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Mama June

I'm Not Spreading for Vivid

12/15/2014 9:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June
will not copulate for cash on camera ... no matter how much money is thrown at her.

The "Honey Boo Boo" matriarch says she would never ever consider Vivid Entertainment's offer for June and Sugar Bear to do the dirty and possibly make north of $1 million.

June says, "I have more respect for myself and my kids and my family," adding, "It ain't happening, not even for a zillion dollars."

As for Sugar Bear ... times may be tough but he feels the same way. He says he would never entertain the idea, regardless of how much they throw at him. 

And get this ... we're told Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch is blown away by the attention his offer has received. He's more interested than ever ... but he will probably have to look elsewhere ... just don't do the whole bagel thing with Danielle Staub, please.

Mama June and Sugar Bear

$1 Million for Hillbilly Sex Tape

12/13/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June Sex Tape

Mama June may have bugs in her feet, but she's still sexy enough to pull a $1 million paycheck if she gets down in the mud with Sugar Bear in an epic, redneck sex tape.

Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch has reached out to MJ and SB, offering them up to $1 MIL and maybe even more if they bang on camera for Vivid's BBW site. Hirsch says to June, "We  believe you would fit into that category."

And Vivid will let June call the shots ... assuming Sugar Bear can perform multiples.

We tossed around some titles, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Mom," "Slap the Thigh, Ride the

Wave," "It Must Be Jelly 'Cause She Ate All the Jam" and our favorite, "What's Eating Mama June?" We want more suggestions, please. 

The question ...

Mama June

Warning All U Girls

Sugar Bear's Still a Cheater

12/11/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June Sugar Bear Cheating

Mama June is back on the attack against Sugar Bear, claiming he's still on the prowl for women ... lots of them.

June vented on her personal Facebook page ... complaining she's taking all the heat for dating Mark McDaniel while SB is playing the victim when actually he's "a cheater and a big player."

She says Sugar Bear is trying to snare girls through Snapchat. She also admits she's rifled through his phone and found concrete proof he's on the hunt.

TMZ broke the story ... Mama June claimed she broke up with SB after she found he was trolling online dating sites. But then we found out she was dating the man who served time for molesting her daughter, and everything changed. 

And get this ... Mama J thinks Sugar Bear is a lady killer, warning, "he has already scammed many girls on here to fell in love with them," adding, "so baby if u think u r his one in only u r wrong big time."

Don't hate the playa. 



Mama June

Robbed Me Blind!

12/10/2014 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell is accusing her mother Mama June of stealing all the money she made from their reality show ... telling Dr. Phil she's been left almost penniless.

Chickadee says Mama June handled all her accounts because she was underage. She claims her savings account was whittled down to $17.89 ... and her trust fund plummeted from $30,000 to $15,400.

She lawyered up and demanded her money back.

Mama June claims she sent Anna a cashier's check  ... but Chickadee says, it's the oldest line in the book ... the check's in the mail.

Mama June

Oops, Sorry for the Death Threats

I Didn't Mean It

12/4/2014 10:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Georgia prosecutors clearly don't have a sense of humor -- they can't even tell the difference between a real death threat and a funny one ... so claims the guy who threatened to kill Mama June and Pumpkin.

Andrew Kurt Summers -- who now faces felony charges of making terroristic threats -- went on Facebook and threatened to shoot June and her daughter.

But Summers tells TMZ ... he was never serious. It was simply, as he puts it, "a joke, a dumb mistake."

Summers says he has no ill will toward the family. He says he was trolling her Facebook page because of the Mark McDaniel situation. As for what he specifically wrote ... he won't say because the case is going to trial. Nor would he explain how a threat to shoot someone is funny.

Summers was in proximity of the Honey Boo Boo clan. He lives just outside Atlanta, 2 hours from their home.

He's freaked out about the prospect of prison, saying he's a law abiding citizen with a clean record.

And clearly not that funny.

Mama June, Pumpkin

Man Charged with Death Threats

12/4/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June Death ThreatsA guy threatened to shoot Mama June and Pumpkin too ... and he's been charged with making terroristic threats ... TMZ has learned.

Cops in McIntyre, GA tell us ... June was threatened on her Facebook page. June tells us he threatened to shoot both her and Pumpkin.

Police got a warrant for Andrew Kurt Summers, who turned himself in Monday. He's been released on $15K bail.

Summers faces the felony charge of making terroristic threats.

Mama June says she takes threats against her and her kids very seriously.

Well, not ALL threats ...


'Honey Boo Boo' Star

Buy My Potion to Prevent Ebola

12/2/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Honey Boo Boo Anna Ebola"Honey Boo Boo" star Chickadee is turning into a snake oil salesman, literally ... she's now hawking potions that claim to prevent Ebola.

Chickadee needs some pocket change in a bad way now that "Honey Boo Boo" has been cancelled. So she's signed up with a company called Young Living Essential Oils.

Anna now has a link on her Facebook page promoting the company's product line, which includes the Ebola-blocking oil. The FDA has warned Young Living Oils not to make the Ebola claim. The company says the oil is multi-purpose -- it can also help prevent cancer.  

And this is fun ... one of the products is called Thieves.

Chickadee got BLASTED this weekend for asking fans on GoFundMe to donate to what is essentially her pocket change fund.

She's not as bad as Bernie Madoff ... but she's young.



Mama June

I May Get Back with Sugar Bear

11/30/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June is trying to repair her relationship with Sugar Bear, and he's game to give it a second try ... so she says.

June tells TMZ ... Sugar Bear is back living full-time in the homestead and they are "working on the relationship." She admits it was damaged and Sugar Bear is hurt over her decision to reignite her relationship with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.

June says they don't consider themselves "back together" and it will "take a lot of work" to regain his trust.

She tells us she did see McDaniel after he was released from prison in March ... something she lied about after we broke the story. But now she says, "I'm human, I made mistakes and done wrong, but no one is perfect."

June says she no longer has any contact with McDaniel.


'Honey Boo Boo' Star Chickadee

Shameful Money Grab

Fans Revolt

11/30/2014 8:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130-anna-chickadee-shannon-TLC-01"Honey Boo Boo" star Anna Cardwell mistakenly believes charity begins at home.

Chickadee was soliciting money over the weekend on a GoFundMe page. She said she needed help with money and her goal was $20K.

Them's fightin' words for her fans, who immediately went on the FB attack. They were incredulous that someone on TV was asking THEM for loot.

Cardwell finally saw the shame in what she did and deleted the page -- explaining, "I'm deleting my fund me cause everyone thinks I'm money hungry"

Chickadee goes on, "And I have been think about everyone's opinions and I got alot of chooses and I have done there idea and I get the s*** end of the stick."

We would translate ... but we just can't. 

Uncle Poodle

Getting Naked With Fiance

... For HIV Awareness

11/29/2014 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Uncle Poodle
is lathering up his fiance in the shower for a good cause -- besides the obvious one.

Poodle is taking part in a new online campaign -- similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge -- only this requires you to take a selfie in the shower to help support those diagnosed with HIV.

The campaign is not-so-cleverly titled the "HIV Shower Selfie Challenge" ... and there's a big push for people to make the photo their profile pic on December 1st -- World AIDS Day.

Poodle is HIV positive ... but Alan is negative. They hope posting the pics online will spread awareness to fans of Honey Boo Boo.

Check out the full gallery of pics. Apparently it's otter season.

Mama June's New Man

Kicked Off Facebook

No Child Molesters Allowed

11/18/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark McDaniel Facebook Profile DeletedMama June's boyfriend has been booted from Facebook ... because he's a child molester. 

Mark McDaniel was active on Facebook until Tuesday ... when his profile was yanked from the site. Turns out Facebook has a policy of rejecting sex offenders, but apparently they didn't know until recently ... presumably after we posted the story that McDaniel did time for molesting Mama June's child.

McDaniel's profile pic showed him cradling his granddaughter. There were various "welcome home" posts ... presumably from friends who found out he had been released from prison.

It's interesting ... June was absent from McDaniel's profile page, and we're guessing it's because they both knew it was wrong for her to hook up with him after he abused Anna.


Mama June

Mark McDaniel May Not

Be a Molester Anymore

11/18/2014 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June lives in a perpetual state of denial, telling Dr. Phil her boyfriend Mark McDaniel may have been rehabilitated and therefore not a danger to children.

It's pretty incredible ... June appeared on Phil's show Monday and pooh-poohed his question about her choice in men, saying McDaniel had no issues when she met him in 2000.

She also trashes her own daughter who was forced to perform oral sex on her boyfriend, saying Anna tends to lie.

You gotta see it to not believe it.

Mama June

Prosecuted for Not Paying Child Support

For Molested Daughter

11/14/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June Child Support

Mama June stiffed the woman who took care of June's daughter after she was molested by June's boyfriend ... this according to Georgia prosecutors who filed a criminal case against her.

June's mother, Sandra Hale, became the guardian of Anna/aka Chickadee in 2003, a year after Mark McDaniel forced the girl (who was 8 at the time) to perform oral sex on him.  

When the guardianship was created, June was required to pay her mom $100 a month in child support. But fast forward to 2009, when the Henry County D.A. filed criminal contempt charges against June, claiming she was way behind on her payments -- $4,144.62 behind.

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- June was behind "due to willful and continuous refusal to comply."

The D.A. threatened her with jail if she didn't pay. The mug shot was taken in the contempt case.

The D.A. dismissed the contempt charge 3 months after it was filed ... presumably because June belatedly paid.

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