

Tekashi 6ix9ine IG Account Will Remain Live ... Not Violating Our Policy


Tekashi 6ix9ine's Instagram page will stay up and running despite renewed uproar over his criminal record -- because the platform feels he hasn't violated their rules.

Here's the deal ... 6ix9ine ran into some legal trouble even before he hit it big. When he was younger -- age 18 -- he pled guilty to one count of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance.

In light of that, folks started asking why he's even allowed to have an IG since Facebook -- the parent company -- has explicit terms saying convicted sex offenders are barred from the platform. FB said his account would be put under review.

We've got an update on that review from the folks at FB and Instagram -- and it's basically this ... Tekashi is NOT technically in violation of FB/IG's sex offender policy, at least that's how they're viewing it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

A source at Instagram tells us ... FB and IG took a hard look at his record, and turns out ... they found the guy's case -- which went down in NY -- and saw he was adjudicated as a “youthful offender” which is different from having an adult criminal conviction.

As a result, our source tells us Facebook will not be removing his account, as they don't believe -- based on their interpretation of things -- he meets the criteria that would mark him as a sex offender. Look it up yourself ... Tekashi (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) does not appear on the state's sex offender registry.

The Manhattan D.A. confirms Tekashi's 2015 case was adjudicated as a Youthful Offender, but declined to offer more details. His attorney, Lance Lazzaro, shed a bit more light, telling us yes ... the crime was committed when T69 was 18. But, after he completed some sentencing requirements, the court granted him youthful offender status.

BTW, T69 has addressed the conviction himself on the Breakfast Club -- insisting he didn't know the girl was underage. Prosecutors say Tekashi was at a party where a nude 13-year-old girl was taped performing sex acts on a man, and T69 was seen making thrusting motions behind her and slapping her buttocks at one point.

George Floyd Protests Activist Claims LAPD Shot His Scrotum ... Rubber Bullets Do Real Damage

Breaking News

A Black Lives Matter protester allegedly took rubber bullets fired by LAPD officers right to the crotch, and he claims it caused him to lose a testicle. So, yeah ... he's suing.

Bradley Steyn -- a South African man who protested apartheid back in the day -- claims he was maimed by law enforcement during a May 30 George Floyd protest in L.A.'s Fairfax District.

He claims he witnessed police brutality, then became a victim himself when cops allegedly used batons to beat him in the chest ... before shooting him with rubber bullets at point-blank range.

Bradley claims he was hit in the inner thigh and genitals and has since suffered horrific pain and the loss of a testicle.

His attorney, Lisa Bloom, will hold a press conference with him in front of LAPD headquarters Thursday, where Bradley will speak on "the impact his beating and shooting has had on his life and family."

Bloom and Bradley will also reveal details of the legal action they are taking against the police department and call for specific reforms. Bloom says, "Police brutality is our national shame."

Valdosta PD Sued You Roughed Up the Wrong Guy!!! Claims Wrist Broken, Rights Violated

Valdosta Police Department

Cops in Georgia slammed a man to the ground while arresting him, and he says they broke his wrist -- problem is, they had the wrong guy and now he's suing for excessive force.

Antonio Smith claims he was unjustly roughed up and had his rights violated back in February by the Valdosta Police Department as officers attempted to arrest him.

Video of the incident shows cops approach Smith for reported suspicious activity at a Walgreens nearby, but he insists he was waiting at the Western Union for money from his sister.

As Smith begged cops to look into it further, another officer arrived and abruptly bear-hugged Smith from behind and told him to put his hands behind his back. He then violently body-slammed him and told Smith he was under arrest for a felony warrant.

Smith was screaming in pain and in his lawsuit claims his wrist was broken as officers held him down. The video shows the cops were clearly confused about who they were supposed to arrest ... and they realized Smith did NOT have a warrant out for his arrest.

According to the lawsuit ... the officer "treated him less than a human being." Smith claims once he was released, he still feared "additional ill-treatment" from the law enforcement around him, so he refused medical care.

Valdosta PD has released a statement admitting they made an error with the felony warrant, but insists Smith was the suspect reported for suspicious activity.

Police Chief Leslie Manahan says ... "We did have the right guy stopped that was causing the problem at Walgreens, it’s just unfortunate he was not the one with the felony warrants."

However, in the video and in the legal docs ... Smith claims he was not doing anything illegal -- just waiting for a wire transfer at Western Union.

Smith is suing the City of Valdosta, the officers involved in the incident and the police chief for damages for the excessive and unnecessary police force in violation of his rights. He also wants his medical expenses covered for his broken wrist ... which he claims healed abnormally and may require surgery to fix.

Serena Williams' Dad Sued We Bought Your Life Story ... Before Will Smith Movie!!!

The father of tennis' most famous female players is being sued by folks who claim they bought the rights to his life story before Will Smith produced his own movie with himself as Richard.

Richard Williams, the father and coach of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams, is being sued, along with Warner Bros. Entertainment and Will's production company Overbrook Entertainment, by the competition, TW3 Entertainment and Power Move Multi-Media. TW3 and Power Move claim they locked up the rights to Richard's tale before WB and Will moved forward with a movie about him instead.

According to the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- TW3 and PMMM claim they were cut out of the movie rights to the upcoming Warner Bros. biopic, "King Richard," which stars Will as Serena's pops.

In the docs, TW3 and PMMM claim they bought the rights to Richard's book "Black and White: The Way I See It" and life story back in 2017, an agreement they say barred anyone else from hitching a ride on his gravy train.

According to the suit ... Richard sold his rights to Warner Bros. for the movie for at least $1 million, which TW3 and PMMM claim WB knew would make their contract worthless.

In the docs, the production companies that claim they own the rights to Richard's story want an injunction requiring WB to put all the profits from the 'King Richard' movie, which is set for release this November, into a trust for their benefit ... and other damages too, of course.

We reached out to Richard's reps ... so far, no word back.

Madison, WI Cops Violent Arrest of Bat Wielding Protester ... Candidate for De-escalation?

Breaking News
Alan Robinson/Facebook

Protesting inside a restaurant with a megaphone and a baseball bat got a black man arrested in a scene that looked eerily similar to George Floyd ... but this time police were way more patient and mindful.

The bust went down Tuesday in Madison, Wisconsin where a swarm of officers descended upon the guy who'd been using his megaphone to, as they put it, disrupt the peace. He also had a baseball bat on his shoulders as he yelled at customers and restaurant staffers from point-blank range.

It took as many as 5 officers to detain 28-year-old Devonere Johnson ... who was resisting arrest. It took several cops tugging at Johnson during the struggle before they ended up with 4 officers on his back and legs. Important to note, none of them were on Johnson's neck ... though he did complain he couldn't breathe before they hoisted him off the ground.

Vigilant bystanders -- including the outspoken man recording the scene -- demanded officers release him, as they claimed he'd done nothing wrong besides using his voice to exercise his First Amendment rights.

The cops weren't having it though, and eventually carried Johnson by his legs and torso and tossed him like a sack of potatoes into a patrol unit. Somehow, Johnson, who was now handcuffed, managed to escape out of the cop car ... before they pounced on him again.

Alan Robinson/Facebook

Again, the bystander with the camera didn't give up, and continued pleading with several officers to let Johnson go free. They didn't and he was officially busted for disorderly conduct while armed, resisting arrest and attempted escape.

The cops add that 2 officers suffered minor injuries during the arrest, and Johnson had bruises on his arms and legs.

The question ... was there a more peaceful way to handle the situation? He had not physically harmed anyone and, according to police, was walking away from the restaurant when they arrived. Yes, customers did seem to feel threatened, so if ya gotta arrest him was this a prime case for de-escalating before manhandling? In fairness to cops, it's possible they did attempt to do that before the video started.

BTW, the scene was still bizarre even AFTER the arrest ... watch what happened when someone tried to get all Biblical.

Strange days, indeed.

Actor Nathan Davis Jr. Sues United Airlines Claims Racial Profiling


1:31 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the airline tells TMZ it cannot comment on active litigation, but says ExpressJet (partner of United) "does not tolerate racism and we are investigating this incident to better understand what occurred onboard our aircraft in December."

Nathan Davis Jr. is taking United Airlines to court because he claims he was racially profiled on a flight and falsely accused of having a gun ... according to a new lawsuit.

The TikTok star and ''Detroit'' actor just filed suit against UA, alleging he was singled out and harassed by a flight attendant late last year while he was on his way from Houston to Tennessee. Nathan says listening to music escalated to him getting removed from the flight ... for no reason at all.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Nathan says he was listening to music when one of the flight attendants told him it was too loud and that others could hear it. Nathan says others were listening as well, but he was the one reprimanded.

Nathan -- who has almost 9 million followers on TikTok -- says he complied but goes on to allege the lady circled back twice more in a rude manner and continued to tell him his music was too loud -- even though he disagreed and claims she even scolded him when the music was muted.

Oh, I got a gun?!?

Eventually, Nathan says she snitched to the pilot ... and that's when s*** really hit the fan. He claims the plane turned around and the staff forced him to exit the aircraft in what sounds like a humiliating display. Nathan claims the captain even tried to take his cell phone, before ultimately ordering him to go back, get his stuff and get out for good.

That's when Nathan says a gun claim was made against him over the aircraft loudspeaker ... he claims it was shocking, reckless and false.

Nathan filmed some of the encounter, and while he was leaving the plane for the second time ... you can hear someone over the PA system say "He has a gun now." He instantly reacted.

We should note -- Nathan says he wasn't even approached by law enforcement over the false and inflammatory remark. He also says no further action was taken by the airline itself ... other than bumping him up to first class on a later flight.

Now, he's suing United ... claiming negligent hiring, assault, infliction of emotional distress, discrimination and more. He's asking a judge to award him damages of no less than $10 mil.

Originally Published -- 10:33 AM PT

'Little Rascals' Movies 'Alfalfa' Arrested For Huffing Air Duster


You are so criminal to MEEEEEEE ... is probably what cops said to the guy who once played Alfalfa when they busted him for allegedly sucking up air duster cans.

Yes, Bug Hall -- who had the lead role in the 90s "Little Rascals" movies -- was arrested over the weekend in a Weatherford, TX hotel ... where cops responded to a call for a possible OD.

Weatherford PD tells TMZ ... one of Bug's family members actually called in asking the police to check on him. They did, and when he opened up the door ... the cops say they saw a TON of air duster cans -- used for keyboards -- all over the room.

WPD says officers asked Bug if he'd been inhaling from the cans ... and claim he admitted it. They arrested him on the spot for misdemeanor possession for use to inhale or ingest a volatile chemical. We're told Bug didn't put up a fight.

In case you didn't know, what Bug is accused of is called huffing and it's super dangerous, and criminal too.

Bug's continued acting since his days romancing Darla in "Little Rascals." He's had several one-off roles on TV shows throughout the 2000s -- but obviously seems to be on hard times now.

Woman Suing Prison Alleges Sexual Battery by Guards While Trying to Visit Inmate Husband


12:18 PM PT -- The alleged victim, a woman named Christina, says she went to visit her husband in September 2019 for a weekend of “love and laughter,” but was instead met with hostility by California Correctional Institution officers who she claims bullied her, forced her into demeaning situations and ultimately ... sexually violated her.

Christina says she’s still in shock over the ordeal, and has been left feeling debilitated, frozen, helpless, baffled and outraged.

She insists she was innocent of any wrongdoing, and says she's a victim of abuse of power at the hands of the CCI officers and has been left battered … something she wants no woman to go through. She adds … “I am married to and in love with an incarcerated man. This is not a crime, it does not make me a criminal.”

Allred says their lawsuit is being filed against the CCI, along with Adventist Health, the facility that conducted some of Christina’s allegedly unlawful exams.


Allred described Christina’s ordeal in graphic detail and described it as “state-sanctioned torture.” She says they are suing for sexual battery, battery, gender violence, sexual harassment, violations of various rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and invasion of privacy.

Christina’s seeking damages, along with a court order for prisons to stop the practice of body cavity searches of women trying to visits their inmate husbands.

A woman claims she was subjected to a "humiliating strip search" and sexual abuse simply because she was trying to visit her husband in prison ... so she's suing.

Women's rights attorney Gloria Allred is representing the woman and will be holding a news conference Monday at 11:30 AM PT to announce the lawsuit and reveal details. The alleged victim will also speak about her "shocking and traumatic experience."

TMZ will be live streaming.

According to Allred ... her client went to a California prison for a scheduled family visit with her incarcerated husband, but says she had to undergo a strip search upon arrival.

Then, the woman claims she was taken to a nearby hospital and subjected to an invasive body cavity search of her genital area. She was allegedly X-rayed and given a CT-scan of her body while in handcuffs, as well. The woman claims she did not consent to any of it.

Allred says the invasive search of her client's vagina and other private parts violated her rights, and claims law enforcement didn't even find any contraband on or inside her body. However, the woman says she was still blocked from seeing her husband.

More specifics of the case will be disclosed at the news conference.

Originally Published -- 11:16 AM PT

Kobe Bryant Pilot's Family Wants Case Moved Out of L.A. ... It's Unfair


The family of Ara Zobayan is begging a judge to move Vanessa Bryant's wrongful death case out of L.A. because Kobe Bryant is so popular there, it would be impossible to get a fair trial.

Ara's family spelled it out in new court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports ... saying the trial would begin with "two strikes" already against him "due to the extreme level of popularity of plaintiff with the jury pool."

As we previously reported, Vanessa sued Zobayan along with Island Express Helicopters saying they should be held financially responsible for the crash that killed Kobe, Gianna and 6 other passengers.

Now, a family member of the pilot is asking for a change of venue to Orange County, where they think they have a better chance of getting impartial jurors.

Of course, Kobe Bryant played his entire 20-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers -- and became an icon in the city.

"The notoriety and popularity of the late Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles County is detailed herein and reached a level that left no person in the county unaware of his role in branding Los Angeles as his city," Zobayan's family says in new court docs.

"No other single individual in recent memory, sports figure or otherwise, has been considered by the people to be such a personification of their city of Los Angeles. "

"But with that unprecedented level of acclaim comes a lack of impartiality and objectivity by potential jurors about the merits under the law of the claims asserted in this lawsuit by the Bryant family."

The Zobayan family also notes Kobe and all of the passengers lived in Orange County -- another reason the case should be moved.

Kobe, Gianna and 6 other passengers -- along with Ara Zobayan -- died when their helicopter crashed in Calabasas on January 26.

Officials believe Zobayan -- a seasoned pilot -- got disoriented when he flew into heavy fog ... and accidentally flew down into the mountains when he thought he was elevating above the fog layer.

LAPD Sued Protester Says She Was Brutalized During Arrest


A woman who says she was treated like an animal after getting arrested at a protest in the wake of George Floyd's death, is taking legal action against the LAPD and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department over an alleged night of terror while in confinement.

Laura Montilla just sued the City of L.A., Police Chief Michel Moore and other L.A. law enforcement officials ... claiming she and a bunch of other peaceful BLM protesters were wrangled up like cattle earlier this month by cops who showed no humanity.

In her docs, obtained by TMZ, Montilla claims a bunch of officers in riot gear prevented her and others from leaving a June 1 protest when a 5 PM curfew went into effect. She claims they pounced on protesters and arrested them.

She goes on to say they were all thrown on buses and detained for several hours without food or medical attention. Montilla also says cops never told them where they were and claims they never read her Miranda rights.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It gets worse ... Montilla says some people were having panic attacks and pissing themselves on the bus, but the police ignored them ... and even allegedly tried drowning out their cries by blasting loud heavy metal music. She also says cops "aggressively touched and groped her body by patting their hands aggressively on her vagina and breasts in four separate instances."

Montilla also claims her zip ties were on so tight, she lost feeling in her right hand and had bruises and abrasions for days after her arrest.

Once the cops were ready to cut people loose, Montilla says they dumped all these protesters in the middle of a Westwood neighborhood in the middle of the night, but provided no safe way home or access to communication ... she says they were left to fend for themselves.

MLB's Carl Crawford Sued For Over $1 Million ... Over Drowning At Texas Mansion

Exclusive Details

1:09 PM PT -- Crawford's attorney Rusty Hardin ... "It's not unexpected that people are going to seek compensation when a tragic accident occurs."

"Carl was not at the pool when it happened. He was upstairs in his house. A couple of other adults were out at the patio watching the children. Little boy went down the slide and was in distress -- lady jumped in to help and she tragically drowned as well."

"Carl has made it clear to everyone how horrible he feels about this tragic accident. He deeply regrets that someone is trying to seek money for what is a tragic accident."

The mother of 1 of the drowning victims at Carl Crawford's Texas mansion last month says the former MLB star is responsible for her son's death ... and now, she's suing for over $1 million.

It's all spelled out in new court docs obtained by TMZ Sports ... in which Liban Hersi claims 38-year-old Crawford didn't do enough to prevent tragedy from striking on May 16.

In the docs, Hersi says her 5-year-old son was visiting Crawford with a family friend for a party at the former L.A. Dodgers outfielder's mansion in Harris County, Texas.

Hersi claims Crawford has a massive pool on the property ... but says it has no fencing around it -- and adds Crawford didn't take steps to protect her child from getting into the pool.

Hersi says her son fell in ... and when another partygoer jumped in after him -- they both tragically died.

Hersi claims Crawford could have done MUCH more to prevent the double drowning ... saying he had no alarm system set up for the pool and claimed the swimming hole's design was "unreasonably dangerous."

Hersi is now suing for wrongful death -- asking for over $1 million in damages.

Crawford spoke about the incident days after ... writing in a statement on social media, "My Hearts Heavy. The tragic events that occurred at my home will be with me forever. I'm at a loss for words I've struggled all week to manage my emotions and I keep thinking of the families of those who've passed and their grief, I know they have it the hardest."

He continued, "They are the first and last thing I think of these days. Please keep them in your prayers, I know they will always be in mine."

We've reached out to Crawford's reps for comment on the new lawsuit ... but, so far, no word back yet.

Originally published -- 7:44 AM PT

Jussie Smollett 'Attacker' Abel Wants Cops to Return His Stuff ... Used in Alleged Attack?!?


One of Jussie Smollett's alleged attackers wants some personal belongings back from Chicago PD ... including some stuff that sounds like the exact items used that infamous night.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Abel Osundairo had a number of personal items seized in February 2019 when cops executed a search warrant at his home ... and now he wants them returned.

Some of the seized items Abel wants are pretty interesting, because, if you've followed the case, this will sound familiar -- a black ski man and a red hat. Yep, just a couple of the things Abel and his brother, Ola, allegedly bought and used on Jussie.


You'll recall ... surveillance video days before the "attack" showed the Osundairos buying the gear. Remember, Jussie said his attackers were wearing ski masks, and cops seized red hats when they raided the brothers' residence.


Abel, who was released from custody without any charges being filed against him, also wants police to hand over a script from "Empire" recovered from his place. He and Ola had been extras on Jussie's hit show.

Other notable items Abel wants returned include 2 firearms, 2 iPhones and 5 bottles of bleach -- relevant, of course, to the alleged attack.

In the new docs, Abel's lawyer, Gloria Schmidt, says her client's "been patient but has now been deprived of his personal property for over a year and there exists no good cause for any further delay in returning his items to him."

Abel's gonna have to wait a little longer for a final decision. A judge is giving the special prosecutor in Jussie's case at least another week to figure out if handing over the stuff would prejudice the case in any way.

'Once Upon a Time' Lana Parrilla Confronts Woman with Bat, Shotgun ... Gets Restraining Order


Lana Parrilla played an evil queen in "Once Upon a Time" ... so it's not surprising she's not afraid to confront trouble ... like pointing a shotgun at a woman who she claims went on an expletive-laced rant and accused her of murdering 13 children.

Lana beelined it to L.A. County Superior Court for a restraining order against a woman named Antoinette Hinckley, a 50-year-old who allegedly showed up to Lana's crib twice in 5 days. According to Lana's docs, Hinckley harassed her to the point the actress was forced to show force.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the bizarre incidents began June 9 when Antoinette was walking barefoot in front of Lana's home. Lana said hello and asked, "Are you just going for a walk?" Lana says Antoinette laughed and said, "I just wanted to look someone in the eyes" before asking Lana, "How do you sleep at night?" Lana says she responded she sleeps well. Antoinette scoffed, "f*** off!!" before walking away.

The second incident went down on June 14 ... Lana -- who says Antoinette is a friend of a former male friend -- claims Antoinette rang the gate bell that morning and things quickly got crazy. Lana claims Antoinette started yelling and making up stories ... like alleging Lana owed her $400,000. She says Antoinette threatened her before making this bizarre allegation: "I have video of you murdering my 13 children last night."

In docs, Lana says she was scared for her life ... she called cops but also "grabbed a bat and an unloaded shotgun and went to the porch." Lana claims she confronted Antoinette and told her she needed mental help and to "get the f*** off my property." That's when Lana claims Antoinette shot back, "f*** you. I'm going to jump over this fence and beat the s*** out of you."

It's at this point when Lana claims she pointed the shotgun at Antoinette, who yelled back but walked away. Cops were called and ultimately tracked Antoinette down, telling her she'd be arrested if she threatened Lana again. But, Lana says it didn't end there ... she claims 45 minutes later a homeless man came to her gate and called for her. Lana says she fears for her life and worries Antoinette will send people she knows to her house to hurt her.

Antoinette must now stay at least 100 yards away from Lana, her home and workplace.

The actress has appeared in tons of TV shows ... including "Spin City," "Boomtown," "Windfall," "Swingtown," "Miami Medical" and, of course, "Once Upon a Time" where she spent 7 seasons on the hit ABC fantasy drama series.

Queens D.A. No Charges for Man Put in Chokehold by NYPD Cop

Breaking News 6/21/20
@NYScanner / Twitter

10:43 AM PT -- 6/22 The Queens DA reportedly says the man who was placed in a chokehold by an NYPD cop will NOT face any charges.

4:13 PM PT -- The officer who was caught on camera applying a chokehold to a man he and other cops were trying to detain has now been suspended from the force ... and won't make a dime while he's out.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot F. Shea made the announcement Sunday, saying ... "Accountability in policing is essential. After a swift investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau, a police officer involved in a disturbing apparent chokehold incident in Queens has been suspended without pay."

He added, "While a full investigation is still underway, there is no question in my mind that this immediate action is necessary. We are committed to transparency as this process continues."

3:52 PM PT -- The NYPD just released body cam footage of the minutes leading up to the chokehold out by Rockaway Sunday, and it's incredibly telling.

The face-off with officers actually started with three different men, two of whom were white, and they were all talking trash to the cops trying to understand why they were out there approaching them to begin with. The guy who ended up getting cuffed was among the group too, but he was the only one to get tackled and roughed up in the end.

It's not entirely clear why the cops decided to bum-rush him -- you hear in the body cam footage that one of the officers felt he "squared up" and got into a fighting stance, and apparently the cops felt threatened. It doesn't look like he did though from what we can tell.

In any case, after the police pounced ... one of the officers wrapped their arm around the guy's neck, which caused his buddies to scream in a panic. He was only held down for a few seconds, and it does not appear he lost consciousness during the ordeal.

You can also hear multiple people standing around and watching, openly asking why the black guy was the only one to get arrested -- when the other two guys (one in particular) was mouthing off just as much, if not more so. No clear answers for that one, but check it out for yourself.

Less than a week after New York City said no more chokeholds to cops, an NYPD officer used one while making an arrest ... to the point the person he's subduing loses consciousness.

A handful of NYPD officers were filmed Sunday near Rockaway Beach attempting to detain and arrest a black man -- with one of the cops wrapping his entire arm around the guy's neck and putting his body weight on him from the ground, while the others put cuffs on.

You hear bystanders -- who are filming the whole thing -- start to scream out in a panic, telling the officer to stop choking him, which eventually gets him to release.

At that point, it appears the man being arrested has gone limp and is unresponsive -- some of the folks standing around say "he's out." He had indeed passed out and was led away by police moments later.

It's unclear if and when he regained consciousness -- his current condition is also unknown.  We also don't know why he was being arrested, and the NYPD isn't saying.

The NYPD did say, "We are aware of the video and there is an active investigation underway by the Internal Affairs Bureau. This matter is taken extremely seriously and we expect to have an update this evening as the investigation unfolds."

Bear in mind ... the City JUST made it illegal for cops to do this, unless their lives are in immediate danger. They even named the law after Eric Garner.

Again, and again ... what is so remarkable about these encounters is that cops know they're being videotaped but it doesn't seem to deter much.

Originally Published -- 6/21 1:59 PM PT

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