Carole & Howard Baskin Signed Trading Cards Sell Out ... In 24 Minutes!!!


Carole Baskin sees Joe Exotic's sold-out fashion line, and raises him a sold-out trading card collection!!!

The 'Tiger King' star and her loyal, and very much alive husband, Howard, autographed 400 official Leaf collectible trading cards plastered with their smiling mugs. That's all it took for a bunch of cool cats and kittens to clean out the entire collection in a matter of minutes!

The autographed trading cards, which feature CB and HB rocking matching big cat costumes, went up for sale this week at $99 a pop ... and they disappeared faster than Carole's previous hubby, Don. We're talking just 24 minutes.

It's a pretty impressive debut for Carole and Howard ... the trading cards were the Baskins' first ever signed collectibles.

If you missed out on the signed cards, there is a small consolation prize available.

As we first reported ... the Baskins partnered with Leaf for some good, old-fashioned trading cards, and the non-autographed versions are still selling for $8 each or $200 for a pack of 50.

Carole's nemesis, Joe Exotic, saw his fashion line sell out within hours, but the Baskins have him beat ... for now. Joe's always got something cooking.

Hana Kimura Wrestler, 'Terrace House' Star ... Dead At 22

Breaking News

Japanese pro wrestler Hana Kimura -- a featured member of Netflix's hit show, "Terrace House" -- has died at age 22.

Stardom Wrestling confirmed Kimura's death on Friday ... saying "We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has passed away."

"Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends."

"We appreciate your support during this difficult time."

Kimura made her debut at Wrestle-1 and won her first title at the JWP Junior plate in 2016 ... and officially joined Stardom in 2019.

Kimura was famously a leader of the Tokyo Cyber Squad ... a fan favorite among Japanese wrestling fans.

Hana was a beloved character on "Terrace House" ... with many attaching themselves to her hopeless romantic character.


Joe Exotic's Legal Team Touches Down in D.C. for Pardon ... Here's the Elevator Pitch


The eagle has landed in D.C. for 'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic, whose legal team is hoping they can get the President's ear ... and they even got their elevator pitch down to a tee.

Eric Love -- who's heading up the team of top-notch attorneys out of Fort Worth, TX -- came on ''TMZ Live'' Wednesday with a major update on their cross-country road trip down to the nation's capital, in hopes of receiving presidential pardon for Joe from Donald Trump.


He says they've finally arrived, and are out cruising the town parading their huge bus around ... ya know, the one with the piercing "PARDON JOE EXOTIC" wrap on both sides.

Anyway, that's not even the biggest news from their touching down -- Eric claims DT's aware of their presence. Citing his own sources, Eric says Trump and some of his fam know the dealio -- Secret Service does too, apparently -- but there's still no guarantee of getting a meeting with the guy at this point. Not to worry, though ... they're staying hopeful.


We also asked Eric to dish out a mock 30-second spiel on why Joe should get sprung. Watch ... sounds like Eric's gonna appeal to Trump's sense of being wronged and targeted.

Knowing 45 the way we think we do by now -- something tells us it could work, if he'll listen.

'Tiger King' Star Saff Surprise, It's Johnny Tsunami!!! Movie Role, Eh?!?

The Relunchables Podcast

Heeeere's Johnny Tsunami -- the iconic Disney Channel character -- shocking the hell outta 'Tiger King' star Saff Saffery, and it's an awesome moment of mutual fandom!

The surprise celeb encounter went down on "The Relunchables" podcast, while Saff was being interviewed by the host, Jordan Holtzer.

Saff's made no secret about wanting former Disney Channel star Brandon Baker -- star of '90s classics "Johnny Tsunami" and "The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story" -- to play him on the big screen. As you know, everyone's expecting Joe Exotic's tiger tales to become a feature film.

So, when Saff sat down for the podcast, he got a big surprise -- Jordan hooked it up and got Brandon to join the Zoom call, and Saff went full fanboy. His initial reaction is priceless!

Brandon and Saff chatted for about 20 minutes, and while Saff is clearly a "Johnny Tsunami" superfan -- turns out Brandon's a big 'Tiger King' fan too.

So, yeah ... sounds like he has the inside track for a 'TK' movie role, if it happens. Ya know it's gonna.

Joe Exotic Donated $$$ to Trump in 2016 ... Lawyers Now Asking Trump for Pardon


Joe Exotic's legal team is hours away from pulling up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with the goal of bending Donald Trump's ear for a pardon, and it turns out this isn't the first time Joe wanted to bend Trump's ear.

Turns out Joe was something of a Donald Trump fan back in 2016, despite the fact Joe himself was running for President. Joe attended a Trump campaign event just outside Oklahoma City and plunked down $1,000 to meet and greet DT.

Joe left the home where the shindig was going down to smoke a cig, and when he tried to go back in he says he was blocked by the Secret Service. He says they told him once anyone left they couldn't get back in, but our sources say Joe was acting "starstruck" and the agents were taken aback by him ... they say he was acting a little odd.

Joe seemed to think the reason he was not let back in was because when he showed his ID, the agents saw he had a concealed-carry permit.


So, under the heading -- if you don't succeed, try, try again -- Joe's legal team will be rolling up to The White House Tuesday to ask Trump for a pardon. As you know Joe was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill his archnemesis, Carole Baskin, along with animal-related crimes. Lots of people think Joe didn't get a fair shake at trial, and his legal team is making a full-court press to spring him from the big house.

Stay tuned ... it's gonna get interesting.

Joe Exotic Presidential Pardon Tour Hits the Road ... Team Tiger's Fired Up!!!


Joe Exotic's new legal team is true to its word -- they hit the road bright and early Monday AM, heading for Washington D.C. ... where they hope to ask President Trump to pardon the 'Tiger King' star.

Team Tiger's leader, Eric Love, just shared a video update from the official "Please Pardon Joe Exotic" tour bus ... saying they're en route to The White House with one goal in mind.

Love says they have some live entertainment onboard to pass the time -- it's a 1,300-mile drive -- and he's really loving all the support and encouragement from Joe's fans along the way.


As we first told you ... Love and the rest of the Exotic's legal dream team out of Fort Worth are hoping their trip to the nation's capital will grab the President's interest, in case the Texas-style video asking him for a pardon didn't do the trick.

Team Tiger's stance is not just that Joe's not guilty of trying to get Carole Baskin killed ... he was actually framed.

Exotic's lawyers are also appealing Joe's conviction and pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against several people involved in his criminal trial.

Of course, a pardon from POTUS is a huge ask ... but it's not outside the realm of possibility. Trump joked about it when talking about the 'Tiger King' at a coronavirus briefing ... so it's already on his radar.  If he thinks Joe can help him in November ... who knows?

Team Tiger should arrive in D.C sometime Tuesday afternoon ... stay tuned.

Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Francesca and Harry ... Sexy Workout 101

Here's "Too Hot To Handle" stars Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey teaching a class on sexy couple's workouts 101 ... and you're gonna wanna pay close attention!!!

The reality show love birds hit up UCLA Friday for a steamy workout on campus, and they were all over each other from start to finish.

No dumbbells needed for Harry -- he just used his super hot workout partner instead. Just look at his perfect form as he picks Francesca up for some shirtless curls. HOT!!!

Chivalry definitely ain't dead, as Harry and Francesca learned on that secluded island ... and he took those lessons to heart, giving her a piggyback ride down some stairs. SUPER HOT!!!

Francesca and Harry brought their masks -- it's how you work out in the age of COVID-19 -- but you already know they ditched the face coverings to make out. They also got some help from trainer Shahin Safai of Royal Personal Training between make out sessions.

Harry stands out at 6'4", and Francesca's a straight-up dime ... so take notes as she shows off her bod during a round of sit-ups.

Maybe we don't need to rush back to gyms after all.

'Tiger King' Vegas Magician Hits Up Jeff Lowe's Zoo ... For Possible Future Act


A famous Vegas magician is looking to pick up where Siegfried and Roy left off -- so, naturally, he went to go see the biggest cat man in the game right now ... one Jeff Lowe.

Sources tell TMZ ... Murray SawChuck -- who's got his own residency show at the Tropicana Hotel in Sin City -- recently linked up with Jeff to talk shop and discuss the possibility of obtaining some tigers for a potential new act he wants to introduce on the strip.

Our sources say Murray took note of Roy Horn's tragic passing of late, and saw an opening for another tiger magic show that he might just wanna fill ... and in light of the hit Netflix series, figured he'd get in touch with Jeff to see if there was a deal they could make.

Murray the Magician (as he's known in Vegas) ventured out to Oklahoma City to make it happen, and stopped by Jeff's 'Tiger King' Zoo -- formerly known as Joe Exotic's GW Zoo -- and toured the grounds. Later ... Jeff and Murray, with their ladies in tow, hit the town and ended up at a packed bar called Kong's Tavern, where they got the VIP treatment.

Sounds like things went off without a hitch, but we should say ... our sources say Jeff is still considering the offer and hasn't made any decisions on whether to partner with Murray.

That said, we wouldn't be surprised to see Murray surrounded by orange and black on stage in the near future.

Joe Exotic's Legal Team They Didn't Hire Helicopter To Buzz Jeff Lowe's Zoo


'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic and his new legal team had nothing to do with a helicopter flying over his old zoo ... according to sources close to the FAA investigation.

We broke the story ... Joe's former business partner, Jeff Lowe, filed a complaint over a chopper illegally flying near his Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park last week in Oklahoma.

Jeff suspected Exotic's legal team was involved because the aircraft's tail number matched the one they used in a promo video for Joe ... but TMZ's learned that's not the case.


Sources close to the investigation tell us a chopper did fly over the zoo on the afternoon of May 10, but the pilot told investigators he was simply taking his daughter and her friend on a ride to check it out ... and he thought the zoo was closed.

We're told the pilot claims he did a few orbits outside the zoo's boundaries and maintained a safe level of altitude ... and says his flight tracker logs will prove it.

Our sources say the pilot also made it clear to the FAA he was not hired by Joe's legal team to spy on Lowe's zoo or upset the animals ... the trip was just something to do during quarantine boredom.


However, the pilot was hired by Exotic's Team Tiger for its video to push for Joe's Presidential pardon. A source close to the pilot says he owns it and has been flying for 30 years ... but absolutely was not hired by the team to fly to the zoo.

The investigation's still ongoing.

Joe Exotic Legal Team Ready To Hit The Road ... See Ya Soon, Trump!!!


Joe Exotic's massive new legal team is chomping at the bit to ask Donald Trump for a presidential pardon for the 'Tiger King' ... and they're ready to flood the White House!!!

Eric Love, the super-colorful figure leading Joe's legal team, just checked in from the HQ in Ft. Worth, Texas ... telling us they're hitting the road bright and early Monday en route to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

As you can see ... the big bus wrapped in a plea to get Joe sprung from prison looks all gassed up and ready to go to D.C. ... and Eric says they're gonna enjoy the weekend then get down to brass tacks.


As we first reported ... Joe's legal team produced a Texas-style video asking POTUS for a pardon, claiming the 'Tiger King' is not only NOT GUILTY of trying to get Carole Baskin whacked ... he was also FRAMED.

Joe's army of lawyers will attack on all fronts ... they're appealing Joe's conviction, asking Trump for a pardon and even pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against a bunch of people involved in Joe's criminal trial.

As you know ... there's also evidence the alleged hitman had an ax to grind with Joe, because he told us his testimony against Exotic was "payback" and he wished he could've done even more to hurt Joe.


And, as we previously reported ... Trump actually joked about a pardon for Joe when talking about the 'Tiger King' at a coronavirus briefing.

It's not a joke, though, it's official ... so buckle up!!!

Carole & Howard Baskin Cop & Swap Their New Trading Card But Don't Mention Don!!!


Carole Baskin is on a whole new level of pop culture success ... one even Joe Exotic hasn't gotten his paws on yet -- good old-fashioned trading cards!!!

The 'Tiger King' star -- as well as her loyal (and living) husband, Howard -- now have their mugs plastered across official Leaf collectible trading cards ... and they're certainly dressed for the occasion. CB and HB's cover pic has them rocking matching big cat costumes.

Now, while Carole's been reluctant to give interviews, and seems to have beef with how Netflix portrayed her -- namely, suggesting she possibly had something to do with the disappearance of her previous hubby, Don -- she's actually cool with this merch rolling out.

Leaf says this is a mutual partnership with the Baskins -- and you can tell everyone involved is on the same page from their description on the card. Not coincidentally, we think, there is NO mention whatsoever of Don.

The card says, "Howard and Carole Baskin are leading big cats rights advocates. The couple operates Big Cat Rescue near Tampa, Florida. The debate over exotic animals in private zoos hit a fever pitch with the 2020 Netflix documentary, Tiger King."

It goes on to note the huge ratings it pulled, and how it launched the Baskins into the limelight. They also take a dig at Joe, writing ... "'Joe Exotic' was sentenced to 22 years in 2019, when convicted of 17 federal charges including 'murder for hire' targeting Carole Baskin."

Any of you cool cats and kittens interested in copping one of the cards -- it'll cost ya $8, while a pack of 50 runs $200.

Bryce from 'Too Hot to Handle' Paddleboards with Model Khloe Terae Spitting Image of New Bae!!!

"Too Hot to Handle" star Bryce Hirschberg made a huge splash with a girl who's the spitting image of his new GF and costar, Nicole O'Brien ... but it's not what it looks like.

Bryce was recently spotted with model Khloe Terae in Marina del Rey for a little paddleboarding action. They looked kinda flirty ... he splashed her with some water and they laughed while enjoying some Vitamin D.

But, again, it's not what it seems. Sources tell us Bryce and Khloe are just friends. Great news, for sure, since Nicole just revealed during the hit Netflix show's reunion that she and Bryce are definitely dating.

They didn't hit it off during the show but reconnected after filming ended. They've been doing some serious long-distance, but things appear to be getting serious ... 'cause Nicole told the BBC she's ready to introduce Bryce to her family in Ireland.

To recap here ... Bryce and Khloe -- even though she's a smoke show -- are just friends and he's definitely still dating Nicole.

So ... relax, y'all.

Joe Exotic Fashion Line Official .... Flying Off The Rack


Joe Exotic is getting some sweet revenge as the face of a new fashion line ... because the "REVENGE" collection is already selling like hotcakes!!!

The 'Tiger King' star officially signed a deal with streetwear brand Odaingerous April 30, and his pact with the L.A.-based company is a 6-month partnership ... Odaingerous owner Odain Watson tells TMZ.

Joe's fashion line is in demand ... we're told Monday's soft launch sold out within hours and raked in more than $20,000 in online sales.

While the first wave of merch was cleaned out in a nanosecond, the full collection went up for sale Wednesday and we're told already more than 7,000 items have sold.

The collection includes joggers, hoodies, and graphic T-shirts emblazoned with Joe's name and, naturally, tiger imagery.

As we reported, Joe and his team negotiated the deal with Odaingerous over prison letters and phone calls.

The fashion line is pretty up to date ... in a sign of the times, Joe's even peddling face coverings. Savvy move.


Odaingerous honchos even flew down to Texas and outfitted the 'Tiger King' legal team and everyone on the Pardon Joe Exotic bus with fresh gear.

The fashion grind doesn't stop for Joe and Odaingerous ... we're told his collection will continue dropping new merch.

Joe Burrow Not A Fan Of LSU Having Live Mascot 'I'm Anti Animal In Cage'

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"Pardon My Take" Podcast

"Mike the Tiger is not my favorite part of campus."

Heisman winner Joe Burrow says he's not a big fan of LSU having a live mascot ... saying he's against keeping wild animals in captivity.

The #1 overall pick made the revelation while discussing the super-popular Netflix doc, "Tiger King," on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" on Friday ... saying he probably won't tune in to the series due to the subject matter.

"Actually, I haven't watched it yet," Burrow says. "I'm anti animal in cage. So, I'm not gonna watch it, I don't think."

That's when co-host Big Cat brought up Mike VII -- LSU's beloved mascot that lives on campus -- and Burrow said he was against the idea.

FWIW -- Mike has a huge habitat on campus for students to check out the kitty in between classes ... and there's a vet on-site to make sure all is well.

There's even a live cam for people across the world to check in on Mike ... although the thing seems to be chilling most of the time.

As for "Tiger King," Big Cat and PFT Commenter say it's probably for the best he sits that one out ... and Burrow agrees.

"Very sad, yeah."

The good news?? Burrow's Cincinnati Bengals don't have a live mascot ... they just have a grown-ass dude dressed up as a tiger named "Who Dey" ... so, silver lining!!

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